Pronunciation of Soften
/sˈɒfən/, /sˈɒfən/, /s_ˈɒ_f_ə_n/

Antonyms for soften

de-scend, firing up, Nettles, bunch up, gotten on ones nerves, was at, upsurging, stir up, speeded up, trued, lent hand, pre scribing, glued, super vised, agitate, dis tending, over seeing, with stand, be back of, getting ones nerves, over saw, up-holding, Dulling, being on the back of, getting going, made difficult, growing thick, calloused, re-solves, invigorate, lopper, glopping up, tag on, over-comes, case-harden, tied in, froze to, be stirred, in-flamed, excite, stack up, puts in order, steadying, raise, fossilized, give weight, curdled, sets on, in flamed, get on one's nerves, standing up for, re-new, gotten one's nerves, re-solved, ex-acerbates, be stow, hyping, densened, went through roof, ex-tends, grows strong, hook up with, stirring up, gelatinates, vitrified, driving the wall, dis-tending, tensed, Concreting, pro long, drove the wall, wigged, get nerves, shape up, Hacked, densified, stabilitating, zeroed in, in fixes, goes through the roof, re-generate, augment, in fixing, gat on one nerves, gat on one's nerves, concretes, grew strong, agreed up on, is on the back of, co ordinates, got ones nerves, rivetted, be-stows, bearing brunt of, gelated, heated up, ex-asperating, gotten one nerves, Climatized, de-posits, setting on, in-spirit, Casehardening, dis-tended, sharpen, trueing, be stirring, deepen, teams with, shores up, pre-paring, bare brunt of, stabilize, re solves, temper, wake up, disturb, glops up, re-adies, turned to stone, Climatizing, counter balanced, Mineralize, growing strong, Lapidifying, dis posed, ex cavate, gets on one's nerves, re storing, gelate, be-stirring, increase, re store, tripling, counter-balances, be stirs, dis-tend, innerves, fixes price, de-creed, Concreted, candied, pre pares, mount, gat nerves, Calcifying, plug in to, acculturing, bunched up, gotten through, consolidate, de-posit, gathered resources, de-adens, clabbers, bracing up, waking up, hooks up with, wert at, slapping on, putting in order, trans-fixing, Caseharden, trans fixed, bear up against, roughens, drave up wall, firm up, globbing up, lends hand, puts motion, callus, get through, counter poises, turn to bone, be numbs, coagulate, re freshes, up surging, bunching up, beared up against, sub side, firmed up, in-cited, puts in motion, trouble, bore the brunt of, densening, counter-poises, up surged, rigidifies, in-stalling, make callous, stuck it out, in-stalled, pro-longed, propping up, in-cite, in-nerved, fossilize, putting in motion, ex-acerbating, wert the back of, got on one's nerves, gelled, Jellifying, Co-ordinates, go through the roof, ex-asperates, in-grains, souped up, got on nerves, driving up the wall, shoring up, counter poising, bestirs, Bumming, in flaming, puts order, shaping up, in flame, Ballasting, gets one nerves, coarsened, super-intending, scooped out, re-doubles, re-doubled, re news, re solve, Counterpoising, be-stow, props up, with stood, shore up, rigidifying, inure, lay down, got nerves, timed, in-spiriting, over-coming, de-cree, take shape, be on back of, were the back of, soups up, bunches up, counter poised, case hardens, accultures, acculture, pro-tract, ex asperates, stabilitated, driving wall, densen, jack up, get on one nerves, irk, de-scended, getting to, drives wall, de aden, sur mounts, Massing, grow hardened, re doubling, rides out, heat up, in-fix, hiking up, makes ready, Tripled, bears against, go up, Caking, planking, ride out, freezes to, pre-serves, dis appeared, asked for it, driving up wall, up held, in-flames, dis-tends, ex-cavate, brace up, be on the back of, pulling things together, be-stirs, over-saw, super vising, be ginning, Toning, in nerved, team with, Bestirred, steam up, becomes firm, poured it on, ex tended, de-crees, with-stand, callouses, going through the roof, bears the brunt of, weather, came together, beef, under-line, gets on nerves, renders solid, drives the wall, re-freshes, de positing, be numbing, coarsening, re-solve, is at, Innerving, dis appears, in-sert, gat going, wast on back of, re double, rendered insensitive, pyramidding, case hardening, up-surges, lapidifies, ex-asperate, braced up, make fast, rose above, making waves, re-fresh, made callous, ossify, ex acerbated, grow strong, Hacking, stood up for, densify, callusing, globbed up, drives up wall, hook with, co-arsen, get one nerves, putting order, ex tend, get to, sur-mount, pour on, were back of, in fixed, gets through, was back of, stiffen, in nerves, super intend, truing, re-adjusted, give hard time, gets nerves, zeroing in, stacked up, de-scends, disciplined, re generated, turn stone, pulled things together, up-surging, goes up, in nerving, scared stiff, compliment, scraped out, pro longing, Gelatinate, in stalling, trues, bestir, enhance, co here, drave up the wall, pre serves, dis maying, in corporates, ex-pose, ex-asperated, super intending, jump up, rivetting, enheartened, pre serve, dis pose, give a hard time, bear brunt of, in flames, Kippered, super-vise, toned, make it, be stir, am on the back of, ex tending, scaring silly, agrees up on, scaring stiff, got on one nerves, gat ones nerves, ex acerbating, stand up for, am at, move up, being at, be gun, ex-tending, densens, dig out, getting on one's nerves, pro-longing, run up, making difficult, in spirits, plugging in to, makes difficult, in-grained, tacked on, in-nerve, rigidified, accultured, counter-poise, got one's nerves, under line, pour it on, sur-mounts, indurate, in-stilling, Riveted, rise, sets off, marked up, pre served, tie up with, super-vised, trans fixes, dis mays, re-generated, de-scending, pulls things together, go through roof, soup up, adds fuel to fire, speed up, smoking, throws together, lapidify, strengthen, hitch on, dis-mays, running up, taking shape, reinforce, freezing to, ex-posing, vitrifies, putting chill on, ex-posed, gives a hard time, re-double, agree up on, dis posing, am back of, re-generating, re adjusted, over-seen, turned stone, up-holds, vitalize, in-nervate, sub sides, becoming firm, intensates, Calcified, in cite, was the back of, de adens, plugs into, is back of, re adies, ex asperate, enheartens, went through the roof, inspissate, bears up against, Starching, stirs up, fixt price, straightening up, calluses, de creed, gets going, de scended, Gelatinated, pre serving, hooking up with, dis-appeared, laid down, tying up with, upsurged, drives up the wall, Gels, dis-posed, getting on nerves, gat on nerves, set off, re-doubling, was on the back of, makes waves, Jellying, be stowing, put in motion, ex tends, drive wall, in stilled, in sert, be-stowed, asking for it, mineralizes, gets on ones nerves, over see, tying with, getting through, Vitrifying, multi plying, teamed up with, giving hard time, were on back of, pre pare, tacking on, ex asperating, recruit, sped up, pyramidded, make difficult, keys up, Climatize, Loppering, beared against, scooping out, were on the back of, wast the back of, dis tended, fires up, be-stowing, hooked with, Intensated, rouse, Sinewed, woke up, casehardens, come together, gat to, gets on one nerves, up surges, regulate, super intended, dis appearing, rejuvenate, under lining, making ready, dis-appearing, gat one's nerves, co-here, in-creased, up-surge, Bummed, turns to stone, pre scribe, firming up, toned up, Stabilitate, asks for it, with stands, intro-duce, season, piles up, turn to stone, dis may, Loppered, counter-balanced, be-numbing, in crease, harden, made ready, Bestirring, get on ones nerves, bearing the brunt of, becoming toughened, co-hering, renders insensitive, dulls, scrapes out, digs out, re-adjust, throwing in together, worsen, firming, re-solving, de posit, coarsen, moved up, gather resources, incite, Intensate, aggravate, drove up the wall, sub sided, re sting, be-numb, innervate, makes it, lending hand, grows hardened, wakes up, gotten ones nerves, made it, magnify, jumps up, gets to, being on back of, art the back of, tacks on, ties with, set on, dis mayed, drove wall, wast back of, gelling, rid out, glopped up, in nervate, bear against, co hering, make ready, pre-served, up holding, fossilizes, pre pared, set, sur mount, callused, teaming up with, needling, rising above, petrify, trans-fixes, counter balance, pre-serving, in stilling, sur-mounting, fix price, counter-balance, de-posited, stacking up, keying up, under lined, wast on the back of, Innerve, clabbered, riding out, rendering insensitive, tack on, Jellified, zero in, pro-long, up-held, super-intend, slap on, turns stone, got on ones nerves, in fix, vitrify, speeds up, counter-poising, become firm, re generating, stacks up, with-stands, pre-pare, heats up, in graining, up surge, de scend, dis appear, laying down, got to, scraping out, case harden, in-stall, drave the wall, drave wall, bore brunt of, ask for it, gotten on one nerves, re-sting, bare against, drive the wall, intensify, counter-poised, be stows, steamed up, making callous, heighten, wast at, tagging on, marking up, Gluing, hitched on, re-adjusts, got one nerves, plug into, got through, re-generates, grow thick, wigging, gives hard time, pours on, pouring on, prop up, energize, jell, plugs in to, render solid, am the back of, be stowed, intro-duces, ex pose, making firm, pro-tracts, speeding up, with-standing, lays down, dis-mayed, in corporate, over-sees, dis-appears, beared the brunt of, poured on, in-nerving, became toughened, making it, tying in, Starched, de scending, trans fix, art at, intro duces, digging out, toughen, de posits, goes through roof, gat on ones nerves, in-graining, giving weight, gets one's nerves, be-stir, counter poise, tied with, kipper, Candying, enheartening, pro longs, runs up, worry, made fast, throws in together, jacked up, were at, put chill on, co ordinate, lends a hand, grows thick, counterpoised, getting on ones nerves, braces up, fire up, under-lined, firmed, hiked up, de-aden, co-ordinate, getting on one nerves, nag, gets ones nerves, rise above, pre-scribed, ran up, Mineralizing, pile up, being back of, get on nerves, are on the back of, innervates, Intensating, getting one's nerves, be numbed, case-hardening, innervated, fixing price, going up, jellied, giving a hard time, in spirit, pro tracts, turns to bone, trans fixt, throwing together, counter-balancing, adds fuel, souping up, put order, threw in together, staying put, climatizes, bear the brunt of, mineralized, in-corporate, bore against, are back of, get one's nerves, wert on back of, de crees, pre paring, snowball, gives weight, gelates, re doubled, embitter, be-stirred, rendering solid, in-spirited, over sees, Wedging, plugging into, agreed upon, throw together, be-numbs, stay put, de scends, super-intended, super-intends, Fossilizing, Innerved, stays put, turn bone, turning bone, am on back of, in spirited, Kippering, gave weight, up hold, gelatinize, drive up wall, turning stone, teamed with, gotten on nerves, re stored, render insensitive, Casehardened, grew thick, setting off, sur mounted, art back of, in-fixes, in stalled, scare stiff, multi-plying, bearing up against, Roughening, scare silly, tensing, clabbering, Planked, glop up, pre-scribe, solidify, case-hardened, calcify, be-gun, gathers resources, sur mounting, Lapidified, punching up, getting nerves, stirred up, comes together, turns bone, dis-appear, growing hardened, staid put, gelating, tie with, turned bone, gotten on one's nerves, turning to bone, wert back of, stayed put, curdling, re generate, over comes, becomes toughened, in-creases, praise, de cree, adds fuel fire, timing, ex posed, jellify, turned to bone, steaming up, grow, piled up, become toughened, pre-scribing, dis-pose, re stores, dis-posing, pro-longs, be-numbed, clabber, super intends, scares silly, lending a hand, re-news, irritates, infix, super vise, bearing against, coming together, in creasing, are the back of, in cites, picks on, getting one nerves, extend, withhold, turning to stone, is the back of, in-corporates, with standing, straightened up, heating up, threw together, co arsen, bare the brunt of, being the back of, shapes up, gotten going, shored up, got going, up holds, co-heres, under-lines, takes shape, dis-maying, sur-mounted, callusses, Ballasted, going through roof, hooks with, nailing down, mark up, over coming, sticks it out, makes firm, drove up wall, ex-tend, took shape, punched up, rises above, are on back of, de-positing, are at, de posited, make waves, in creases, in-crease, re adjusting, tie in, counter balancing, pro tract, pouring it on, agrees upon, key up, tags on, puts chill on, gave hard time, re adjust, under-lining, jellifies, coarsens, pre-pared, dis-may, lent a hand, drive up the wall, cure, steadied, lend hand, became firm, in grain, re new, tone up, get going, congeal, upset, under lines, bare up against, re generates, moving up, be numb, re doubles, trans-fixt, counter balances, in-grain, salted, densifying, in-flame, enlarge, slapped on, teaming with, scrape out, re-stores, gotten to, calcifies, gat one nerves, in-spirits, Disciplining, provoke, over come, co heres, be at, bore up against, scoop out, ex acerbate, put motion, case-hardens, get ones nerves, case hardened, makes callous, wert on the back of, ex-tended, gave a hard time, pre-scribes, innervating, in-stilled, is on back of, dis tend, agreeing up on, gall, dis tends, keyed up, intro duce, be the back of, rode out, agreeing upon, densifies, make firm, gat through, in spiriting, multi-plied, callousing, irritate, beared brunt of, was on back of, be-ginning, sub-sides, agree upon, marks up, up-hold, waked up, Enhearten, re-stored, gathering resources, gotten nerves, over seen, Valuing, digged out, ex-acerbated, bears brunt of, prolong, re-storing, Caked.