Pronunciation of Relinquish
/ɹ_ɪ_l_ˈɪ_n_k_w_ɪ_ʃ/, /ɹɪlˈɪnkwɪʃ/, /ɹɪlˈɪnkwɪʃ/

Antonyms for relinquish

Garrisoned, prosecute, got hands on, covered for, get someplace, thumped for, over came, Wars, re stores, re pair, works in, cleaning up, cleans up, latches onto, win, dis-places, latching onto, copping, over powering, bring to knees, support, being victorious, out played, stood by, re commended, do bang up job, reacquire, dost bang-up job, over-seeing, outrivalling, re-gains, doest justice, being in saddle, Regimenting, over powers, re acquires, doeth proud, Cudgelled, re-possess, ex-plain, re gaining, over whelmed, reigns over, making it, be successful, de fending, calls signals, over rode, are in saddle, gets there, pre-vent, re-tains, comes defense of, got the better of, stood up for, getting the better of, doing right, gets the top, undertake, Cudgeling, sur mounted, doest bang-up job, be-friended, make it, cash on, stick for, buying in to, doth bang up job, making killing, re-commending, locking up, does bang-up job, Copped, doth right, provided sanctuary, coming to defense of, proving case, squeezes in, does trick, sticking up for, favor, doing bangup job, gotten as a result, baby sit, elbow in, were in saddle, brought back, over thrown, Bulwarked, overtake, gets hands on, runs show, re-calling, re-acquired, carrying off, keep safe, out plays, out-shined, ward off, doing a bang-up job, up hold, out-rivals, gat someplace, cash in on, buys out, beats off, lock up, panoplying, out-wit, over-powered, scared up, out-strip, re presses, de-fends, ran the show, didst right, did bang up job, get better of, gotten someplace, gat there, pro curing, nailing it, held reins, dost one proud, pro duce, speaks up for, succeeded to, put over, re-captured, ex tract, fended off, shoot ahead of, re calls, kept an eye on, put good word, pre-serving, minister to, made a killing, ride shotgun for, hold the reins, fending off, getting hold of, pro-motes, buys into, art successful, pushed buttons, infringes upon, claim, over throwing, doing a bangup job, didst trick, court, holding reins, wipes off map, puts it over, re store, rode shotgun for, be friended, re-called, pushing buttons, speaking up for, re-possessing, getting as result, care for, out playing, piloting, muscles in, buying into, re-aching, out-done, get top, dis-comfits, brought to knees, beared one out, in-gathering, guarding against, do one proud, pre-vail, pre-serves, sticked up for, pro-cure, thump for, over-power, hold purse strings, wrest, re-covers, speaks for, over masters, did right, bought out, dost the trick, puts good word, am saddle, out-play, saying in defense, outrivalled, gat top, call signals, grows famous, de rive, watches over, over-whelming, clapping hands on, watching out for, does one proud, re commends, out distance, do the trick, over-mastering, out-witting, Shepherding, be-friends, took possession of, pro cures, pro-duces, doth bang-up job, pre dominated, pre vailed, grab hold of, keeping safe, pro-cured, comes have, over-sees, re tains, re coup, ministers to, Cudgeled, arrogate, are successful, de-rives, make fortune, rein in, gotten the better of, stick up for, fights for, bringing knees, providing sanctuary, gotten there, up-hold, ex-celled, out does, Trashed, didst a bang-up job, covers for, re pressed, buy out, doeth the trick, over take, Garrisoning, usurped, scare up, did one proud, simmers down, fight for, over-rides, re-couped, lays hold of, beating off, getting as a result, laid hold of, infringes up on, re gain, re coups, cashes on, re possesses, re-gaining, gat to the top, re aped, watch over, call the signals, gotten hold of, sub-dues, pursue, re covering, outplay, be-friend, over looks, doeth trick, doest trick, out-runs, proves a case, de fended, control, calling the signals, infringing upon, held at bay, come to defense of, keeping eye on, disciplined, takes care of, dost proud, be-sting, promotes, bring back, re claimed, de fends, bought in to, re pressing, dost a bang up job, do justice, out-distance, run show, with-stands, acquire, up-holds, super-intends, malleates, outplaying, over-whelmed, making a killing, getting there, dis place, be-friending, over-throws, outrivaling, riding shotgun for, pre-dominates, re-strains, de-fending, worms in, latch onto, guarded against, out-shines, with-standing, dost right, bear one out, defend, over-ride, catered to, pre vailing, made a buy, made killing, over-mastered, bringing to knees, doest a bang up job, seeing after, over look, putting it over, worsted, out-rivalled, did bangup job, re-paired, coming to have, doing bang-up job, over-take, spake for, ingathered, super vised, does all right, retain, ex plain, held the reins, makes it, coming defense of, wipes map, re storing, art saddle, hold at bay, re-claimed, infringe up on, doing the trick, buy in to, re couped, makes a buy, guards against, co-wing, over-looking, thumps for, pro-cures, Piloted, doeth all right, succeeds to, didst the trick, over saw, perform, brings to knees, re-capturing, getting to top, take, gets as result, keeping tabs on, worm in, dis-comfit, pro moting, accessed, latched onto, looked after, brings knees, takes under wing, head up, snapping up, out-shining, bring knees, apologize for, running things, over ridden, safeguard, Malleated, bearing one out, retrieve, out shined, in-sure, pre-vails, accroached, outplayed, making hay, apologizing for, running show, doing one proud, did all right, pro mote, standing by, grabs hold of, ex torts, over-rode, out witting, doth bangup job, re-tain, holding at bay, go bat for, up holds, didst a bang up job, sews up, de-rived, re gained, carried off, did a bang-up job, uphold, overmastering, out-run, ex plained, de rives, won back, out runs, buy into, be sting, pre served, sur mount, wast victorious, pre-dominating, re calling, apologized for, overmaster, up-held, puts a good word, re-commended, doth the trick, get hold of, gets someplace, outrivals, makes a killing, re pairing, re stored, conquer, dost a bang-up job, look after, getting to the top, Disciplining, doeth justice, overmasters, dis-place, cover for, reining in, sewing up, sew up, makes killing, taking care of, ministered to, re press, Bulwarking, performs, jouncing, holding bay, sub-jugate, over-whelms, catering to, over mastering, calling signals, grow famous, makes a fortune, proving a case, dost trick, be saddle, re claiming, making fortune, putting a good word, looks after, do a bang-up job, getting hands on, coming have, re claim, outrival, watched over, over rides, take possession of, doeth a bang up job, infringed up on, bare one out, doest right, is in saddle, preempt, making a fortune, gotten better of, doth trick, dost all right, out doing, stands by, outrivaled, lay hold of, repelling danger, do bangup job, Subjecting, elbowing in, does bang up job, makes fortune, Overseeing, infringing up on, holds sway over, did proud, sur mounting, rides shotgun for, re-commend, over-seen, re-pairing, pre-vented, does right, over-ridden, highjacking, heading up, over-thrown, out-rivaled, wins back, out-doing, re-covering, Warred, gat hold of, occupy, doest bangup job, over-powering, pushes buttons, Promoted, grabbing hold of, quarterbacking, out play, wast saddle, growing famous, pre-venting, squeezing in, re acquire, out-stripped, is victorious, didst bangup job, come defense of, over-look, make a buy, watching over, watch out for, holding purse strings, winned back, squeeze in, re-acquiring, accroaching, over-whelm, shooting ahead of, re-strain, over whelms, calls the signals, de-riving, gets better of, over took, re-aped, pre vail, cherish, over-come, re commending, am victorious, worked in, did trick, in-gather, in-gathered, run things, didst all right, get there, out rivalling, doing all right, elbows in, fought for, beat, out-rival, re duces, re possess, taking possession of, over throw, tend, out-rivalling, out-rivaling, super intends, cashed in on, re possessing, re-gain, infringe upon, pre dominate, laying hold of, take up, over seen, doest proud, re capture, got better of, sticks for, over sees, co wed, out rivalled, ex-plained, keep tabs on, make a fortune, cashed on, super-vised, adopt, holds purse strings, bought into, do a bangup job, did the trick, doing justice, got as result, out strips, secure, ex-tract, muscled in, were saddle, nails it, over looked, re-capture, comes to defense of, work in, pro-fits, out-shine, doest the trick, overwhelms, got someplace, winning back, highjack, appropriate, covering for, ex-tort, sub due, ex-torts, gets top, came to have, re-stored, be friending, makes buy, re-cover, doth a bang up job, bears one out, re strain, do proud, over whelm, wrought in, keeps tabs on, re couping, quarterback, transcends, re possessed, over seeing, Housed, re deeming, over taking, re-ached, fortify, Cudgelling, Accroach, re strained, ran show, gat better of, re captures, succeed, with stand, ex-plaining, out-distances, made hay, standing up for, cashes in on, heads up, sees to, runs the show, doeth bang-up job, is successful, super vise, reins in, ex plaining, out-strips, up holding, speaking for, brings back, over takes, dis-placing, wormed in, super-intended, reacquiring, re-duce, gat the top, ex-tracts, putting in good word, usurp, held purse strings, clean up, infringed upon, stand by, out distancing, re-deem, provides sanctuary, take care of, cater to, super vising, over-took, were victorious, with stood, be friends, get the better of, de riving, out witted, Shepherded, thumping for, de-rive, does bangup job, get hands on, re-acquires, doeth bang up job, does proud, up-holding, dis placed, got hold of, out rival, did bang-up job, seize, re-covered, proves case, de-fend, re pairs, re-gained, accessing, re strains, looking after, dost a bangup job, hold bay, out-playing, Creamed, out done, does a bang up job, out shone, gets the better of, over coming, said in defense, kept safe, locks up, was successful, took care of, proved a case, quarterbacks, pre serves, was victorious, out-did, excels, reacquires, picked up, keep an eye on, out distanced, dis-placed, carry off, over mastered, out-running, co wing, repel danger, re-deems, out rivaled, sur-mounted, pre-vailed, vindicate, Caned, in gathered, co-wed, doeth a bang-up job, pre dominating, muscle in, wert successful, do bang-up job, oversees, re ached, out rivaling, sur mounts, wiping map, gat to top, fight, getting top, ex plains, continue, haunt, pre dominates, make hay, said defense, did a bangup job, re-couping, sewed up, caters to, over-looks, cares for, working in, dis comfits, trample underfoot, re tain, re captured, wert saddle, cashing in on, out wits, wast in saddle, gets hold of, make a killing, over throws, held bay, re-deeming, doing proud, gotten top, cared for, seek, got there, make good, doth a bang-up job, super-vise, over taken, ex-plains, watched out for, sticks up for, cleaned up, watches out for, babysit, out shine, shoots ahead of, over-riding, got to top, re-pressing, over-throw, pre vails, grew famous, simmering down, over see, gat as a result, pre vents, carries off, kept eye on, re cover, in gather, highjacks, cashing on, sur-mount, doth a bangup job, super intending, pro fit, art in saddle, re-pairs, re-call, took under wing, doeth right, hold, snap up, makes hay, super-intend, do trick, spoke for, re-strained, came have, came to defense of, pro fits, re-storing, wiping off map, out wit, super-intending, re-possesses, re-presses, succeeding to, reap, puts over, re capturing, re-duces, super intended, de-fended, simmered down, re commend, snaps up, in sure, holds at bay, re duce, pro cure, out-wits, re aching, re-pair, keeps safe, made it, doeth a bangup job, outplays, seeing to, spake up for, get as a result, re-aping, hold sway over, repelled danger, re acquiring, doing bang up job, making a buy, ran things, stand up for, was in saddle, Whaling, dis comfit, reigned over, clap hands on, squeezed in, pick up, get to the top, protect, ingathers, pre serve, sur-mounts, being successful, dis places, get the top, out-plays, didst bang up job, doth one proud, re-stores, hold reins, muscling in, nail it, caning, holding sway over, doest a bang-up job, be victorious, get, caring for, doth all right, kept tabs on, guard, out-does, ministering to, wipe off map, are victorious, dost justice, didst bang-up job, up held, was saddle, got the top, dost bangup job, makes good, ex-celling, dost bang up job, be in saddle, over-comes, over ride, sub dues, accroaches, doest a bangup job, rid shotgun for, headed up, gat the better of, wert in saddle, in gathering, didst proud, sees after, revert, over comes, re paired, de rived, spoke up for, put it over, brought knees, maintain, called signals, pro duces, sub jugate, made buy, doeth bangup job, nailed it, sur-mounting, saw to, sticked for, gets to top, made a fortune, re-acquire, making good, comes to have, de fend, were successful, reign over, art victorious, over riding, holds reins, holding the reins, with standing, prove case, re-coup, apologizes for, shot ahead of, pre serving, deal with, scares up, gather, gotten hands on, doth proud, claps hands on, be friend, does justice, come have, reacquired, re covered, over-came, assert, advocate, bore one out, re claims, come to have, put in good word, re-commends, over master, super intend, dis placing, keep eye on, holds the reins, do a bang up job, worming in, are saddle, wiped off map, pro cured, pre-served, grabbed hold of, provide sanctuary, held sway over, re-calls, with-stand, over-taken, wert victorious, gotten the top, doest bang up job, re straining, re deemed, called the signals, getting someplace, snapped up, with stands, running the show, beat off, over whelming, out strip, allow, doest all right, doth justice, gat hands on, reined in, manage, gets to the top, out rivals, keeps eye on, does a bangup job, holds bay, am successful, see to, guard against, over-master, pre-vents, is saddle, buying out, over-takes, out run, over-see, pre-serve, Worsting, out-stripping, elbowed in, ex celling, re gains, pro motes, clapped hands on, says in defense, buys in to, governs, quarterbacked, pre venting, did justice, wiped map, came defense of, ingather, did a bang up job, pro-moting, ex celled, panoplied, put in a good word, didst justice, over-coming, remain, taking under wing, over powered, out-played, Malleate, pre-dominated, pro-mote, saw after, re deem, win back, Creaming, repels danger, putting over, out-distancing, making buy, run the show, gotten to the top, make killing, stay, highjacked, re-captures, sub-due, over-throwing, out did, re-straining, reigning over, keep, doeth one proud, does a bang-up job, doest one proud, Subjected, being saddle, takes possession of, locked up, fighting for, didst one proud, stuck up for, over come, pro-curing, wast successful, doing trick, say defense, does the trick, gat as result, made fortune, scaring up, bringing back, doing a bang up job, pre-dominate, gets as a result, re-coups, over-saw, keeping an eye on, over-taking, puts in good word, pre vent, didst a bangup job, putting good word, ex tort.

Usage examples for relinquish

  1. She never forgot that she had sold to him for twenty- five thousand dollars property for which she would not now accept twice that amount and which he would not relinquish for such a sum. – The Short Cut by Jackson Gregory
  2. Well, I receive the disappointment, but I do not relinquish my desire. – Moods by Louisa May Alcott

Idioms for relinquish

  1. relinquish sth to sm or sth;
  2. relinquish sth over sm;