Pronunciation of Sow
/sˈə͡ʊ/, /sˈə‍ʊ/, /s_ˈəʊ/

Antonyms for sow

x outing, readapted, dis-entangle, heavehoed, de-throning, de-livers, weed out, re adapting, dis encumbering, blotting out, clearing away, re-leased, trans-planted, un loads, trans-plant, unburdened, tear up, dis-place, deracinnating, carting off, re-sets, dis entangle, dislodge, reset, dis embarrass, digs out, carried away, pro-cures, heave-ho, deracinnated, raze, heavehoes, dis abusing, up rooted, tearing up, re-vamps, dis-places, dis abused, get as a result, ingathered, coming to have, harvest, dis-encumber, ingathers, ex tract, gets as result, dis-encumbering, over-turn, pro cure, dis lodge, forced out, re conditioned, pro duce, getting as result, x outs, re orient, up-root, ripping out, re-orienting, over turns, dis charging, carts off, dis-abuses, dis burdening, dis-burdening, torn up, re-set, pro fit, re adapts, ex terminates, dis-locates, dis-embarrassing, re-adapting, pro-cure, dis-missed, gave brush, came to have, dis-card, dis placing, heave ho, dis-carding, xouted, re-covers, trans-posing, toss out, un burdened, de-riving, de-pose, pro cured, un load, resettled, dig, re legate, dragging down, gotten as result, de-rived, digged out, dis-burdened, comes have, dragged down, re-adapt, come have, dis burdened, over thrown, with drawing, de-rive, re-move, de posed, digs up, dis embarrasses, uproot, rooted out, extirpate, kisses goodbye, de-posing, dis-charged, dis-located, ex cavate, dis entangles, rips out, trans posed, getting as a result, with-draw, junked, over-thrown, de throned, over-throws, dis-abusing, pro-duces, over turn, de-taches, ex-tract, gave the brush, dis locate, re cover, ex-terminated, heave hoing, reoriented, digging up, over-turning, gat as a result, carried off, re orienting, ex-tracts, de livers, re moves, ex-terminates, un burden, re moving, dis-locate, heaveho, giving the brush, kissing goodbye, weeds out, de-thrones, tears out, resettles, un loading, un-burden, rid, de throne, giving brush, pro cures, dis embarrassed, carry away, re settled, dis-abused, reorients, in-gathering, over throw, re-legate, drags down, wipe out, dis entangling, dis-lodging, dis cards, carry off, heave hoes, tore up, dis placed, destroy, re-moving, re-moves, resettling, re sets, makes free, xout, deracinate, un-seat, root out, unburdens, with drew, in gathers, re legates, re settles, re-adapted, heavehoing, dis-embarrasses, re-setting, carrying away, re conditions, re-legates, un seated, blots out, trans-pose, dis-encumbers, in gather, gather, over throws, tare up, dis-abuse, rip out, pro duces, de tach, x-outing, comes to have, tossed out, carrying off, blot out, heave hoed, re-orients, forcing out, taking out, un-burdened, de livering, dis-encumbered, re-settling, dis encumbered, dis-missing, re setting, dis locating, xouting, clear away, de-liver, deracinates, un seating, re covered, weeds, dis-lodge, trans-planting, re aping, re-condition, roots out, re-vamping, un-burdens, up-rooting, up-rooted, re leases, ex terminate, with-drew, de livered, ex-cavate, re-covering, de taches, re vamped, eradicate, drag down, dis places, get as result, re-lease, re-oriented, coming have, re condition, de pose, re aped, dis carding, digging out, up rooting, re-covered, dis-placed, tears up, gotten as a result, re-vamped, kissed goodbye, over turning, re settling, re-conditioning, trans ported, dis charged, dig up, re-settled, un-load, dis-charges, x-outed, de-throned, de rives, dis encumbers, re conditioning, rooting out, re oriented, ingather, reorienting, gat as result, in gathered, re-settle, torn out, re move, de-tach, carries off, up roots, dis burdens, kiss goodbye, pro curing, in gathering, un burdens, xouts, un loaded, up-roots, un-burdening, dis-carded, re-aping, dis-entangling, dis-entangles, weeding out, trans-plants, cart off, over-throwing, came have, dis lodged, ex-terminating, de-livered, tossing out, with-drawing, re-leases, dis burden, re vamps, dis-cards, dis-charge, weeded, come to have, trans plants, blotted out, in-gather, trans pose, gives brush, un-seated, dis-entangled, tosses out, re orients, tore out, re-cover, tare out, heave-hoing, dis place, unburdening, transplant, dis charges, reap, re-adapts, re lease, clears away, de-livering, got as a result, over-throw, dis missed, weed, dis-embarrass, x outed, de-posed, in-gathers, re adapt, dis missing, with-drawn, dis carded, re-conditioned, dis-burdens, de riving, over throwing, resetting, re-vamp, un seat, pro-curing, Weeding, trans planted, digged up, re-aped, heave-hoes, dis-charging, dis-placing, dis card, in-gathered, resets, re set, un burdening, x-outs, tost out, gets as a result, dis-locating, de-rives, dis lodges, readapts, weeded out, with draws, dis encumber, carted off, remove, dis-lodges, de throning, dis lodging, ex terminated, dis embarrassing, ex terminating, making free, de-throne, got as result, dis entangled, re moved, up root, dig out, dis charge, dis located, pro-cured, dis-lodged, re-conditions, dis locates, un-loads, cleared away, resettle, took out, re-settles, de liver, pro-fits, with drawn, dis-burden, re covering, forces out, de posing, carries away, de rived, dis abuses, made free, pro fits, de thrones, ex-terminate, dis-embarrassed, dis abuse, with draw, de rive, Re-orient, un-seating, re-moved.