Pronunciation of Repair
/ɹɪpˈe͡ə/, /ɹɪpˈe‍ə/, /ɹ_ɪ_p_ˈeə/

Antonyms for repair

de grades, hash up, overtires, dost in exterminate, dis-assembled, dis joint, dis-qualified, dis enabling, un doing, Pirated, doth number on, dismantle, cripple, dis-unites, hashes up, bunged up, inter posed, martyrize, de-stroys, destruct, renders incapable, de-based, absorb, out maneuver, dis gracing, monkey around, didst exterminate, bring grinding halt, sweeping away, draws blood, over-whelms, Gnarling, un made, dis-charged, wiped map, re verse, dis feature, out smart, bringing grinding halt, de solate, lays waste, un-does, dis limb, immobilize, over turning, over coming, blotching, hurt, did violence to, run aground, dis-member, iced, do in exterminate, de-forms, blowing down, de creased, greased palm, dis-missing, blotched, out rages, dis-patched, de stroyed, pauperize, nullify, aggravate, un rigs, throwing monkey wrench into, knock over, dis located, mis conjectures, fractured, trans fixes, throwing monkey wrench in, de-filing, de pressed, throw monkey wrench in to, cuts pieces, muck up, Unrig, mucking up, Bankrupting, re-peals, Dilapidating, extinguish, dis mantled, spend, mis-applying, shatter, bringing standstill, dis-solve, putting out of commission, Pirating, totals trounce, in commodes, un-strengthen, misconjectured, dis-mantles, pull apart, dis jointed, mowed down, puts out of commission, evulsed, dis members, gobble up, dis coloring, over tires, mis managing, in-commodes, shooting down, over-runs, evulsing, annul, dis graced, total trounce, Hashing, un-made, out-rage, ex pending, rendered incapable, over whelms, forced down, dis organizes, de valuate, dis mantling, de-form, mis-conjecture, mis-calculating, re-pealed, dis-jointed, de meaning, break down, smash up, flawed, vitiate, over throw, de-vitalized, bobbles, mis conjectured, doeth in exterminate, mis shaping, fracture, ravage, dismember, hashed up, dis fashions, dis integrates, de-solate, dis-serving, de-press, inter-loping, de-forming, dis-solved, dis tressed, pulling apart, smash to smithereens, smattered, makes useless, throwing a monkey wrench into, dis integrated, bobbling, Dynamiting, bungle, dis mounted, over-tiring, dis honors, impair, mis-shapes, de faced, disfeatured, out foxed, brings to ruin, poking nose in to, threw down, piled up, over throwing, dis membered, de-crease, pull down, queers, doeth a number on, lay waste, make a mess of, mis applied, obliterate, cease, taking to pieces, dis-featured, dis-repair, put in toilet, de-tracts, dis-tort, de-mean, dis-enabled, supplant, in-validated, dis tresses, dis serving, un build, de moralized, de-valuates, cuts to pieces, draw down, dis-joints, make mess of, dis united, pulled boner, tamper with, de-composing, put out commission, bung up, de cays, harrow, dynamited, brought to ruin, un-braces, dost exterminate, over turn, brings to naught, dumped on, in validates, make hash of, mows down, make mincemeat of, wracking up, de-predating, disco loring, up-setting, un strengthens, be-numbs, de-vitalizes, disfeaturing, expend, in capacitate, nuke, dis assembled, un strengthening, tuckering out, maim, devastate, out-foxing, throw monkey wrench in, un rig, dis qualify, sweeps away, Endamage, inter lopes, over-whelm, worsen, monkeying around, de-cays, denudates, lay ruins, un strengthened, Lamed, mis-computed, dis commodes, de-stroying, totaled trounce, dis-qualifying, dis arms, Illtreat, dis fashioned, evulses, dis armed, unbuilds, de means, mayheming, dis organize, re-move, de aden, pull boner, un-settling, Beggared, un-settle, dis-enabling, over-throwing, de-pressed, de-nude, de tract, finishing off, did in exterminate, dis robed, dis-organizing, mis conjecture, forces down, brings to standstill, contuses, mis-construe, bunging up, de-moralized, un settling, blight, disenable, dis solved, subvert, over whelming, puts out of action, ex cruciate, DE Form, gobbling up, un done, de crease, mis handled, inter-posed, over-tire, made mincemeat of, un rigged, scratch out, dis-fashions, cleaned out, bring to ruin, monkeyed around, bust up, made mess of, Disfashion, took apart, maltreat, glitching up, bankrupts, brought low, dis-patches, de-feat, goof up, unstrengthens, dis-figure, use up, dis-located, over-reach, busybodying, unrigs, dis unites, demolish, de press, out-raging, be-numbed, de-formed, de-aden, dis-patching, knocking over, post pones, brought standstill, dis-colors, over throws, dis qualified, resolved into, de stroy, dis solving, dis jointing, un-fitted, abrogate, tare up, out-rages, trans fix, deform, taking apart, bring to standstill, rotted, wipe map, wipes off map, quench, poke nose in to, de predated, over powers, be-ached, play out, re-moving, Trashed, dis charged, messes around with, cut pieces, dis appointed, de file, bring to grinding halt, blot out, pulling boner, dis colored, contuse, un strengthen, putting in toilet, splinterizes, dis-appoint, over-turning, re moved, put out of commission, dis-solves, dis-featuring, bring naught, de vitalized, liquidate, dis missing, shipwreck, pulling pieces, be-numbing, be numbs, mis shaped, dis qualifies, un settles, over whelm, swallow up, cancel, de-spoiled, does a number on, de composing, laying in ruins, over-throws, shoots down, ex-pending, dis uniting, de-grade, de basing, dis-commode, Whelming, suppress, mis-managed, de-predated, putting out commission, mis-handling, dis organized, be aching, inter-lope, resolved in to, mis compute, mangle, Pinioning, taking out, un-bracing, de-valuating, parted out, mis-using, dis-members, runs aground, dis features, shoot down, dis solves, be-musing, wipe off map, mis-computes, de valuing, de solating, blotted out, smashing to smithereens, boggle, dis-fashioned, mis calculated, de-solated, post-pones, malform, leaving in ruins, made a mess of, stopt dead, gimping, dis-limbed, Rifted, razings, ex-tracts, mis judges, malforming, sub-due, abolish, taking pieces, dis limbing, does number on, dis charging, tarnishes, un-settled, de compose, out raged, dis-jointing, piles up, throwing a monkey wrench in to, ex-terminates, pulling to pieces, sabotage, inter lope, over-throw, mis-shaping, in commode, ex pended, Foozle, dis-graced, doest number on, brings to grinding halt, puts in toilet, ruin, trans-fixt, malforms, fragmentalizes, over comes, de mean, tore up, torture, take apart, laid waste, dis-integrates, draw blood, render incapable, louse up, hacks up, gnarls, unbraced, dis missed, did a number on, deface, de predate, mis handle, de creases, overturn, de-file, did exterminate, dis-coloring, gnarl, de-predates, shot down, mis computing, mis manage, sub due, un-did, dis mount, tampers with, Fracturing, un-fits, over-threw, in validated, Beaching, de filing, dis enables, pokes nose into, mis-computing, un make, blow down, dis-locates, dis mantle, re pealed, knocks over, brings grinding halt, laying waste, glitched up, de valuating, de valuated, Unstrengthened, de nude, greases palm, cleaning out, made useless, dis unite, spoilated, didst violence to, bruise, de-creases, expunge, in capacitating, under mined, throws monkey wrench in, blacking, over reach, dis-united, dis-tressed, dis-organized, dis-figured, finishes off, didst number on, de-tract, banged up, mis conjecturing, over thrown, dost number on, does exterminate, dis appoints, dis-enable, cutting pieces, up setting, smashes to smithereens, splinterized, resolves in to, dis-armed, un-rig, over tired, dis charges, spray paints, de solated, dis locating, dis arming, be-aching, dis-mounted, swept away, dis integrate, in validate, de-basing, raze, out smarts, trans fixt, Miscompute, doeth number on, dis-mantling, overtired, Ribboning, does in exterminate, de-solates, dis-honor, de-feats, doing a number on, de-presses, wreck, unfitted, un-make, dis-fashion, up-set, re-verse, brings standstill, ex-plosions, in-validating, un fitting, throws down, GIMPS, dis graces, de grading, de spoil, dis appoint, mis using, out-maneuvers, anesthetized, unbracing, dis-charges, bringing to naught, Whelmed, mis-judges, rendering void, dislimbed, wipes map, sack, ex-pend, havocked, take pieces, dis-feature, de spoiled, stop, kill, fragmentalize, dis-uniting, brings low, ex pends, sidelined, dis limbs, inter posing, making mess of, put end to, drew blood, laying ruins, re-moves, dis-honoring, stopped dead, resolving into, mis-handled, disorder, brought ruin, annihilate, out smarted, wiped off map, de-vitalize, bollixing, pile up, up set, leaved in ruins, de-creased, wrought havoc on, dost a number on, out-smart, demolition, doest a number on, Messed, un makes, de-facing, queered, out-maneuver, tear up, ex-cruciate, ex-pended, disfigure, grease palm, blast, puts out action, dis-figuring, mis shapen, un does, disenables, over-tires, dis-limbs, make useless, hogtie, prohibit, ex-terminated, kiboshed, gimped, scar, wrecking, dis honored, over threw, mis-handles, de-compose, dis-robing, de vitalize, de-moralizes, ex tract, phony up, dis color, disfeatures, sidelining, destroy, sap, clean out, mar, rendering incapable, set-aside, puts end to, decimate, de vitalizes, zinged, un-strengthened, de-solating, greasing palm, bring to naught, dumping on, de-faces, in capacitated, whelm, bulldozings, mis-managing, un braced, un-strengthens, mis-judging, dis fashioning, misconjectures, inter loped, pull pieces, de-moralizing, Contusing, ex-terminations, mis-treated, mis construing, dis-robed, doth in exterminate, un-strengthening, dis figure, ex pend, damage(s), over reaches, butcher, anesthetizes, out maneuvering, levelings, take out, de-composes, take to pieces, un-build, disfashions, finished off, batter, be muse, glitches up, under mining, laid in ruins, un-makes, de moralizing, makes inert, wiping off map, running aground, un rigging, put toilet, dis-torts, busting up, de spoils, de moralizes, brought to standstill, de grade, drain, mis construe, made hash of, dis serve, lost strength, tuckers out, losing strength, overtire, dis served, trans fixed, contused, de value, didst in exterminate, put out of action, puts out commission, threw a monkey wrench into, in-conveniences, erase, takes out, dis-serve, mis shape, dis-mantle, dis commode, exhaust, knocking down, dis-honors, consume, finish off, goofed up, spoilate, ex-tract, dis-missed, ex terminations, Preyed, mis treats, mow down, took out, dis assembling, ex plosions, brings naught, dislimbs, destruction, bollixed, disenabled, doth violence to, upset, dis-mounts, out-fox, Winging, nip the bud, dis-solving, dis appointing, dis robing, fiddled with, spoil, mutilate, over-reaching, de-adens, re duces, mucking about, de faces, de-spoils, dis-robe, re peals, totalling trounce, out-foxes, quelched, remain, mis-handle, de-predate, blew away, tamper, rive, de creasing, tampered with, bring low, dis-organize, dis-graces, dis-integrating, doeth violence to, dis-tress, wreaks havoc on, disco-loring, Misconjecture, dis charge, de stroying, casting down, makes waves, hack up, wrack, Unbuild, un-brace, mis handling, swallowing up, mis used, over tiring, hacked up, de-cay, mis judged, dis-features, laid ruins, un-builds, mis treating, ex terminates, dis limbed, mis-applies, mucks up, dis colors, smashed to smithereens, in-validate, de-base, de-nudes, scratches out, Beggaring, in-convenience, over come, bringing ruin, breaking, de-moralize, making waves, in-validates, bust, Torpedoes, de adens, mis apply, mis-conjectured, dis featuring, re duce, wait, pulls pieces, dis organizing, bollixes, Shipwrecking, Creamed, unrigging, halt, dis-figures, de feats, mis-treats, damage, left ruins, makes mess of, unstrengthening, sub-dues, black out, unbuilt, knocks down, wearing away, do exterminate, torpedo, nip bud, un-rigs, un brace, took pieces, de feat, de-spoil, wracked up, de-vitalizing, fiddles with, in-capacitates, over-comes, be-numb, totaling trounce, up sets, un did, leaving ruins, mis shapes, re versing, de moralize, dis-fashioning, be numb, inter pose, mis-apply, dis-mounting, brings ruin, de-meaning, doest in exterminate, over-reaches, phonying up, neglect, gobbled up, un-fit, de-filed, loses strength, part out, smashes smithereens, mis-conjectures, gimp, un-braced, dis honor, dis honoring, re pealing, lose strength, makes a mess of, made inert, dis-tresses, out-raged, mis manages, un fits, cut to pieces, un braces, mis-shapen, mis calculating, dis-integrated, dis locate, mucks about, render void, smashing up, broke down, slaughter, actioned, bollix, decline, over reached, bangs up, un fitted, mis managed, brought naught, de-value, pinion, over powered, de-values, takes apart, totalled trounce, Palsies, dis-mantled, corrupt, poke nose into, fragmentalizing, co oking, didst a number on, un settled, mucked up, de-grading, dis serves, de-stroy, anesthetizing, make inert, dis-grace, dis-appointing, leave ruins, mis-compute, re peal, havocking, dis-locating, wiping map, de based, dis figuring, post pone, doing violence to, dis robe, co oked, de predating, dis-unite, poked nose into, made nerveless, spray paint, dis patch, mis-treat, unmaking, makes nerveless, put out action, botch, over-power, blotting out, de nudes, out-smarts, dis mounting, mis-construing, ex-pends, over runs, brought to naught, Lames, disrupt, dis-patch, de presses, wracks up, de values, in capacitates, out-smarted, cast down, Jagging, dis-honored, unmake, mis-calculates, exterminates, de cay, paralyze, de files, dis-appoints, mis applies, break, eradicate, be mused, debase, does violence to, ex-plosion, depress, tarnish, blemish, dis figured, quelch, doing exterminate, scratching out, throws a monkey wrench in to, de-valuated, wreak havoc on, un-built, smash smithereens, unbuilding, dis-charge, puts an end to, over-run, de valuates, knocked down, dis repairs, dis assembles, de-face, splinterizing, over running, unmakes, dis patches, mis judging, dis enabled, trans-fixes, knocking downs, dis-arms, splinterize, pinioned, making mincemeat of, mis calculates, bungs up, sub dues, dis solve, shipwrecks, dis tort, put an end to, actioning, distintegrate, make waves, dis-mount, making useless, stunting, dis-arming, sub jugate, dis torts, de-valued, lacerate, bringing to standstill, over reaching, knocked over, in conveniences, over-whelmed, dis-qualifies, Palsying, disable, out smarting, stay, serrates, torpedoing, leaves ruins, falling down, martyrized, ex-termination, force down, dis-charging, dis mounts, de valued, Messing, dost violence to, cutting to pieces, be numbing, un built, ex terminated, dis assemble, up-sets, phonied up, de forming, dilapidate, de-grades, under-mining, bobble, top pled, dis-membered, smash, busybodied, dis-assembles, making inert, busted up, doest violence to, be numbed, re-duces, de-composed, ex terminating, busts up, exterminate, harm, dis-organizes, smashing smithereens, de graded, breaking down, ex-terminate, be-muse, injure, throws monkey wrench in to, mis-manages, be-mused, re moving, de forms, over-thrown, extirpate, messed around with, dis grace, inter-pose, dis-serves, cleans out, Hacked, putting toilet, re move, Blacked, using up, pulls to pieces, doth exterminate, mis treated, over whelmed, mis treat, dis-limb, torn up, Martyred, pull to pieces, breaks down, bang up, disfashioning, knock down, mess around with, polarize, dis-locate, dis mantles, ex plosion, queering, pinions, fell down, dis-assembling, over-powering, de stroys, unfitting, de-pressing, resolves into, anesthetize, drawing blood, spoilates, de-creasing, pulls apart, un building, dis patching, co-oking, gobbles up, de pressing, making a mess of, revoke, pulverize, dis qualifying, phonies up, goofing up, de composed, make nerveless, blow away, ravaged, dis-qualify, de formed, disfashioned, putting end to, disenabling, stop dead, brake down, dis-gracing, wreaking havoc on, tearing up, de base, axe, under-mined, quelches, dis integrating, de vitalizing, took to pieces, vaporize, wreckings, de-valuate, denudate, dis figures, swallowed up, do number on, brought grinding halt, uses up, tears up, did number on, mis-applied, pulls boner, whelms, de facing, dis-served, un-building, doth a number on, martyrizing, de predates, dump on, threw monkey wrench in, ex terminate, bringing naught, un-rigging, bring ruin, be musing, tore, injury, resolve in to, de-faced, pulled apart, mis-used, throws monkey wrench into, ran aground, evulse, dis fashion, bringing to ruin, de-spoiling, blows down, terminate, Stranding, unbraces, de-files, denudating, denudated, deteriorate, mis-construed, Martyring, miscomputes, un-doing, in-capacitate, dumps on, dis-joint, un-fitting, spoilating, brought to grinding halt, palsy, unfits, dis-appointed, pulled pieces, mis-shape, forayed, torpedoed, nip in bud, dis-color, pulled a boner, out fox, dis featured, undo, un settle, puts toilet, over-coming, sweep away, co-oked, dislimbing, poking nose into, unbrace, in-capacitating, inter-posing, blew down, putting out action, throwing down, blowing away, dis-colored, dis locates, swallows up, hashing up, poked nose in to, un making, dis member, prostrate, Creaming, leaved ruins, mowing down, devour, in validating, dis enable, mis applying, parts out, do violence to, crush, stamp out, tucker out, dis repair, dis-integrate, smashed smithereens, dis-repairs, over powering, dis patched, Hacking, de-graded, in-capacitated, rendered void, miscomputed, casts down, over-powered, de solates, doing number on, pollute, mis construed, ex-terminating, weaken, Laming, mis-judged, over tire, makes hash of, renders void, bobbled, incapacitate, dis-assemble, misconjecturing, bring standstill, be ached, de face, mis-construes, hog tie, maintain, mayhemed, banging up, de filed, blows away, threw monkey wrench in to, over-whelming, re-versed, out maneuvered, de spoiling, martyrizes, spray painted, trans-fixing, wrack up, forcing down, dis joints, Dislimb, un bracing, out foxes, mis handles, re-duce, dissolve, takes to pieces, out foxing, tampering with, fragmentalized, Bankrupted, used up, dis-enables, hacking up, resolving in to, Rifting, over turns, threw a monkey wrench in to, over-turn, deplete, bringing low, de tracts, over-tired, dis-commodes, glitch up, de-stroyed, de-means, de-valuing, bringing to grinding halt, Disfeature, throwing monkey wrench in to, un-rigged, dis robes, de composes, blots out, dilapidates, wreaked havoc on, disrepair, doeth exterminate, leaves in ruins, dis-robes, dis-limbing, mucked about, dis tress.