Pronunciation of Sigh
/sˈa͡ɪ/, /sˈa‍ɪ/, /s_ˈaɪ/

Antonyms for sigh:

delight, hate, dislike, crack-up, be happy, praise.

Synonyms for sigh:

breath (noun)

aroma, flatus, flutter, gust, odor, puff, sigh, smell, vapor, waft, whiff, zephyr, faint breeze.

groan (noun)

gripe, grouse, grumble, grunt, objection.

breathe (verb)

articulate, confide, draw in, expire, express, fan, gulp, inhale, insufflate, say, scent, sniff, snore, snort, utter, voice, open the floodgates, use lungs.

brood (verb)

bleed, consider, deliberate, despond, fret, gloom, meditate, mope, mull over, muse, ponder, reflect, repine, ruminate, speculate, sulk, think about, worry, daydream, sweat out, be in brown study, chafe inwardly, dwell upon, eat one's heart out, stew over, sweat over, think upon.

cry (verb)

bawl, bemoan, bewail, blub, blubber, break down, caterwaul, choke up, deplore, keen, let go, mewl, regret, snivel, squall, wail, weep, whimper, yammer, yowl, Boohoo, burst into tears, shed tears, crack up, dissolve in tears, let it all out, put on the weeps, ring the blues, shed bitter tears, turn on waterworks.

dream (verb)

brainstorm, conceive, concoct, cook up, create, devise, envisage, fancy, fantasize, formulate, hallucinate, hatch, idealize, imagine, invent, long, picture, stargaze, sublimate, think, think up, visualize, make up, be delirious, be moonstruck, be up in clouds, build castles in air, have a flash, have a nightmare, have a notion, have a vision, search for pot of gold.

groan (verb)

mumble, object.

lament (verb)

agonize, bemoan, bewail, clamor, cry, decry, grieve, groan, lament, long, moan, mourn, sniffle, snuffle, ululate, wail, weep, whimper, whine.

sigh (verb)

ache, blow, complain, crave, cry, dream, exhale, gasp, grieve, groan, hanker, howl, hunger, lament, languish, lust, moan, mourn, murmur, pant, pine, respire, roar, sorrow, sough, suspire, thirst, wheeze, whine, whisper, whistle, yearn, sob.

Sense 1

breathe in, breathe out, inhale, pant, puff out.

Sense 2

gasp, splutter.

Sense 3

draw in, murmur, sniff, wheeze, whisper.

Sense 4

gulp, stifle, suffocate.

Sense 5


Sense 7


Sense 12


breathe out








Usage examples for sigh:

  • " A beautiful dream," she repeated with a sigh. - "The Second Generation", David Graham Phillips.
  • The old woman gave a little sigh. - "Heidi", Johanna Spyri.
  • " I am thirty now," she murmured, with a sigh, and went on writing. - "The Weavers, Complete", Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009.
  • Then Chatty's smile gave way to a sigh. - "A Country Gentleman and his Family", Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant.
  • He sat down with a deep sigh and then began to laugh. - "The Madness of May", Meredith Nicholson.

Idioms for sigh:

Rhymes for sigh:

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