Pronunciation of Significant
/sɪɡnˈɪfɪkənt/, /sɪɡnˈɪfɪkənt/, /s_ɪ_ɡ_n_ˈɪ_f_ɪ_k_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for significant

insignificant, more third string, un obtrusive, below the mark, in essential, more microbic, fairish, most straggling, in-efficacious, inappurtenant, more undirected, more rimming, in-effectual, sub-ordinate, dull, most second string, more pint-sized, in-utile, worthless, un-availing, off topic, un-apter, more semioccasional, noaccount, in-discriminate, immaterial, peewee, most low-toned, un aptest, lesser, penny-ante, hardly any, petty, dis-passionate, more pocketsize, most time wasting, most attenuate, low toned, low key, more halfpint, nonsignificant, more sylphlike, hairline, in-competent, in discriminate, un meaning, more pee wee, weightless, re-lief, abstinent, most nongermane, in-apropos, skin deep, runtest, ex-act, un detectable, lowdown, Floatable, halfpint, most seldom, secondary, Picayunish, wimpy, most under, shuckest, more smallfry, entrylevel, marginal, low down, off the topic, wimpier, unskillful, pocketsized, in apposite, pygmiest, more quickfix, un finished, most itty bitty, more broomstick, more cut rate, more minim, half-pint, junior, in competent, derisory, motiveless, more peanut, inapposite, more unconsequential, more lowdown, not germane, most mini, cut-rate, more ittybitty, un planned, un-imposing, infinitesimal, inexpert, un-costly, widely spaced, more hairline, no never mind, of no consequence, tenuous, low, most pocket-sized, cutrate, disciplined, most goalless, more quick-fix, reliefest, un profitable, time-wasting, diminutive, bitsier, in audible, without reference, un-obtrusive, in-audible, in distinguishable, un usable, in frequent, un-frequent, in-appropriate, fine spun, minute, in-effective, un-sounder, more gossamery, more self styled, more verging, re-mote, more subnormal, un-consequential, forget it, more itsybitsy, mid-way, few far between, most low-down, re lief, most uncostly, Designless, more reserve, most niggardly, more half-pint, narrow minded, scarcely any, un-soundest, in name only, tissuelike, more abstinent, most fairish, out place, unimposing, low pitched, in-appurtenant, in-firmer, sub-normal, most smattery, light as a feather, tip of iceberg, most unimpressive, not pertinent, nickel-and-dime, more profitless, around in circles, shrimpest, on the edge, in tangible, non-germane, most purportless, incompetent, doublespeak, in different, more time-wasting, in discernible, most minimal, scratcher, in fertile, most small scale, un directed, non partisan, broomstick, more good-for-nothing, most sylphlike, re served, more skeleton, re-strained, busher, low priced, sur face, in firmer, more quick fix, most nowin, most quick-fix, more no win, more token, pocket-sized, most pettifogging, in-firmest, unqualified, gentle, most attenuated, more penny ante, most garbage, un troubled, most minim, unskilled, inconsequential, miniature, most penny ante, un notable, in vicious circle, more pint sized, more half pint, sub ordinate, puny, more zero, re fined, most small-scale, scrimpiest, semi occasional, un polluted, unheaviest, Toyer, most second-fiddle, un impressive, more secondfiddle, in efficacious, more itsy-bitsy, in-substantial, most nickel and dime, more pettifogging, bitsy, pitiful, de-signless, most itsy-bitsy, most itty-bitty, un-polluted, infirm, Non-essential, most half pint, most half-pint, in substantial, not prayer, in expensive, not worth mentioning, scratchest, undirected, un frequent, more nickel-and-dime, secondfiddle, negligible, yea big, most secondstring, most motiveless, more unpurposed, more lowranking, tip iceberg, trifling, in-applicable, more entry-level, most penny-ante, no big deal, light-footed, in complete, more unhelpful, most pint sized, non essential, vain, unfit, un-common, most undetectable, re liefer, most good-for-nothing, not too many, more depthless, most reserve, more itty bitty, not excessive, most light-footed, zippest, in-different, runtiest, most no-win, Substract, out side, subpar, no biggie, more hairsplitting, small time, shoalest, sub normal, meaningless, un interesting, most accessory, too little too late, un substantial, more minikin, piddling, more backup, beside point, most floatable, scant, most subpar, as advertised, more fine-spun, most rimming, third-string, more nickel and dime, most substract, lowtoned, un adulterated, more seldom, in-apter, most irrelative, most pocket sized, de-pendent, in-complete, more pennyante, most lowdown, un heaviest, most hairsplitting, minorleague, un fruitful, un-impressive, Unconsequential, more imponderous, more floatable, zilcher, nogood, most cut rate, un important, nongermane, most doublespeak, dis tressed, niggardly, Unfrequent, un thinking, more nether, pocket size, featherweight, un-profitable, most small-fry, more low toned, quickfix, more puppet, un imposing, most abstinent, un-necessary, not a prayer, most token, doesn't cut it, of no importance, shrimp, most fine spun, below mark, most inappurtenant, little, more cut-rate, more pee-wee, sticker, insubstantial, most junior, un-important, more nowin, most self styled, more slashed, more penny-ante, no good, lightweight, un-meaning, un satisfactory, undetectable, reliefer, pint-sized, most hairline, pocket sized, uncostly, in-attentive, most pint-sized, unnoticeable, most loitering, in effective, un-developed, shoestring, most inapposite, small fry, non germane, in considerable, most disciplined, in utile, more light-footed, most low down, in firm, unexpressive, most cut, more doubletalk, most light footed, narrowminded, in significant, in conspicuous, most shoestring, more entrylevel, doubletalk, tiny, most semioccasional, dis-tressed, unmeaning, so called, counter productive, re serve, more timewasting, a notch under, most no win, trivial, most nothing, more shoestring, most time-wasting, on the surface, tip the iceberg, un-fruitful, teensy weensy, in-consequent, in adequate, light as feather, un common, un noticeable, most profitless, more self-styled, more floundering, sylphlike, most quickfix, small-scale, most lowranking, skimpest, more nothing, itty-bitty, most timewasting, minor, not pertaining to, most broomstick, superficial, scrimpest, anonymous, itsy-bitsy, most ittybitty, most lightfooted, in-sufficient, more fine spun, un-detectable, sur-face, more loitering, more nongermane, more subpar, un-essential, lowkey, more smattery, shoaler, half pint, bushleague, most dwarfed, most cutrate, more secondstring, marked down, un-thinking, more inappurtenant, more light footed, more second-fiddle, most imponderous, un-exceptional, most younger, more second-string, ex act, most peewee, un-substantial, penny ante, pee wee, not connected with, most zero, most puppet, runty, pygmier, more second string, inept, most shadow, in sipid, wimpiest, de signless, in-apposite, smattery, off point, in-frequent, big zero, re-liefer, pre-tended, unimportant, scurvy, most selfstyled, scurvier, imponderable, most peanut, selfstyled, in-distinct, most itsy bitsy, most pocket size, pointless, more doublespeak, most second-string, Unpurposed, most muted, most quick fix, inapropos, second-string, most unconsequential, most double talk, most fine-spun, bittier, un-adulterated, more accessory, more low-down, off the point, counterproductive, most gossamery, most lowtoned, bitsiest, cut rate, sub-standard, more no-win, more fairish, in-consequential, scrimper, on surface, most minuscular, most drifting, most unnotable, Imponderous, more low down, un related, pocket, pint sized, more mini, in-fertile, more dwarfed, in effectual, pint-size, most good for nothing, unnotable, more goalless, in apter, un commoner, self styled, un essential, most smallfry, more itsy bitsy, more time wasting, reedier, more good for nothing, scrimpy, runter, lowranking, counter-productive, most entry level, smallscale, time wasting, in appropriate, most depthless, fine, shrimper, not rich, re-serve, meager, pennyante, of no account, Gossamery, in-significant, re-served, un purposed, un availing, nonmeaningful, most unhelpful, most secondfiddle, more garbage, semioccasional, most small fry, mis-leading, doesnt cut it, most skeleton, un apter, lowgrade, more thirdstring, un-considered, incapable, on a treadmill, wishy washy, be-arable, runtier, entry-level, mid way, needle in haystack, second-fiddle, more purportless, semi-occasional, un heavy, more inapposite, in apropos, thirdstring, sub standard, most warped, most pocketsized, un heavier, un critical, most arousing, emptyheaded, more tissuelike, most undirected, most inapropos, in-sipid, most third-string, self-styled, re-liefest, poor, toyest, in-sensible, more minority, under-sized, bitty, small minded, around circles, timewasting, most pocket-size, more designless, more low ranking, un-heaviest, reediest, more suffering, un considered, more disciplined, stickest, not much, more small fry, out of place, more low-toned, irrelevant, flashest, in-expensive, most derisory, less important, un-planned, more drifting, more attenuated, empty headed, skimper, purposeless, un-troubled, most purported, paltry, most double-talk, most self-styled, de liberate, more unnotable, un-notable, Depthless, un-related, small, Fine-spun, most pee-wee, mini, most itsybitsy, needle haystack, more younger, nowin, Minikin, more entry level, in-visible, wishywashy, small-fry, more uncostly, dis passionate, teensyweensy, de pendent, pee-wee, teenyweeny, more unpolluted, more irrelative, feeble, un exceptional, shelfer, most entry-level, most third string, wastest, more warped, smallfry, most unpurposed, few and far between, un costly, more small-fry, more unmeaning, slight, twobit, most tissuelike, more unimpressive, more derisory, more double-talk, un sound, most pennyante, most floundering, more motiveless, more cut, more lightfooted, nominal, un-critical, un-purposed, light, ittybitty, un-pretentious, lowpitched, pocketsize, minuscular, most nickel-and-dime, low-down, microbic, more arousing, more substract, more pocket sized, un productive, in applicable, more attenuate, unimpressive, Shucker, un observable, most low ranking, pocket-size, un commonest, un necessary, in-considerable, low-toned, un-helpful, in distinct, zilchest, smallminded, more lowtoned, out order, most verging, reedy, nickel and dime, on treadmill, unheavier, in consequential, more peewee, under sized, secondstring, ordinary, tip of the iceberg, ineffective, more double talk, un-connected, no big thing, non-partisan, most slashed, un-productive, most unfrequent, hardly enough, more unfrequent, entry level, re strained, small scale, un-heavier, un-commoner, in-essential, un-directed, in visible, in-conspicuous, most minority, in consequent, bittiest, low grade, un consequential, Purportless, good-for-nothing, mis leading, no-win, more shadow, un helpful, shelfest, un-sound, un-heavy, light footed, more undetectable, microscopic, de-liberate, be arable, socalled, onedimensional, skindeep, unpolluted, more muted, most doubletalk, in-adequate, smallish, Rimming, inter mediate, moderate, un-usable, in sensible, most entrylevel, in-tangible, bushest, good for nothing, more pocket size, unhelpful, undersized, in-distinguishable, most designless, one dimensional, few, teeny weeny, un sounder, most low-ranking, un-satisfactory, most unmeaning, most nether, in firmest, in appurtenant, lowpriced, scurviest, most pee wee, most minikin, un-finished, goalless.