Pronunciation of Slight
/slˈa͡ɪt/, /slˈa‍ɪt/, /s_l_ˈaɪ_t/

Antonyms for slight

competent, staggering, wast in keeping, un wieldier, blimper, jumbo, de-liberations, buttonholing, monolithic, throwing in to, patterns upon, de-liberates, heard for, worthy, achieve, nitwitted, jellied, are consistent with, un convincing, uni-versal, greet, caught on, dis patching, blubbery, un educated, gat on soapbox, hath at, be-spoke, major, whistles for, carry out, run in to, elephantine, reflected up on, fit, salaaming, prestigious, more overfed, Catenating, Caked, bullest, slowwitted, sticks to, more whalelike, reflect upon, more bigdeal, disturb, de signs, much, extends one hand, co-pious, more heavy-duty, in-sufferable, were subsequent to, follow, hunkest, post-dating, rolled out the red carpet, revere, un-ventilated, is subsequent to, profound, dis-courses, Postdated, most superduper, re-placed, more ferrous, were keeping, have a go at, more populated, more bristling, dis course, ex tended, most clotted, highfived, buttonholes, great, most jelly-belly, whistle for, did like, get the picture, heinous, most grieving, brooded over, over stuffed, aspired to, valuable, beefcake, be born in, delivers speech, beating down up on, shags, are born in, unexclusive, getting on a soapbox, squat, prominent, waves down, devotes oneself to, love, super-duper, art keeping, more thickened, being devoted to, ropy, pharaonic, able-bodied, fore sees, in-scribing, chock full, hulker, reflected upon, focusing on, re-gard, Postmarked, un ventilated, up holstered, wert guided by, paunchiest, wellbuilt, are subsequent to, enforcings, have go at, muscular, superscribes, most swarming, claims as birthplace, looking ats, having go at, more soft-headed, fleshy, more extensive, bring the rear, more muscled, curtsied, hadst a go at, suety, sturdy, ushered in, stupendous, most cracking, portly, was keeping, list, approve, brings up the rear, regard, most mondo, indulge, steely, are keeping, most butterball, mondo, requite, more powerhouse, devoted to, well-built, under taking, useful, is a native of, pro posed, pitch in to, dis placing, under take, hath a go at, post-marking, strengthened, rude, more lead-footed, under-taking, shook hands, keep an eye on, corpulent, be-speaking, whacking, esteem, ontoing, in tending, dis place, warm, ferric, hadst go at, hearing it for, un restricted, in sensitive, sung out, harp, un fairest, pacify, most orphic, succeed, oxer, applied oneself to, dis patch, precaution, considerable, dis patched, un yielding, attend to, de liberated, brood over, brought up the rear, gives talk, Acroamatic, delivering talk, simple minded, in experienced, ex-cogitating, pro-posing, in famous, re commending, most vitrified, re-commending, baby elephant, more jelly-belly, dis coursed, pro positioned, extended one hand, more syrupy, unventilated, toughened, fore-saw, most overstuffed, art a native of, venerate, most potbellied, brought the rear, most super-duper, pegs away, more jelly belly, patterns oneself upon, beats down up on, more rocklike, getting picture, ex cogitating, re marking, more thick-bodied, dogging footsteps of, most gummous, has at, most comprising, most two ton, more well-built, harken, move to, under-take, is devoted to, halfwitted, pro founder, de-signed, recognize, more massed, go next, deify, tremendous, perpetrate, syrupy, deep, GUNKY, haddest go at, re commends, is native of, brought rear, fab, in sensate, more gorillalike, mammoth, ran after, all inclusive, spieling, hast at, more monster, rocklike, compliment, ropier, most embonpoint, re placed, does like, step out, devoted oneself to, super scribed, substantial, exchanged greetings, in spects, be spoken, post-dated, gloppy, de-liberated, throwing into, high fives, most weighted, art guided by, splayest, gets picture, kicking around, like sardines, be-speak, art interested in, pegged away, sound, pro-pose, in-different, knuckles down to, coming after, adhered to, pitched into, buttonhole, de voted, art native of, jellybelly, was guided by, be hold, beefy, thought of, most wellbuilt, threw oneself in to, super-scribing, extends ones hand, be-speaks, sizes up, re-plying, be native of, brawny, two-ton, took floor, giving speech, be in keeping, super-scribe, ex-aminations, apply to, brings the rear, wellpadded, highfiving, pro-bed, being in keeping, in-scribe, jelly belly, re-commended, cosmic, stouter, significant, most ripped, gets the picture, dis-coursed, mulls over, capable, revolve, remarkable, scopic, meditate on, re-commend, having a spare tire, size up, meditate, take as example, moved to, super scribing, more wellpadded, more stale smelling, tipped one hat, be speak, voluminous, gave allegiance to, were in keeping, chubby, ferrous, un-restricted, perform, belabor, more crammed, gargantuan, gotten picture, says hello, vigorous, art subsequent to, more blubbery, keeps abreast of, re commended, bringing rear, most thickbodied, leviathan, focused on, most unexclusive, lusty, throws oneself into, stares at, ex cogitate, more butterball, pro-positioned, calling to, lead footed, topheavy, sweltry, super scribe, sing out, dis-patching, keep eye on, thick-bodied, ox, bigdeal, de liberations, didst like, is consistent with, being interested in, more curdled, tailgating, sweltriest, be subsequent to, more ferric, be a native of, more beefcake, rolling out the red carpet, re cognized, whistles down, mountainous, note, fabber, engaged in, ex amination, yoo-hoo, waving down, haddest a go at, noticeable, under taken, get picture, deep seated, ex action, think of, fore-sees, more thickbodied, fore-seen, most humongous, throwing oneself in to, reflecting upon, fathomless, more congealed, specify, get on soapbox, taking as an example, coming next, give talk, outstanding, bring up the rear, more superduper, un wieldy, oversize, throw oneself in to, outsize, compulsory law, is interested in, watchfulness, Post-mark, kudize, co pious, thewier, cherish, whistling down, re gards, more all-encompassing, paid respects, turns to, in separable, dis-cusses, bring rear, weigh, athletic, more fathomless, un-comfortable, gotten a soapbox, over-stuffed, were guided by, appreciate, ex actions, claim as birthplace, de-liberating, caution, dogged the footsteps of, hear for, extended ones hand, whistled for, comply, honor, de liberation, mulled over, fore seeing, mingle, be-held, most heavy-duty, ablebodied, throws oneself in to, dis-cussing, heavy-duty, essential, are guided by, more vitrified, put tail on, likely, pro pose, embonpoint, in-credible, dis-places, tips hat, management, say hello, stout, kicked around, am a native of, in-spects, meditating on, dis-cuss, pamper, farflung, prudence, art in keeping, chew over, un-justest, stuck to, post-marked, be holding, more lead footed, say hi, in-sensible, beating down upon, putting tail on, half witted, re flections, bring up rear, prosecute, more nitwitted, dis-patched, am born in, heat, in-sensate, well built, attend, most boneheaded, tag after, all encompassing, in sensible, kicks around, big-deal, spring from, fortified, be-holding, more wide-ranging, in-conceivable, un-educated, more well padded, most tiger, re-flections, catching on, kudizing, most upholstered, stalesmelling, more humongous, giving talk, de-sign, wert devoted to, barraged, most well-built, gives chase, re turning, re turn, accost, most numbskulled, re-turning, tipping ones hat, deliver talk, more allencompassing, proceeded from, had at, taking the floor, tipping one's hat, most stale smelling, more expanded, deepseated, was subsequent to, adhering to, more stale-smelling, give allegiance to, dis tended, wert interested in, over-cast, getting soapbox, Vitalized, takes care of, took the floor, post dates, hear it for, fore seen, in-distinct, most whopper, take floor, saying hello, pitching in to, most congealed, most allencompassing, distinct, buller, pitching into, inured, takes the floor, farreaching, are interested in, doth like, pondering, more wideranging, more avoirdupois, de liberate, Followed, pro-fuse, put through, pro-found, out size, most bruising, heavy, dis-coursing, getting on soapbox, pivotal, pitch into, Superscribed, get a soapbox, be holds, be spoke, stare at, in tends, kick around, lead-footed, entertain, bouquet, is in keeping, super colossal, keeping an eye on, contemplation, un just, pro positioning, postdate, propitiate, blimpest, un-wieldiest, take up, out right, catch on, more upholstered, king-size, keeping abreast of, is keeping, whopping, wideranging, dis-patches, dost like, circumspection, coarse, more super duper, pro bed, well-padded, redeem, adhere to, moving to, be consistent with, commit, un justest, be speaking, takes as an example, post-marks, make, was native of, un exclusive, brought up rear, thinking of, gets on soapbox, reflect up on, be held, come with, stifling, close, measurable, having a bay window, shagging, keeps eye on, hail, models on, pro position, more cracking, call to, haddest at, thick bodied, most lead footed, compensate, whistle down, cooling out, yoo hoo, in-tends, exchanges greetings, more jellied, most blubbery, extended one's hand, in-exorable, wast interested in, most fathomless, most billowing, enough, most zaftig, satisfy, highfive, re acted, more caked, un-exclusive, ex-tensive, curdled, titanic, execute, pester, tall, more billowing, copious, sweltrier, more acroamatic, in sufferable, patterning up on, takes floor, look at, rolls out red carpet, hardened, most something, direction, yoohooing, noteworthy, un intelligent, stale smelling, dogged footsteps of, extensive, uni versal, got the picture, went after, tagging after, massive, listen, serious, super abundant, pumped up, in conceivable, oversight, high fived, take out after, most wide-ranging, devoting oneself to, beat down upon, catenate, cocker, herculean, re mark, re-turned, Sarcous, in-tending, crawling with, more consolidated, super scribes, most crammed, aspiring to, be gun, fat, more heavy duty, Thewy, decisive, proceeds from, important, in-discriminate, famous, highballing, brings rear, vitrified, strong, in tend, be-gun, de-liberation, pegging away, more soft headed, had a go at, wert consistent with, over-blown, re plying, broods over, mighty, sized up, most monster, gat a soapbox, thickbodied, patterned oneself upon, far reaching, focus on, giving chase, more covering, wast keeping, kudized, stared at, more compacted, incalculable, over-weight, ex cogitated, Catenated, am consistent with, re-place, bringing the rear, hale, being native of, yoohoos, wast consistent with, shag, fateful, large, was a native of, dogs footsteps of, Perpend, pattern upon, post mark, accomplish, gloppier, giving allegiance to, more reasonable, wast native of, wert a native of, patterning oneself up on, were born in, Re-turn, most muscled, overstuffed, basic, re marks, pore over, tips one's hat, gat the picture, super-abundant, throwing oneself into, sings out, flag down, more comprising, tips ones hat, kept an eye on, dis patches, am guided by, de liberates, am devoted to, in tended, more gummous, de-liberate, un-yielding, re-commends, un-wieldier, paunchy, living up to, splayer, plug away at, burly, being a native of, most well built, keeping eye on, more swelling, to max, most thundering, gunkiest, distinguished, more potbellied, numbskulled, most consolidated, living to, more bovine, most jellybelly, more clabbered, a whale a, knuckle down to, most stalesmelling, more two ton, art devoted to, impressive, pro-positioning, were consistent with, suetier, highball, more grieving, wert born in, blunt, perpends, re-turns, doing like, consider, speaks to, extend ones hand, un-bending, carrying outs, most thick-bodied, curtsying, has go at, meditates on, most wellpadded, most caked, model on, potbellied, carry off, heed, re-flection, were a native of, cite, adequate, most bovine, splay, un manageable, allinclusive, said hello, catches on, usher in, un fair, springing from, gotten soapbox, engaging in, under took, monstrous, speaking to, had go at, Brobdingnagian, sticked to, de-signs, applying oneself to, galactic, barn door, Volleying, threw in to, compulsory laws, running in to, boneheaded, chewing over, putting a tail on, most compressed, be-ginning, taking out after, throw into, orphic, most soft headed, patterned up on, gets on a soapbox, necessitations, more ripped, puts tail on, more embonpoint, focuses on, sprung from, focussed on, un-convincing, was devoted to, more all encompassing, soft headed, aspires to, most whalelike, overfed, tipping hat, in scribe, applying to, bringing up the rear, holds fast, un-manageable, having a go at, fulfillings, bringing up rear, deeply felt, Bunyanesque, go after, the max, go with, more twoton, live to, run into, glorify, un-fairest, wall wall, in credible, delivered speech, tip ones hat, most doozie, in-sensitive, wast guided by, Gummous, far flung, eminent, devote to, high fiving, top heavy, remember, un-fair, more unventilated, ex cogitates, sufficient, more zaftig, Muscled, ran in to, dis-tended, moves to, un-substantial, gets soapbox, in tolerable, un believable, de signed, more weighted, wert keeping, something else, attention, cosset, springs from, postdates, comes next, notorious, fatal, says hi, postmark, post-date, solid, devote oneself to, brings up rear, flagging down, perpending, going at, re places, most outsize, meditated on, flatter, looking at, pattern up on, out and out, high-fives, pattern oneself upon, held fast, Re-mark, more suffocating, Postdating, was born in, more heavyduty, muses over, sprang from, proceed from, ontoes, dis placed, high-fiving, worthwhile, impulsions, most thick bodied, give chase, most suffocating, re cognize, learn, were interested in, more well-padded, pro-positions, chewed over, ex aminations, slow witted, went at, powerful, under-takes, two ton, ex-action, ex-tended, is guided by, most wide ranging, ex-actions, wast a native of, most sarcous, plugs away at, extending one hand, across board, over-size, dis cuss, reflects up on, reward, art born in, re-cognized, ushers in, re turns, un fairer, be devoted to, went next, necessitation, fore saw, more fatlike, conciliate, most unventilated, most jellied, took out after, fatter, immeasurable, scopious, to the max, weighted, hath go at, most rocklike, most amateur, strapping, un bending, apply oneself to, in-experienced, cool out, more leadfooted, across the board, speak to, focusses on, re cognizing, devotes to, in-tend, cools out, extending one's hand, chews over, gat soapbox, giant, throws into, most massed, cogitate, hearing for, being keeping, hast a go at, re-marks, dis-placing, hears for, come next, red-blooded, pitched in to, simple, in-expert, most gorillalike, exceptional, most super duper, be spake, gets a soapbox, brick wall, got a soapbox, live up to, throw oneself into, mollycoddle, staring at, more big-deal, threw into, most heavyduty, be ginning, out-right, attended to, payed respects, be interested in, patterned oneself up on, large scale, wariness, gloppiest, were devoted to, most well padded, renowned, observe, cooled out, patterning upon, able bodied, throws in to, being born in, put a tail on, ponder, post-dates, wast devoted to, thick, knuckling down to, un comfortable, repay, was in keeping, dis coursing, clumsy, shakes hands, invigorated, firm, placate, over cast, out rightest, thewiest, dim witted, under takes, take care of, infinite, ran into, dis-place, rooted for, give speech, in-spect, sang out, am keeping, more big deal, in different, finish, schlepped along, high-fived, be-spake, called to, brooding over, exchanging greetings, out righter, got on soapbox, re cognizes, perpended, be guided by, most delphic, ex-cogitate, re commend, get on a soapbox, de sign, majorleague, steeliest, hardy, more unexclusive, tags along, most swelling, assuage, be-holds, be-spoken, un-intelligent, musing over, dandle, extend hand, de-voted, more thundering, tips one hat, is born in, pro fuse, stick to, engages in, more stalesmelling, gat picture, throw in to, post marking, allencompassing, catenates, dogging the footsteps of, enforcement, most two-ton, care, tagging along, cavernous, applied to, extra ordinary, Steeler, in discriminate, beats down upon, un-shakable, leadfooted, are in keeping, de-signing, humongous, running after, taking care of, roly poly, hulkest, tailgate, most thumping, extends hand, distinctive, kept eye on, Postmarking, tagged along, admire, most avoirdupois, do like, was interested in, heroic, buttonholed, remunerate, roll out red carpet, most yawning, highfives, exhausting, un substantial, tipping one hat, most powerhouse, concentrating on, re-marked, ex-cogitated, more well built, praise, most bigdeal, un-juster, more swarming, schlepp along, goes at, salaamed, address, beat down up on, took as example, in-tended, dogs the footsteps of, was consistent with, pattern oneself up on, increase, tagged after, taking as example, more jelled, shaking hands, engage in, solid gold, having at, more wellbuilt, hark, egregious, flagged down, having bay window, in spect, wide ranging, paying respects, more scopious, are devoted to, super-scribes, extending ones hand, re place, post marks, patterned upon, modelled on, be keeping, chockfull, superscribe, more thumping, well padded, am subsequent to, pored over, hast go at, tipped one's hat, dis cussing, high-five, disarm, art consistent with, admiration, butterball, himalayan, having spare tire, appease, spieled, socialize, chokier, un juster, bring off, under-taken, un-just, dis cussed, under-took, heard it for, most ferric, rolls out the red carpet, post dated, over blown, are a native of, wert subsequent to, vigilance, concentrated on, dis cusses, more jellybelly, attending to, re acting, comes after, delivered talk, out-size, most jelled, stalwart, chokiest, suetiest, all-encompassing, rolling out red carpet, more overstuffed, un-real, pores over, adore, in scribes, choky, most big deal, more delphic, yoo-hooed, pay attention, attends to, re-acted, hadst at, most nitwitted, fulfill, hard to understand, postmarks, oxest, largescale, puts a tail on, applies to, more whopper, post date, getting the picture, lardest, dis-placed, concentrates on, recovering, holding fast, more bruising, rolled out red carpet, delivering speech, super duper, delivers talk, mused over, running into, rolypoly, extended hand, dis places, going after, fore-see, re flection, devoting to, extending hand, re-cognizing, big, chivy, waved down, more clotted, Soft-headed, yoohoo, fatlike, more thick bodied, tip one hat, claimed as birthplace, got soapbox, turned to, pitches into, doeth like, most jelly belly, more oversize, knuckled down to, most expanded, thinks of, sticking to, whistled down, be-hold, mulling over, takes as example, gave chase, yoo hooing, on good terms, turning to, more amateur, be speaks, being subsequent to, applies oneself to, fraternize, concentrate on, re placing, most lead-footed, in-tolerable, boundless, husky, pro found, fabbest, in-scribes, plugging away at, hears it for, more super-duper, most covering, un-fairer, rocker, iron, powerhouse, pore, most acroamatic, steelest, modeled on, yoo-hooing, saying hi, clabbered, focussing on, yoo hooed, dog the footsteps of, rockest, complete, re-marking, pro posing, most leadfooted, take the floor, being guided by, most big-deal, de liberating, more solidified, wert in keeping, all-important, wast subsequent to, rugged, more two-ton, ponderous, came next, extend one's hand, most oversize, in expert, tag along, de signing, prodigious, dis courses, highballed, took care of, gotten on soapbox, more yawning, ex-cogitates, barraging, pro positions, extra-ordinary, more compressed, coddle, superduper, most syrupy, go at, re-places, High five, ex tensive, overweight, reciprocate, roll out the red carpet, twoton, adheres to, muse over, kept abreast of, took as an example, tough, kudizes, more something, patterns oneself up on, got on a soapbox, cyclopean, most overfed, virile, un-believable, hefty, un-wieldy, most twoton, pitches in to, in-separable, came after, most wideranging, a whale of a, root for, going next, reflects upon, most well-padded, goes next, over size, contemplate, most scopic, notice, gorillalike, dis-patch, being consistent with, ontoed, respect, runs in to, most clabbered, dis-cussed, un wieldiest, yoo hoos, most scopious, aspire to, robust, over weight, most soft-headed, tip one's hat, come after, post dating, illustrious, ponderings, most fatlike, reverence, has a go at, re-plied, energetic, tip hat, goes after, claiming as birthplace, deliver speech, gunkier, jelly-belly, turn to, peg away, most all encompassing, calls to, threw oneself into, zaftig, pudgy, whalelike, pay off, plugged away at, highballs, Volleyed, out-righter, in distinct, dis-course, modeling on, re marked, reflecting up on, have at, shake hands, paunchier, more dynamite, rooting for, mollify, gives speech, mull over, pro-founder.