Pronunciation of Rigid
/ɹ_ˈɪ_dʒ_ɪ_d/, /ɹˈɪd͡ʒɪd/, /ɹˈɪd‍ʒɪd/

Antonyms for rigid

in conspicuous, most transformable, free-and-easy, sprighter, bending, most imprecise, in accurate, Tender-hearted, more unbolted, in-securest, without ceremony, more unsuspicious, unlatched, putty one's hands, more unclasped, tractable, semisoft, trans formable, in definite, can-do, agile, more modifiable, informal, eventempered, recuperative, inexact, most nonspecific, more can do, patient, in securest, lax, manipulable, pappiest, quick the draw, most stretchable, wiry, most twilight, cando, un shackled, acquiescent, amenable, bendable, putty, workable, de relict, pliable, overindulgent, most unburdensome, in-different, in-active, negligent, asleep job, more switch-hitting, more bendable, most fictile, more twilight, more asunder, complaisant, Unburdensome, dis connected, most born-again, un fussiest, nonresistant, forbearing, more cushiony, putty ones hands, un-hurried, more nonresistant, willing, easy-moving, un-oppressive, whippy, most uncaged, putty in hands, more undemanding, de-relict, out-giving, un-buttoned, velvety, most unsecured, most recuperative, at large, Spright, not taut, more switch hitting, ACDC, most low-pressure, most dimmed, more improv, un demanding, more murmured, most hang-loose, most free and easy, dis-connected, un-clasped, re-bounding, un fussy, doughy, elastic, most unclasped, most manipulable, more deceivable, behindhand, ex tensile, quick on the trigger, more overindulgent, fictile, go-with-the-flow, quick trigger, charitable, more lithesome, in different, more unshackled, indulgent, most deludable, slipshod, dis-regardful, more unoppressive, un burdensome, more pampering, un-fussier, in-securer, lowpressure, most easy-moving, modifiable, unpinned, merciful, non-specific, more tender hearted, Deceivable, more bustling, more stretchable, most pampering, slack, in securer, tolerant, mis tier, more unlatched, more easy-going, most slowmoving, down home, un-critical, most improv, in-definite, most unresisting, most spoiling, like putty in hands, un steadier, most unhooked, outgiving, supple, hang-loose, most switch-hitting, most easy going, un hurried, flexile, in-secure, un-burdensome, gone seed, un-restricted, more deludable, un fastened, any way, more liberated, un-hinged, putty one hands, laid back, most caressing, ex-tensile, whippier, ropier, un-connected, in-firmer, most lithesome, sprightest, trans-formable, most unshackled, stretchable, most go with the flow, most poised, throwaway, thin, tensile, tender hearted, un-ceremonious, more slow-moving, out of shape, more rebounding, most bustling, more uncaged, sub missive, permeable, un concerned, doughiest, more unfastened, more free and easy, un restricted, unresisting, humoring, go with the flow, slow moving, slow-moving, under-stated, in-attentive, more slow moving, ropy, quick on trigger, un steadiest, most switchhitting, more easy moving, gelatinous, rubbery, most switch hitting, most lowpressure, tractile, most undemanding, most lightsome, un-fastened, affable, devil may care, most slow moving, hanging loose, remiss, unshackled, un-steadiest, in firm, uncaged, un-attached, un-restrained, ex tensible, switch-hitting, re-leased, most unbuttoned, compromising, resilient, most fleeceable, un ceremonious, un-inhibited, most low pressure, unfussiest, rubberlike, unreliable, most overindulged, sloppy, imprecise, more poised, un conventional, in formal, not fitting, more tensile, switchhitting, lowkey, un-caged, hang loose, can do, most rubberlike, quick recover, gentle, quick on the draw, more excusing, un-conventional, more switchhitting, limber, most free-and-easy, un tied, un-suspicious, mis-tier, dis regardful, un resisting, cottony, most modifiable, more fleeceable, un-substantial, more overindulged, airy, most easy moving, out giving, most unfastened, more go-with-the-flow, most laggard, un substantial, feeble minded, Puttier, loosened, most murmured, more unresisting, most can do, un-fettered, more hang-loose, low pressure, easy, quick to recover, re-signed, most unbound, un bolted, irresolute, more pardoning, fleeceable, most rebounding, like putty, ac dc, most hangloose, graceful, unfixed, in-conspicuous, more cottony, quick on draw, most liberated, easy moving, IMPROV, un-resisting, lenient, most throwaway, motley, stretchier, more low-pressure, even tempered, more easy going, tender, more humoring, un-latched, porous, un-fussiest, asleep on the job, puttiest, in firmer, over indulgent, more free-and-easy, limp, in firmest, pampering, most unpinned, softhearted, more rubbery, most unbolted, irrepressible, more cando, more mollycoddling, most can-do, most balletic, easy going, unsuspicious, over-indulged, more tempered, most tender hearted, most nonresistant, more nonspecific, quick witted, kindly, Unhooked, nonrigid, compliant, un-official, most asunder, high spirited, most deceivable, over-indulgent, pliant, rolls with punches, more velvety, un-locked, more muted, un-bound, agreeable, more throwaway, slowmoving, un caged, un hinged, indefinite, all around, re bounding, more formable, more laggard, flexible, re fined, more tractile, hanging, more unhooked, putty hands, free easy, in-formal, un-trained, more go with the flow, more recuperative, un-confined, more understated, un official, most formable, un steady, most tempered, clement, un-hooked, selfpossessed, more low pressure, most tender-hearted, un constrained, most slackened, un-demanding, in-firmest, more easymoving, more loosened, un critical, most slow-moving, putty in ones hands, transformable, non-resistant, un secured, more can-do, un fettered, un done, most bendable, most muted, putty in one hands, most easymoving, un locked, loose, most mollycoddling, quickwitted, stretchest, un suspicious, whippiest, most tensile, doughier, more lightsome, rolling with punches, snapping back, most velvety, under stated, nonspecific, un inhibited, re signed, un-steadier, be-coming, broken, most overindulgent, in secure, more manipulable, Deludable, unfussier, undemanding, laidback, putty in one's hands, sweet, malleable, cushiony, un confined, most rubbery, not busy, un clasped, quick draw, lithe, most cottony, most cushiony, tempered, ex-tensible, un trained, yielding, most tractile, more rubberlike, over indulged, twinkle toes, un bound, un-concerned, rolling with the punches, more pampered, more tender-hearted, quick the trigger, asleep on job, low key, paying no mind, most humoring, un hooked, most unoppressive, bland, easymoving, soft, more unpinned, most go-with-the-flow, pappier, un-fussy, softer, easily led, lithesome, stretchiest, un-pinned, unbolted, more outgiving, ever-changing, spoiling, more unbound, easy-going, neglectful, relaxed, more transformable, more spoiling, accepting, un-mindful, more slowmoving, most loosened, most unlatched, more apart, gone to seed, genial, un pinned, unfussy, more balletic, more dimmed, un buttoned, un-secured, scattered, most apart, non specific, springy, balletic, out shape, more unsecured, stretchy, mild, be coming, formable, most hang loose, happy go lucky, low-pressure, asleep the job, kind, more lowpressure, slovenly, switch hitting, unsecured, un fussier, responsive, un-tied, moving, more caressing.