Pronunciation of Revive
/ɹɪvˈa͡ɪv/, /ɹɪvˈa‍ɪv/, /ɹ_ɪ_v_ˈaɪ_v/

Antonyms for revive

delete;ing cover, overthrow, letted all hang out, gives up the ghost, ex terminate, hang loose, x-outed, renigs, dis annulling, zoned out, over reaches, de creases, abolish, blowing skyhigh, out-foxing, Quashed, gives the ghost, put lid on, dishearten, drew a blank, hanging easy, de part, blue pencil, passing on, de-composing, blue penciled, under-mining, de composes, kill, Disannul, covers up, counter-acted, dull, dis-establishes, un-settled, disestablished, blowing sky-high, hanged loose, koing, counter-balances, re pealed, were killed, dis-appeared, blue pencils, re-tracts, covered up, in-validates, mellows out, blue pencilling, getting hook, brings naught, gotten off hook, washing out, under mined, unbuilding, dis-integrated, being destroyed, called bets off, gets off the hook, were destroyed, dis-solved, dis charge, gave up ghost, discourage, zonk out, counter-act, deracinnating, brought naught, de stroys, weaken, under-mined, waning, in-validate, in-validating, slackens, cover up, lays back, unfitted, am lost, dis-credits, bringing to naught, x-outing, blew sky-high, dis-solves, forgetting it, over ruled, gives up ghost, drawing a blank, wert destroyed, mark out, de-parting, dis-establishing, counter-balanced, dis-integrates, re duce, Trashed, dis-charges, put kibosh on, mellowed out, de-clare, gotten hook, dis-credited, lets it hang out, blue pencilled, Negatived, Perished, was killed, re nigs, offed, xouted, decrease, re ceding, re-move, dis appears, dis-annulling, were lost, moderate, let it hang out, brings to naught, un-builds, counter balances, wast killed, hangs loose, de-mises, out-foxes, torpedoing, up-sets, de-composes, queered, call bets off, go out like light, lay back, re pealing, de clare, lose life, blows sky-high, hung easy, sub-dues, are killed, dis annuls, renig, got hook, dis integrate, Demised, ko'ing, bite dust, over throw, un done, end, lets go, giving the ghost, re-nigged, Exsect, called all bets off, Bogged, ex terminated, gat off hook, loses consciousness, nixing, over-reach, calling all bets off, dis annulled, re cede, taking out, drew blank, ex pire, letting all hang out, un-build, dis qualify, re-moves, am killed, renders null void, cools it, wiped face earth, hangs easy, in-validated, over turning, blotting out, dis-integrating, lost life, wiping face of earth, over-turn, is killed, draw blank, un settles, Ods, expunge, dis-charging, de ceasing, torpedoed, dis appear, renigging, kick bucket, abate, un built, disannulled, dis-crediting, out smarting, ex-terminate, letted it hang out, re-tract, un-fit, covering up, got the hook, un-doing, hanging loose, laying back, going out like light, broke down, un-fits, up setting, dis solves, let hang out, finishing off, repeal, de stroyed, delete; cover, go with flow, bore, re-duce, crosses out, sub-siding, counter vail, letted hang out, re-verse, dis solving, re-nigging, dis-establish, out maneuvered, unbuilt, de composed, Torpedoes, dis crediting, getting the hook, over reached, dis-annuls, de stroying, call all bets off, went with the flow, delete;s cover, wipes face of earth, re-cede, goes with the flow, wipes off face earth, re-call, out smart, destroy, re-duces, marking out, making waves, took it easy, dis-integrate, letting it hang out, de creasing, un did, bring naught, re cedes, quell, over thrown, shot down, shooting full of holes, de composing, de-stroying, slipped in to coma, lets hang out, getting off the hook, rendering null and void, in validate, going with the flow, letting go, rub off, sub sides, wast lost, put an end to, rendered null void, blotted out, taper off, make dark, slipping in to coma, unfits, de-parts, counter-vails, washed out, un-settling, de-crease, counter-balancing, taking easy, over rules, dis credits, was destroyed, dis annul, out fox, let go, gotten the hook, re strict, de feat, blot out, put end to, undo, giving up ghost, being lost, in validates, queering, de-creasing, give up the ghost, out maneuvering, dis integrating, counter-balance, finishes off, re-calls, over-thrown, pass out, sub siding, takes easy, blow sky high, un building, took out, art killed, shoot full of holes, out smarted, be killed, gave up the ghost, unlaxes, brought to naught, wert killed, disannuls, counter acting, dis appearing, render null and void, over-reaching, sadden, counter-acts, re calls, dis establishes, ODED, goes out like a light, counter act, un-fitting, de-cease, over reach, letting hang out, re-strict, de-part, nixed, shooting full holes, reverse, shoot full holes, took easy, putting the kibosh on, trouble, wipes face earth, letted it all hang out, de-ceases, wipe off face earth, go out like a light, disannulling, un settling, de clares, renders null and void, counter-vailing, re-ceding, re-calling, od'd, sub due, de crease, laid back, get hook, exsected, gotten off the hook, re-ceded, under mining, gave ghost, blow sky-high, in validated, lose consciousness, bringing naught, puts the lid on, counter vails, shoots full of holes, un lax, counter vailed, goes out like light, dis qualifies, blew skyhigh, finished off, over throwing, slips in to coma, liquidate, get the hook, un build, made dark, de stroy, de-ceasing, unlaxed, making dark, out-maneuvers, ex-pire, shot full of holes, un-does, puts the kibosh on, up-setting, over-throws, wipes off face of earth, re peal, passes on, takes it easy, counter balanced, od'ed, lets it all hang out, got off hook, de mises, got off the hook, makes waves, out-smart, dulls, sub sided, re tract, cool it, rendering null void, perish, marked out, draws blank, blow skyhigh, counter balancing, unlax, slip in to coma, cooling it, ex-terminates, sub-side, mellowing out, is destroyed, lets all hang out, extinguish, re ceded, hang easy, circumducted, nullify, forgat it, hanged easy, de-stroy, dis appeared, re nigging, re nigged, od'ing, nigging, Slackened, de parts, dis-charged, zones out, take it easy, un-settle, ruin, offing, over turn, crossing out, dis qualified, sub-sides, forgot it, over-throw, zonking out, out foxed, slipt in to coma, annoy, blue penciling, re duces, letting it all hang out, dis credited, un fitted, slipping into coma, bring to naught, disestablishes, un doing, unfitting, torpedo, draw a blank, counter acts, taking apart, de-cline, blows skyhigh, shoot down, goes with flow, gets off hook, de creased, sub dues, cross out, out smarts, make waves, worry, be destroyed, Circumduct, circumducting, disestablishing, breaks down, dis-annulled, hung loose, un-did, over-ruled, dis solved, un settle, murdered, de-feats, out-fox, root out, un-built, over-turning, slips into coma, am destroyed, xouts, dis credit, damage, mellow out, dis establish, de ceased, dis-appears, re calling, out foxes, xouting, de-clares, let it all hang out, gat off the hook, Demising, counter-vailed, went with flow, Bogging, shoots full holes, brake down, dis-charge, dis integrates, over turns, sub-due, gat the hook, loses life, exsects, invalidate, is lost, re move, de-composed, wipe face earth, dis qualifying, out foxing, letted go, counter vailing, over-rules, giving ghost, exsecting, x outs, dis-qualified, nig, tapers, breaking down, zone out, un-lax, re nig, suppress, agitate, de-stroys, un fits, quench, up set, re-nigs, blots out, zonked out, art lost, crossed out, wash out, over-throwing, shooting down, losing consciousness, de-ceased, x-outs, forgets it, giving up the ghost, slipped into coma, takes out, roots out, drawing blank, un fitting, re verse, going out like a light, queers, re moving, Waned, dis-appear, deaden, hurt, faint, sets aside, de parting, finish off, ex-terminated, ex terminating, over-reaches, zoning out, unbuilds, over-ruling, re-moving, de mise, re moved, over reaching, Dulling, x outed, lost consciousness, re-versed, go with the flow, rooted out, gives ghost, oding, take apart, blowing sky high, went out like a light, de-creases, wiped off face earth, extirpate, upset, dis-established, de-compose, give up ghost, art destroyed, over ruling, un-building, wert lost, rendered null and void, re-peals, rubs off, over-rule, out maneuver, put the kibosh on, dis-credit, makes dark, give ghost, counter-vail, sub-sided, be lost, wast destroyed, black out, buy farm, nigged, putting kibosh on, dis-appearing, dissuade, dis integrated, sub side, rooting out, de feats, went out like light, dis charged, put the lid on, wiping off face of earth, slip into coma, dis charges, marks out, ebb, re tracts, take easy, pass on, let all hang out, ex-terminating, getting off hook, take out, de ceases, slipt into coma, delete;ed cover, over throws, decline, up-set, quash, ex terminates, de compose, de-creased, re-called, wiped off face of earth, x outing, de-feat, kos, re-cedes, losing life, Unbuild, give the ghost, shot full holes, Negativing, took apart, putting lid on, out-smarted, dis establishing, un-fitted, de-clines, re-pealed, de-mise, up sets, dis-solve, dis solve, unlaxing, wiping off face earth, remove, depress, shoots down, de clines, going with flow, xout, wipe off face of earth, gave the ghost, in validating, de parted, putting end to, are destroyed, circumducts, wiped face of earth, tapers off, taking it easy, blew sky high, disestablish, cooled it, draws a blank, being killed, deracinnated, calls bets off, deracinates, re peals, ko'd, passed on, de cease, gets hook, blows sky high, counter-acting, dis-qualifying, wiping face earth, counter acted, takes apart, un does, dis established, setting aside, puts kibosh on, get off the hook, recede, dis-qualify, puts end to, disturb, de-stroyed, puts an end to, calling bets off, calls all bets off, break down, dis charging, dis-solving, was lost, out-maneuver, washes out, out-smarts, obliterate, re versing, dis-annul, dis-qualifies, exterminates, de-parted, deracinate, un settled, zonks out, break, de cline, counter balance.