Pronunciation of Spurn
/spˈɜːn/, /spˈɜːn/, /s_p_ˈɜː_n/

Antonyms for spurn

ate one's heart out, pro-pones, Propone, help, ex citing, propones, make a killing, pine for, up-lifting, are inclined, up-raises, hadst a yen for, struck gold, lusted after, are turned to, were partial to, eats one's heart out, brake bank, gotten fat, hast mind to, hadst ambition, coulding do with, fixed upon, hadst passion for, sets one heart on, get rich, use, coulds do with, felt need, haddest an urge for, in-spiring, setting one's heart on, hits pay dirt, prefer, putting forward, up grade, join, sub-lime, pro positioned, up holds, up-holds, Desiderate, break bank, optates, ache for, up-lifted, be greedy, eat one heart out, has yen for, yenning for, set ones heart on, countenance, breaks bank, up raise, hadst eyes for, had an urge for, indulge, consent, compliment, hungered for, Subliming, be turned on to, strike rich, dignify, were turned to, wast turned to, yens for, re-questing, had yen for, be inclined, prayed for, hadst a mind to, Suspired, give eyeteeth for, feel need, in-spired, assent, yens, makes killing, up grading, have a passion for, aches for, hitting pay dirt, stilts, strook gold, is turned on to, sees fit, am turned on to, pro position, liking better, put up, wast turned on to, pro-positioning, makes a killing, have ambition, suspiring, having a passion for, up-hold, put forward, sighed for, in-crease, sub-limed, have an urge for, struck it rich, uphold, coulded do with, sigh for, having a yen for, say yes, hadst a passion for, am greedy, have urge for, desiderates, advance, re fine, come in, praise, up-raise, approve, would sooner, pre sent, breaking bank, re-quiring, feeling need, in cline, in-creased, re-quired, have eyes for, pro-mote, spoiling for, include, sub limed, opted for, setting ones heart on, set heart on, dying for, being turned to, sub liming, has a mind to, ex cite, up raising, shooting up, up hold, re questing, fetch up, wert turned on to, want, hast yen for, opts for, buy, pro-moting, yen for, itched for, feels need, hath urge for, Ramped, were greedy, set one heart on, condone, fixt upon, have a mind to, like better, see fit, yearned for, re-fining, be partial to, accept, hath ambition, Hungered, being inclined, pro-pone, in-spire, rise, setting heart on, haddest ambition, aid, hit pay dirt, shoot up, seeing fit, up-graded, re-fines, yield, elevated, surrender, obey, ex-cite, fixes up on, hast a passion for, crying out for, pro-pounded, ate ones heart out, cries out for, de-sired, are partial to, foring, pleads for, made a killing, up rearing, ex-cited, re quired, eating one's heart out, sub limes, affirm, had a yen for, art turned on to, woulding rather, gat rich, assist, up-raising, look forward to, liked better, up rear, looked forward to, pro-positions, re-quests, spoil for, gives eyeteeth for, admire, having passion for, woulded rather, up-lift, could do with, making a killing, hast a yen for, select, was greedy, pro pones, re fines, yearning for, had a mind to, concur, spoilt for, feel a need, in spires, fored, hast ambition, up rears, in spire, be-sought, breaks the bank, optating, gave eyeteeth for, inclines toward, incline toward, dies for, re-quires, pre-sent, re-quire, ok, accede, wert partial to, hungers for, sets heart on, gotten rich, up lift, had passion for, handpick, dieing for, haddest a passion for, Hungering, itches for, pre-sents, hit jackpot, haddest eyes for, woulding sooner, up lifted, pyramidding, fixt up on, pines for, made killing, pro positioning, shoots up, being greedy, setting one heart on, has urge for, is greedy, give in, elevate, in-clines, pro-pounds, FORS, Ramping, suspires, endorse, in-spires, woulds rather, up held, art partial to, wast partial to, receive, esteem, thirsting for, art turned to, confess, support, broke bank, thirsted for, embrace, were turned on to, opting for, make killing, likes better, hath eyes for, up lifts, sanction, fixing upon, haddest passion for, ex-cites, hast eyes for, grant, ex cited, in-cline, multi-plying, de sire, eating one heart out, lifting up, re quiring, are greedy, plead for, gat fat, yenned for, had urge for, haddest a yen for, sub lime, hath a yen for, pyramidded, haddest a mind to, wast inclined, up-rears, yenned, acknowledge, in clines, being partial to, wert inclined, up grades, fix upon, eats ones heart out, multi plying, pro moting, wast greedy, multi-plied, respect, were inclined, lusting after, hadst an urge for, cried out for, strike it rich, up-held, long for, crave, sighs for, brake the bank, have passion for, thirsts for, love, haddest urge for, had a passion for, eats heart out, in spired, pro pounds, de-sires, pro pounded, eat heart out, cry out for, de-sire, attend, re quire, pro-positioned, re quires, have a yen for, up graded, got rich, hath yen for, re fined, pro pone, is inclined, lift up, strook it rich, in-creases, having mind to, eat one's heart out, Desiderated, feels a need, in crease, permit, spoiled for, striking gold, was partial to, eating ones heart out, hunger for, encourage, gets rich, itching for, was turned on to, break the bank, eating heart out, in creases, go along, pro-pound, fetched up, sighing for, up-holding, making killing, am partial to, lust after, hast passion for, up-grading, aching for, die for, was turned to, Desiderating, hungering for, pro-pounding, would rather, de-siring, eats one heart out, up-raised, up-rear, itch for, be sought, welcome, up-lifts, allow, being turned on to, breaking the bank, woulds sooner, broke the bank, thirst for, having yen for, is turned to, striking rich, like, take, set one's heart on, re quested, de siring, struck rich, am turned to, was inclined, up holding, sub-liming, de sires, de sired, up lifting, up raised, see, spoils for, haddest yen for, lusts after, yearn for, pay attention, suspire, has ambition, pray for, art inclined, art greedy, hath a passion for, inclined toward, in spiring, get fat, pro pounding, longed for, sets one's heart on, strikes rich, hath a mind to, feeling a need, yearns for, wert turned to, ate one heart out, giving eyeteeth for, corroborate, having ambition, pining for, ascend, re quests, pleaded for, re-fine, had mind to, proponed, woulded sooner, will, admit, ate heart out, in creasing, jack up, pro positions, is partial to, ached for, having a mind to, got fat, inclining toward, proponing, died for, concede, sets ones heart on, longing for, strike gold, hiked up, sublimes, up-rearing, having urge for, ex cites, be turned to, lifts up, longs for, pined for, jacked up, pro-motes, wish, up-reared, have mind to, hast an urge for, up-grades, advance(s), sublimed, agree, strikes gold, are turned on to, eat ones heart out, saw fit, hadst yen for, Optate, hiking up, hast urge for, have yen for, puts forward, looking forward to, lifted up.