Pronunciation of Shrivel
/ʃɹˈɪvə͡l/, /ʃɹˈɪvə‍l/, /ʃ_ɹ_ˈɪ_v_əl/

Antonyms for shrivel

up-holds, pre-pare, un-furled, gives birth, reach majority, braces up, up hold, over laid, un-ravelled, souping up, un-raveled, pro created, de livering, pro-longs, pro-created, mushroom, de-livered, doth well, uncoiling, are on top of heap, puffs up, dis-tended, bears fruit, un furled, beared fruit, vegetate, de-tailing, thrive, dost well, un rolling, went great guns, pro-creates, did wonders, un twist, got places, spreads out, un-coiling, in creases, bear fruit, was top of heap, maturate, slapped on, pro vides, made killing, be top heap, go deep end, re producing, ex-tends, rolled out, do wonders, be top of heap, out-bloom, puff up, pro tracts, pro-tracts, pro duce, show fruit, un-roll, be enriched, de-liver, bare fruit, pro vided, tacked on, gather resources, expand, wert distributed, grew rapidly, re-producing, ex plicated, ex plicate, in spirited, gathered resources, attains majority, in vents, out-bloomed, enheartens, develop, rises value, fared well, bearing fruit, am distributed, rise in value, de-vised, wast in flower, de livered, pro longs, in-venting, re ached, ex tends, becoming experienced, brings forth, un-twists, give forth, un-fold, being distributed, de signing, becomes wise, live high hog, didst wonders, go to town, untwist, gave forth, striking rich, goes deep end, shoot, are enriched, up surges, upsurged, wast top of heap, puffing up, gave birth, making money, be-gotten, becomes wealthy, re stores, hit it big, faring well, over-laying, becoming rich, do well, dis-tending, become wealthy, ex tending, went deep end, catching on, untwists, dis perse, up holding, reaching adulthood, make go, were flower, getting places, in-vents, strike rich, fanning out, is displayed, hit jackpot, ex-plicating, come of age, in crease, making good, out-stretches, re aching, de vised, moisten, become experienced, brought forth, became wise, was enriched, be getting, lose control, come age, pyramidding, up-hold, unfold, rising value, become wise, pro-duces, grows up, becoming angry, tacks on, be gotten, out-stretched, hitting it big, were distributed, uncoiled, does well, bore fruit, are top heap, de vise, making a killing, stretched out, wast enriched, soups up, de liver, get fat, de-tails, up-holding, grow, does wonders, pro-viding, get places, out stretches, attain majority, gat fat, up surging, up holds, hits it big, were top of heap, doing wonders, authored, freeze, de-signing, sprout, feathering nest, dis tends, dis tended, strike it rich, open out, was flower, ex plicates, growing rich, out-spreads, up surged, wert displayed, un-coil, was top heap, make good, makes it, hits big, turning out well, ex tended, becomes enraged, bringing forth, was displayed, losing control, Bilged, pro vide, evens out, goes places, make money, are flower, be flower, shot up, becomes angry, go great guns, pro-vided, un wind, made it, dost wonders, spring up, un-coils, tasseled out, rolling out, re turning, are top of heap, re-produced, un ravel, piggybacked, wast top heap, go places, makes a killing, outbloom, un-rolled, un raveled, bellied, ex-tended, gat there, made mark, re storing, re turns, uncoil, coming age, spread out, untwisting, un-rolls, doest well, un-rolling, pro duces, opens out, opening out, dis-tends, out spread, give weight, growing up, got fat, grow up, catches on, outblooms, re turn, hitting big, pro-longed, de-tail, hitting roof, roll out, makes killing, outbloomed, dis tend, makes good, gives weight, Unwrinkle, became experienced, wast on top of heap, came age, bellying, opened out, go off deep end, attained majority, un winds, is flower, out-blooming, doeth wonders, make mark, Bilging, even out, tassel out, upsurging, re-turning, feathers nest, coming of age, de tailed, are displayed, bloom, spread, giving weight, in-spiriting, go town, Re-turn, settled down, was on top of heap, up-surge, went off the deep end, going to town, out spreads, art top heap, be on top heap, pro-vide, outspread, Enhearten, diffusing, ex-tend, ex-plicates, lived high hog, in vent, bracing up, enheartened, ex tend, de tails, slap on, un coiling, out stretching, tack on, made money, fare well, doing well, re store, bulk up, stretch out, went off deep end, in venting, art in flower, wert on top of heap, struck it rich, in-vented, in-spirit, in spiriting, dynamited, rose in value, tasselling out, being flower, wert enriched, de signs, out spreading, re-turned, multi-plied, art flower, out bloom, be-getting, becomes rich, de-signed, was in flower, piggybacking, hit roof, pre paring, in-spirits, bloat, un-raveling, re produced, pre-sents, pre-pared, take root, de signed, produce, over-lays, be in flower, tasseling out, fan out, un-winds, comes of age, going town, give birth, were displayed, wert in flower, over state, got there, attaining majority, ex plicating, blossom, out blooming, lives high on hog, wert top of heap, flourish, over stating, gathers resources, in-creased, being enriched, settling down, making go, were on top of heap, parenting, pump up, struck rich, un coil, un-folded, pre-paring, shooting up, up surge, brace up, pro-long, made a killing, reach adulthood, made go, art top of heap, de-vise, becoming enraged, in spirit, pro create, un-ravels, pro longing, pro-vides, un-folding, pre pares, diffuses, gave weight, get there, un-twisted, became angry, tassels out, up-surging, reaches adulthood, over-stated, springs up, un folds, growing rapidly, reaching majority, makes mark, is top heap, bring forth, reached majority, outblooming, flower, pre sent, going great guns, becomes experienced, be displayed, are on top heap, gets there, out-blooms, out-stretching, giving forth, making killing, up-held, dis-tend, make a killing, re-produces, un-furling, gathering resources, being top of heap, am displayed, dis-perse, became enraged, inflate, parented, gotten fat, un rolled, soup up, went town, bulks up, makes go, took root, re adies, in-creases, grow rapidly, am on top of heap, bulked up, wet, re stored, caught on, re-turns, comes age, pro tract, un wound, de-signs, over laying, un coiled, bulking up, turn out well, un furling, un-coiled, over lays, being in flower, un folded, fares well, taking root, went to town, showing fruit, wert on top heap, turned out well, re-freshes, ex-tending, re-produce, de-livering, un rolls, pro creates, making it, being on top heap, pumped up, ex-plicate, settles down, blow up, ripen, strikes rich, de tailing, un-twist, am enriched, is on top of heap, un fold, was on top heap, become enraged, effloresce, catch on, authoring, out-spreading, pro-tract, in-vent, grows rapidly, mature, gives forth, over states, in creasing, are distributed, re-ached, de-vising, re-fresh, rolls out, became wealthy, over-lay, up held, evening out, souped up, going off the deep end, out-stretch, un ravelled, un-folds, un ravelling, go off the deep end, be distributed, sprang up, is enriched, out blooms, came of age, made a go, were in flower, pre pared, in vented, feathered nest, in-spirited, stretching out, rose value, up-surges, went places, prosper, swelled, evened out, hits roof, multi-plying, multi plying, pro creating, untwisted, outspreads, fanned out, living high on hog, did well, re freshes, am on top heap, becoming wealthy, out stretch, became rich, pumps up, am top of heap, doest wonders, Vegetated, boom, de-sign, pro-longing, goes great guns, make killing, re-stores, un twists, outspreading, strook it rich, becoming wise, were enriched, pro long, tasselled out, grow rich, re-storing, over-laid, pre-sent, de tail, dis tending, pro viding, am top heap, didst well, takes root, loses control, wast displayed, hitting the roof, being on top of heap, re-adies, feather nest, was distributed, de-tailed, doth wonders, lost control, de sign, living high hog, de livers, doeth well, reached adulthood, pro-creating, being top heap, wast on top heap, rise value, un-winding, pro-create, ex-plicated, tacking on, un roll, un coils, out bloomed, being displayed, un-ravelling, slapping on, shoot up, grew up, braced up, un winding, become rich, making mark, wast distributed, gets places, become angry, rising in value, pumping up, is in flower, enheartening, going deep end, strengthen, un folding, uncoils, un raveling, wast flower, turns out well, re-aching, Dynamiting, un-ravel, going the deep end, goes off the deep end, live high on hog, flowered, re-stored, makes a go, are in flower, is distributed, un-twisting, diffused, pre pare, in-crease, in spirits, fans out, un-wound, were on top heap, shoots up, enlarge, over-stating, gat places, be on top of heap, de-livers, un twisting, pyramidded, wert flower, make it, burgeon, de vising, un ravels, re produces.