Pronunciation of Same
/sˈe͡ɪm/, /sˈe‍ɪm/, /s_ˈeɪ_m/

Antonyms for same

changing, more obverse, more all purpose, more unequivalent, under-side, more obstructive, incongruousness, over-balanced, multi-faceted, in compatibility, in consonant, out of line, deviant, forget its, illmatched, Inconsonant, dis-claimer, distinctive, more off-base, all-purpose, in consistency, Counterpole, most almost, anti-pathetic, over-turning, most hybrid, most merged, anti poles, several, dis agreeing, most off-base, more against, one sided, dis avowals, de-feat, dis-parities, most brewed, most contradistinct, volte-face, multi form, more mismatched, wrong sides, antipodes, anti thetical, inter-bred, conquerings, co-nest, counter parts, dis-similar, Unprecise, most diverging, un-matched, dis-agreements, most contrariant, other extreme, dis proportionate, inter bred, omnifarious, un likeness, wrongheaded, ex press, most omniform, more unsymmetrical, distinct, most antithetic, separate, cross-bred, far cry, more multifold, un proportionate, anti-poles, un even, un precise, unique, verging on, in-compatibilities, varying, more overbalanced, more agin, most obstructive, Non-conforming, verso, mis-takes, in congruousness, mis fortunes, more antithetic, reverse, anti, dis similarity, contras, about face, more fused, most diversiform, dis similitudes, in versions, poly chromatic, multi fold, more unalike, de feats, most negating, multi-colored, Diversiform, trans-fused, de rived, multi-hued, catch-22's, mis matched, in-congruous, un alike, other side coin, more unassociated, allaround, march a different drummer, non-conformist, mis fortune, in-equalities, most differing, most unassociated, dissimilar, un commoner, most unsimilar, wavering, varied, un likenesses, more massed, inconsistent, march to a different drummer, antithesis, mis take, most interdenominational, in verse, Antilogies, dis claimer, more multihued, out standing, dis-parity, far cry from, un common, unequivalent, un usual, un-natural, Varietal, adverses, discriminable, vice versas, other, more hindering, Contradictories, more crossbred, more unsimilar, in compatibilities, counter-active, unlike, most anti, catch 22, more variform, more wrongheaded, in comparable, dis-crete, more clustered, more interbred, variant, mismatched, in-subordinate, extra-ordinary, dis harmonious, most clashing, dis-avowals, most multitudinal, unequal, in-dependent, most multihued, co nest, more contrariant, unsimilar, dis-similitude, most prismatic, Contradistinctive, more ill-matched, conglomerate, more offbase, more recusant, de feat, contradictory, most unalike, in subordinate, un scientific, un-likenesses, mis mated, multi hued, dis-avowal, most interbred, more merged, offbalance, most amalgamated, incomparable, manifold, re-versal, poly-chromatic, dis-similitudes, other extremes, dis parities, re-pulses, un associated, obstructive, disparate, un related, un typical, most clustered, co-pious, out of ordinary, more differential, opposite, more mismated, re versal, re versed, more off base, non existences, unassociated, more unrepresentative, in-consistency, most unrepresentative, counter-part, re maining, most factional, mis adventure, no go, prismatic, dis-united, non symmetrical, multi-fold, mis-adventure, not similar, diacritic, counter-parts, overturnings, in version, more nonstandard, dis-sentient, more guessed, in-fused, counter active, anti thesis, most incommensurable, dis sentient, assorted, in dividual, oppositenesses, in equality, more hybridized, most unproportionate, more contradistinctive, in-consistent, more omniform, co pious, most nonsymmetrical, non-sense, dis avowal, most unsymmetrical, most amassed, converse, more impeding, all purpose, in-compatibility, most nullifying, un equal, something else, change mind, more patched, most guessed, dis united, most agin, counter part, counter pole, non-symmetrical, multi various, un real, more contradistinct, more unprecise, polar, inter-denominational, un likest, more factional, out ordinary, allpurpose, different, un commonest, most multivarious, more blended, un-scientific, more contrasted, anti pathetic, march different drummer, out-standing, de-feats, dis ordered, miscellaneous, most compound, dissentient, mis-fortunes, more hybrid, more omnifarious, most kneaded, multi-form, in consistencies, Multifold, most fused, un-real, off color, under side, most contradistinctive, dis-similarity, conest, versos, close together, most otherwise, re sourceful, off balance, in-consistencies, more particolored, most anthologized, inverses, most overbalanced, unalike, most allpurpose, onesided, in-verse, mis-take, dis appointment, in-equitable, most omnifarious, dis-similarities, catch22, diametric, most dissentient, dis agreements, multi faceted, un-related, most mingled, more surmised, another adverse, catch 22's, more all-purpose, more clashing, multihued, most obverse, most variform, most opposed, non senses, more multiplex, most inconsonant, another adverses, other sides, most mismatched, most facing, more another, mixed, multi color, all manner of, more brewed, most disunited, in-compatible, more diverse, turnings, re pulses, non existence, retro versions, south, incongruousnesses, in fused, neutralization, un-conventional, under-sides, off-balance, contrastive, differentiable, dis-claimers, in-versions, most diacritic, mis takes, most blended, dis-sonant, opposure, out line, over turnings, un-likest, another story, dis similarities, Unproportionate, offkey, multi colored, non-existences, Antipode, in defiance of, most illmatched, Negatory, most varietal, dis sonant, dis-agreement, in consistent, dis appointments, most massed, most all-purpose, imprecise, in-commensurate, more otherwise, many sided, variform, dis-appointment, un-usual, most multiplex, dis parity, motley, un-symmetrical, in tractable, more illmatched, paradox, more transfused, un-commoner, aberrant, most hindering, in commensurable, mismated, hetero clite, anti-thetical, variegated, various, most unprecise, most another, most apart, most disharmonious, dis claimers, retro-versions, diverse, un equivalent, at variance with, more apart, NOS, Contra, mis adventures, un similar, over balanced, more prismatic, Hybridized, sundry, more compound, re version, nonstandard, more diverging, conversely, trans fused, extra ordinary, most rainbow, most wrongheaded, more diversiform, contrary, more disharmonious, more ill matched, in equalities, more south, in-commensurable, anti thetic, more embodied, most assimilated, most ill matched, more paradoxical, ex-press, most off base, particolored, un-commonest, hetero-clite, mis-matched, most opposite, in commensurate, antipoles, more infused, more facing, re-version, like night and day, un-equal, disavowal, non standard, most embodied, Antilogy, most hybridized, other side of coin, dis-harmonious, oddest, over-turnings, antithetic, negation, unrepresentative, most south, poles apart, retroversion, most mismated, allround, counterpoles, more multivarious, un-equivalent, most offbase, more anti, opposures, more incommensurable, most contrasted, most mongrel, in-discriminate, most special, more reverse, many, most crossed, trans-posed, divergent, under sides, quite a few, AGIN, turn arounds, inter denominational, interbred, Antipole, approximate, in dependent, non sense, otherwise, paradoxical, more mongrel, multi-color, more negating, dis-ordered, over turning, more contrastive, dis agreement, un-attached, in discriminate, reversement, more diacritic, more differing, un-even, Contraries, most impeding, in compatible, mis-adventures, un-proportionate, mis-mated, cross bred, in-consonant, offbase, more almost, more heteroclite, Contradistinct, more multitudinal, anthologized, more rainbow, not alike, multiple, wrong side, more unproportionate, reversements, in-equality, anti-thesis, incommensurable, retro version, un conventional, counter poles, most unequivalent, at odds, Contrariant, dis crete, contrariwise, multitudinal, Omniform, retroversions, un-likeness, hybrid, impeding, multi-plied, most surmised, most heteroclite, anti-thetic, off-base, most nonstandard, all round, not uniform, re-verse, disharmonious, more nonsymmetrical, counter-poles, in-congruousness, more kneaded, head-strong, more mingled, in congruousnesses, retro-version, turn around, un-associated, in-dividual, in-congruousnesses, anti pole, most contrastive, disavowals, interdenominational, coner, march to different drummer, un liker, more varietal, multivarious, un-balanced, more anthologized, un-similar, un-liker, counter, variable, at variance, overbalanced, dis-proportionate, contrast, change of mind, more disunited, counter-pole, differential, re-versions, in-tractable, antonym, most recusant, in equitable, most reverse, multifaceted, most crossbred, a far cry from, re versions, dis-appointments, more crossed, non conformist, more amalgamated, dis similar, other side, most ill-matched, more inconsonant, most differential, recusant, catch22's, dis similitude, singular, un-typical, changeable, all around, most imprecise, in-comparable, contrarily, in congruous, crossbred, un-alike, un symmetrical, most novel, re verse, anti-pole, de-rived, offcolor, un-common, more dissentient, most particolored, non-standard, ill-matched, like night day, most against, nonsymmetrical, dis-agreeing, more puttylike, heterogeneous.