Pronunciation of Sporadic
/spɔːɹˈadɪk/, /spɔːɹˈadɪk/, /s_p_ɔː_ɹ_ˈa_d_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for sporadic

pro-longed, pro longed, for ever ever, dyed in the wool, a good many, even, re current, most recurring, un-varying, on treadmill, un interrupted, more valid, un-ending, insistent, in-grained, more staying, oft repeated, more recurring, un ceasing, deepseated, in grained, no end of, confirmed, most oftrepeated, firmly established, un-faltering, steady, stationary, un waning, more persisting, on a treadmill, oft-repeated, long-established, around the clock, more longestablished, most staying, un remitting, more reiterated, nonperiodic, in terminable, changeless, inter-minable, un-remitting, deep rooted, un-waning, more oft-repeated, un-divided, routine, re occurring, more long-established, long established, deep seated, habitual, re iterated, most oft repeated, unvarying, most long established, profuse, unchanging, re-iterative, re-gular, more inured, un failing, most iterated, more oftrepeated, re curring, no end to, un divided, frequent, re-occurring, ex-tended, more reoccurring, common, aeonian, more unbroken, usual, chainer, un ending, more unwaning, more frequent, ex tended, methodical, un broken, most reiterated, equable, pro-fuse, continual, more aeonian, hard shell, most continued, most aeonian, re-curring, most oft-repeated, continuous, inter minable, most long-established, predictable, pro fuse, aperiodic, un-interrupted, un-broken, un-failing, valid, constant, unwavering, more continued, re-current, periodic, regular, un-changing, re-iterated, day and night, un changing, un faltering, most longestablished, un-flagging, in-terminable, recurrent, longestablished, systematic, more iterated, stable, re gular, more long established, deeprooted, dependable, day night, hardshell, most inured, un varying, most reoccurring, many, re iterative, orderly, most unwaning, chainest, for ever and ever, most unbroken, uniform.