Sew Up

Pronunciation of Sew Up
/sˈə͡ʊ ˈʌp/, /sˈə‍ʊ ˈʌp/, /s_ˈəʊ ˈʌ_p/

Synonyms for sew up:

accomplish (verb)

achieve, arrive, attain, bring about, bring off, carry out, conclude, consummate, do justice, effect, finish, fulfill, gain, make it, manage, perform, produce, rack up, reach, realize, score, win, make hay, pull off, DO, HIT, take care of, do a bang-up job, do one proud, do the trick, get someplace, get there, nail it, put it over.

book (verb)

bespeak, bill, charter, engage, enroll, enter, hire, order, organize, procure, program, reserve, schedule, set up, line up, Preengage, pencil in, make reservation.

clinch (verb)

assure, cap, confirm, decide, determine, seal, seize, set, settle, verify.

close (verb)

button up, call off, cease, clear, clinch, culminate, discontinue, end, fold, fold up, halt, shut down, shutter, terminate, ultimate, wrap up, wind up, call it a day, wind down, pack it in, cut loose, button down, drop the curtain, put a lid on, put to bed.

complete (verb)

accomplish, actualize, carry off, close, crown, develop, discharge, effectuate, elaborate, equip, execute, fill, finalize, furnish, get through, make good, perfect, refine, round off, round out, supplement, make up, go through with, go whole hog, bring to fruition, bring to maturity, do thoroughly, go the limit.

consummate (verb)

can, clean up, come, come through, compass, complete, drop curtain, mop up, polish off, put away, sign, wrap, knock off, call a day, get it together, go the distance, put finishing touch on, put lid on, top it off.

dress (verb)

attend, bandage, bind, cauterize, cleanse, heal, plaster, sterilize, treat, give first aid.

end (verb)

abolish, abort, break off, close out, cut short, delay, dispose of, dissolve, drop, expire, give up, interrupt, perorate, postpone, pull the plug, quit, relinquish, resolve, stop, switch off, top off, break up, put the lid on, get done.

engross (verb)

absorb, apply, arrest, assimilate, attract, bewitch, busy, captivate, consume, corner, engulf, enrapture, enthrall, fascinate, grip, hog, immerse, involve, monopolize, occupy, preoccupy, soak, up on, take up, be hung, become lost.

finalize (verb)

agree, work out, tie up.

finish (verb)

carry through, make, scratch, scrub, round up, deal with, have done with, Make short work of, bag it, bring to a close, get out of the way, hang it up, put finishing touches on.

monopolize (verb)

acquire, bogart, copyright, devour, employ, engross, exclude, have, hold, keep to oneself, lock up, own, patent, possess, restrain, syndicate, take over, use, utilize, sit on, corner the market, own exclusively, exercise control.

quit (verb)

abandon, desist, give notice, leave, leave off, resign, retire, secede, surcease, suspend, withdraw, call it quits, give over, kick over, pack in, cut it out, get on the wagon, kick the habit, quit cold, take the cure.

schedule (verb)

appoint, arrange, be due, book, card, catalog, list, note, record, register, slate, time, get on line, write in one's book.

transact (verb)

buy, carry on, conduct, enact, handle, jell, move, negotiate, operate, prosecute, sell, TCB, see to, run with the ball, work out a deal.

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Rhymes for sew up:

  • moe, ho, escrow, beau, cloe, throw, tyo, cousteau, boe, snow, peugeot, cabo, giraud, so, uno, upp, floe, forgo, grow, jo, eau, goh, loewe, rondeau, moe, tallyho, goh, koh, toe, bro, owe, tow, zoh, thoreau, forgo, bestow, cloe, forego, cup, ngo, kowtow, bo, mo, papo, cousteau, nau, inco, strow, bow, throw, rouleau, dau, ho, lowe, show, woe, mau, stowe, yoe, yau, know, whoa, sloe, cho, tho, tow, kyo, chateau, yup, loh, kyo, slow, rowe, trupp, tarot, crow, noe, lo, aux, plateau, roh, poh, rideau, papo, gro, joe, defoe, quo, o', aux, escrow, outgrow, mow, rho, plough, fro, kayo, margaux, loewe, gro, though, joh, sow, mow, floe, nouveau, so-so, renaud, sew, bro, glo, flow, sgro, gau, rupp, owe, crow, rondeau, up, devaux, poe, flo, yo, ko, tso, hupp, sow, wo, chateaux, lo, fro, devaux, gloe, nau, woe, show, roe, loe, below, uno, though, krupp, bo, low, know, foe, below, margaux, yup, noh, hupp, roe, renaud, flow, gogh, beau, tableau, slow, rho, bow, beaux, oh, bordeaux, beaux, doe, pro, bio, joe, tso, cro, sew, lowe, coe, undergo, nouveau, dough, doh, boe, koh, marceau, bio, dough, thoreau, inco, loh, tableaux, vo, ow, munro, low, monroe, row, tableaux, gau, cro, jo, plough, monroe, flo, turbot, ko, wo, go, luo, krupp, loew, yo, trupp, tyo, quo, rouleau, mo, co, trow, au, thibault, glow, tho, coe, pup, stow, ro, trow, au, kowtow, escoe, pup, sloe, cho, co, munro, plateau, tarot, forego, upp, tallyho, chateau, truffaut, snow, bowe, giraud, row, bowe, o', cabo, tableau, hello, sup, poe, outgrow, chateaux, goe, ngo, bestow, gloe, yau, go, stow, goe, joh, rupp, eau, oh, yoh, chau, stowe, dau, hoe, noh, doh, zoh, thibault, loe, truffaut, hoe, yoe, so, doe, gogh, glow, bordeaux, pro, blow, ro, sup, strow, kayo, luo, loew, so-so, glo, yoh, vo, hoh, blow, ow, marceau, undergo, perot, rideau, peugeot, foe, cup, defoe, whoa, perot, grow, escoe, roh, toe, hello, rowe, mau, chau, poh, up, sgro, noe, turbot, hoh;
  • arnault, aglow, arnault, miro, arnaud, ago, arnaud, aglow, miro, ago, pernod, although, although, pernod, renault, renault;
  • overflow, ivo, taekwondo, imo, imo, eeo, eeo, overflow, taekwondo, apropos, ivo, apropos;
  • celo, celo;

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