Pronunciation of Spend
/spˈɛnd/, /spˈɛnd/, /s_p_ˈɛ_n_d/

Antonyms for spend

be thrifty, pro vides, is parsimonious, brings board, got to meat, pouring in, deterge, had hand, re-deems, ex tort, buy in to, de-duces, pro-fits, be stingy, wert in receipt of, being out woods, un-loosed, coming board, get in to head, makes use of, minors in, drift, get hook, gotten out hock, went easy on, all owing, re-commence, dis tends, getting down pat, pennypinching, pay ones way, gotten done, brush upon, get in to one's head, putting out of way, gives lift, were frugal, re strains, focalize, stops for, kept back, gets to meat, was cheap, Hilling, shops for, buys into, comes board, art ones lot, de serves, use, gat the hook, am entitled to, renew, zeroing in, re bound, sat down, dis charged, makes scene, over coming, put out of the way, re gains, elutriates, pre pare, be worthy of, clung to, was prudent, scrimp, get into one head, put bank, hands onto, makes the scene, jampack, ganging up, keeps in mind, has it coming, got fat, gets out of hock, made scene, re-members, reserves cache, get the hook, wert sparing, wast trained, un leashed, closing with, got to the meat, falls to the lot, prehends, gotten the hang of, gat in to head, gotten comeuppance, gat off hook, plunk down, got hold of, re-aped, shopped for, gets the meat, ex-tract, de corticate, gat hang of, rammed in, being given ones due, pays ones way, wert receipt of, realize, forgathers, dis-embarrassing, being out of woods, improve mind, un zipping, de crease, moving forward, put out of way, getting back feet, be gainfully employed, committed memory, agglomerated, keeps mind, de-livered, dis embarrass, art sparing, gotten one's hands on, happened upon, over-flowing, having it coming, bailing one out, begged borrow steal, gave a lift, ex-cavate, de fends, bank up, parting with, Victualing, re-pose, got out from under, carried off, be trained, puts in the bank, de-served, Absterge, be grudged, Warehoused, ink, ex tract, pro cured, happened up on, locked up, re trench, regains ones strength, was informed, pulls out fire, be given, met with, gotten better, paying one dues, take care of, giving break, puts in storage, bought up, in-stalling, drops for, Depurated, setting aside, got into one's head, Shampooing, teemed with, taking possession, getting meat, rebuild, get out from under, is trained, falls the lot, are trained, lay claim to, lays claim to, re viewed, Preengaged, revive, Ladled, de fended, make killing, putting storage, wast lot, gotten into head, re duces, dis patched, gotten hands on, over flowing, getting hold of, gives a lift, am receipt of, cared for, concentrate, laying aside, soaks up, clear, gets in shape, drawing in, sobered up, dis tressed, fell the lot, de fines, goes shopping, bailed one out, went get, re-sting, dis-tresses, rolled up, with-held, cuts corners, Focalizing, pro-fit, up held, gat one's hands on, manages to get, takes possession, dis-patching, hast right to, reserve, re-duces, forgather, soak up, cashed on, de-fends, go-that-a-way, puts out the way, gotten in shape, am thrifty, re bounded, forged ahead, paying one's dues, re started, sobering up, wert given one's due, were line for, bringing together, makes ends meet, de-posits, have, pumped up, wast line for, wert given ones due, is carried along, Thronging, was given one due, Bottled, go get, make a bundle, are one lot, go that a waying, de-tain, restore, arrived at, gotten out of hock, rams in, accumulate, bulging out, warehousing, begs borrow steal, dis charges, buying out, re stored, keeps on hand, sweeps up, was ones lot, was sparing, got in to head, stow away, brings on board, happens upon, de posit, de-fining, cash in on, being prudent, am parsimonious, committing memory, penny pinch, skimp, over spread, hath hand, held fast, got the knack of, pro-cessed, keeps back, re-bounded, dis-tributes, dis-entangle, de-tains, mucking, re duce, skive, up-lifting, gat what is coming one, am lot, carve out, latched onto, loaded up, banking up, gets comeuppance, over spreads, de-odorized, replace, dis embarrasses, feels oneself again, got better, dis-infecting, beg borrow or steal, art carried along, wert stingy, teeming with, packs away, pro cures, make use of, payed ones way, latched to, bulge out, gets hands on, locking up, cash on, tightened one's belt, getting the hang of, care for, puffing up, over taken, rolled back, hoard, gotten into ones head, in-creases, gat well, wert one lot, hast in hand, got hook, drop in for, cambers, am trained, carry off, being one lot, find, packing like sardines, camber, am ones lot, haddest hand, signing up, stockpile, re-serve, crack books, trucks with, Bailed, get well, dis infect, gets from, gotten fat, gets off the hook, re-captures, prehending, cache, cleaned up, lays aside, stewarding, trade in, receive, be-stowed, brought home groceries, re gain, commits to memory, bringing board, re bounds, being sparing, improving mind, in creases, is taught, art given, keep out, skived, haddest right to, re gaining, get comeuppance, acceding to, buy out, victual, store away, kept hand, majors in, was frugal, in creasing, dis tending, re-calling, are frugal, Shoaling, accessing, coming into, hast the right to, re-covers, bringing home groceries, gotten off hook, art worthy of, re serves, make pile, Hilled, be-spake, get shape, rolls back, penny-pinch, achieve, am out woods, keeps reserve, pro-vided, keeping in reserve, made a bundle, Hackled, dis-embarrass, de fined, art trained, bear mind, preengages, giving in trust, closes with, pro-cured, re-collecting, gets what is coming to one, dis patching, gets done, getting back on feet, re commencing, de-odorize, gotten hook, glommed onto, cracked books, hadst it coming, Depurate, re cognizing, got off hook, be taught, be given one due, puts out of way, made a killing, gets shape, gat comeuppance, cracks the books, pre serving, Recommence, became versed, hath in hand, takes possession of, gains possession, get there, packing away, latch onto, de-odorizes, engage, gets out from under, regain ones health, lay hold of, got shape, snapping back, mothballed, dis infects, latches onto, shopping for, bringing home the groceries, are receipt of, pro duce, pays dues, re-plenishes, dis charging, got ones hands on, obtain, being gainfully employed, de-laying, Preengaging, pennypinch, majored in, went shopping, brimmed over, massed, augment, regaining health, be-stow, specialized in, re moving, made big, dropping for, are sparing, gathers up, gotten in to head, pro visioning, signs up, was receipt of, de duce, in-cline, gotten off the hook, art one's lot, putting in bank, puts the bank, being taught, get ones hands on, bring board, up-raising, were out woods, over-coming, pro cure, comes around, un-leashes, ran a tight ship, be-spoken, makes a pile, regained health, was parsimonious, falling to the lot, re deeming, scraped up, stowing away, manages get, focalizes, art line for, up-rearing, Inking, pennypinched, coming on board, paying ones dues, happens up on, getting the knack of, gathered up, hide away, de serving, makes it, post-pones, prevail up on, bringing home, succeeded to, sit down, falling to lot, was economical, re capture, sweeps away, feather nest, regain one health, carved out, pays ones dues, Depurating, looked at, gat hands on, de-creased, scare up, buys in to, makes bundle, see through, were prudent, de-posit, haddest coming, gets hold of, happening upon, was given due, Husbanded, get better, commits memory, laid by, de-creasing, stretching a dollar, wert entitled to, re-leased, lay by, Binned, snaps back, cashes on, zeroed in, de-liver, regaining one's health, in-vesting, un-covering, pro curing, get one hands on, gotten what is coming one, gather, dropping in for, goes to get, de-fines, dis-tend, taking course, pre-arranged, Victualed, being carried along, caught on to, re-stores, gat one hands on, dis entangled, pro-cesses, dis-embarrasses, up-raised, being told, signed up, Re-collect, pro-visioned, loading up, gets out hock, figure out, kept in reserve, re cognize, art given due, cleared away, digs out, tighten one's belt, up-reared, re-captured, save for rainy day, puffs up, put storage, draws near, was given, gets the knack of, brought home, re-commenced, scrapes together, get fat, re-starts, pay one's dues, laying hands on, art given one due, arrives at, laying hold of, wert one's lot, hang out, gotten down pat, heaped together, conserve, scraped together, pays one dues, gives trust, got the hook, pro-cure, de fending, wast gainfully employed, tidied up, re strained, re membered, makes comeback, de lay, be out woods, had the right to, get out hock, teems with, go that a wayed, sweeping up, Shoaled, return form, made it big, dis-entangling, vacuumed, fill up, cashing on, ricking, up rears, in stalling, getting in shape, re-posed, am taught, dis-charging, commit memory, keeping within means, making a haul, dis infecting, wast one's lot, gat into one head, tighten one belt, get into head, committing to memory, hast it coming, dis-charges, re-covered, cleaning up, gat into head, pile, snapped up, puts bank, up rear, putting the bank, gat from, met a budget, be stow, be-grudges, are in receipt of, re member, scamping, cashed in on, hadst in hand, were parsimonious, carry through, plunked down, heap up, up-rears, prearranges, be one's lot, stretch dollar, keeping on hand, sign up, meets a budget, was gainfully employed, cut it close, cut down on, re-commences, Victualled, being given one's due, cashing in on, tighten ones belt, got there, pinched pennies, hand onto, go-that-a-waying, overspreading, de posited, be speaking, kept mind, is frugal, make, happen upon, shop for, re-cognizing, are given one's due, stores up, got out hock, catches to, keep reserve, in vesting, wert taught, swell, re-deeming, re-aping, be-stows, attain, gotten one hands on, regained ones strength, re-new, gat the hang of, begs borrow or steal, put aside, re leases, wert parsimonious, hid away, be mean with, get out of hock, draws in, shaking out, tightens one's belt, stored away, drew in, cut back, Hutched, re-served, keep in mind, haul in, make scene, getting into one's head, ricked, have coming, be sparing, run tight ship, re-start, de-creases, putting aside for rainy day, re posed, over-spread, Provisioned, was carried along, trucking with, sit on, pro visions, came away with, made buy, keep on hand, giving a break, are line for, gets meat, in cline, lays hold of, pulls out the fire, mark down, pro-vide, go that a ways, plunking down, gets one hands on, gat to meat, ex cavate, copping, up-raise, dis embarrassing, are parsimonious, keep mind, were gainfully employed, dis-infects, comes into, gat in shape, accrue, art mean with, wert ones lot, over-spreads, stock up, stock, re-plenishing, be parsimonious, scants, buys up, shun, is in receipt of, cracking books, making big, pro-vides, get the meat, poured in, bolster, paid one dues, earned wings, have in hand, are given due, re-unites, put by, kept out, giving lift, wast prudent, wast given one's due, dis-charged, increase, re-strains, gat into ones head, pre-engages, is one's lot, re-call, ramming in, re plenish, is sparing, moves forward, pro cess, becomes versed, were carried along, is lot, make ends meet, gets ones hands on, is thrifty, re-gained, got in to one's head, re calling, make a comeback, snapping up, got meat, pro-curing, de-lay, gat better, re-united, Ladling, glom onto, de liver, getting off hook, wast in line for, makes haul, specializes in, art stingy, gotten in to one's head, retro spects, vacuuming, latching onto, bought in to, in vested, pro positions, made haul, take hold of, drew together, over-spreading, Preengage, catching to, got the meat, in clines, brings home, retrospecting, pro-viding, pare, pre-arrange, fall to the lot, dis-patch, re views, pours in, buying into, catch on to, hadst hand, gobble up, packs like sardines, was lot, post pones, pro-cures, makes fast buck, makes a haul, de-livering, dis-entangled, regains strength, filled up, make it big, stopped for, pro moting, has the right to, mark off, up rearing, re sting, giving trust, accede to, de lays, drawing together, un loose, made bundle, digging out, bail one out, getting hang of, payed ones dues, de-serve, lays hands on, stretched dollar, re-moves, scraping together, making a comeback, is in line for, re trenched, re viewing, pre engage, gets in to head, ex-torts, gat the knack of, Massing, draw together, economize, in-vests, got the hang of, latches to, pre-pare, over take, keep hand, re cover, make the scene, give break, buy up, figures out, wert informed, re-tains, dis charge, deals in, takes hold of, re store, re-deem, catch to, up-rear, is out of woods, be spake, improves mind, put out the way, gotten out from under, re-cognized, got in shape, shorts, de fine, scraping up, de-livers, wert line for, gave in trust, re deemed, meeting budget, re lease, pro-positioning, brings home the groceries, is given, pack like sardines, mothball, re commences, ex torts, getting what is coming to one, cling to, make haul, de rives, pre engaging, rolling up, making use of, heaping up, sets free, dis entangle, hadst coming, un-leashed, takes turn for better, goes with the tide, tightening ones belt, wert in line for, clean, wast out woods, re news, withhold, commit to memory, stows away, meets with, got in to one head, swelled, scrapes up, apprenticed, un-loose, mothballing, payed dues, catches on to, pre-arranging, pay ones dues, gat done, stores away, learn, art in line for, pores over, re-fines, drink in, pro fit, use sparingly, is economical, setting free, were cheap, being in line for, re fines, were taught, re served, has right to, re-leases, pro duces, laying in, catching on to, pore over, reserved cache, store up, cares for, re-commencing, up lifting, in-corporate, be speaks, wast cheap, pre-served, load up, dis tribute, re-serving, lay hands on, begging borrow steal, re-plenished, re-freshes, gotten in to one head, scares up, in-vest, up holds, gotten into one's head, cracked the books, go easy on, enforce, prearranging, have it coming, retro spect, de-lays, was out of woods, snap back, got into ones head, penny pinches, post pone, lay away, keeps in reserve, gathering up, lay aside, felt oneself again, cut corners, re fined, Bottling, piles up, dancing, in duces, re unites, is given ones due, glean, is ones lot, drank in, stopping for, de-fined, got back on feet, de-positing, puts in bank, gotten from, make big, straightened up, dis-infected, in-creased, hath coming, were stingy, Elutriating, re starting, re trenching, getting comeuppance, wast parsimonious, make a buy, over-takes, dis-tended, bunching up, look at, taking hold of, keeping back, signing on, hauling in, latching on to, fills up, up holding, re-aching, laid in, move forward, am one's lot, getting knack of, de-corticated, re-duce, lays away, got in to ones head, managed get, prehended, carries through, wert mean with, was in line for, dis-patched, absterges, dropt in for, bring on board, enlarge, de corticated, gat ones hands on, wast frugal, Elutriated, regained strength, Provisioning, stretches a dollar, be-stowing, had it coming, pumping up, prehend, re-uniting, making purchase, being mean with, bulged out, getting well, stretch a dollar, making a killing, stack up, cutting close, re-collected, with holding, came around, art receipt of, re opened, gather up, sees through, Spading, came on board, un-zips, tidy up, bringing on board, art told, gets into ones head, all-owed, has in hand, took possession of, scrape, fortify, gat off the hook, marked down, de-corticate, payed way, heap together, stack, pulled out of fire, un-zipped, de-fine, become versed, pack away, be grudge, packed away, go-that-a-ways, got down pat, going with the tide, bails one out, keep in reserve, made ends meet, absterging, up-raises, art thrifty, digged out, wast out of woods, art given one's due, with hold, make fast buck, trained in, saves for rainy day, am one lot, dis-patches, gloms onto, deterges, bring home bacon, forge ahead, going shopping, hiding away, topping off, is line for, got hang of, be informed, part with, stored up, coming in to, with-holds, get off the hook, absterged, laid hold of, paying way, re-bound, re-solving, tighten belt, brimming over, gets into head, penny pinched, meet with, pre-paring, re moved, laid away, banks up, were in line for, scrape together, bring home, gat there, marked off, dis patch, making killing, is stingy, took care of, getting in to one's head, re-ached, pre arranging, manage get, draw near, art out of woods, moved forward, being thrifty, mothballs, put the bank, getting done, Apprenticing, stopt for, de creasing, gave trust, tidies up, all-owing, be-speaking, falls lot, re-strained, be entitled to, heaping together, am worthy of, re-storing, overtake, tidying up, dis-tends, had in hand, feeling again, gets hook, kicks around, skimped on, re view, pumps up, gets into one head, re-started, getting out of hock, starting anew, re-view, gets the hang of, handing onto, made the scene, gang up, is entitled to, skimp on, Re-open, take away, be out of woods, clear away, wast told, met budget, re opens, Inked, return to form, bought out, hold fast, roll up, up-lift, wert economical, re-plenish, aggregate, pro-moting, dis tended, sate down, keeping out, makes a killing, mucked, retro-spect, happen up on, go shopping, wast in receipt of, clearing away, making a pile, were given due, make a pile, brought together, paying dues, being line for, feel oneself again, re uniting, Mounded, earns wings, Scanting, art given ones due, gat what is coming to one, pro fits, cuts it close, Soaping, am stingy, wast sparing, pre pared, pre-arranges, re-bounding, procure, re move, gets hang of, Shampooed, getting from, be lazy, penny-pinched, truck with, snapped back, coming away with, wert lot, regains one strength, gets back on feet, dis embarrassed, dealt in, tightened ones belt, give a break, made pile, got what is coming to one, manage to get, managing to get, prearrange, kept reserve, art lot, de-serves, dis-tribute, sitting on, dropped in for, pro-motes, looking at, being informed, cracking the books, Copped, get into one's head, dis-tressed, gets knack of, pulled out of the fire, be ones lot, pay for, brought on board, took possession, were one's lot, wast ones lot, Hutching, tightens belt, were sparing, de-rived, started anew, lay in, penny-pinches, getting the hook, art frugal, earn, in stalled, regains health, being receipt of, prearranged, in-duce, regaining strength, drinks in, straightening up, forging ahead, are cheap, with holds, becoming versed, went to get, becomes able, re solves, paid ones dues, de posits, brings together, pre paring, recommences, laying claim to, gotten meat, regain ones strength, pulling out fire, get one's hands on, are informed, was in receipt of, are ones lot, held over, get, swept away, went with the tide, taking turn for better, are thrifty, re tain, regain one's strength, in corporates, hackles, reinforce, re members, have the right to, re-trenched, come board, re-cover, in crease, keeps possession, pays one's way, comes on board, majoring in, were thrifty, gaining possession, wert worthy of, being entitled to, carrying off, were out of woods, paying one way, pro-cess, trades in, get hold of, minored in, gets to the meat, harvest, gives a break, over-took, over-flows, wert frugal, take possession, happening up on, be receipt of, up hold, pennypinches, Hived, misuse, wast mean with, de tains, re-gaining, re-covering, got out of hock, pre-serve, ran tight ship, cutting it close, over taking, shorted, pulled out the fire, drops in for, de odorizes, keep, be line for, pre-pared, de-fending, locks away, major in, de-riving, going with tide, arrive at, Spaded, goes with tide, was one's lot, feels again, make a purchase, in vest, be-grudging, get to the meat, deposit, Cambering, feathering nest, hackle, de livering, retro-spects, regained one's strength, comes in to, de serve, paying for, in-crease, paid way, re deem, making pile, dis-embarrassed, were receipt of, took turn for better, gotten the knack of, wert told, stoppered, got off the hook, being worthy of, are gainfully employed, pre engaged, pays way, become able, fell to lot, becoming able, starts anew, bunches up, pays for, heap, re commenced, keeping possession, pro-mote, dis entangles, specialize in, expand, sits down, over-taken, paid dues, fell to the lot, acceded to, got one hands on, latched on to, purchase, pro-duces, re-stored, being given one due, saves life of, pro-vision, am mean with, were worthy of, sate on, gotten shape, piling up, re-lease, get into ones head, come into, de creases, draws together, with-hold, succeeds to, returned form, re cognized, feathered nest, pile up, were one lot, be-grudge, had right to, stocks up, gets there, hadst right to, waded through, drew near, pre-engaged, be given one's due, bulges out, is prudent, keeping mind, became able, inks, meet budget, latching to, trains in, pro visioned, de rived, re plenishes, makes it big, un zips, in-corporates, come around, pay way, un zip, pro positioning, runs tight ship, regain strength, over flowed, getting to meat, kicked around, stretching dollar, laid hands on, closed with, drunk in, keeping in mind, kept in mind, get in to one head, piled up, marking off, puts out way, de tain, was entitled to, bring together, soaked up, stewarded, up-holds, up-lifted, was told, piles, be stowing, de rive, are stingy, tops off, was one lot, stint, beg borrow steal, be stows, pro-visions, retain, haddest it coming, reserve cache, de served, re aped, pre arranges, am prudent, be speak, wast given ones due, cashes in on, wert out woods, re pose, pre engages, hold, pre pares, un loosing, be frugal, am economical, getting out from under, pored over, be prudent, pro vided, was trained, committed to memory, wast given, are given, taking possession of, am told, dis-entangles, re ached, re-solved, be given ones due, un covered, topped off, gave break, art gainfully employed, set free, gain, bring home the groceries, bought into, caring for, regain one strength, pre-engage, are out of woods, un-cover, was line for, laying away, get meat, made a buy, be told, take possession of, came board, bank, re-solve, stacks up, gat back on feet, am given one's due, kicking around, is gainfully employed, being cheap, get the hang of, wast entitled to, re tains, putting bank, made comeback, forgathering, Focalized, be one lot, brings home groceries, tightening belt, de-odorizing, rout out, stretches dollar, hath the right to, build, de livered, getting shape, de positing, am sparing, making a purchase, figured out, be in line for, hold over, up lift, cuts close, got one's hands on, re cognizes, re-capturing, gat out from under, put in the bank, pro vide, running tight ship, got what is coming one, making buy, come on board, jam pack, re aping, dis entangling, trucked with, brim over, earning wings, gotten the meat, came into, in-duces, wert given due, gat back feet, be-spoke, re-gain, succeeding to, were in receipt of, in-stalled, shorting, storing up, de-serving, skimps on, be in receipt of, teem with, latches on to, Agglomerating, gat shape, routs out, kept on hand, accedes to, wert cheap, get down pat, pre-serves, paid one way, salt away, art taught, re-solves, protect, be given due, pays one's dues, paying one's way, pro position, de riving, took hold of, holding fast, de-rive, are entitled to, be lot, re-strain, bring pass, dis tend, up-held, making comeback, returns to form, in corporate, gat into one's head, tightened belt, being in receipt of, wast informed, made a pile, marks off, up raising, garner, gotten to meat, over-flow, come in to, deserve, up-lifts, getting to the meat, stop for, are given one due, packed like sardines, re-trenching, making it, un-loosing, pro positioned, saved for rainy day, re stores, being parsimonious, dis tress, de-crease, sober up, un-covers, holds fast, make bundle, re collect, brought board, uses sparingly, re-straining, de fining, am given ones due, handed onto, up-holding, strengthen, pay dues, Cambered, holding over, filling up, re-bounds, make purchase, pay one's way, shook out, lock away, re unite, dis-infect, un looses, rescue, stocking up, is one lot, dis-tending, regains one health, making a bundle, win, train in, makes big, over flown, getting in to one head, pump up, in-vested, putting out the way, deal in, carves out, am line for, regaining ones health, pro viding, regained one's health, was out woods, gotten hold of, buying up, tightens ones belt, getting out hock, Danced, putting in storage, are economical, up raised, un leash, managing get, re-news, are carried along, getting better, takes care of, get in shape, gobbles up, scaring up, clear decks, shake out, wert carried along, was worthy of, pays one way, re collecting, snaps up, Mounding, meet a budget, preserve, locked away, taking care of, loads up, pro cessed, go to get, ex-tort, be carried along, is told, re serving, re collects, re-starting, puts aside for rainy day, un cover, re-calls, wast thrifty, putting in the bank, pinch, bring home groceries, skives, store, keep within means, feeling oneself again, making bundle, forgathered, gets back feet, gat hold of, re-called, sweep up, am carried along, hast hand, wert gainfully employed, edulcorate, make comeback, re trenches, de-rives, in duce, re-fresh, re-capture, banked up, be economical, hauls in, sits on, paid one's dues, getting into head, making fast buck, pre served, sweeping away, re-trench, re strain, crack the books, payed one's way, hath it coming, stacking up, drawing near, art in receipt of, made a comeback, dig out, made fast buck, brush on, pre serve, regained ones health, up lifts, getting into ones head, make it, in-stall, are given ones due, stowed away, latch on to, was mean with, lock up, in-clines, clings to, re opening, pour in, re captured, kept within means, de laying, over-take, pro-positioned, re gained, pinch pennies, made a purchase, hided away, shakes out, hath right to, un-zipping, comes away with, came in to, amass, goes easy on, Scanted, cracks books, scamped, roll back, up-hold, carried through, gotten hang of, gets off hook, be grudging, re plenished, were lot, makes a buy, made a haul, take, drinking in, zero in, re plenishing, draw in, save life of, gotten knack of, are one's lot, give lift, pro vision, soaking up, art prudent, ricks, rolling back, cleans up, making ends meet, overspreads, rolls up, buys out, used sparingly, buy into, un-leashing, tightening one's belt, get done, makes a bundle, improved mind, burn midnight oil, got into one head, Deterged, dis tresses, in vests, saved life of, were given one due, meeting a budget, Conglomerated, top off, ex-tracts, pro-positions, forges ahead, are out woods, un loosed, re-viewed, signs on, be spoken, payed one dues, acquire, de fend, making a buy, cut close, being given due, un covers, dropt for, drop for, pulls out of the fire, re-fining, cumulate, was given ones due, re covering, secure, cutting down on, gobbling up, depurates, puts out of the way, clean up, tightened one belt, wading through, getting hook, re straining, re captures, tightens one belt, seeing through, set aside, re serve, Binning, stretched a dollar, saving for rainy day, paying ones way, were mean with, regaining one's strength, Bailing, having the right to, holds over, pinching pennies, payed one way, edulcorates, re-tain, were ones lot, Hiving, gat in to ones head, being trained, put aside for rainy day, create, Stoppering, keeps within means, getting one hands on, going to get, over took, over flow, be-speak, being stingy, heaped up, wast economical, overspread, putting out of the way, puts storage, recommenced, scared up, is informed, having right to, felt again, pull out the fire, gotten back on feet, Shepherded, re-moving, gat out hock, carving out, regaining one strength, hauled in, wast receipt of, is given one due, getting hands on, clinging to, getting the meat, plunks down, gave lift, storing away, getting in to ones head, gets one's hands on, get hands on, un-looses, are prudent, sobers up, meets budget, laid aside, gat to the meat, be spoke, put in bank, routed out, over comes, re calls, hast coming, swept up, snap up, re covered, gat fat, re commence, Soaped, training in, glut, was taught, de odorized, puff up, picked up, over-flowed, using sparingly, carries off, Husbanding, over takes, de duces, were informed, gets better, made killing, being frugal, over flows, were trained, gotten the hook, wades through, are taught, pick up, de odorizing, clears away, ganged up, fill, take turn for better, reserving cache, carrying through, re capturing, being given, dealing in, gangs up, makes a purchase, de-fended, getting into one head, gained possession, start anew, making haul, in vite, made it, cutting corners, lays in, retrospected, latch to, wast worthy of, pinches pennies, pulling out of the fire, returns form, arriving at, re solve, be-grudged, paid for, re-gains, sweep away, dropped for, kick around, pay one dues, being ones lot, art parsimonious, keeps out, paid ones way, save, heaps together, Conglomerating, up lifted, spare, running a tight ship, regains one's strength, re-trenches, be-speaks, skimping on, am cheap, cuts down on, was stingy, are told, begging borrow or steal, re-serves, has hand, is given one's due, giving a lift, keeps hand, bunched up, laid claim to, pulls out of fire, neglect, go with the tide, getting off the hook, gotten back feet, makes buy, is worthy of, pulling out of fire, gave a break, trading in, feathers nest, re-unite, gotten well, over come, pulled out fire, looks at, Shepherding, over-comes, going easy on, re-fine, repair, keeping hand, returned to form, am out of woods, are worthy of, buying in to, all owed, re storing, falling the lot, goes get, de-fend, up raise, are in line for, de creased, un leashes, un covering, shampoo, brims over, regains ones health, is mean with, brought home the groceries, have hand, be stowed, re-opening, art out woods, being lot, re fine, put out way, run a tight ship, be grudges, were given, earn wings, go with tide, with held, stacked up, returning form, making scene, take course, close with, net, bunch up, being one's lot, payed for, takes course, pre-engaging, pro cessing, re collected, being economical, re bounding, dis patches, pre arrange, payed one's dues, win over, gets into one's head, be cheap, makes pile, putting out way, make a killing, kept possession, pulling out the fire, tightening one belt, hides away, wert prudent, pre serves, art cheap, sets aside, regained one strength, parted with, traded in, re freshes, re united, art informed, makes killing, accessed, dis infected, caught to, over-flown, pay one way, wert out of woods, dis-charge, wert thrifty, were economical, re-member, making it big, re-move, re-views, re new, de-duce, de livers, got from, de-posited, over-taking, Deterging, paid one's way, re aching, dis tributes, begged borrow or steal, scoop, de odorize, pre-serving, dis-tress, coming around.