Pronunciation of Shielding
/ʃˈiːldɪŋ/, /ʃˈiːldɪŋ/, /ʃ_ˈiː_l_d_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for shielding:

liability, exposure, vulnerability, openness.

Synonyms for shielding:

Other synonyms and related words:

aegis, assure, auspices, blinding, bond, bound, buckler, buffer, bury, care, careful, charge, circumscribe, clothe, coating, comprise, conceal, concealing, confine, confinement, conservation, contain, cover, cushioning, custodial, custody, defence, defense, detention, disguise, dissemble, eclipse, encase, enclose, enfold, ensconce, enshroud, entertaining, envelop, enveloping, envelopment, fencing, fender, fostering, guard, guardian, guardianship, hedging, heedful, hide, hiding, incrustation, incubate, insurance, insure, invest, involve, jealous, justification, keep, lee, look after, masking, nursing, occultation, overhanging, parental, partitioning, patronizing, plating, pledge, possessive, preservation, preservative, preserve, preventive, prophylactic, protect, protected, protection, rampart, safe, safekeeping, safety, sconce, security, shading, shadowing, sheathing, shelling, shelter, shield, shrouding, sorting, submerge, testing, tutelary, underwrite, upholstery, veiling, vigilant, vindication, ward, watch over, watchful, withhold, wrap up, wrapping, wreathe, Advocating, Blanketing, Blazoning, Cloaking, Harboring, Insulating, Jacketing, Riddling, Self-defensive, Vindicating, Wardship, Winging, cover up, Convoying, Curtaining, Propugnation, armoring, sieving, harbouring, hostage, self-protective, immunizing, armouring.

defensive (adjective)

armored, cautious, defensive, guarded, protective, secure, wary, Sheltering, countering, buffering, guarding.

guarding, securing (adjective)


protective (adjective)

custodial, preservative, Conservational, safeguarding, more conservational, more covering, more custodial, more emergency, more guardian, more insulating, more protecting, more safeguarding, more shielding, most conservational, most covering, most custodial, most emergency, most guardian, most insulating, most protecting, most safeguarding, most shielding, more sheltering, most sheltering.

supporting (adjective)


unduly protective (adjective)


act (noun)


artifact (noun)


covering (noun)


protective (noun)


defending (verb)

answering, arguing, averting, barring, covering, defending, opposing, protecting, returning, saving, screening, supporting, Barricading, Fending, Policing, Rebutting, Replying, Resisting, Responding, Retorting, Securing, Sheltering, Warding, Sustaining, upholding, countering, safeguarding, backfiring, buffering, counterattacking, guarding.

protecting (verb)

conserving, preserving, Maintaining.

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