Pronunciation of Revert
/ɹ_ɪ_v_ˈɜː_t/, /ɹɪvˈɜːt/, /ɹɪvˈɜːt/

Antonyms for revert

divorcing from, abstains from, divorce from, leaving flat, divorced from, leaves flat, quitted cold turkey, taking the pledge, shows the door, drifting away, sur-rendered, stand down, ratting, re-leased, with drawn, washes hands of, develop, continue, tossed over, change ones tune, tergiverse, Forsworn, dis avows, re-call, dis carding, dis-cards, setting aside, give up, with-drawing, re calling, swears off, showing door, dis-claimed, dis-claim, leaving high dry, re-calling, drifted away, abstained from, re tracts, halt, standing down, runs out on, re lease, advance, abstain from, sware off, dis claimed, evolve, change one tune, washed hands of, shows door, dropped like hot potato, showing the door, dis claims, leaved high dry, with-drew, leave flat, re signs, taking oath, takes the oath, dis cards, keep, divorces oneself from, leave high dry, run out on, divorce oneself from, takes pledge, kissed goodbye, quitting cold turkey, re signing, take oath, dis carded, dis avowed, leaved flat, drift away, tergiverses, abstaining from, dropping like hot potato, dis avowing, quit cold turkey, dis claiming, progress, hath done with, leaves high dry, leaves high and dry, stop, re calls, having done with, left flat, lay aside, drops like hot potato, stands down, take the pledge, forswear, dropt like hot potato, have done with, dis-avowing, washed one's hands of, took oath, kisses good bye, de-clines, sur-rendering, dis-owning, kissed good-bye, hast done with, kissing goodbye, tosses over, with draws, washing hands of, Re sign, toss over, re-canted, washed ones hands of, Ratted, tergiversing, relinquish, retired from, dis owned, washes ones hands of, had done with, washes one hands of, showed door, takes the pledge, dis card, with-draw, washing one hands of, re-tracts, re-tract, laying aside, drop like hot potato, apostacized, sur-renders, de-cline, showed the door, kissing good bye, jettison, wash one's hands of, took the pledge, kissed good bye, washed one hands of, forsake, stood down, grow, re leases, left high and dry, show the door, change tune, re canting, divorces from, swore off, drifts away, de clines, quits cold turkey, kissing good-bye, sur rendering, apostacizing, left high dry, sets aside, ran out on, de cline, with drawing, renounce, apostacizes, dis-card, kisses good-bye, washing ones hands of, take the oath, with drew, laid aside, swear off, taking pledge, dis-owned, re-called, sur-render, running out on, dis owning, tossing over, retires from, improve, dis-carded, apostacize, dis avow, taking the oath, dis-claims, divorcing oneself from, dis-carding, sur rendered, kisses goodbye, divorced oneself from, dis-avow, dis-avows, re tract, with-drawn, sur renders, took pledge, leaving high and dry, re-leases, washes one's hands of, washing one's hands of, mature, re-lease, has done with, wash one hands of, get better, take pledge, hadst done with, took the oath, wash ones hands of, leaved high and dry, takes oath, re canted, retiring from, leave high and dry, swearing off, re signed, wash hands of, retire from, haddest done with, dis-claiming, show door, re-signed, re-calls, re-signs, de-sert, re-canting, kiss goodbye, dis claim, with draw, de sert, dis-avowed.