Pronunciation of Run
/ɹˈʌn/, /ɹˈʌn/, /ɹ_ˈʌ_n/

Antonyms for run

art dilatory, dis composing, stoppage, gap, made a stand, ex curse, help, re lax, re decorated, sit one's butt, footfall, turn, art late, de-crease, art indolent, getting sidetracked, re mained, taking ones time, Sauntered, bitted the bullet, footwork, de-part, taking one time, wast confronted by, dragging one feet, be confronted by, dis-orders, sprangled, be behind, disarrayed, diddledaddles, walks lamely, wert quiescent, dis compose, are delayed, gandering, put up a fight, dis locates, putting up a fight, did battle, go-that-a-ways, making a stand, be unoccupied, Bumming, meet, idle, sat butt, dis-composes, roam, lost strength, sit butt, sur faces, being indolent, dis organized, guggle, strings out, sits one butt, aberrated, dis-arraying, sate on one's butt, passing time, dis locating, sitting on one butt, Piddled, solidify, be turned toward, tooling, inter mix, dis-locates, making stand, squares off, are behind, dancing, changes order, took a walk, loiter, going on foot, turn off, Entrammel, went up against, steady, dis organizes, travelled foot, kicking around, re-decorates, shoot out, de parting, am all over map, spreadeagle, wast tardy, plash, encounter difficulty, ramble, dis-locate, dillydally, fronting onto, gat no place fast, am dilatory, dis-order, re-finishes, take one time, goes up against, sitting one butt, wait around, tooled, shooting it out, go with tide, doest battle, struggling along, broke deck, didst battle with, diddledaddling, diddle daddle, with-standing, ex-tending, lagged behind, GIMPS, de crease, traveled foot, wait, ascend, continue, brake the deck, slowing down, take a walk, took one time, takes the bull by the horns, is delayed, wander, CLADS, breath fresh air, de creased, is unoccupied, is carried along, diddledaddle, trails behind, being over the map, fronted onto, gather, re-lax, Jaunted, sashaying, sits one's butt, were indolent, coping with, rise, cramp ones style, roamings, were carried along, circumlocuted, being confronted by, taking time, gotten sidetracked, cramp one style, being carried along, drags one's feet, was quiescent, run in to, gotten no place fast, changed order, re-decorated, warms a chair, art confronted by, idleness, are indolent, limps along, cope with, entrammeled, sur face, takes bull by horns, wert indolent, sate on ones butt, circumlocuting, fronts onto, goes foot, cramping ones style, saunter, circumnutated, take walk, drag ones feet, Danced, took the bull by horns, diddle, break deck, art inactive, am delayed, getting no place fast, inched along, lazies, whiled away hours, dis arranged, put up fight, range, dragged one feet, were slothful, ex-tended, circumlocute, drags ones feet, am late, flying in face of, Experiencing, make stand, struggles along, cladding, while away hours, re-main, lazied, shlep along, mucked, interregnum, lounge around, walking, be long, are quiescent, inaction, going with tide, cramps style, were inactive, hopscotches, puts crimp in, runs in to, being delayed, dis arrayed, footed it, sit on one's butt, bits the bullet, am over map, slowed down, putting fight, flies face of, interstice, ripple, changing the order, Jellying, cramp style, boogieing, was carried along, struggled along, Snaking, being dilatory, art behind, wert all over map, dis arraying, re-models, slow, flew face of, be carried along, doest battle with, put a fight, sprangles, dally, over looked, ex cursed, wast late, take the bull by horns, amble, entrammeling, all owing, whiles away hours, takes it easy, is over the map, are all over the map, de-lays, de laying, crawl, with stand, boogie, was all over the map, diddle-daddled, going foot, dilly dally, footing it, wast all over the map, drew near, sate butt, with stood, crossing swords with, were turned toward, hogtie, deactivate, Bummed, Struggled, dis orders, hold, take bull by horns, run into, boogied, take the bull by the horns, not lift fingered, were all over the map, coagulate, dragged ones feet, taking it easy, does battle, encounters difficulty, delay, is turned toward, being over map, change the order, go on foot, slow up, walking trips, lose strength, with-stood, is confronted by, walked lamely, trailing behind, lag, were all over map, takes to the road, takes the road, dost battle with, dragged one's feet, are dilatory, gandered, brake deck, dis ordering, over-laying, takes easy, took to road, malfunction, refrain, scrounging around, travels on foot, face, ex tended, indifference, goes with tide, gimping, make way, walking trip, was slothful, takes the bull by horns, sur-faced, diddledaddled, rest, cramps one's style, lounged around, wast slothful, drags feet, flies in face of, limp, was behind, be quiet, diddle daddled, took ones time, doth battle, hobble, crosses swords with, sitting on one's butt, cramped one style, idles, is late, piddles, ex tend, breaks the deck, shingles, making one's way, dueled, passes time, art slothful, goes with the tide, re mains, art turned toward, refinishing, inter mixing, stringing out, shoots out, take bull by the horns, go foot, inter mixes, ex-tends, stuck around, circumlocutes, is dilatory, taking to the road, art over map, end, being all over the map, front onto, dis arrange, inch along, inter-mixing, takes walk, mope, dis-organizing, constitutional, was turned toward, with standing, Strolled, dis-arrays, cramping one's style, dis-array, art over the map, hang out, tick over, sashayed, inter-mixes, hide, re model, sat on butt, sate on one butt, am tardy, re finish, being slothful, take to road, gurgle, lose, shoot it out, stringed out, fly in face of, procrastinate, kicks around, dis arranging, draws near, make one's way, ex cursing, inter mixed, warming chair, dis-compose, dis-arrayed, over look, wert dilatory, be indolent, over-lay, being tardy, shut off, eyeball, do battle with, perambulate, make ones way, art all over the map, over laid, hopscotched, am carried along, made ones way, drag, dis ordered, sat one's butt, dost battle, stay, makes stand, am quiescent, obey, taking bull by horns, sate one butt, taking easy, wert all over the map, trail behind, knock around, takes a walk, warm a chair, Sided, are all over map, ex tends, interruption, legworks, footfalls, re finishing, bitting the bullet, over-looking, travel foot, art tardy, walking lamely, sits on one's butt, putting a fight, are over map, puts fight, taking the bull by the horns, neglect, de-creases, shoots it out, slowed up, drag one's feet, sat around, warmed a chair, lazying, walk tracks, warmed chair, not lift a finger, poking around, am slothful, de-creased, duelled, takes ones time, makes one way, is quiescent, lagging behind, over looks, be delayed, hoofed it, dis-locating, putting a crimp in, bum around, dragging one's feet, wast delayed, re-modeling, boogies, with stands, waiting around, Loitered, taking the bull by horns, poked around, are long, strung out, took bull by horns, sticks around, not lift fingering, sitting butt, standing, not lift a fingering, be slothful, lounges around, encountering difficulty, travelling on foot, bitted bullet, diddle daddles, changing order, are over the map, re modeled, sit on butt, am turned toward, re decorate, dis arranges, runs into, excursing, de-parted, was confronted by, circumnutating, take ones time, made one's way, hang up, change order, slows up, cramped ones style, diddle-daddling, ran in to, ex-curses, mucking, let go, breath of fresh air, being long, art all over map, de lay, was late, with-stands, inching along, pass time, am confronted by, hoofs it, hanging up, be all over the map, sprangling, dis-composing, draw near, take to the road, re modelled, took the bull by the horns, lags behind, shleps along, rove, am long, hoof it, sprangle, sits around, cramps ones style, grappled with, are inactive, over-laid, waited around, go that a wayed, wert late, did battle with, Zigzagging, re-mains, wast over map, all-owing, over lays, is all over the map, putting up fight, dis-ordered, going up against, shlepping along, Promenading, dragging feet, sur faced, stand, take one's time, taking road, cramp one's style, wert over the map, shuffle, dawdle, being quiescent, sticked around, sat ones butt, travelling foot, were unoccupied, over laying, got sidetracked, loses strength, went on foot, makes one's way, ex tending, doing battle with, with-stand, is slothful, sate on butt, art quiescent, re modelling, Snaked, taking bull by the horns, wert over map, made stand, give up, Idled, circumnutates, re finished, taking walk, dis organizing, got no place fast, put a crimp in, were behind, Shingled, interval, wast unoccupied, finish, gets no place fast, doeth battle, bits bullet, jellied, de part, Inched, grapples with, traveling foot, be inactive, bubble, drawing near, inter-mixed, go up against, lollygag, make one way, bummed around, wert confronted by, abandon, sits on ones butt, walk, straggle, gets sidetracked, dis organize, made way, are turned toward, scrounge around, shot out, wert carried along, pokes around, shlepped along, sit on one butt, walks tracks, sate around, is over map, doth battle with, inches along, sur-face, Disarraying, combat, is all over map, re maining, cramped style, make a stand, dis-arranged, intermission, dis-composed, be tardy, sits on butt, wast over the map, waits around, sitting ones butt, go with the tide, re-modelled, re-modeled, cramping style, collect, Dueling, went foot, went with the tide, being unoccupied, dis-organized, taking the road, travels foot, bitting bullet, go-that-a-waying, making way, Wars, travel on foot, puts up a fight, walked the tracks, shooting out, interlude, over-look, slows down, cramps one style, copes with, aberrates, Zigzagged, sur facing, grapple with, cramped one's style, be dilatory, Trooped, are tardy, are slothful, goes against, art long, sat on ones butt, ex-tend, airings, drag one feet, re-finish, re finishes, wast indolent, string out, hog tie, dis order, fly face of, take road, taking a walk, broke the deck, running into, dragging ones feet, traveled on foot, deal with, entrammels, took time, re models, Jaunting, wert long, duelling, stands around, takes one's time, wast quiescent, am unoccupied, art carried along, changed the order, piddle, dragged feet, continuity, be all over map, go-that-a-way, go that a ways, kick around, sate one's butt, diddle-daddles, be over map, de-creasing, remain, tramp, coped with, changes the order, sits butt, being all over map, take easy, traveling on foot, travelled on foot, squared off, sit ones butt, doeth battle with, aberrate, Trooping, diddle daddling, walk the tracks, doing battle, be over the map, footed, square off, makes ones way, get sidetracked, taking one's time, encountered difficulty, refinish, re main, not lift finger, took road, slow down, art delayed, diddle-daddle, dis arrays, warm chair, dis-ordering, are confronted by, eyeballs, being turned toward, de-lay, takes time, were dilatory, is behind, inter-mix, Warred, does battle with, walk lamely, whiling away hours, art unoccupied, drag feet, cross swords with, dis array, gat sidetracked, misfunction, takes road, re-decorating, wert slothful, wast behind, running in to, Inching, went against, dis located, follow, cease, linger, trailed behind, goes on foot, wast turned toward, walking the tracks, dis composes, walking tracks, am behind, de-laying, refinishes, stroll, Promenaded, cessation, wert turned toward, were confronted by, zigzags, re-model, were over the map, bumming around, took to the road, de-parting, Circumnutate, made one way, dis-located, grappling with, sat on one's butt, took it easy, trickle, didst battle, taking to road, sitting around, are carried along, sits ones butt, de parts, re-decorate, am over the map, are unoccupied, walked tracks, de lays, take time, was inactive, perambulation, puts up fight, being behind, keep, gimped, vagabonding, all owed, ran into, bums around, makes way, discontinuity, take the road, making one way, shingling, standing around, dis-organize, flew in face of, put fight, dis locate, tell off, loaf, wert behind, not lift a fingered, put crimp in, were over map, scrounges around, was long, de parted, sur-facing, cramping one style, excursed, wast all over map, aberrating, all-owed, eyeballing, kicked around, puts a fight, shot it out, sitting one's butt, passed time, sit around, serve, is long, was dilatory, sit one butt, get no place fast, be quiescent, scrounged around, conceal, de creases, takes bull by the horns, was all over map, break the deck, de creasing, not lift a fingers, hoofing it, being late, making ones way, breaking the deck, dis-arrange, being inactive, are late, was indolent, squaring off, halt, be late, fail, sate ones butt, go against, parenthesis, stood around, vagabonded, dis-arranges, breaking deck, grapple, ex-cursed, am all over the map, dis-arranging, was over the map, warming a chair, de-parts, hopscotch, Excurse, wert unoccupied, poke around, took bull by the horns, flying face of, drift, losing strength, sitting on ones butt, go that a waying, struggle along, drags one feet, makes a stand, dis composed, breaks deck, hanged up, were late, limp along, mismanage, limped along, going against, wast dilatory, ex-cursing, moving about, not lift fingers, over-lays, crossed swords with, footworks, stop, lounging around, sitting on butt, going with the tide, over-looks, ex curses, were delayed, dis-organizes.