Pronunciation of Represent
/ɹˌɛpɹɪzˈɛnt/, /ɹˌɛpɹɪzˈɛnt/, /ɹ_ˌɛ_p_ɹ_ɪ_z_ˈɛ_n_t/

Antonyms for represent

Overdrawn, de-clines, blew smoke, putting up a front, re done, putting one on, co-oked, misquotes, mis-lead, glossed over, mis quotes, mis treats, gnarls, Frescoing, gives lie to, mis-stated, four flushing, dis guising, covering up, made out like, faked it, mis-coloring, mis-used, misrepresent, pervert, mis used, mis-report, dis guises, mis reporting, re did, mis-leads, four-flushed, puts one on, in fuses, out rages, Lacquering, dis-guise, mis represent, mis shaping, over-draws, mis quoting, mis-quoted, co loring, Gnarling, mis-color, covers up, mis-representing, put an act, over drawing, color, disguise, over-drawn, tampered with, dis-figured, tampers with, fourflush, make out like, dis figuring, mis-using, puts on front, out-raged, mis-construe, mis interpreted, dis tort, Overdrew, phonying up, garble, blows smoke, be lying, mis stated, de-cline, four flush, chalk, dis guise, dis-torts, Crayoning, made like, mis-states, be-lied, putting on a false front, put false front, dis-guised, mis-construed, mis treated, mis treating, mis construed, overdraw, in fused, in-fused, mis-quotes, pre-tending, mis construing, deaconed, pre tend, dis figures, tampering with, Enamelling, de moralized, mis-quote, mis treat, blow smoke, mis-construes, over-stated, de moralize, belie, mis quote, miscolors, pro moting, twist, mis states, frames up, pro-moting, distort, put front, pre-tend, de clines, glossing over, fresco, dis-figure, mis colors, trumping up, mis quoted, de-moralize, putting on front, put on a false front, mis using, varnish, cheesed, mis-interprets, mis-reporting, over state, whitewashed, fail, de based, Secreted, Rouging, mis lead, covered up, mis-represents, out-rages, Crayoned, trumps up, make like, four-flush, mis-represent, scamming, puts up front, stop, faking it, falsify, Overdrawing, glosses over, de moralizing, putting on a front, salted, dis-simulates, four-flushing, co oked, Crimsoning, re-did, mis reports, Blarneyed, pinkening, de basing, enameled, puts on a false front, Frescos, over-draw, mis shaped, shrouding, puts on false front, mis represented, dis torts, wore cheaters, four flushes, puts false front, scammed, mis represents, antiquing, Crimsoned, dis-simulated, mis interpreting, dis simulates, phony up, mis-shapes, be-lying, out-raging, gave the lie to, conceal, mis shape, dis-guises, cover up, over-drew, trump up, blowing smoke, phonied up, mis-treats, over draw, mis-shape, tamper with, put on act, hide, Pirated, puts on a front, de-based, differ, Misreport, de base, mis shapes, give the lie to, puts front, putting a false front, mis-stating, Cheeses, dis figure, put act, de-basing, co-loring, pre tends, misquote, Miscolor, Snowed, dis-simulating, giving lie to, fake it, fakes it, mis shapen, imbalance, pinkens, Enameling, reverse, gives the lie to, over-drawing, in-fusing, mis-interpreted, put on a front, over states, misreports, dis-guising, Chalked, re-doing, Toning, fourflushed, dis-figures, fourflushing, mis-colored, Chalking, co oking, de-moralizes, pre-tends, gloss over, cheese, misreporting, de-moralizing, Pirating, oppose, de-base, mis-colors, be original, mis leading, re-does, over drew, doctors up, put a front, refuse, mis-construing, fourflushes, four flushed, pre tending, dis-tort, mis-quoting, phonies up, mis construe, dis simulate, wearing cheaters, puts a front, over-stating, over draws, pre-tended, mis report, toned, suppress, re-done, four-flushes, Blarneying, Frescoed, put up a front, pro-mote, out-rage, mis-shaping, mis representing, framed up, doctored up, Shrouded, put a false front, warp, wear cheaters, be lied, mis-reported, miscolored, mis-state, antiqued, pro-motes, overdraws, gnarl, mis interprets, mis colored, put up front, put one on, pinkened, mis-treat, putting on false front, mis-shapen, Lacquered, putting false front, dis simulating, miscoloring, rouged, out raged, dis-figuring, re does, de-moralized, mis-represented, mis-treated, dis guised, dis simulated, doctor up, put on front, cheesing, de cline, putting up front, misreported, put on false front, in fusing, co-oking, CHALKS, deaconing, doctoring up, mis-leading, puts a false front, de moralizes, over stating, Snowing, dis-simulate, dis figured, in-fuse, wears cheaters.