Pronunciation of Restrain
/ɹɪstɹˈe͡ɪn/, /ɹɪstɹˈe‍ɪn/, /ɹ_ɪ_s_t_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for restrain

dis joins, ex plains, wiped the slate clean, pro duces, un-stick, let the hook, re deem, un-seal, dis entangling, un-fix, dis-patch, uncaged, Discumber, un raveled, de bunks, dis-encumbered, de mobilized, got out from under, unshackled, re signing, disimprisoned, give forth, chiming in, assist, leave, dis-connects, dis-encumber, pulling out fire, gotten out from under, disenthralling, un strapping, de ciphered, pro-vided, go easy on, dis imprison, un fixes, lifeboats, sets large, un-stuck, de-ciphers, re-deems, putting street, saves one neck, got out of hock, putting on the street, wiped slate clean, allow, dismiss, un bars, de-contaminated, ex plaining, handed, un lade, gotten the hook, pull out the fire, payed for release of, letting off hook, un looses, de-bates, turning loose, dis joined, dis entangled, ex pose, de-fend, un hitch, dis-burden, becoming unfastened, de fend, dis missing, cloy, un loads, uncaging, Unlatching, un-chains, re-captures, un-fastened, unlashes, re tains, pays for release of, let go, come rescue, un screws, wipes the slate clean, content, pre-serving, dis abusing, express, un buckled, neglect, disconfirmed, dis-enchanting, un-tying, disenchants, gotten off the hook, dis-imprisoned, lose, un-strap, hold over, opened up, un bolted, un load, wiping the slate clean, un loosed, buy freedom of, un locking, dis-confirmed, Uncage, re solve, letting go, wiping it off, letting out, hand-carries, de bunking, dis charging, dis-connect, un-hitching, getting out hock, letting hook, de bated, lets off easy, de bunk, de-bate, re-tain, dis-entangling, de-clare, unfixing, letted upon, deliver, wiped off, save life of, gat off the hook, dis illusioned, un bind, pro vide, un clasped, un fasten, dis-patching, re-gains, pro-duces, chimes in, dis-charge, unscrewing, excite, dis-cusses, un bolts, un-bound, pulled out fire, unlashed, unleash, hand carries, saves neck, lets out, un-burdened, gat off hook, un seal, dis embarrassing, re gaining, save one neck, unshackles, gets out hock, un tied, dis-cussed, setting at large, pleads ignorance, un-chained, dis-enthralls, re gains, unbarring, cast loose, dis imprisoned, un-raveling, ex-pressing, getting out from under, re-deeming, let off the hook, discumbers, Disculpate, forking over, un-pin, Re sign, un fix, un-snapping, un hitching, dis enchanting, making allowances for, un caging, accouched, stir, lets hook, dis involving, de-bunking, Borning, pulls out the fire, re prised, Citizenize, dis burdened, disabuse, un-latches, impel, start, dis-cumbers, let hook, saving one's neck, dis encumber, giving a break, de-mobilized, citizenizes, un-fettering, buys freedom of, bailed one out, un screwing, coming to rescue, un-raveled, de fends, un seals, get out of hock, uncages, un pins, let off hook, un-clasps, un cork, blink at, dis encumbered, de-bunked, de-livering, get off the hook, de taches, ex posed, de-contaminate, with-drawing, dis encumbers, letting off the hook, de-fended, pulled out of fire, promote, absolve, un shackle, dis patch, blinked at, un-lace, gotten out hock, sets at large, fork over, wipes off, pre-sent, un-bolt, un bound, sur-render, un buckle, un leashes, un packed, getting off the hook, un packing, give absolution, dis-prove, suspend charges, sur rendering, un-bolting, pulled out the fire, discharge, un-loads, un-lashing, re prises, dis enchants, unstrapping, give rights to, dis charge, dis-missed, dis-charging, un tighten, giving break, disculpates, dis-abuses, gets out of hock, Differenced, pre-served, dis embarrass, gives rights to, dis-embarrasses, getting off hook, free up, re-cover, re cover, set at large, wipe the slate clean, dis-engaged, work free, de bunked, unlaces, Differencing, dis-cussing, blinks at, unlash, un-fetters, de-tach, dis prove, de ciphering, forsake, un barred, came across with, pleaded ignorance, saved life of, un-strapping, letted off steam, dis-engages, dis tribute, un-shackled, un-shackles, green light, over-looking, un shutting, un-did, de-clares, granting citizenship to, dis-join, wriggle out of, un bolting, Unshut, casts loose, unpinning, pulls out fire, lifeboating, unstraps, blinking at, pre text, un doing, pre serves, un screwed, re gain, ex pressing, dis cusses, un sticking, un-shuts, apologize for, un fetter, un-packs, re-sign, surfeit, bail one out, opens the door, dis-engage, un-screws, dis-burdening, dis burdens, de cipher, un-shackling, re solves, re butted, unpins, de-bunks, dis engaging, citizenizing, ex-tracts, dis-confirm, un-laced, unbolting, enfranchise, ex-pose, un-straps, satiate, re purchases, sur-renders, makes allowances for, pre serving, un lashed, got hook, alibiing, de fended, coming across with, unshutted, dis-confirms, lets easy, ex cept, de clares, dis-imprisons, discumbering, un tying, opens up, disenchant, went easy on, un hook, pre sent, de-mobilizing, dis cumbering, eases off, reprises, bought out, taking out, de-taches, un-laces, un-fixes, hand over, ex-posed, get the hook, discumbered, wipe off, un lash, get out from under, buy out, un-screw, un ravels, dispensed from, disconfirms, re-gained, wrought free, unpinned, de-fends, dis-imprison, with-draw, de livered, sur-rendering, re capture, un-bar, forked over, over looked, un-hitches, urge, sur rendered, dis cussing, dis connects, un shuts, re-signs, dis engaged, un-caged, un strapped, Disculpating, un-tightening, save ones neck, dis-cumbering, uncork, suspended charges, de-bated, dis missed, buying freedom of, unfixt, un-caging, holds over, dis-cumbered, alibied, dis-connecting, with-drawn, re-butting, dis-enchants, un did, dis-proved, dis embarrasses, un chained, dispensing from, un loading, un laced, saving ones neck, un-strapped, re-capture, de-contaminates, set loose, got the hook, pre serve, borns, sur-rendered, letted the hook, paying for release of, de mobilizing, de mobilize, un-hitched, un clasping, re-prising, de-fending, letted off hook, un leash, made allowances for, un-snaps, got off hook, dis entangles, un laces, setting loose, pre-serves, air, fill, un-tied, disimprison, un ravel, un cage, de-contaminating, unchain, gat out hock, Disculpated, dis-encumbers, getting out of hock, aid, gets out from under, unhooking, spring, un corking, pro vides, un-leashed, gets hook, dis-illusioned, un corks, pre-sents, worked free, with drew, re-butted, handcarry, release, disembarrass, un-screwed, un loaded, un tightened, Unfetter, dispense from, dis-abused, un-burden, un-shutting, dis-illusions, letted up on, un-clasping, grant citizenship to, un clasp, laxing, dis-joined, de liver, pulling out of fire, dis involve, un raveling, dis-enthralled, un-barred, unbar, de livering, save, dis engages, pro duce, exempts from, unscrewed, ex-plain, dis confirming, turns loose, un buckling, unstrap, loosen, wrought loose, citizenized, un laded, ex-tract, dis-missing, pro-viding, un-tightened, dis imprisoning, lets go, un shackled, un buttoned, put on street, borned, hand-carry, dis abuses, un-corking, unlatched, re-lax, unstrapped, de-cipher, suspends charges, un shut, dis-cuss, pulling out the fire, de-mobilize, un-snapped, gave absolution, un loosing, re moving, taking rap for, obtain release of, letting up on, turn on, un screw, gives a break, become unfastened, reprise, Unshackle, lifeboated, bails one out, ex-plains, puts on the street, un-cages, winking at, dis cumber, with drawing, Bailing, gave break, takes rap for, un locked, hand carrying, letting steam, un snapped, gat out from under, re deeming, re-leases, obtains release of, letting loose, pleading ignorance, un lacing, un-hooking, dis-tribute, un button, pretexting, holding over, un-fixed, giving absolution, re-solved, un-lock, Bailed, dis enchanted, un-ravels, bury hatchet, saving one neck, ex-cept, pay for release of, un latches, open up, re-covering, puts on street, dis-enchant, comes rescue, un-barring, un-pack, re covered, re-captured, un locks, with draws, excuse, dis-enchanted, unburdened, dis-embarrassed, lets off the hook, un sealing, over-looks, opening the door, wiping slate clean, open the door, un lock, un-buckled, come to rescue, de-livered, un fettered, un-tightens, emancipate, Unhooked, un burdening, unlace, puts street, over-look, repurchased, un-button, un chain, re capturing, de contaminated, un-buttoned, comes across with, giving forth, un cages, sur renders, un-ravel, misguide, re-move, gotten hook, Unfix, coming rescue, re-leased, un shackles, come across with, burying the hatchet, unhooks, un ravelling, reprised, puts the street, re deemed, un done, un fetters, dis confirms, dis-proving, letting the hook, dis illusion, unfetters, re-gaining, un-lades, uncorks, pre served, Disenthrall, un tightens, un-load, hand-carried, disimprisons, un-burdens, un bar, dis illusions, unburdens, gotten off hook, wipes slate clean, putting on street, un pack, disconfirming, dis join, dis-cumber, un-ravelling, un lace, re leases, un-binds, un-loosed, dis imprisons, pro vided, un lading, un-sticking, laxes, re-purchase, dis-burdens, un straps, re tain, wink at, de contaminate, un-buckle, un lashes, give up, wriggled out of, un buttons, de-ciphered, un-hook, dis enchant, pre-texts, dis-entangle, de bates, forks over, getting hook, gave a break, re-solving, un-hitch, unscrew, mislead, unsticks, putting the street, un chaining, ex pressed, un-fixt, dis-abusing, de-bunk, dis-engaging, dis proves, accouches, unfixes, de contaminating, dis entangle, un-corks, letted off easy, pulls out of the fire, un clasps, re-signing, re-lease, ex-plaining, de bating, grants citizenship to, sets loose, un snaps, pre texts, re-purchases, exonerate, dis-charged, un-locks, dis-involve, unchains, unhook, saving neck, dis-imprisoning, get out hock, letted steam, un-cage, un-locked, exempted from, un-screwing, re-solves, un buckles, chime in, repurchases, buys out, granting amnesty, dis proving, re covering, going easy on, dis connecting, unlaced, re-signed, re lax, dis-involves, dis-encumbering, un-latched, ease off, un-lade, un-doing, dis embarrassed, apologizes for, eased off, gets off hook, un-does, un latching, dis-entangled, un-chaining, disconfirm, buries hatchet, un snapping, dis cuss, over look, dis-connected, freed up, dis encumbering, chimed in, dis burdening, unscrews, came to rescue, lets up on, dis-charges, arouse, un-leashing, un-hooked, works loose, ex-press, un-pinning, letted off the hook, un leashing, held over, took rap for, disenthralls, ransom, getting the hook, re move, loose, work loose, winks at, dis-tributes, dis-involving, disenchanting, free, save one's neck, turn loose, lets steam, lets upon, un pinning, over looks, setting free, disburden, granted citizenship to, dis abused, took out, re-covered, Amnestying, worked loose, un sticks, unchained, un-loose, re signs, re butting, de-bating, un chains, dis cumbers, un-loosing, unshuts, dis cussed, dis enthralls, apologizing for, un-chain, un-lading, dis-embarrass, un caged, ex-posing, un fettering, glut, un fastened, wipes it off, dis cumbered, un strap, dis-embarrassing, dis patches, de-mobilizes, casting loose, rescue, give a break, Handing, dis patching, un snap, with-drew, got off the hook, dis charges, re-capturing, letting easy, dis-involved, pro-vides, de contaminates, unfixed, apologized for, pulled out of the fire, pro-vide, un fastens, wriggles out of, un shackling, give out, un-buttons, letting off steam, saved one's neck, gets off the hook, let loose, dis-patches, dis involved, pre-text, unbars, let up on, liberate, dis-abuse, un fixt, un binds, put on the street, burying hatchet, re-prised, un sealed, re-covers, un-fetter, dis charged, comes to rescue, wiped it off, un-fettered, dis enthralled, unburdening, un hitched, saved ones neck, easing off, un-bolts, un ravelled, un-lashes, repurchase, buried the hatchet, disimprisoning, un-tighten, ex press, pardon, birthed, letted easy, with drawn, un does, dis enthralling, gave forth, buying out, un-burdening, vent, gotten out of hock, re-tains, dis-illusion, ex tract, permit, let out, un-clasp, dis burden, freeing up, re-deem, letted go, dis tributes, opening up, obtained release of, put street, frees up, Amnestied, un hooking, saves one's neck, de mobilizes, un hitches, letted hook, dis-confirming, un-bars, gives forth, turn over, dis connect, de-ciphering, dis-proves, let steam, de tach, letted out, re-gain, gat the hook, help, un bolt, let upon, disenthralled, un corked, re purchasing, dis-entangles, ex plained, unfettering, re captures, un-hooks, un-leash, un-fixing, dis-burdened, unbolted, dis confirmed, un-pinned, dis proved, un-clasped, re-moves, dis-joining, grant amnesty, lets off hook, un-leashes, controvert, un-sticks, unsnapped, hand-carrying, pulls out of fire, un hooks, plead ignorance, de livers, un-buttoning, became unfastened, gimmed, pulling out of the fire, un-shackle, uncorked, dis-enthralling, sets free, ex plain, influence, paid for release of, un-buckles, un loose, de-livers, working loose, un lades, un burdens, set free, de fending, de bate, dis enthrall, make allowances for, got out hock, saved one neck, dis connected, re-moving, un fixed, re gained, lets the hook, encourage, Unlatch, de clare, dis patched, manumit, trans ported, ex-plained, unshutting, un pinned, un burden, un-cork, acquit, saves life of, dis abuse, extricate, un-bind, re-solve, buries the hatchet, un latch, un fastening, bought freedom of, bailing one out, re signed, unlashing, dis-joins, opens door, de-liver, turned loose, un-shut, save neck, abandon, un stick, re lease, un-fasten, give break, un fixing, becomes unfastened, un-buckling, setting large, saved neck, with draw, lifeboat, un burdened, accouch, re moved, animate, dis-enthrall, re captured, un-ravelled, letting upon, unbolts, letting off easy, dis-patched, put the street, un barring, opening door, get hook, de ciphers, dis confirm, pro viding, re prise, re prising, dis joining, buried hatchet, handcarries, dispenses from, accouching, dis involves, saves ones neck, un hooked, un-looses, GIMME, un leashed, wiping off, re purchase, came rescue, lets off steam, dis engage.