Pronunciation of Seen
/sˈiːn/, /sˈiːn/, /s_ˈiː_n/

Antonyms for seen:

mis-laid, Uncompanionable, un seeablest, down drain, unredeemed, in tangible, more forfeited, un-seeabler, more ungraspable, more unremarked, unviewable, unperceived, most forfeited, more unapparent, un-curious, off beaten track, cloistered, dis guised, in-tangible, mis placed, un approachable, most enigmatic, super natural, re tiring, un seeable, most retreated, wraithlike, more imperceivable, at sea, with-held, dis appeared, more unrecognized, in cog, more irrecoverable, most adrift, more eclipsed, under assumed name, Shrouded, most hermitic, un concerned, taken out, most eclipsed, more uncompanionable, not sight, be leaguered, more unrespected, out sight, un clear, re moved, in-different, more nongregarious, un-communicative, un-forthcoming, under ground, in-conspicuous, more irretrievable, most beleaguered, most unobserved, un-seeablest, un observable, more shielded, most irrecoverable, offcourse, most unperceivable, more forfeit, unseeablest, out the window, un noticed, most incog, non gregarious, more isolate, most unapparent, un obtrusive, most insulated, lost, out of view, re treated, more unperceivable, dis oriented, more disregarded, in-curious, most curtained, irretrievable, more unobserved, most unforthcoming, most unrespected, un-approachable, un-heeded, most wraithlike, more delphian, most unredeemed, more without, masked, dis-interested, re-served, uninformative, more insulated, nongregarious, most seclusive, opaque, non-gregarious, curtained, in curious, un heeded, most forfeit, most shrouded, in visible, most delphian, super-natural, re-strained, un-interested, blockaded, Screened, un redeemed, cast away, un-disclosed, un graspable, in-explicable, unperceivable, tucked away, un frequented, un suspected, un clearer, hermitic, un-perceived, un noticeable, un-discovered, unnoticed, un observed, un-revealed, dis interested, un-remembered, with held, un-obtrusive, nowhere be found, out window, with drawn, un revealed, secluse, un-perceivable, un detected, un-recognized, most isolate, un-clear, incognito, out view, un-informative, un informative, more masquerading, re served, unremarked, winked at, in discernible, most nongregarious, un perceivable, un forthcoming, in conspicuous, most hermetical, un discovered, most blockaded, most without, unseeabler, in comprehensible, more unperceived, un apparent, unrespected, more beleaguered, un-sociable, in-sensible, more unforthcoming, un remarked, un known, un clearest, un-concerned, un-detected, most unremarked, un viewable, un-demonstrative, more unremembered, most unrecognized, in-cog, in sensible, un inhabited, more blockaded, most delphic, pushed aside, hidden, in dark, un-clearer, un demonstrative, more uncurious, with-drawn, most unperceived, most disappeared, dis-guised, invisible, kiss goodbye, re tired, dis regarded, un remembered, more secluse, withdrawn, under-cover, be-leaguered, un-redeemed, ungraspable, unobserved, un-observed, un-seeable, Hermetical, more cloistral, most uncompanionable, un perceived, in-visible, unseeable, un-considered, unrecognized, not in sight, un-clearest, un recognized, Perdu, Incog, un-noticed, un-apparent, in explicable, un seeabler, un exposed, under-ground, uncurious, most uninformative, un-real, dis-regarded, off the beaten track, more curtained, de parted, un-inhabited, un fathomable, most masquerading, unseen, unremembered, off course, Seclusive, more perdu, un-remarked, un considered, un-known, more sequestered, re-treated, most disregarded, un interested, unrevealed, more delphic, un-graspable, more uninformative, un-respected, most unviewable, in-comprehensible, more hermetical, puzzling, un-viewable, un-fathomable, most sequestered, unapparent, re-tiring, more retreated, nowhere to be found, most imperceivable, un-exposed, most secluse, gone astray, irrecoverable, cloistral, most unrevealed, un respected, re-mote, un seen, dis-oriented, un-frequented, most uncurious, de-parted, dis-appeared, un disclosed, over looked, more unrevealed, re strained, most ungraspable, more incog, most unremembered, under cover, most cloistral, Imperceivable, more wraithlike, fallen between cracks, most perdu, glossed over, more seclusive, un companionable, passed by, un curious, un-seen, more unviewable, more shrouded, more adrift, cryptic, most shielded, in different.

Synonyms for seen:



Other synonyms and related words:

accept, accompany, admit, age, apparent, appearing, apprehend, ascertain, ascertained, believe, blatant, celebrate, check, clear, clear-cut, cogitate, commemorate, comprehend, comprehended, conceive, conceived, confirm, consider, conspicuous, contemplate, corroborate, dark, debt, decay, decline, decrease, definite, degenerate, dense, destruction, detect, deteriorate, dim, discern, discover, discovered, distinct, droop, ebb, envisage, evident, explicit, fade, fall, fall off, feel, flagrant, glaring, go down, graphic, hear, hidden, homely, imagine, inartistic, interpret, invisible, lack, latent, learn, lucid, misty, money, muddy, nebulous, noticeable, noticed, obscure, observe, obvious, opaque, optic, ordinary, overt, palpable, participate, passable, perceive, perspicuous, pictographic, pictorial, plain, receive, regard, retrograde, see, seeing, sightless, sink, skilled, spotted, starve, straightforward, suffer, think, transparent, trenchant, ugly, uncomely, undergo, understand, understood, unequivocal, unlovely, unseemly, unshapely, unsightly, verify, view, viewable, visible, visual, vivid, wane, want, Descried, Seemless, senesce, go downhill, Undiscernible, Unornamental, come to grief, ugly as sin, be poor, become worse, clear as mud, not hidden, run into debt, be all over, become old.

eastern poison oak (adjective)

outlined, photographic, property.

observed (adjective)

observed, Surveyed, looked at.

visible (adjective)

unhidden, discoverable, in sight, in view, seeable, under one's nose, viewable, out in the open, big as life, be seen, not hidden, out-standing, to be seen.

visual (adjective)

optic, Imaged, Visional, be held.

Sense 1 (noun)

begotten, bitten, blown, Arisen, Been, Borne, Befallen, Begun, Bestridden, Bidden.

manifest (verb)

evident, obvious.

saw (verb)

beholden, observed, perceived, saw, sighted, witnessed, Beheld, Discerned, Gazed, Glanced, Glared, Glimpsed, Inspected, Looked, Peered, Regarded, Viewed, Watched, Spied, stared, peeked.

Usage examples for seen:

  • I too am very sorry not to have seen you this year, but I hope we may see you still. - "Elizabeth Gilbert and Her Work for the Blind", Frances Martin.
  • It is too late; they have seen me. - "Cinq Mars, Complete", Alfred de Vigny Last Updated: March 3, 2009.
  • I wish you could have seen and heard her. - "Polly Oliver's Problem", Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin.

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