Pronunciation of Single
/sˈɪŋɡə͡l/, /sˈɪŋɡə‍l/, /s_ˈɪ_ŋ_ɡ_əl/

Antonyms for single

clot, quadruplicate, more brewed, most multivarious, grouping, un-liker, out-fits, in-tended, manifold, co-operative, multi-color, more amassed, foursomes, in-ordinate, more iterating, partner, more multivarious, more prismatic, parcel, more dualistic, block, rat pack, combo, most coupled, linked, complex, more clustered, multiform, passel, most embodied, most doubled, trans-fused, in-harmonious, together, multi-plied, pair, mixed, more twice, multiple, more multifold, more embodied, most scrambled, Diversiform, married, deuce, engaged, most amalgamated, most binate, multi-colored, more unsorted, as much again, duality, lot, more multihued, most amassed, trans fused, miscellaneous, more consolidated, conglomerate, package, un related, body, indefinite, most iterating, mate, multi fold, battery, more doubled, mixedup, most conjunct, palaverous, in-finitudes, in essential, un-likest, in league, multi-various, multitudinal, inter-denominational, promised, most twice, Pasticcio, most associated, most hybrid, redundant, spouse, most entangled, stage sets, most consolidated, double, multi hued, most prismatic, most mingled, more scrambled, more geminate, in discriminate, most duplicated, most mated, dis ordered, dyads, dis similar, most infused, in-essential, more palaverous, super-numerary, binate, conjunct, more wed, most blended, unimportant, twin, most melded, most unallied, sur plusser, more blended, most wed, two-fold, massed, un allied, more amalgamated, un necessary, de-luge, more reiterating, more merged, inter-bred, joint, binary, accompanied, great unwasheds, betrothed, un-wanted, multi form, sur-plussest, poly-chromatic, more assimilated, multi-hued, most mongrel, Doublets, in finitude, most duplicating, more multitudinal, two kind, most clustered, inter-mutual, sundry, duplest, longwinded, multi plied, infinitude, bi nary, multi colored, general, more duplicated, more melded, batch, bifold, de luges, bi-fold, mingling, infinitudes, committed, two a kind, de-luges, inter mutual, aggregate, more crossbred, bi-nary, most multihued, coupled, more interbred, deuces, affianced, sociable, more contrasted, foursome, dis-ordered, multiplex, in congruous, most multitudinal, rat packs, two of a kind, cross bred, sur plussest, odds ends, attached, poly chromatic, Hybridized, inter denominational, team, hybrid, multihued, multi-form, motley, most reiterating, more unallied, more entangled, more compounded, most crossed, pasticci, most hybridized, wed, more kneaded, in-dependent, most mosaic, more interdenominational, joined, collectaneas, more infused, united, more hybridized, miscellany, most compounded, tandems, most interdenominational, common, prismatic, most interbred, party, most massed, more mongrel, in dependent, ordinary, most merged, great unwashed, combos, duple, more diversiform, most brewed, most assimilated, super numerary, more espoused, more mosaic, better half, attended, joined holy matrimony, most incident, stables, dualities, more massed, most dualistic, most compound, most palaverous, remarried, in harmonious, hand hand, dis-similar, bunch, most amalgamate, Unallied, re iterating, Multifold, out fit, assemblage, re-lated, more compound, collection, array, more mingled, most crossbred, constellation, most multiplex, heterogeneous, multivarious, cross-bred, dualistic, un-related, more duplicating, great numbers, un sorted, cluster, most fused, un likest, joined in holy matrimony, sur-plusser, most transfused, more associated, fourfold, significant other, pledged, un-allied, in finitudes, un liker, crowd, set, ringed, co operative, Intermutual, un-sorted, more coupled, unsorted, in-discriminate, stage set, un wanted, Collectanea, multitude, out fits, inter bred, in fused, more crossed, connected, most espoused, most contrasted, fivefold, dupler, ruck, long winded, interdenominational, muster, most kneaded, un-necessary, more binate, more bifold, out-fit, bank, in-fused, more mated, de luge, co-pious, most multifold, in-congruous, more incident, diversified, interbred, tenfold, re-iterating, multi-fold, suite, multi various, mated, very same, independent, most geminate, more hybrid, more amalgamate, most unsorted, most intermutual, crop, geminate, most diversiform, nonexclusive, in tended, miscellaneous assorted, multi color, gaggles, two of kind, most bifold, allied, un-matched, crossbred, group, wedded, in-finitude, paired, co pious, rank file, combined, more fused, public, communicating, usual, bi fold, doublet, great number, quite a few, next door, more transfused, distributed, many, more multiplex.