Pronunciation of Set
/s_ˈɛ_t/, /sˈɛt/, /sˈɛt/

Antonyms for set:

moving, unsettle, forced, finish, unprepared, doubtful, ask, budge, abrupt, temperamental, mercurial, compulsory, show itself, confuse, move, Deliquesce, Fribble, showing itself, ignore, flat-footed, open-ended, dis mantled, quench, mutable, wast carried along, mistrustful, dissolve, loath, prevent, draws near, yielding, weak, kicking around, cease, remodel, unspecified, displace, un folding, soften, purposeless, shows itself, refuse, fuse, unlock, be gun, unresolved, volatile, untrained, kicks around, melt, fluctuating, were carried along, single, rework, unfixed, instinctive, ruin, negotiable, uncertain, unsettled, unattached, went with tide, emanate, going with tide, dilute, destroy, disorder, Unfix, draw near, unstable, unforced, unqualified, go that a way, discourage, skeptical, be-ginning, loosened, involuntary, art carried along, nonexclusive, go that a wayed, unsecured, mucking, recast, take out, indecisive, wert carried along, suspicious, go with the tide, un-fold, going with the tide, are carried along, drew near, sudden, rise, goes with the tide, remake, mismanage, vary, wavering, soft, impetuous, putter, indefinite, keep, generalized, dissuade, dis-mantled, appear, be ginning, flickery, knock down, remove, loosen, be-gun, ordered, hit-or-miss, thaw, undecided, stop, knocked down, disorganize, knocking down, un folded, un folds, nonelective, infrequent, movable, unsure, uprise, relocate, proceed, drawing near, knocks down, distrustful, being carried along, un-folds, disarranged, dancing, one, general, doodle, kicked around, unwitting, drift, unpremeditated, spontaneous, disallow, generic, go with tide, dis-mantling, loose, un-folded, reposition, go-that-a-way, arrive, reluctant, increase, unconvinced, Danced, grow, unfastened, leave, obligatory, individual, detach, hesitant, variable, arise, is carried along, mandatory, revamp, impromptu, be carried along, conclude, change, unpredictable, showed itself, freed, thin, hinder, dis mantles, potter, dis-mantles, go up, unsteady, dis-mantle, indisposed, go-that-a-wayed, dawn, was carried along, necessary, disturb, unbound, flexible, go that a waying, faltering, pour, disinclined, depart, dis mantle, go-that-a-waying, mucked, initiate, vacillating, undetermined, half-baked, irresolute, dubious, go that a ways, end, ascend, goes with tide, nonspecific, take, insecure, forget, stream, universal, went with the tide, broken, Strolled, dis mantling, am carried along, go-that-a-ways, refashion, changeful, neglect, liquefy, changeable, un-folding, weak-kneed, undone, extemporaneous, Sauntered, kick around, required, unfasten, withdraw, halt, inconstant, let go, gather, up, detached, un fold.

Usage examples for set:

  • No; we must set to work some other way now.... - "The Necromancers", Robert Hugh Benson.
  • She's set she won't. - "Entire PG Edition of The Works of William Dean Howells", William Dean Howells.
  • How dare you, sir, set yourself out to work ill? - "Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles", Mrs. Henry Wood.

Idioms for set:

Quotes for set:

Rhymes for set:

  • tourette, brevet, barnett, cosette, diskette, luncheonette, nicolette, coronet, lurette, kitchenette, forget, preset, tagamet, minette, bassette, garnette, georgette, chevrette, willamette, collette, duet, roulette, beget, cassette, vignette, sobriquet, barrette, pet, tete, juliette, pirouette, whet, rochette, regret, marquette, lucette, cornet, sweat, unset, mariette, offset, wynette, lafayette, hugette, quintet, silhouette, villette, josette, jolette, boulet, nicolet, burnett, vet, met, paulette, get, ornette, hughette, mette, pierette, corvette, margette, burdette, lisette, octet, brett, barbette, pret, laurette, vedette, babette, junette, marette, henriette, beset, jette, threat, manette, sarette, gillette, willette, cadet, janette, violette, piet, olivette, claudette, bett, yevette, upset, yvette, jeannette, intermet, suffragette, gelette, dorette, wilmette, viet, let, joette, louisette, nanette, bonnette, minaret, hett, idette, odette, fleurette, debt, susette, smet, gazette, bret, jett, fayette, fett, cossette, linette, gwinnett, fette, stet, nellette, rosette, marlette, tet, nett, unmet, pett, quartet, brunet, sextet, lett, lavette, flageolet, bet, minuet, ellette, bernet, jennette, ninette, statuette, pipette, tibet, et, payette, jet, chet, doucet, jeanette, colette, rhett, irvette, yet, lynette, reset, rillette, net, wet, falconet, fret, clarette, lorette, jfet, ret, suzette, brunette, frett;
  • annette, arlette, annett, arnett, abet, anette, arnette;
  • calumet, cigarette, bernadette, baronet, anisette, antoinette, clarinet;
  • cabriolet;

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