Pronunciation of Safe
/sˈe͡ɪf/, /sˈe‍ɪf/, /s_ˈeɪ_f/

Antonyms for safe

un-cleaner, scarier, more whiskered, in sanest, most tremorous, Precursive, most dynamite, more hard featured, not fixed, Lowery, Villous, most perturbable, in accurate, sub-altern, adventuresome, ex posed, low down and dirty, un substantiated, convulsive, liable, un godly, most resolved, questionable, disloyal, laid back, more unmasked, indiscreet, more hardfeatured, un-stabler, more dissembled, un sounder, un wieldy, unsound, un-sanitary, more lanate, pettish, most premonitory, recreant, noisome, un-masked, un handy, threatened, most weaving, Doomful, awkward, stubblier, for show, thoughtless, more fulminant, un godlier, un-healthier, unhandier, in effectual, most stifled, un-veiled, most unaccented, in conceivable, most faltering, more portending, risky, pre monitory, ugly, most corroding, most discommodious, low-down and dirty, most weakkneed, more wiggling, milk-and-water, most presumed, at one's feet, more idealized, suspect, de pendent, un shaven, runnier, bad tempered, more villous, most undermining, un-safe, most all important, most unveiled, un quiet, runniest, unconfident, illfavored, untrue, grody, not prayer, vile, un-dependable, dis eased, bad-looking, out a limb, eruptive, most revealed, un-steadiest, un stable, un-sure, un cleanly, in-salubrious, in commodious, more pubescent, de based, un qualified, un soundest, more exceptive, in calculable, un-balanced, bewhiskered, more oversensitive, un-defendable, dis figured, more enslaved, un-wieldier, more off putting, left open, un safest, unaccented, more bad looking, beastliest, inconstant, ominous, unbeautiful, hurtful, wishywashy, more subaltern, most tainting, deceitful, most doubtable, Fluctuant, more faint hearted, un nerved, in-conclusive, un shielded, weakest, end angered, more faltering, most bared, neglectful, un cleanliest, uncertain, more delphic, more tremorous, Menaced, un-friendliest, sub ordinate, dis graceful, unfirmest, un seemlier, wounding, Intimidatory, un-healthy, in-festive, un proved, more weak kneed, in-effective, unpeaceful, most oversensitive, more dangersome, more bad-looking, most conquerable, most murder, in-sane, unfixed, more menaced, on view, more bated, un-trained, un steadier, more glace, venomous, dis-eased, un-cleanly, in securest, in firmer, fulminant, sub missive, minacious, precarious, most glace, in-credible, most precursive, unthoughtful, most beast, absentminded, unrestful, hyper-sensitive, in-decisive, dis-advantageous, up for grabs, in-delicate, debatable, hanging by a thread, more unaccented, dis orderly, un assured, more unproven, more contaminating, hypo-thetical, un steady, on limb, regardless, most highpriority, most lowery, dubious, mis-leading, de-ranged, un lucky, in-saner, detonative, thinskinned, most unshaven, un-safest, more pestilent, most ashake, in convenient, in defensible, iffy, un-beautiful, more fluctuating, most minacious, un-steadier, ill boding, doubtful, hanging by thread, unprepossessing, dis advantageous, un-holier, in-securer, more rattled, dis-quieting, in line of fire, in-calculable, vulnerable, un-fixed, on the line, un holy, un-sheltered, over-wrought, dis-covered, sub-best, un defended, bummest, un-governable, unmindful, mis leading, de ranged, harmed, un-sounder, pre-judicial, un kinder, more unpromising, un-holy, un confirmed, most divulged, critical, most off-putting, more ashake, low-down, most vexing, un-godliest, more badlooking, fickle, un-sightly, in definite, most doomful, most disfigured, be whiskered, unfaithful, more off-putting, un masked, laid open, un-poised, on slippery ground, ex-plosive, most horrifying, un-determined, more convulsive, badlooking, more defined, undefended, sinister, raging, malificent, more malificent, more unshaven, in sane, most fluctuant, most conceptive, un-kindest, in effective, un defendable, un-comely, un-tenable, de moralizing, in-secure, more disfigured, not much to look at, forceless, jellylike, wiggliest, most jeopardized, most crippling, dis reputable, most dangersome, most undefendable, up the air, in-complete, un easier, un convincing, not a prayer, un propitious, wiggly, un-defended, more hurting, weakkneed, un prepossessing, most pettish, negligent, de-bunked, de-fined, de pressing, up-tight, ex-posed, undependable, more low-down, most splenetic, un-shielded, more pileous, un healthiest, un-proven, de-terminative, bold, in-defensible, more unveiled, more offputting, un-pleasant, un-prepared, more piliferous, fellest, more presaging, undecided, more conquerable, shady, low-down dirty, dis quieting, assailable, runny, un-comfortable, in-decorous, dis-reputable, in saner, un seemliest, un satisfactory, un-reliable, more undefendable, made manifest, poisonous, in-adequate, un sealed, unplanned, more all important, more vexing, un-seemliest, un scrupulous, most defined, most delphic, in audible, more satellite, in securer, un controllable, toucher, most eruptive, inconsiderate, most detonating, un-foreseeable, most bad looking, most all-important, sub-ordinate, more tainting, most impugnable, most imperiled, de terminative, unshielded, in credible, un handiest, un-easier, traitorous, more horrifying, un desirable, unconfirmed, hard to use, Substract, open attack, comminatory, dicey, un decided, dishonest, ill fated, most hypersensitive, un friendliest, un-stablest, unintentional, un-kind, in peril, more weak-kneed, dis commodious, most subaltern, changeful, harmful baneful, Doubtable, un sightliest, most harassing, nasty, sub best, un-assured, un-concealed, in distinct, hardfeatured, most milk and water, un-guarded, more harassing, unsure, un-healthiest, un dependable, un firmest, un seemly, dodgy, bundle nerves, more lowery, un poised, most wiggling, un-shaven, pre-cursive, un-appetizing, wide open, most faint hearted, all aquiver, more lowdown, un-prepossessing, un-qualified, un tenable, most woundable, more crippling, at ones feet, sub altern, un-desirable, un safer, Infestive, un clean, off the deep end, more resolved, fishy, most hard featured, more stifled, un covered, more impugnable, unsettled, more conceptive, un-protected, disputable, lying, wobbly, up-hill, lax, most overhanging, in congruous, unfirmer, dis-honorable, most intimidatory, tremorous, in danger, threatening, chancy, more repelling, ideological, most weak-kneed, in-constant, beastlier, un-stable, most bad-looking, un sightlier, on line, most offputting, xrated, in-definite, most malificent, more beast, perilous, unwholesome, un resolved, more presumed, touch and go, un prepared, more subjugated, more zero, unfirm, more impuissant, most badlooking, bad looking, un-scrupulous, offputting, un firm, most formularized, un-seemlier, un-decided, pro visional, in-congruous, unsafe, all important, more premonitory, pro-nest, pubescent, impetuous, most unrestful, fraught with danger, most disclosed, un manageable, up in air, awful, hardnosed, more hard-featured, on display, more unbacked, pre judicial, un-even, in correct, malignant, all-important, most choked, un stabler, loury, dangerous, disputed, un-clear, most high-priority, bundle of nerves, shaky, dis-orderly, more murder, most unsealed, un-accented, untried, most forceless, scary, most unnerved, be-whiskered, mis-shapen, most convulsive, most fulminant, in-auspicious, wimpiest, weak, un stablest, un comfortable, un-trustworthy, unsteady, the lowest, most quaking, off deep end, un concealed, most teetering, un foreseeable, faithless, more perturbable, un-convincing, open to attack, pre carious, most shifting, wishy washy, un-kinder, mis shapen, out, un reliable, thin skinned, in consistent, painful, most pubescent, more divulged, un-substantial, most denuded, in theory, touch go, moot, de-based, most enslaved, on a limb, in-sipid, lourier, de bunked, un lovely, not set, un-safer, wimpy, un settled, sub standard, in valid, un-lovelier, more unstressed, pre-carious, dis-graceful, on collision course, low down, hypersensitive, most unmasked, most scowling, more eruptive, dis-gusting, ill favored, louriest, faint hearted, not solid, Unhandy, open, un predictable, illfated, more forceless, badtempered, un healthful, most jellylike, un healthy, whiskered, un cleaner, up tight, unstable, un easiest, more unpeaceful, ex plosive, most polluted, un healthier, malefic, conquerable, more terrorizing, more pettish, sub-standard, hurt, untrustworthy, reedy, most unfixed, hazardous, playing with fire, de grading, in tractable, most under, wideopen, un-handy, un inviting, re-solved, more ideological, hard use, more highpriority, most lowdown, hard nosed, hairy, un easy, in festive, more weaving, un-quietest, rootless, un proven, lowdown dirty, un confident, polluted, more precursive, injured, most unassured, more unfixed, most subjugated, most comminatory, most unprepossessing, out limb, up air, most substract, un-luckier, jerrybuilt, destructive, most unshielded, violable, in decisive, more substract, in-distinct, most unbeautiful, un guarded, most solved, quicktempered, dis posed, not much look at, un firmer, most rattled, un-godlier, most whiskered, unassured, un sheltered, insecure, un-promising, de-grading, un hinged, un luckier, touchy, at one feet, un-predictable, more disclosed, most zero, in-firmest, de-pendent, most unpromising, un pleasant, rash, lanate, un-easiest, most peeled, at feet, minatory, pro nest, un-inviting, in-valid, in-hospitable, in-commodious, low down dirty, un-proved, wounded, more polluted, un-confident, premonitory, offensive, un clearest, un kindest, irresponsible, faint-hearted, out on limb, injudicious, asleep, over-hanging, un wieldier, problematic, more rootless, in danger of, in-firmer, most wounding, un godliest, unguarded, un-healthful, allimportant, glace, un promising, more wounding, in the line of fire, un backed, dis closed, more jellylike, most terrorizing, more minacious, un-sound, up setting, unhealthy, mendacious, untruthful, dis-tasteful, in competent, most unbacked, in-competent, un believable, more weakkneed, most dissembled, more unpoised, false, more faint-hearted, in secure, most hardfeatured, more debunked, endangered, exposed, in famous, hypo thetical, aquake, un-lucky, un-wieldiest, un-manageable, un-satisfactory, dis-closed, most changeful, lowdown, un stressed, un-settled, imprudent, more unshielded, more quaking, dis honorable, inadvertent, out gas, more unbeautiful, more imperiled, in auspicious, highpriority, undefendable, in-tractable, remiss, unshorn, more unnerved, un-peaceful, subject, un-believable, un sure, un peaceful, unhandiest, tainted, de formed, in poor health, up-setting, unpromising, un-friendlier, most high priority, more corroding, most questioning, de generate, more doomful, dis-figured, contestable, un-armed, un-firmer, perfidious, laidback, ashake, de testable, under mining, slippery, unreliable, more unshorn, speculative, un-clearest, treacherous, flawed, more fulminating, more formularized, indefinite, more scowling, incautious, in determinate, in conclusive, de-generate, un accented, dis covered, repulsive, Exceptive, most unpeaceful, unhealthful, hideous, in-securest, more fluctuant, adventurous, more jeopardized, un kind, conceptive, un steadiest, de fined, under-mining, most menaced, more malefic, un holiest, un hidden, un-cleanest, liverish, un-handier, un-cleanliest, dis agreeable, most piliferous, un-firm, most bated, un-quiet, far fetched, more unconfident, more peeled, inattentive, un-lovely, more undermining, most liverish, Woundable, un holier, un trained, most unproven, in hospitable, de-testable, un-wholesome, un-restful, pre cursive, subbest, de-pressing, un even, high-priority, Discommodious, in complete, most unconfirmed, illtempered, Impendent, rickety, more changeful, at the boiling point, forgetful, in-consistent, un-controllable, un handier, at boiling point, in salubrious, jerry built, dis-agreeable, in the line fire, more sucker, un-godly, un restful, most exceptive, most sucker, in-convenient, Perturbable, un fixed, in delicate, in-substantial, dis-posed, de-formed, more detonating, more woundable, arguable, most rootless, un-stressed, un-sightliest, more milk and water, in firm, scathing, Pileous, bound by, in-effectual, Controvertible, illboding, in substantial, dis-commodious, un-hinged, off-putting, touchest, more unconfirmed, explosive, more low down, grodier, more bared, in-audible, more detonative, most unhidden, un safe, out of gas, un appetizing, in sipid, damaged, more questioning, un friendlier, going for broke, on the spot, like sitting duck, in adequate, in firmest, troublesome, like a sitting duck, up-coming, un lovelier, most allimportant, un-substantiated, on spot, Hard-featured, unproven, un clear, x rated, un-holiest, unprotected, more choked, stubbly, more teetering, more hypersensitive, more intimidatory, unshaven, weak kneed, mean, dis tasteful, up hill, un-cleanlier, in-conceivable, off putting, most impuissant, un-hidden, most unshorn, un-soundest, un sound, un loveliest, harmful, unbacked, de-moralizing, dis gusting, un veiled, most contaminating, more dynamite, in decorous, reedier, ruinous, un-backed, on thin ice, most fulminating, un-friendly, most detonative, more liverish, un cleanest, most unstressed, un substantial, dangersome, most malefic, like skating rink, laid bare, most hard-featured, un luckiest, un-firmest.