Pronunciation of Speak
/spˈiːk/, /spˈiːk/, /s_p_ˈiː_k/

Antonyms for speak

put the lid on, takes into consideration, piping down, be silent, tuned in, giving heed to, dummies up, shutting in, hang on words, corked up, are all ears, corks up, put damper on, commit to paper, panto mimed, hearing tell, holding tongue, take under advisement, auscultated, takes notice, taking notice, committing paper, is attentive, suppress, using hands, shut in, over-heard, gives heed to, lent ear, tunes in on, acts out, hanging words, tune in, corking up, hem in, keep it down, act out, auto graphed, pick up on, lends ear, over hear, are attentive, co-oping, gat load of, being ears, commits paper, lends an ear, pen, giving audience to, puts the lid on, tuning in on, decrease volume, hanging on words, re-duce, ausculted, acted out, fall silent, hide, fences in, tuning on, decrease the volume, be numbed, put lid on, give heed to, kept trap shut, dries up, keep, gives audience to, art attentive, keeping it down, be-numbs, harkening, giving an audience to, give attention, be attentive, withhold, de aden, de-adens, hangs on words, fencing in, gives attention, wast ears, gat a load of, giving attention, get load of, auscultating, gives an audience to, lending ear, holds tongue, lend ear, decreases the volume, closes in, committing to paper, used one hands, kept it down, hears tell, took advice, hold tongue, gets load of, dry up, got a load of, close in, is ears, panto miming, get a load of, puts damper on, takes under advisement, over hears, getting load of, be numbs, falls silent, committed paper, tuned on, gotten load of, keeps it down, tuned in on, in-dict, keeps trap shut, co-oped, jotting down, dummying up, co oped, cork up, Auscult, wert attentive, pricking ears, panto mime, re duces, praise, uses sign language, decreased volume, hanged words, is all ears, quit chattering, heard tell, used one's hands, picks up on, commits to paper, fenced in, picking upon, taking advice, listen, uses one's hands, over-hear, harkens, dummied up, use sign language, am attentive, harkened, keeps down, turn down, gotten a load of, de-aden, closed in, pricks up ears, tune in on, tune on, wast attentive, being attentive, over-hears, be-numbed, hear tell, being all ears, panto-mimed, hung on words, refrain, fence in, was ears, take advice, tunes on, was all ears, pricks ears, dummy up, keep trap shut, quits chattering, auscultates, give an audience to, am ears, panto-miming, pantomiming, keeping trap shut, lent an ear, pick upon, sub-due, deny, pricked up ears, pipes down, taking into consideration, be-numbing, wert all ears, de adens, stopping talking, shuts in, hangs words, give audience to, stops talking, used ones hands, held tongue, wert ears, jots down, use hands, am all ears, commit paper, taking in to consideration, auscults, using sign language, picked up on, pipe down, tuning in, dried up, acting out, quitted chattering, softpedal, shut up, sub dues, take notice, conceal, drying up, pricking up ears, picks upon, kept down, Overhearing, taking under advisement, use one hands, overhear, hanged on words, getting a load of, sub-dues, gets a load of, keeping down, lend an ear, be numb, be quiet, auscultate, gesture, stop talking, stifle, were attentive, lending an ear, gave an audience to, gave heed to, closing in, stopt talking, jot down, be numbing, over hearing, decreasing volume, took in to consideration, pantomimed, take in to consideration, harken, takes advice, auto-graphing, be ears, tunes in, decreasing the volume, gave audience to, picking up on, overhears, take into consideration, mumble, wast all ears, took into consideration, were ears, quitting chattering, takes in to consideration, be all ears, fell silent, uses one hands, use one's hands, committed to paper, repress, panto-mime, co oping, piped down, got load of, took notice, was attentive, took under advisement, pantomimes, sub due, are ears, re-duces, uses ones hands, using one's hands, stopped talking, uses hands, were all ears, falling silent, hung words, putting damper on, putting lid on, decreased the volume, decreases volume, pricked ears, using ones hands, ausculting, hang words, jotted down, auto graphing, re duce, using one hands, speak clearly, keep down, used sign language, hold, be-numb, used hands, auto-graphed, use ones hands, retain, art all ears, mute.