Pronunciation of Sophisticated
/səfˈɪstɪkˌe͡ɪtɪd/, /səfˈɪstɪkˌe‍ɪtɪd/, /s_ə_f_ˈɪ_s_t_ɪ_k_ˌeɪ_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for sophisticated

coarsegrained, more roughhewn, more cutprice, un-suspecting, un-ripest, in glorious, cut-rate, un chaster, more foul-mouthed, natural, most niggardly, more simplehearted, unembarrassed, un-hewn, more bad-mannered, weatherbeaten, un hewn, bad, undiscriminating, uni-versal, most coarsegrained, two left feet, un-responsive, most unassumed, unfrieder, most supersensory, patsier, un-blended, nodular, bad mannered, ADLIB, Ungenteel, un kinder, un trained, more tenderfoot, Unconversant, punker, dis-satisfactory, most commutual, more unfledged, crude, more undignified, most white-bread, un even, most unimpressed, uncivilized, most chafed, primary, ex acting, most daydreamy, most trumpery, super-sensory, un noteworthy, more unidealistic, characterless, trans parent, impractical, non-materialistic, offenseless, unrespectable, de-sert, un-seemliest, un caring, more disgracious, lowbred, most asocial, bald, illnatured, over grown, un earthliest, more ill bred, undignified, simplified, more corn fed, unaltered, more girllike, nonintellectual, more undiscriminating, uncomplicated, more nitwitted, more boylike, more unmatured, most garden, monstrous, enchanted, more soft-core, green, un-duer, most frontier, real buy, most roughhewn, rascally, simplistic, de-pendent, be-ginning, more inartificial, most halfgrown, bargain-basement, in complex, in a state of nature, more fledgling, the pits, most wide eyed, Soft-headed, wide eyed, in-attentive, in cautious, most cutrate, more wide-eyed, un modified, in harmonious, grodier, Unfashioned, ad lib, saler, more amoral, more ungenteel, scurvy, no great shakes, lowbrow, in urbane, in sensible, more uncontrived, un-gentlemanly, more sophomore, un just, unfledged, screaming, ill mannered, cut price, most bargain counter, most soft-headed, large order, more cloddish, harsh, more guessed, un-musical, at a bargain, most bargain, un fairest, more up-front, dis honest, unintelligent, in state nature, pro-fane, dis graceful, un-sightliest, more subnormal, most bargaincounter, unidealistic, loud-mouthed, not to snuff, most unvaried, more unsmoothed, more well built, un-ethical, more unwrought, glitzy, bad-mannered, dis creditable, more cut, more innoxious, un-costly, more tinsel, comformable, inexperienced, un covered, un kind, more chapped, most brutish, more unprecise, non-literate, hamhanded, be ginning, more ill-bred, clunkier, most wideeyed, most wellintentioned, un clean, un-qualified, small time, in-corporeal, dis honorable, in a state nature, un-spoilt, in delicate, Commutual, un-godlier, modest, more half grown, un experienced, most burgeoning, half-priced, bushleague, more vulgarian, half grown, unhewn, well-intentioned, un-adulterated, un excited, in-solent, most extraterrestrial, in elegant, un-dressed, coarse grained, most underived, most ungraded, communistic, more agrestic, un controlled, more tight-wad, Hard-hearted, asocial, most hoydenish, un cleanest, hard boiled, un-earthliest, most inartistic, more nuts-and-bolts, most unmilled, blistered, nonliterate, more low-down, low tech, most low-down-and-dirty, un level, no-frills, un respectable, child play, most agrestic, windswept, un-skilled, more unbroken, un-complicated, more galled, un-mixed, out line, more larval, un-mistakable, more dominion, in the rough, un enlightened, low down, fleeceable, in-temperate, un gainlier, most loud mouthed, most innoxious, most cutprice, most conjunct, more overrun, more cut-price, more rinkydink, conjunct, in ballpark, unwrought, Uninjurious, un decorated, niggardly, most corn fed, plain, most cussed, most atavistic, secondclass, illtempered, simple, wild, worth money, most unartificial, more wolfish, un-gainliest, in correct, cut rate, unworked, more furrowed, hoydenish, childs play, more unneighborly, most gimcrack, low tariff, more unassumed, most galled, unsmooth, un seemly, half witted, dis courteous, roughly made, sub-standard, un precise, un mistakable, plain-vanilla, un gentlemanly, glitzier, ingenuous, junkiest, most softcore, brassy, un assumed, more asperous, most skinned, thick skinned, more low down, in decent, un-triedest, well built, most nonmaterialistic, most porno, second class, un chastest, most inferior, more immigrant, unpolished, like babe woods, most out of order, most unwrought, most uncombined, more surmised, un-just, daydreamy, porno, more bargaincounter, most bargain basement, coarse, surly, more cornball, un pretentious, more frou frou, in-experienced, un-clad, most godawful, most ruffled, dis-gracious, in-artificial, Unartificial, most soft core, most grazed, un-trained, un fashioned, unmalicious, more hard-hearted, inhuman, un familiar, well known, in corporeal, wellmeant, more unaltered, in the gutter, un dear, more bargain basement, ungraceful, dis gracious, undecorated, most idiopathic, pure and simple, un-decorated, open and shut, most asperous, beastliest, in humane, wellbuilt, un-distinguished, softcore, more clodhopping, un feigned, most lowdown, un-seemlier, barbaric, worth the money, un-studied, most unjaded, more ungraded, excited, on sale, extra-terrestrial, more hot headed, more newish, unconscionable, more out-of-order, rocky, halfwitted, un exceptional, over-run, most untreated, encouraged, most amoral, most pilgrim, un reasonable, unmemorable, mingier, kitschy, more cornfed, most slashed, un refined, un-embarrassed, un-malicious, un-baked, extra terrestrial, raw, in human, more unshaven, overbold, un prepared, most offenseless, meta physical, un-alloyed, more foul mouthed, more pubescent, un-discriminating, kitschiest, un-gainly, patsiest, clunkiest, most half priced, more uncompounded, primitive, unsmoothed, more pared, more unimpressed, un happier, crumbiest, ham-handed, more garbage, un-chaste, most nuts and bolts, more well-built, most dominion, under developed, more underived, in decorous, un-fussy, more catchpenny, most half-grown, prerevolutionary, un ripe, un-noteworthy, un civil, more unevolved, most hot headed, un-deniable, run of the mill, un godly, most rough hewn, un-pasteurized, most disgracious, un embellished, most workaday, more soft-headed, un combined, de-solate, most bruised, un schooled, more inartistic, un heeding, un civilized, un godlier, splendiferous, more skinned, un-worldlier, most uncompounded, un-poised, easy on the pocketbook, dis-honest, most abecedarian, cutprice, soft headed, more overbold, un-acceptable, crumby, un-mannered, most well built, un-involved, inartistic, un-assumed, Disgracious, most out-of-line, more murder, more characterless, clownish, most wide-eyed, more commutual, godawful, un derived, un-flagging, most vestigial, boorish, more rocklike, anti social, sub standard, most cloddish, stridulent, most emigrant, putting the ritz, Clodhopping, arcadian, down home, bargain counter, more unbaked, more out of order, open shut, more nodular, most screaming, poor, most murder, more untroublesome, un-smoother, workaday, un-adorned, most half grown, most coarse grained, un-educated, more trumpery, most daydreaming, in discreet, halfgrown, inculter, kitschier, unassumed, most walkover, inter mutual, most bargain-counter, un-blushing, un inhibited, in-sensitive, more coarsegrained, pro visional, un-tutored, in-human, most froufrou, crumbier, garden variety, un-fairer, most cut-price, out-line, most unpasteurized, most cut price, pitser, most hot-headed, vulgarian, un-shaven, rough-hewn, most wild and woolly, more crossgrained, pennypinching, most ham handed, more well intentioned, wolfish, in-ordinate, un cultivated, most inartificial, most unexperienced, in sensitive, more unartificial, more rookie, ungainly, most unbroken, trans planted, more loud mouthed, ex-acting, most hurtless, de solate, un baked, un intelligent, vulgar, most inhuman, no problem, most blustering, unrefined, more undesigning, more bovine, most wind-swept, subpar, innoxious, inobnoxious, in-cult, un-smoothed, un-acquainted, more extraterrestrial, rubbishy, more whitebread, more newborn, bargainbasement, more soft headed, in cultest, more rinky dink, un-compounded, in noxious, more scraped, not good, most sucker, un educated, jerrybuilt, un-neighborly, un-holier, un sophisticated, oversimplified, un trieder, most hamhanded, gawky, un-ripe, most up-front, more unembarrassed, un-combined, un fussiest, lowgrade, incultest, gussied up, Froufrou, trans-parent, more nuts and bolts, most unspoilt, insecure, wrinkly, rough, most tightwad, un-godliest, unprocessed, un worldlier, thickskinned, larval, un lovelier, hick, thrown together, buyest, un-gracious, more white-bread, most prentice, sub stratal, un gainliest, uni versal, in rough, wide-eyed, most beginning, more unexperienced, more correspondent, un ripest, unadorned, home folk, unmodified, more bargain, self centered, un-lovelier, cross-grained, most upfront, more outland, particulate, Unbaked, most unsorted, most unhurtful, diddlier, loud mouthed, most blistered, inter-mutual, scraggiest, more unfashioned, rude, uniform, de graded, un clothed, more rough-hewn, most inelaborate, more splendiferous, un gracious, un frieder, more ham handed, un-fussier, un-polished, more ham-handed, rugged, un chaste, gruff, selfexplanatory, most unornamented, more naive, un-familiar, in-sensate, un-worldliest, un-caring, squally, obscene, most girllike, un equal, imprecise, more lowbred, well-meant, most unprecise, un-chaster, more downer, under done, more uncombined, ungraded, self explanatory, most inurbane, un artificial, un-inhibited, more ruffled, in-complex, in cult, more daydreaming, most blossoming, un varied, most vulgarian, most newish, most rubbishy, un spoiled, cost next to nothing, un seemlier, in-nocent, parochial, un-diplomatic, sophomore, bargain-counter, churlish, uncool, un affected, more confiding, xrated, most nonliterate, unfussiest, un blended, not influenced, callow, more preliterate, more unshorn, more unconversant, un-real, most undiscriminating, trans-planted, un proficient, most cut rate, un-troublesome, inelegant, most unmixed, more unexcited, most badmannered, un-cleanest, most abraded, un-influenced, un-excited, un cool, most well-intentioned, un-chastest, un pleasant, most outland, most undesigning, clunky, sub-stratal, over-grown, no picnic, most unalloyed, graceless, unsorted, un-justest, more lowered, most loud-mouthed, most community, most out of line, crass, lamber, cost next nothing, most utility, most unrespectable, lowcost, illmannered, more unmodified, most characterless, rough hewn, most uninfluenced, most hard-hearted, unsuspicious, un-ruffled, un-milled, un-contrived, most blundering, more buffeting, un stained, most cornfed, un-forced, more blustering, most well-built, in-cultest, most amateur, un sorted, co incident, rustic, more cussed, un-fashioned, co-incident, un injurious, most uncontrived, most coarse-grained, more hard hearted, proofer, preliterate, un-worthiest, in-decent, pitsest, un compromising, un fairer, uncontrived, un worked, un touched, rinky dink, most unhewn, most scraped, pre revolutionary, un tried, girlish, undercooked, nonmaterialistic, un-refined, in gutter, more undecorated, pre-literate, un-stirred, in-expert, tawdry, unexcited, in-humane, most tinsel, un-level, most out-of-order, under cooked, unsophisticated, so so, most pubescent, de-graded, chapped, more unsuspicious, wind-swept, out-of-order, most pizzazz, un inspired, boylike, most unmatured, more bargain-counter, more swinish, ablebodied, homogeneous, un-equal, more blundering, in solent, more flaring, un tamed, idiopathic, in temperate, un-holiest, enthusiastic, popularly priced, un worldly, bought for a song, un duest, most scratched, most catchpenny, un loveliest, rough and ready, un-eventful, dis reputable, un-scrupulous, low-down, more blossoming, not dry behind ears, most unmodified, most untutored, un clad, un-broken, un-graded, like a babe the woods, un-couth, diddliest, most nodular, un disciplined, in culter, un principled, most unlabored, in nocuous, Unmilled, more barnyard, stilted, more wind-swept, glitziest, prosier, more unmemorable, most intermutual, un cleaner, more unproficient, most bad-mannered, un-sophisticated, most unmemorable, most sophomore, un couth, most cut, not complex, most undecorated, more roughneck, de sert, un-fair, like a babe woods, slow, most fledgling, junky, un-gainlier, Hot-headed, un spoilt, prosiest, un-remarkable, un adorned, more unpoised, un-cultured, un-tried, more half-grown, wastest, like a babe in woods, most unproficient, most depreciated, more picnic, un-genteel, more corn-fed, in nocent, untaught, more badmannered, un-kinder, more peeled, un-frieder, no sweat, scraggier, unlevel, more gimcrack, dime dozen, laidback, un-fortunate, un-ceremonious, cornfed, un-satisfactory, un ostentatious, more unnoteworthy, un justest, more communistic, more out of line, swinish, un dressed, more froufrou, most flaring, impure, cross grained, most unmalicious, uneducated, cruddiest, low, un taught, like a babe in the woods, Unlabored, un offensive, Hurtless, unsmoother, most larval, roughhewn, tight-wad, un lovely, most substratal, snappest, dis respectful, un-cut, un scrupulous, un-fledged, un-schooled, unpretentious, un tutored, wooden, un-varied, un fussier, most inobnoxious, up hill, most frou frou, more walkover, un-ornamented, un-treated, in-delicate, young, prosy, untutored, un sightlier, un polished, un treated, un-smoothest, un-wholesome, beastlier, under-lying, un-conscionable, more cut price, easy the pocketbook, ordinary, more dwarfed, most unaltered, more slashed, more wind swept, proofest, most tight wad, more wellbuilt, cruddy, un fussy, more out-of-line, un contrived, ill-bred, unalloyed, un varnished, un-concerned, underivative, un-injurious, easy, un labored, unimpressed, agrestic, un-derived, unaffected, low-down and dirty, more untreated, at bargain, more white bread, more half-priced, gauche, un-ostentatious, uncostly, scurvier, most unbaked, meta-physical, un suspicious, more subpar, un-pretentious, uncultivated, more unelaborate, un formed, bare, ill natured, more unornamented, Kidder, foul-mouthed, stealest, hard hearted, more bargain-basement, un-riper, most unshaven, well intentioned, re cent, more cut-rate, un conscionable, socialistic, up-front, uncultured, under-developed, simple minded, un happiest, most unneighborly, wellintentioned, cut-price, most unpurified, sub normal, un discriminating, most wellbuilt, junkier, un-inhabited, un concerned, un feeling, un mannerly, un-fussiest, not difficult, un finished, in adequate, un wrought, most simplehearted, uncouth, more undercooked, soft core, babe woods, twobit, dis-reputable, most unpoised, un earthlier, most white bread, most correspondent, low grade, un-principled, heavy sledding, un-processed, most rinky-dink, un satisfactory, cinchest, more unworked, un worthier, most unlevel, un-civil, more dressed, more wild and woolly, more illbred, more wide eyed, under-done, more bad mannered, brambliest, bargaincounter, supersensory, most ill bred, un godliest, most corn-fed, mingiest, un kindest, un-abashed, most rocklike, un-godly, un-affected, more lowbrow, bottom out, un mixed, most uncompleted, in complete, un settled, most ham-handed, un mitigated, most lowbred, un-feigned, in experienced, lowpriced, selfcentered, more inelaborate, un skillful, most ill-bred, re-gular, un-seasoned, laid back, un cooked, un assuming, most communistic, simplehearted, unshaven, in-artistic, un-skillful, more emigrant, un-completed, most easy going, more brutish, rinkydink, un costly, more nonliterate, more developing, more budget, un studied, un fair, un smoothed, up-hill, off color, homespun, pro fane, un distinguished, most frou-frou, un poised, secondrate, in-adequate, more inobnoxious, un neighborly, half-grown, un-derivative, in-elaborate, most naive, un-heeding, un-intelligent, un-formed, un practiced, more depreciated, most cheapo, most soft headed, low down and dirty, bought for song, most up front, out-of-line, more uninfluenced, most unconversant, un-idealistic, tumultous-tumultuous, not snuff, unmatured, more unjaded, well meant, unfussy, most well intentioned, most undignified, un abashed, un-matured, infant, un genteel, un-becoming, un-holy, un-exceptional, more unsorted, un-proficient, rudimentary, most uncool, un-altered, hot headed, un-civilized, most rough-hewn, un acceptable, kiddest, stiff, most transplanted, unelaborate, barbarous, un cultured, wellknown, prentice, in the ballpark, cheapo, more outline, un-inspired, able bodied, un ruffled, un-cleaner, most unsmoothed, innocent, more wellintentioned, most cross grained, most prerevolutionary, most tight-wad, scurviest, lowdown, more cheapo, un acquainted, un-earthly, Inartificial, most lowbrow, coarse-grained, more easy going, more stridulent, un holiest, more up front, more asocial, more atavistic, more softcore, anti-social, cheap, un-jaded, scroungier, common, more coarse-grained, more beginning, more unhewn, in state of nature, easy pocketbook, un-fairest, most chapped, in-glorious, duddest, most guessed, in artistic, more windswept, brambly, un-touched, un complicated, dis-gusting, un juster, un-due, most dwarfed, uncalledfor, putting on the ritz, poor quality, un worthy, un graded, unsmoothest, most cross-grained, un-worldly, un ethical, more socialistic, more bargainbasement, un compounded, un holier, most buffeting, like babe in woods, most nuts-and-bolts, in-sensible, uneasy, most illbred, meat and potatoes, more vestigial, bearish, un graceful, un impressed, corn fed, pre-revolutionary, broken down, most lowered, un-settled, scraggy, most bad mannered, un suspecting, un-mindful, tasteless, in sensate, more cut rate, dis-courteous, un-memorable, wild-and-woolly, un troublesome, whitebread, cutrate, more porno, in significant, piece cake, earthy, un-enlightened, un-restrained, artless, in elaborate, most rogue, undear, frou-frou, cloddish, stereo typed, handcrafted, dis-respectful, noncomplex, most newborn, most uninjurious, more tight wad, un triedest, un-friedest, un-embellished, most windswept, colonial, un processed, un dignified, curmudgeonly, most bargainbasement, pre literate, more supersensory, un designing, un skilled, white bread, catchpenny, un-objectionable, dis satisfactory, un-mitigated, most ungenteel, un-compromising, more loud-mouthed, most garbage, most outline, un-prepared, more uncostly, more incomplex, x rated, most rookie, most tenderfoot, white-bread, most splendiferous, Asperous, un-cool, more easy-going, more bargain counter, Unhurtful, most secondrate, not smooth, mingy, hackest, dis-honorable, un-fried, un influenced, un adulterated, unvarnished, easy going, most bearish, stodgy, most surmised, hardboiled, uncomfortable, lowdown dirty, in-different, un remarkable, unpurified, more bearish, un-lovely, more unmilled, most wellmeant, unshorn, naive, un-varnished, more halfpriced, nuts-and-bolts, un-developed, wicked, ribald, most budget, most hard hearted, un ornamented, middling, non literate, pre vailing, more uncompleted, cincher, tumultoustumultuous, in-sufficient, in formal, in-felicitous, un-graceful, un smoothest, more unpasteurized, more untutored, more screaming, jerry built, un-sightly, more unmixed, more jellybean, brutal, un worldliest, most roughneck, unmixed, provincial, philistine, un-finished, low-down dirty, over-bold, more sucker, ill bred, most halfpriced, most overrun, un involved, dis gusting, in-cautious, pubescent, un broken, low-down-and-dirty, un-domesticated, un sightliest, un evolved, most cornball, in different, heavy handed, un fledged, most low down and dirty, most dressed, in-obnoxious, most underivative, lambest, no bargain, furrowed, most crossgrained, most confiding, most unexcited, un-cooked, bargain basement, un seasoned, more wild-and-woolly, most subpar, grody, un-even, in-noxious, ham handed, bramblier, low down dirty, more hot-headed, salest, lowdown and dirty, most clodhopping, badmannered, un-elaborate, more rascally, most particulate, most swinish, un-suspicious, more half priced, un happy, Incult, un-experienced, un-conversant, more transplanted, more girlish, un memorable, un smoother, corn-fed, un gainly, putting ritz, most handcrafted, un-taught, more unspoilt, shoddy, un due, idealistic, dis-graceful, inelaborate, un-controlled, un holy, un conversant, most untroublesome, jellybean, un-evolved, more pizzazz, most unworked, un-learned, Unpoised, un-earthlier, barbarian, rough-and-ready, babe in woods, Intermutual, unproficient, in-complete, tinsel, unspoilt, more undear, more frontier, un-duest, de pendent, un becoming, un-worthier, more substratal, more well-intentioned, more uncool, second-rate, un-tamed, most socialistic, wild and woolly, Crossgrained, un-trieder, more mannerless, un hurtful, out of line, more wideeyed, more clownish, most wolfish, un-clothed, snapper, lubberly, un milled, unworldly, un-mannerly, stupid, most unfashioned, un-offensive, Inurbane, un stirred, most unidealistic, more inurbane, thoughtless, more rough hewn, un-reasonable, un cut, upfront, uncompleted, un-happy, un-spoiled, sub-normal, most foul mouthed, un qualified, under-cooked, un embarrassed, un fortunate, un developed, foul mouthed, un altered, most peeled, amoral, in-formal, most unshorn, more halfgrown, un malicious, uninfluenced, impolite, pure simple, low priced, most bargain-basement, un responsive, gaudy, atavistic, Unexperienced, savage, more curmudgeonly, un-stained, un matured, more unclothed, un forced, most stridulent, dis-creditable, in-nocuous, unvaried, most unfledged, scroungiest, most imprecise, offcolor, in-urbane, marked down, brokendown, most bovine, easy on pocketbook, most clownish, un learned, most preliterate, un deniable, un-sociable, awkward, most downer, in common, Dudder, more hoydenish, underived, second rate, in-discreet, in-culter, un-artificial, more unrespectable, most foul-mouthed, vestigial, un-juster, cruddier, tumultous tumultuous, un-kindest, most jellybean, most overbold, inhumane, in-decorous, more amateur, un idealistic, un-purified, un-smooth, more upfront, in-elegant, most pared, more bruised, unornamented, rocklike, Unprecise, wornout, more lowdown, low-tech, cornball, un-respectable, un seemliest, brutish, un earthly, more frou-frou, weather beaten, most wild-and-woolly, more prerevolutionary, untroublesome, more unalloyed, most uncostly, un-kind, unpasteurized, no good, in-clement, in expert, robust, more unlabored, diffident, un-sorted, illbred, un derivative, easy-going, un-wrought, putting on ritz, re gular, un worthiest, un-cultivated, un-pleasant, uncompounded, more wellmeant, more coarse grained, wrinkliest, un shaven, being oneself, heavyhanded, most nitwitted, more unmalicious, untried, unneighborly, well-built, more tightwad, super sensory, more unpurified, hard core, un-worked, most undercooked, un inhabited, in-harmonious, Incomplex, more prentice, more hamhanded, nitwitted.