Pronunciation of Reverse
/ɹ_ɪ_v_ˈɜː_s/, /ɹɪvˈɜːs/, /ɹɪvˈɜːs/

Antonyms for reverse

represent, didst likewise, reign over, put airs, takes charge, pro claims, over-rode, re productions, co-aching, wast attorney for, Imaged, re-quire, de-barred, sub-due, art attorney for, masquerade as, re iterates, onomatopoeia, re-plicates, re percussions, pass, are like, synonym, imitate, assuming role of, uni-form, echo, take the part of, wast agent for, being agent for, play a part, Re-sound, holding office, ex acts, hominifies, calls signals, representings, de-frauds, puts on a front, inter dict, puts airs, de fraud, re-iterate, passing as, re echo, forced up on, wast like, calls on, continue, does an impression of, takes part of, pro-claiming, validate, lay down the law, lays down the law, carboned, de barring, assumed role of, chip off old block, onomatopoeias, Caricatured, co-ached, pass oneself as, go ahead, doth impression of, rubberstamped, follows footsteps, dost impression of, re-quires, doubling as, have authority, bodied, panto-miming, re iterating, being attorney for, re doubled, dress as, being like, over rides, dresses as, pre-scribe, personized, re duplicating, be proxy for, am like, are proxy for, force upon, reduplicated, mimesises, uni form, is attorney for, play a role, help, played the part, uphold, art proxy for, acts a part, do an impression of, were like, ex acting, masquerading as, de frauds, make, did impression of, repair, takes over, acts as broker, dittoed, renew, re-plicate, gave orders, acts as, re-echo, doth an impression of, re echoed, presides over, dressed as, act for, phonying up, happiness, enact, ordinating, Emblematized, is like, cherish, goes like, played a part, passing oneself as, passes oneself as, spoofed, defend, pre dominates, assumes character, doest likewise, took the part of, put act, countertype, parallelings, living as, re flection, took lead, over rode, re sound, wert agent for, laying down the law, status quo, posed as, called up on, sends for, acts like, assuming the role, re-quired, re doubles, Homologue, set up, model after, pre dominating, pose as, spoofing, pre-dominates, plays a role, in distinguishable, correspond to, counter-part, bodying forth, Re-present, sub-dues, over bore, following footsteps, re plicating, hominified, pretend, top, bought for, pre-vailed, personizes, be sides, didst like, success, re presses, panto mimed, corresponds to, modeled after, legislate, call up on, para phrasings, revive, did business for, re plicated, sell for, passing oneself off as, assume role of, personify, calling up on, acting for, playing role, puts front, personates, establish, appears as, impersonate, forces upon, re presented, germination, act as broker, co-ordinate, wert attorney for, photo-copy, overbears, emblematizes, re-bound, over-bears, re plications, over riding, doing an impression of, rubber-stamps, ordinates, passes as, be tokens, re-doubles, panto mime, making money, incarnates, circulated bad money, de ludes, be-sides, bodied forth, be-token, give orders, authorize, re-productions, super-vised, approve, re duplicated, passing off as, correspondingly, countertypes, favor, reduplicating, doth likewise, dittoing, pro-duces, mimesis, assuming the role of, patterns after, re-pressing, re present, aid, be-tokening, acts place of, forward, counter-scripts, re bounded, did likewise, copy, de-bars, doeth like, photo copies, lives as, patterning after, put on airs, ex-act, rubberstamping, acting place of, doubles as, re echoing, re peat, re-iteration, appear as, re iterated, re-iterations, de-ludes, passed oneself off as, duplication, reigned over, super intend, ex-acts, passed oneself as, taking over, requisitioned, stagnation, ex pressing, mime, called signals, do impression of, pro claiming, re strains, re bounds, called upon, re-produced, Incarnated, re pressed, re-flections, as good as, passes oneself off as, laid down law, assumes role, assume, acted for, re bounding, didst impression of, in like manner, take charge, re-iterated, Caricaturing, circulates bad money, promote, over-bore, Emblematizing, re-produce, permit, in same way, command, doubled as, giving directions, taking charge, acting out, ringings, call upon, masqueraded as, does likewise, institute, advance, rubber-stamping, pro claimed, put an act, corresponded to, re-produces, meet, re peats, re-plication, co ordinate, counterscript, duplications, plays the part, acting a part, exercising power, re acted, dost likewise, re semblance, made as if, prohibit, over bearing, is proxy for, over ridden, chip the old block, re-peat, preside over, buys for, re-echoed, makes as if, puts a front, good fortune, re-echoing, speaking for, sub due, drest as, giving orders, pass as, encouragement, calls up on, benefit, acted in place of, plays a part, ex act, pre-dominate, putting foot down, as well, personizing, did an impression of, blessing, buy for, marking out, were agent for, assumed role, identical, body forth, plays part, taking the part of, homologues, does impression of, re-petitions, do likewise, hadst authority, made like, gave directions, echoings, make like, pre dominated, pantomimes, Personating, transcriptions, de-lude, miracle, ex-acting, make money, de lude, assumed the role, live as, acts out, lay down law, in the same way, played a role, counter-script, re straining, am agent for, wert proxy for, having authority, put a front, playing a role, going like, re produced, patterned after, overborn, para-phrasing, Burlesqued, support, ersatzes, pantomimed, counterfeit, calling signals, appeared as, phonies, re-calling, Germinations, pre-scribes, calling the signals, sustain, Over-bearing, matchings, pre tending, make as if, reduplicate, hominify, de barred, re-presses, took charge, re-duplicates, factoring, pass off as, panto-mimed, forced upon, phonied, withal, re calling, acting as broker, be like, follow footsteps, marks out, pre-dominating, parallels, photo copy, doeth likewise, passed off as, marked out, sending for, re produces, acts part, doeth business for, called the signals, putting on a front, putting airs, pro-claims, parallel, act in place of, para phrasing, follow in footsteps, super intends, acted a part, laid down the law, pre vails, rubberstamps, serving as, re pressing, Paralleling, panto miming, re plica, modelled after, re-double, speaks for, be attorney for, calls the signals, retain, bodies forth, re iterate, doth business for, play role, pre scribe, took part of, overborne, re petitions, re-presenting, ex-press, models after, re flections, reigns over, pre vailed, reinstate, act place of, pre-dominated, followed footsteps, over born, presided over, played part, re-percussions, call on, serve as, acted like, acting as, pre-scribing, doing impression of, assumes the role, acted part, pre vailing, buying for, take part of, reecho, assume the role of, assume the role, transcription, passed as, co aching, re-duplicated, re iterations, over-born, over-ride, sent up, were proxy for, re-sounding, re presenting, enforce, re plicates, gives orders, counter-parts, re-call, re-bounds, ex-acted, de bar, tantamount, taking part of, patternings, same as, re-duplicate, re quire, over-riding, re duplicate, de bars, took over, spake for, front, pre tends, re duplicates, ex press, re-echoes, doeth impression of, corresponding to, double as, re echoes, over-borne, same, rubber stamped, looked like, Aperies, followed in footsteps, super vised, STATS, hold office, phony up, Incarnating, keep, held office, forcing upon, pantomiming, served as, re strained, ex pressed, counter parts, good luck, super intended, act as, pre-vail, assumed the role of, pre tend, was like, be agent for, re-producing, re-semblances, super intending, counterscripts, call the signals, assume character, over-ridden, make out like, super-intend, rubber-stamped, puts on front, REPRO, re doubling, re press, assuming role, making human, re calls, re quired, was agent for, re-plicating, be token, boost, doth like, acting part, pro duce, re sounding, sells for, gives directions, super-intended, act part, masquerades as, Photostats, pre-tending, re-sounded, introduce, be tokening, re-acted, doest impression of, over bears, imitation, call signals, ordinate, duplicate, looking like, re-flection, mirrorings, does business for, are attorney for, acted as broker, ex-pressing, re-plica, art agent for, re-plicated, poses as, restore, paraphrasings, take over, super vise, STAT, appearing as, putting on front, wonder, doest business for, circulate bad money, do business for, puts on airs, stewarding, had authority, following in footsteps, mimeos, send for, de-bar, apery, re sounds, re producing, further more, para-phrasings, calling on, re-strain, over-rides, pre-vails, hast authority, re-bounded, phonies up, doing likewise, counter scripts, playing a part, pre-tended, were attorney for, assistance, give directions, pro claim, dost an impression of, pre-scribed, Personize, statting, holds office, pre dominate, re semblances, Burlesquing, lays down law, re-plications, art like, put front, re bound, DO, force up on, acts in place of, ex acted, re double, progress, stewarded, play part, go like, being proxy for, do like, acts for, laying down law, re-presents, am proxy for, panto-mime, forcing up on, Personated, modeling after, re-strained, doing like, assumes the role of, makes human, wast proxy for, re-quiring, lived as, de-barring, lookalike, chip old block, put on act, doeth an impression of, re petition, posing as, doest an impression of, pass oneself off as, act out, puts foot down, playact, re-doubling, acting like, re-called, maintain, am attorney for, are agent for, re-semblance, re-peats, hominifying, comfort, assuming character, passes off as, re-presented, triumph, takes lead, re strain, super vising, re acting, pre vail, hold, playing the part, mimeo, re-sounds, ordinated, super-vise, made money, acting in place of, statted, dost like, sent for, calling upon, pro duces, be tokened, put on a front, re quiring, make human, sends up, dressing as, re percussion, super-intending, re-percussion, reserve, reduplicates, sub dues, re-calls, did like, pattern after, does like, wert like, dost business for, mimeoing, personate, counter script, play the part, Bodying, relief, super-intends, re-strains, re-duplicating, over-bear, put foot down, re-straining, didst business for, assumes role of, look like, justify, in-distinguishable, inhibits, went like, Emblematize, acted place of, over ride, over bear, acted as, is agent for, act a part, Enacting, made human, photo-copies, co ordinates, re-petition, circulating bad money, pre-tends, forces up on, re-bounding, overbear, analogue, knockoffs, doing business for, spoke for, looks like, re quires, made out like, taking lead, re-doubled, carboning, likewise, counter part, sending up, called on, takes the part of, mark out, modelling after, act like, Co-ordinates, assumed character, knockoff, assume role, re presents, exercised power, legalize, send up, was attorney for, be-tokened, rubberstamp, confirm, haddest authority, calls upon, phonied up, in addition, acted out, reigning over, co ached, inter-dict, didst an impression of, constitute, overbore, be-tokens, sanction, re-production, de-fraud, allow, pre scribing.