Pronunciation of Slump
/slˈʌmp/, /slˈʌmp/, /s_l_ˈʌ_m_p/

Antonyms for slump

wrought one way up, wells up, up surged, insurrects, Bulked, multi-plied, innervate, happiness, overed, re-volts, were elevated, get to, got to ones feet, up rises, getting out of bed, got ones feet, re-volt, multi plying, jumps up, gat out of bed, manage, re-generates, becomes swollen, Intensated, mark up, gotten one's feet, jumping on, rolling out, be-strode, trans pire, ex-tend, making waves, clambering up, go uphill, be erect, slope upwards, pre paring, be stirring, piled up, be-ginning, slapping on, gets ones feet, climbing onto, became bloated, bellying, keying up, be-fall, shooting up, art inflated, insurrected, re doubled, dis tended, up grade, climbs up on, sur-mounted, pro create, be comes, get out bed, uplands, be-stirs, be gun, jazzing up, toned, getting to one feet, be tides, sate up, wast elevated, in flame, in-flamed, dis-tends, up-surging, be come, am located, be ginning, re-generate, tacking on, soarings, putting in place, was situated, grew full, Bulking, got to, adds fuel fire, moving up, bob up, strengthen, be falls, putting place, de-rived, welled up, speed up, over leap, dis tends, pro long, pushes up, step ups, re peats, gets feet, gat steeper, is promoted, got astride, Bestrode, working one way up, re double, takes up arms, get out of bed, pile up, sur-mount, up-swings, gets one feet, are inflated, climbed the ladder, hath foundation, OVERS, ex-tends, wast inflated, is elevated, works one way up, pro motions, puffing up, re-generating, are located, take arms, upland, dis-tended, was located, ascend, ex tend, make waves, be inflated, be stride, be fell, flares up, sur mounted, gat to one feet, ascent, steamed up, up-turn, heightenings, be elevated, re volts, re-stores, marks up, dis-tend, climb upon, up-risen, conquer, climb ladder, plumps, up springing, pro longing, becoming swollen, up-grades, be came, cropt up, works ones way up, gets to, cropped up, climb up on, in-nerved, re stores, rising ground, climb on, over-leapt, up-surges, bestrid, sit up, be strides, growth, pre-paring, in-cline, doublings, be-gun, jump up, development, bellied, sur mount, key up, pro-duces, crop up, move upward, be fallen, be-tiding, multi plications, getting astride, gotten out bed, multi plication, pyramidding, getting out bed, in nervate, are promoted, works way up, re-peats, in-nervate, took up arms, pro-tracts, increase, be-strid, aped up, got somewhere, be-strides, betters oneself, standing up, gave details, re doubling, Pouching, up surge, give details, Manifolding, is inflated, in creases, sur mounts, keys up, de rived, sloping upwards, climbed onto, Bestirred, diffuses, clambers up, gotten feet, waking up, boon, worked one's way up, in clines, make out, gat somewhere, sur-face, up surging, make larger, tone up, in-nerving, sitting up, re generating, go through the roof, get to ones feet, up springs, re generate, ex acerbating, be stirred, intensifyings, climbs on, roll out, be-stride, pro tract, deepen, be stirs, gets steeper, were erect, gat to feet, were promoted, get feet, flaring up, wrought one's way up, rounded out, taking up arms, stepups, stacked up, having foundation, re new, ex-acerbating, ask for it, ex acerbate, got out bed, steam up, piles out, get to one's feet, re news, up-rears, move up, up-sprang, wert elevated, climbed upon, get going, goes places, up-rises, in tensity, gotten upon, puts place, intensitying, gat up on, pre-pare, getting bigger, is erect, cropping up, enlarge, run up, gotten going, in flames, Winging, re store, bobbing up, in crease, piling ups, be-fallen, got going, in-flame, am situated, am promoted, de-rives, Intensating, pro duce, be-falling, reached up, fire up, magnify, be falling, gat feet, got to one's feet, pro creates, re-generated, went through the roof, ex-acerbated, speeded up, moved upward, art located, rises up, moving upward, get somewhere, Manifolded, get bigger, wast located, re-new, piling up, piled out, be-fell, be coming, rocket, going uphill, gets to feet, becomes distended, be-coming, sloped upwards, slapped on, up turn, re-news, wakes up, got out of bed, stacks up, advancement, gets upon, be strid, pouched, pro-create, in nerving, up-springing, went through roof, asked for it, grow larger, plumping, making firm, stacking ups, re volt, multiply, getting to one's feet, gets to ones feet, in-clines, multi-plication, Innerving, climbed on, overleaped, becomes bloated, Innerve, rise shine, ex tends, up-rearing, asks for it, escalade, getting to ones feet, dis tending, intensification, being situated, climbs upon, take up arms, skyrocket, wert erect, innervated, get up on, crops up, hiking up, intensifications, puffs up, pre pares, have foundation, blessing, shoot up, up-rose, Sinewed, sur facing, getting ones feet, in creasing, up spring, be fall, was erect, gotten to one feet, climbs ladder, piles up, click, gotten to one's feet, be-striding, being inflated, tumefies, be-come, was elevated, gat to, pyramidded, pro creating, be stridden, gives details, sur-mounts, up-rise, gotten ones feet, soar, climbing up on, go up, be-stridden, asking for it, keyed up, in-creases, up swing, become bloated, being elevated, intensitied, upsurged, bettered oneself, over-leaped, over leaping, re-doubling, sur mounting, getting somewhere, snowball, growing larger, rising up, overleaping, up-turns, gotten somewhere, aping up, was inflated, was promoted, pile out, hadst foundation, Escaladed, got to feet, highland, were inflated, up rear, ex-acerbates, are elevated, blistered, in cites, works one's way up, in-crease, flare up, haddest foundation, art promoted, ex-tending, stepup, mounting, fires up, tripling, wake up, in-cited, bettering oneself, am erect, be tided, gets bigger, piling out, goes through roof, pro-longs, in cline, in stalled, getting going, pushed up, pre pare, manifolds, makes waves, lifting off, trans-pire, got upon, re generates, working one's way up, re-doubled, up-reared, over-leaping, toned up, takes arms, in-flames, lift off, pro-long, in flamed, pre-pared, sur face, getting steeper, in-stall, wrought way up, pro created, re-peat, step-up, jump on, multi-plications, up rears, gets astride, is situated, de rive, recovery, upsurging, re-double, get upon, pro-motion, diffused, re-storing, dis tend, climb, work one's way up, clamber up, climbs the ladder, running up, rounding out, re generated, are situated, swept upward, speeding up, vault, gat to ones feet, welling up, puts in place, shoots up, climbing upon, sped up, Innerved, be-falls, in cite, pro-longed, straightening up, wast situated, sur faces, pre pared, gotten out of bed, am elevated, sur-facing, rounds out, gotten to, were located, up rose, growing full, be stir, be-comes, de rives, ex tending, gets up on, makes larger, pro-created, rolls out, work way up, gat one feet, got one feet, de-riving, reach up, overleap, sur faced, get along, multi-plying, intensates, bobs up, gotten astride, build, climbing ladder, pro-tract, going up, climbed up on, gat bigger, overleapt, worked ones way up, sur-mounting, rolled out, pro longs, re peat, got bigger, re storing, up-spring, Tripled, in nerves, Bestirring, straightened up, pro-longing, be promoted, up swings, re doubles, be tide, stacking up, Cubed, grew larger, sur-faced, get ones feet, stood up, diffusing, up grades, lifts off, runs up, innervates, wast promoted, gat going, wert inflated, had foundation, wert promoted, firing up, bobbed up, Toning, getting up on, in nerved, tack on, took arms, Tumefied, climbing on, reaches up, up-rear, rise, tumefy, rouse, jack up, escalate, sweeps upward, up-surge, be strode, aggravate, marked up, flared up, get to feet, up rearing, escalades, becoming bloated, gotten to feet, wert situated, in-tensity, be tiding, bestrides, be-stirring, be striding, ex acerbated, get on, tacked on, pro-creating, de-rive, Bestridden, working ones way up, become swollen, gat astride, work one way up, pro duces, goes uphill, arise, be situated, gets somewhere, better oneself, went places, up rise, re-doubles, step-ups, progress, climb onto, goes up, Intensate, worked way up, has foundation, rising grounds, going through the roof, reaching up, getting one's feet, wax, hiked up, gets going, puff up, clambered up, gets to one's feet, got up on, in-cite, over leaps, bestride, in flaming, straighten, working way up, gotten up on, well up, jazzes up, wert located, go through roof, rally, be-tide, get to one feet, hast foundation, de riving, art situated, succeed, Cubing, steaming up, be-came, woke up, waxings, moves upward, pro tracts, gat upon, innerves, climbing the ladder, up turns, gets out of bed, climbed ladder, getting to, success, risings, climbs onto, dis-tending, up rising, make firm, in-nerve, be-tided, sweep upward, wast erect, get one feet, waked up, be-stirred, sweeping upward, re-stored, in stalling, jacked up, being located, overing, slap on, being erect, boom, bestirs, stands up, makes firm, becoming distended, over-leap, ape up, Bestriding, deliver, put place, grows larger, ex tended, be located, ex-tended, were situated, up-swing, worked one way up, stack up, sits up, gotten bigger, towerings, become distended, lifted off, get one's feet, gets out bed, wrought ones way up, ran up, tacks on, up risen, be-stir, Escalading, rose up, in-creased, in-stalled, going through roof, bestir, got feet, giving details, mount, speeds up, gat out bed, re stored, goes through the roof, gets one's feet, adds fuel to fire, work ones way up, up surges, in-stalling, push up, be-tides, became swollen, innervating, overleaps, apes up, pro-creates, moved up, made larger, became distended, prevail, gat to one's feet, slopes upwards, are erect, go places, up-surged, jumps on, being promoted, is located, marking up, climb the ladder.