Pronunciation of Righteous
/ɹ_ˈaɪ_tʃ_ə_s/, /ɹˈa͡ɪt͡ʃəs/, /ɹˈa‍ɪt‍ʃəs/

Antonyms for righteous

jivey, most double crossing, fallen, un-godliest, devilish, demonic, un justified, most smooth spoken, evil-minded, dis-graceful, dis reputable, more moralistic, re-probate, un fettered, un regenerate, most offending, in-temperate, depraved, Unideal, scurvy, un-fairer, un ethical, blameworthy, most spendthrift, snide, more ill-famed, inexact, un-just, unseemly, most wildcat, indictable, illegal, Errable, more misbehaving, un asked, most smooth-spoken, more caitiff, low-grade, moralistic, most caviling, scurviest, flagitous, most warped, un fairest, morally wrong, incorrect, most dirty minded, shady, most demeritorious, objectionable, un holier, un fairer, most deluding, more amoral, most ill-famed, un healthy, Impeachable, un-godly, more ill famed, left handed, naughty, most doublecrossing, mischievous, pathetic, mediocre, unrighteous, un-ethical, wanton, dis solute, un fair, most dirtyminded, de testable, offensive, more deluding, most ill famed, dis honorable, scurvier, wayward, undeserving, in sincerest, middling, un-juster, un healthier, de generate, untruthful, Fiendish, gone to dogs, in-sincere, un godly, de-testable, pro-fuse, responsible, most smoothspoken, second-rate, Double dealing, false, most caitiff, dirty-minded, most double-crossing, dis-solute, lowly, un-principled, in-decent, un justifiable, hot cold, rude, un-holy, un-regenerate, un-restrained, jiviest, more fluctuating, amoral, infamous, doubledealing, more spendthrift, smooth spoken, mis-behaving, in sincere, improper, most thriftless, disagreeable, more shifting, x rated, most racket, more illfamed, errant, un principled, most heretic, more smoothspoken, dishonest, pro fane, unfactual, smoothtongued, base, xrated, un godlier, unkind, more heretic, most errable, out line, more unregenerate, devil may care, most shifting, un just, in sincerer, most misbehaving, de-generate, un-holiest, more smooth spoken, crooked, more unrighteous, in-famous, up down, dirty minded, un holy, more offending, criminal, sinful, un scrupulous, quarrelsome, jivier, terrible, more vitiated, more demeritorious, profligate, reproachable, more errable, surly, de graded, corrupt, shifting, re probate, most indictable, unregenerate, awful, un justest, re prehensible, feigning, ill famed, biased, un righteous, undignified, de-graded, un lawful, poor, twofaced, gloomy, un-reserved, dis-honorable, most vitiate, more dirty-minded, unprovoked, smooth tongued, more dirtyminded, uncalledfor, un holiest, un-holier, unworthy, un-lawful, most illfamed, indecorous, more racket, unsatisfactory, testy, more caviling, un-godlier, substandard, un-reliable, scandalous, more unprovoked, knavish, inaccurate, pro-fane, immoral, roguish, un-fairest, most unprovoked, more smooth-spoken, in-sincerest, more dissembling, ill-famed, in-constant, wrong, gone dogs, flawed, un-provoked, crabby, most motiveless, most amoral, imprecise, un-scrupulous, hateful, dis-reputable, un godliest, un-asked, unjust, de-based, pro fuse, de based, un juster, un healthiest, atrocious, two faced, out of line, un reliable, un-justifiable, more dirty minded, in famous, reprehensible, selfrighteous, in decent, more wildcat, un-righteous, unfriendly, most unregenerate, un-justest, bad, demeritorious, un provoked, irritable, dis graceful, inferior, scoundrelly, hypocritical, un-fettered, more vitiate, rascally, most feigning, lefthanded, unfair, indecent, hot and cold, de-meritorious, most dissembling, more drifting, un-fair, off straight and narrow, hypo-critical, smoothspoken, mean, blamable, culpable, re-prehensible, in temperate, un-natural, smooth-spoken, in-sincerer, more warped, most moralistic, more flagitous, censurable, most vitiated, self righteous, hypo critical, opprobrious, more motiveless, un-healthy, dirtyminded, unbecoming, blackguardly, most unrighteous, un-healthiest, illfamed, more indictable, un orthodox, motiveless, mis behaving, more double crossing, most drifting, off straight narrow, de meritorious, thriftless, guilty, most flagitous, more feigning, un-orthodox, gone to the dogs, most dirty-minded, more double-crossing, democratic, erring, more thriftless, un-justified.