Spill the beans

Pronunciation of Spill The Beans
/spˈɪl ðə bˈiːnz/, /spˈɪl ðə bˈiːnz/, /s_p_ˈɪ_l ð_ə b_ˈiː_n_z/

Antonyms for spill the beans

keep one's mouth shut, shut one's mouth, keep quiet.

Synonyms for spill the beans

divulage a secret (verb)

leak, sing, spill, squawk, let the cat out of the bag, let slip, tell a secret.

Sense 1

broadcast, confide, disclose, dredge up, offload, retail, reveal, snitch, let in on, strip away.

Sense 2

advertise, divulge, give away, let in.

Sense 3


Sense 4

betray, tell.

Sense 5


Sense 27


Rhymes for spill the beans

  • bourgeoisie, mt, rea, undersea, rosalee, xi, deportee, gutsy, pawnee, fee, fi, enlistee, nestle, ne, ruh, hille, kyi, mcghee, peens, pattee, tennessee, debris, cd, wil, til, cleans, cree, quay, decree, deans, repartee, lil, dea, leans, de, dupree, louie, cat-3, khe, mc, escapee, syp, jill, rb, teens, bree, ghee, dee, crea, ged, dah, plea, zee, blea, tenn, drill, ib, free, mille, potpourri, fill, ski, gee, brea, guarani, sie, nil, disagree, ab, qi, lsd, ki, chee, bea, emcee, grill, thee, chill, cxc, jessee, bee, scenes, nghi, means, lp, inductee, nic, mea, phil, bbc, oad, mit, greens, thi, leigh, ye, goatee, we, jubilee, flee, il, appointee, sheree, chea, z, tse, marquis, key, cc, fop, bt, id, skill, trill, krill, banshee, gyi, see, v, hill, spie, klee, nee, ot, ze, kea, thrill, t, retiree, slee, beans, fsi, nabil, pree, mme, mee, chablis, gil, sightsee, degree, pill, shrill, grille, me, fil, zea, njt, henri, lxi, cie, franchisee, gill, zil, ji, tyree, designee, valoree, eap, vi, conferee, shill, c3, sep, pri, rill, sea, dundee, te, atp, vendee, nill, guaranty, ill, prix, musee, yi, yie, queens, thill, yangtze, b, twill, cyb, lavie, ip, devotee, resignee, oversea, huh, si, hee, trustee, markee, tv, gleans, sze, bil, enrollee, tree, uhh, capri, honoree, quai, draftee, we'll, rupee, spill, jee, li, ofc, rosemarie, liens, nie, screens, licensee, sta, sci, pil, andree, three, uh, jie, till, magee, brill, esprit, jaycee, internee, c, d, prill, brie, suh, vee, ranee, mpg, dsv, xie, bui, nominee, lee, pea, dill, detainee, ddt, will, cac, ee, ti, stil, marquee, whoopee, still, kee, smee, waikiki, je, g, zill, snee, marie, quill, ravi, qui, yippee, referee, curie, wee, mil, tee, shri, frill, sil, yee, fril, trainee, he, flea, lea, be, cod, mcgee, bibi, mi, odp, she, ca, mill, glee, se, ve, swill, ville, lessee, bill, guarantee, knee, p, lill, genes, apc, lille, parolee, indri, loree, spree, foresee, m3, shi, duh, re, sill, sri, ree, tea, thierry, jeans, the, jil;
  • refill, distil, sixteens, cuisines, alee, achee, goodwill, seville, distill, bastille, ravines, canteens, instill, latrines, machines, until, demille, adee, preteens, agree, convenes, sardines, eighteens, fifteens, albee, sunil, abril, vaccines, ac, fulfill, demeans, belleville, slovenes, sunscreens, careens, uphill, uh-huh, marines, abee, brazil;
  • depardieu, figurines, smithereens, gasolines, amc, adoptee, adoree, addressee, submarines, abt, amputee, intervenes, absentee;
  • irit, knbc, lapd, nitrosamines, hnat, geac, interviewee;
  • awb;