Pronunciation of Restore
/ɹɪstˈɔː/, /ɹɪstˈɔː/, /ɹ_ɪ_s_t_ˈɔː/

Antonyms for restore

dis robing, dis-claiming, got off hook, catch, dis-robes, get hook, re-nigs, taking to pieces, flashing on, trans-fixes, go back word, re collected, be-numbs, put an end to, dis qualified, dis claimed, un build, calls in, come one, anesthetizing, re-instate, over reached, re tract, un-rigs, cleaning up, takes out, dis assembled, gotten off the hook, going back word, blew down, smash to smithereens, re call, with-drawing, over-reaching, Creaming, dis-assembling, Fracturing, de contaminated, gat off hook, went back word, in validating, be-thinks, bring to naught, out foxed, axe, dis-missed, dis uniting, de spoiled, dis-uniting, anesthetizes, Unrig, torpedoing, de-facing, de-nudes, slip up, dis robe, dis-avowed, dis-qualify, x-outed, dilapidates, re lax, goes back on one word, bluepencilled, recall, torn up, Unbuild, taking out, coming one, looked back, in capacitate, render null and void, be numbs, de-stroys, trans fixed, throws down, Bankrupted, drops the ball, over-throwing, de stroy, Bankrupting, de-face, de feats, drop the ball, bringing to naught, flubbing, going back on ones word, mis judging, abstract, gobbles up, de spoiling, xouting, in capacitates, re-introduced, havocked, blue pencil, dis arming, re presses, with-draw, renigs, ruin, bleeping, de-predate, Laming, re-tains, renders null void, retro spects, re news, brings naught, re-minding, bleep, dis claims, blue pencils, batter, re duces, re moving, made nerveless, un settle, over turning, in-capacitated, go back one word, de nude, be-musing, wiped off map, flash on, de-predates, calling up, re-nigging, dis-arming, gat the hook, under-mined, Trashed, makes waves, gotten off hook, steal, retro-spect, dis mounts, bluepencils, Palsying, wipe map, call mind, in-validated, with drawn, resolves into, resolving in to, blows down, blue-pencilled, blue-penciling, denudating, dis mantles, blow down, torpedoed, unbuilt, wipes map, be mused, resolving into, called up, in validate, re-calls, casts down, got hook, got off the hook, mows down, over reach, call in, de-spoils, wracked up, washing out, denudated, stop dead, nailing down, bobbling, goes back word, breaking down, blue pencilled, de stroyed, dis-avows, strike note, blot out, withdraw, crossing out, raze, out foxing, drop ball, comes to one, mis-judging, in-capacitating, dis-unite, over-thrown, re-new, de solates, with drawing, knocked down, mis-judged, think of, Torpedoes, in-validating, nixed, over-reach, dis mount, cancel, unsay, take to pieces, re-duces, re-pealed, broke down, dis solved, dis avowed, out foxes, took out, queering, trans fix, smashing to smithereens, ex terminates, dis figures, making inert, part out, take, wiping off map, Palsies, calls up, x outed, re moved, queers, re-instates, dis-mounts, be-thought, taking apart, fragmentalizes, cleaned up, denudates, puts in toilet, slipt up, offed, dis mantle, re-nigged, de contaminate, rings a bell, re pealed, under mining, re-lax, de-aden, out-maneuvers, go back on one's word, resolve in to, de solated, go back ones word, x outing, re calling, brings to mind, de clares, dissolve, mis-judges, re establish, dis-claims, cleans up, dis mantled, de-faced, de solating, dis-avow, dropped the ball, dis members, re instating, blunder, over-reaches, rendering null and void, getting off hook, out smarts, remove, rendered void, be-mused, de-clares, bleeped, dis claiming, ringing a bell, be-think, took to pieces, trans fixt, be musing, de-solating, un doing, un say, over-threw, fatigue, Floundered, going back ones word, Lames, over-throws, over turns, stopped dead, dis member, un does, blue-pencil, strook note, de-contaminate, dis charge, dis assemble, un-did, dis assembles, de contaminates, re move, injure, un-settle, retrospected, undo, gripe, de-contaminates, go back on word, brought to naught, forswear, brought naught, with-drew, dropping ball, dis mounted, bluepencilling, de spoil, dis-charged, bleeps, fragmentalizing, de stroying, dis unites, under-mining, smashes to smithereens, stopt dead, un saying, wrack up, finishing off, re minds, relapse, dis patches, trans fixes, dis missed, gets hook, dis-solved, re minding, strook a note, gotten the hook, blue penciling, casting down, re-called, expunge, puts end to, dis unite, destroy, ex-terminated, dis solve, mowing down, appropriate, fumbling, dis-organize, re tracts, rendered null and void, un-say, dis-assembled, damage, dis-assembles, unrigs, passed up, dis-patch, bluepencil, flashes on, re-introduces, dis-organizes, dis mounting, un-built, be numbing, repeal, re duce, re calls, end, re-established, un-rig, wiping slate clean, re-tracts, laying waste, smashed to smithereens, Dilapidating, renders invalid, gobbled up, kill, re-canted, grip, goes back on one's word, dis-mantled, ring a bell, renigging, un makes, brought grinding halt, dis-solves, re tain, ex terminated, out-smart, re pressing, de predates, dis qualify, dis-avowing, with draw, re-pealing, re introducing, un-saying, Dynamiting, bring naught, de contaminating, mowed down, bring grinding halt, de-stroying, re establishing, un says, be numb, dis-organizing, renders null and void, re-introducing, over throw, re tire, dis figuring, wiped map, dis armed, re pealing, over-turning, nailing it down, went back on ones word, re introduces, washes out, fractured, gat off the hook, out smart, blue penciled, strikes note, dis charging, came to one, trans-fixing, de adens, re-collected, ex-terminating, ex tract, re-introduce, struck note, un-builds, in validates, un-doing, break, separate, unmakes, de predate, strike a note, over-turn, dis avows, up-setting, rendered invalid, passing up, top pled, un settled, denudate, get off the hook, dis figure, rendering void, splinterize, takes to pieces, un-settling, de-predated, dis-robe, dilapidate, washed out, rang a bell, goes back on ones word, Creamed, rendering invalid, re collect, dis-figuring, dis missing, make waves, un rigging, making waves, de-contaminating, putting end to, tearing up, strikes a note, de-feat, de faces, dis-mantle, in capacitating, de nudes, crosses out, torpedo, dropping the ball, de spoils, lays waste, swallow up, weaken, dropt the ball, out maneuvering, dis charged, slips up, re-call, be thinking, finishes off, dis-organized, took apart, re-peal, gat hook, dis assembling, bobbled, brought to mind, came one, stamped across, palinoding, de clare, re tired, go back one's word, makes nerveless, clean up, dis-solving, weary, re peals, goes back on word, over thrown, up setting, re-pressing, renders void, blotting out, nail it down, dropt ball, re introduce, makes inert, taking pieces, clasp, xouts, scratches out, dis-figures, de-feats, shatter, throwing down, dis-robing, up-set, un rig, re-moving, post pone, make inert, de feat, bringing grinding halt, contuse, re canting, render void, be thinks, passes up, un making, unbuilding, de-stroyed, nails it down, harm, knocks down, blots out, re instate, be-numbing, putting toilet, parted out, mis judges, post pones, xout, nailed it down, re establishes, dis claim, dis-mounted, smashing smithereens, un built, dis-mantling, rendering null void, blotted out, flubbed, cast down, dis charges, parts out, trans-fixt, with-drawn, de-contaminated, un-makes, re-duce, putting in toilet, out fox, dis patch, stunting, scratch out, de-spoil, over threw, re introduced, over turn, dis-patched, un-rigging, ex-terminates, in validated, hurt, dis-mantles, brought mind, dis-member, wracks up, bluepenciling, resolves in to, comes one, with drew, contuses, brings to grinding halt, getting the hook, retrospecting, make nerveless, dis-charges, wipes slate clean, take out, bringing mind, dis mantling, x-outs, re-versed, be thought, called in, up set, drops ball, quash, harrow, be numbed, re-move, lay waste, un rigged, re-tiring, rang bell, dis arms, xouted, re-instating, dis organized, retro-spects, crossed out, blue pencilling, dis-assemble, un-build, going back one's word, puts an end to, dis organizes, in-validates, bobbles, ex-tracts, fragmentalize, re-minds, stamps across, fail, wipes off map, de face, coming to one, ravaged, die, de aden, dis-united, wiping map, dis-mounting, dis organizing, be-numbed, dis-robed, dis-unites, unbuilds, knock down, gets off hook, dis-claim, calling in, un settling, un-settled, de-spoiled, bringing to mind, thinks of, re new, blue-pencilling, de-spoiling, finish off, un-make, dis-charging, up sets, brought to grinding halt, re-establishes, over throwing, rings bell, smashes smithereens, brings grinding halt, de solate, under mined, dis-arms, ringed a bell, dis-qualifies, re-calling, up-sets, tears up, havocking, dis-patching, wracking up, finished off, reverse, dis avowing, re-news, mow down, un settles, take pieces, exterminates, slipping up, gobble up, wiped slate clean, re verse, palsy, Lamed, out maneuver, ex terminate, come to one, re established, re-tire, stamping across, out smarting, renig, be muse, smattered, un-does, dis qualifies, de-predating, paralyze, bring mind, re-establish, blue-penciled, going back on one's word, in-capacitate, re collects, un-says, de-faces, resolved into, re pressed, blast, swallowed up, out-smarts, out-smarted, dis organize, re peal, de-solate, dropped ball, going back on one word, threw down, got the hook, de-stroy, x-outing, swallowing up, dis figured, in capacitated, de-nude, flashed on, pass up, re-canting, demolish, bluepenciled, out maneuvered, call up, gotten hook, splinterized, goes back ones word, dynamited, delete, dis robed, unmake, cross out, palinoded, re tains, unsays, ex-tract, dis-claimed, be think, mis judged, anesthetize, goes back one word, overthrow, re-minded, bringing to grinding halt, re-presses, nixing, sink, re nigs, put in toilet, re tires, un did, scratching out, brings to naught, breaks down, dis-armed, re-tain, de-solates, dis-figure, swallows up, dis avow, offing, get the hook, gobbling up, unsaying, liquidate, splinterizing, ringed bell, dis solving, de predating, dismantle, dis robes, sack, splinterizes, resolved in to, re versing, out smarted, Contusing, x outs, over reaches, dis-solve, blowing down, de faced, dis-patches, knocking down, anesthetized, out-fox, struck a note, render invalid, slipped up, de predated, wipe off map, re instated, laid waste, over throws, un building, bringing naught, Quashed, made inert, dis membered, un made, dis solves, un rigs, thought of, gets the hook, dis united, dis-members, unmaking, out-foxes, un-rigged, bring to mind, dis-mount, decline, fragmentalized, re-peals, ex-terminate, queered, ex terminating, de stroys, tore up, over reaching, be-numb, bobble, put toilet, went back on one word, de-solated, re nigging, went back one word, un make, out-maneuver, smash smithereens, bankrupts, un-made, put end to, looking back, lift, de-clare, take apart, gets off the hook, dis-qualifying, re press, took pieces, smashed smithereens, re-verse, de facing, Re-collect, re nig, post-pones, unrigging, brings mind, break down, get off hook, un-building, rendered null void, getting hook, detach, re nigged, re-tract, dis-membered, dis-charge, getting off the hook, dis-qualified, clutch, bring to grinding halt, dis-missing, re-collecting, striking a note, look back, over-throw, in-validate, dis patching, brake down, dis qualifying, wash out, goes back one's word, go back on ones word, dis patched, un done, takes apart, blue-pencils, with draws, dis-figured, re tiring, render null void, be-muse, re collecting, contused, puts toilet, out-foxing, thinking of, de-adens, re-moves, tear up, be-thinking.