Pronunciation of Result
/ɹɪzˈʌlt/, /ɹɪzˈʌlt/, /ɹ_ɪ_z_ˈʌ_l_t/

Antonyms for result

in crease, in-vents, fore fronts, opening, aquifer, buddings, hydro-lysate, initiators, begetter, in-novation, stimulus, be getting, in-formant, heading trip, think up, spitballing, out-flow, make pregnant, wellhead, tossing off, mainsprings, out flow, etymon, dis cover, first step, effluences, blastoffs, making pregnant, precede, Progenerate, de-vised, made pregnant, Fore-mother, de-vising, pro-vides, disappear, former, blastoff, pro viding, incipience, corn, fore-runners, fore mothers, infra structure, issuance, intro-duces, in creasing, foretoken, bringing forward, Welling, womb, trail blazed, fore-bearer, procreate, principle, infra structures, de pictures, giving rise to, incipiency, blackberry winter, ancestry, outset, un fold, getting the jump on, ignore, de signing, re-produces, hydro lysate, multi-plied, fore-goers, childbearer, pro-creators, in vents, pro vinces, intro duce, word origin, dis-cover, groundwork, intelligentsia, pre sages, vernal season, Kidneys, de-vise, in-crease, de sign, stirpes, un-fold, root, first steps, de signed, in-spired, re produced, resulted in, getting jump on, neglect, keep, fore-bears, motivations, inspiration, initiate, de picture, in-spires, Outstart, be-getter, pre scripts, re produces, out starts, get the jump on, wellspring, sub-stances, antecedent, primogenitors, the right stuffs, dis playing, led to, springtime, got jump on, go out in front, gat the jump on, keynote, Helmed, pre mises, hydrolysates, Depicture, off the cuffed, becoming pregnant, bourgeoisies, pre monition, produce, seedtime, mine, sub stance, initiation, gotten jump on, fore shadows, basis, designer, de-scents, child-bearer, pro-generates, running things, pre-cursors, Well-spring, basic idea, invent, hydro lysates, in-venting, de nominations, pro genitor, foremothers, brings in to being, child bearers, be getters, horses mouths, aquifers, re-produced, trump up, pro vide, Radices, pas, pro duce, intelligentsias, sowing the seeds of, mother, re producing, nativities, de-nominations, effluent, sowing seeds of, foregoers, provenance, horses mouth, fore-shadow, pre sent, bringing forth, pro duces, gives forth, ex tractions, radix, de picturing, makes for, fore bears, leading to, pro-vinces, went out in front, be-getters, brought into being, springings, un folded, pre-monition, base, de nomination, be gotten, Depicturing, ex halations, re sources, de-livered, fore bearer, pro creates, nativity, chief ingredient, infra-structure, startoffs, become pregnant, out-starts, running starts, precedent, advertisers, trumps up, chief ingredients, stop, Causalities, flowerings, make for, in formant, re-produce, watering place, pre ludes, hydrolysate, bouncinesses, word history, dis played, dis-covering, depictures, fore runner, de-gree, de livering, in spire, spring, Spores, dis plays, whence it cames, springtides, de-sign, in duces, Paternities, trail blazing, multi-plying, becomes pregnant, ground, re-turned, de-livers, spin off, de-grees, gave forth, out set, de-signed, un folding, goes out front, word histories, lead to, fore-shadows, sub-stratums, pro genitures, decline, source, dawn, re-coils, budtime, de-signs, pre-supposition, quarterback, exudation, pro genitors, fountain, sperm, Etymons, Radixes, re-serve, gave birth, dis-played, in-creases, bourgeoisie, pre-script, early stage, spearhead, impetus, git go, fore token, under-pinning, unfulfillment, sowed seeds of, dis-play, setting off, go out front, dis-covers, dis covering, dis play, in venting, pro creators, advertiser, pro-generated, pro-vince, factor, beginning, Helming, Procreator, social rank, pre mise, ran things, de vise, paternity, forerunner, fore shadow, ad lib, Padres, pre-mises, pro-vide, trail-blazes, be ginning, wellings, horse's mouths, fore front, pro-generate, opener, Etyma, in spires, pro-creating, be-gotten, start, blackberry winters, re turning, in fancy, fore-token, off the cuffing, come up on, quarterbacking, seed, in duce, embarkations, treasure troves, pro-vided, de pictured, in-vented, cultural level, origination, point of departure, Siring, pre face, went out front, in creases, ADLIB, pre sage, dis-playing, Stirps, pro generating, out breaks, re source, saltations, hydro-lysates, whences, pro-create, bubbler, sub-strata, fore-runner, embarkation, sub stratum, halt, horse mouths, failure, puts forward, phrase history, re-producing, principium, tost off, class, fore father, pre script, effluents, issuings, kidney, WOMBS, bottom, whence came, un-folded, de liver, trail-blazed, treasure trove, inception, foundation, Padri, starting points, makes pregnant, Causations, gives rise to, intro duces, mainspring, in-fancy, setting forth, pedigree, pre-mise, quarterbacks, risings, parent, parentage, pro-viding, start off, re coils, de-liver, golden rule, re-sources, bring in to being, generalizations, pro creating, out-pour, out start, Corns, de-picturing, gotten the jump on, ex-planation, un folds, in novations, ex-planations, giving forth, fore-father, vernal equinox, Antecessor, became pregnant, incentive, headed trip, re-turning, jump-off, in-vent, pro-geniture, out break, un-folding, intro-duce, pro created, fore goer, out-breaks, sows the seeds of, gets jump on, Progeniture, sets off, spitball, padre, setting outs, principal elements, re serve, start-offs, ultimate cause, propagate, foremother, dis-covered, commencement, saltation, phrase origins, de grees, in vent, Sired, word origins, causality, start offs, out pour, un-folds, pro creator, pro vided, in-spiring, procreators, bubblers, Foregoer, begetters, commence, re-coil, pro-generating, jump-offs, introduce, bring light, brings forth, heads trip, trailblazes, flowings, setting out, hard facts, cultural levels, re coil, pro generated, ovule, pre-face, consideration, gat jump on, ex-halation, phrase histories, be getter, in-fancies, leads to, cradle, pro-genitors, out pours, ex-halations, causation, trailblazed, fore-goer, childbearers, dis covered, spore, gets the jump on, pro-duces, pro-created, jump off, tosses off, basic ideas, pre cursors, watering places, initiator, pre-sent, pro create, trumping up, thinks up, pre-sage, pre-sages, semens, give birth, out-flows, jump offs, vernal equinoxes, in-creased, cause, re-source, sow seeds of, blast offs, pre cept, authored, sets forth, in-formants, pre faces, pro-creator, start-off, out-sets, pro-genitures, ultimate causes, pro-positions, pro geniture, de-pictures, de vising, brings into being, de livers, pre suppositions, bring forward, etymology, Re-turn, trail-blaze, matrix, progenerates, rootstock, de-pictured, sowed the seeds of, de-signing, semen, ex planations, Oozings, bounciness, multi plying, Shepherding, child-bearers, be-getting, radicles, pro positions, re turns, pro-creates, quicks, de scents, re-turns, instigation, well heads, virtualities, fore-warning, re turn, fore bearers, sperms, seedtimes, well spring, occasion, head, tossed off, bring forth, pre-sents, in spiring, Winging, fore tokens, off-the-cuffing, sows seeds of, infra-structures, well, issuances, principal element, horse mouth, fore goers, in formants, day ones, pro generate, set off, fore-fronts, leakages, ex planation, radicle, antecessors, day one, vernal seasons, get jump on, Shepherded, in-spire, derivation, lessen, in-duce, de scent, golden rules, emergings, brought forth, ex-traction, font, de-livering, be-ginning, origin, conceive, startoff, off-the-cuffed, Provenience, under pinning, fore-warnings, out sets, de-scent, brings forward, de-nomination, openers, trail blaze, give rise to, brought in to being, pre-faces, ovules, Mothered, exudations, determinants, going out front, begin, Imaged, sub-stratum, nascence, pre-cept, pre-lude, fore runners, gives birth, Virtuality, fore-mothers, father, brought forward, thinking up, origins, pre monitions, Mothering, bring into being, child bearer, run things, decrease, bringing into being, Perking, early stages, de gree, in vented, git goes, out-break, Depictured, fore warnings, de vised, whence it came, pre supposition, germ, off the cuffs, emanation, give forth, show fruit, progenitures, pro-genitor, fores, daddies, well-springs, toss off, set forth, fount, sub-stance, dis covers, horse's mouth, whence cames, ex-tractions, pre-cursor, daddy, making for, bringing in to being, re-serves, showing fruit, leakage, sub stances, primogenitor, going out in front, in-duces, create, de-picture, determinant, dis-plays, Principia, starting point, linchpin, trailblaze, rhizomes, fore bear, well springs, nascency, in novation, outstarts, hard fact, introduction, pro position, authoring, first place, pro vides, fore-tokens, perked, mommy, got the jump on, put forward, result in, fore-front, in spired, putting forward, come with, de signs, pro vince, linchpins, first places, law, well-heads, de livered, budtimes, foretokens.