Pronunciation of Squander
/skwˈɒndə/, /skwˈɒndə/, /s_k_w_ˈɒ_n_d_ə/

Antonyms for squander

with-stands, pinched pennies, be grudging, getting meat, in-vesting, got off the hook, pro-viding, de-positing, penny pinch, be thrifty, going easy on, loads up, stock, got hook, gotten one's hands on, kept reserve, shotgun, penny-pinch, clean up, filling up, closing with, make bundle, draw together, put aside, re-tains, gets off hook, gotten out of hock, pre-vent, got out hock, Hiving, mothball, unchain, cache, pro-vided, stack up, meeting budget, de lays, makes bundle, scants, mark off, made the scene, pinching pennies, pre venting, bring together, getting off the hook, payed one's way, keeping back, care for, re trenching, bought up, squirrel, with-holds, begs borrow steal, closed with, gotten meat, holds bay, deals in, de crease, re tains, begged borrow steal, plunks down, roll back, go on with, pare, make scene, is stingy, pennypinching, am cheap, art prudent, were cheap, re uniting, get off the hook, put hole, de-lays, art mean with, pulling out fire, tightens one's belt, saved for rainy day, re-posed, Binned, de-fended, gotten hands on, re-unites, re-pairing, pulling out of fire, is parsimonious, skives, stocks up, Focalized, pre-pare, saves ones neck, gets out of hock, de fended, kept in reserve, get out of hock, pro-visioned, gotten the hook, kept safe, in-stalling, giving a break, heap up, am economical, be sparing, ex-tracts, de-corticated, keeps reserve, de-livered, de creasing, be economical, paying one's way, getting to meat, be stingy, de-fined, in sure, saves one's neck, look after, watch over, stretch a dollar, stretching a dollar, stands guard, buy up, in creasing, de livers, pro-vides, keeps within means, saved ones neck, saved one's neck, puts in storage, scares up, cover all bases, kept back, storing up, de-livers, being economical, am prudent, is frugal, were frugal, paid way, being mean with, de positing, sets free, re-serving, scraped together, Conglomerated, be grudged, giving trust, got out of hock, wast parsimonious, bringing together, re-new, re serving, de fends, heaps together, ran tight ship, wert economical, meet budget, beating off, Shotguns, re aching, re-deeming, congregate, gotten the meat, pro-curing, paying way, in-sure, scamping, lay away, pours in, skimped on, made ends meet, puts in hole, massed, laid by, keeps in reserve, Victualing, marked down, kept on hand, be grudge, gave refuge, makes a bundle, up held, Bottling, zero in, up-hold, laying in, with holds, keeps on hand, pro fits, is prudent, re-deems, saved neck, be cheap, wert sparing, in vested, pennypinch, bunches up, be-grudged, Hutched, pro-cured, stashed away, packing away, cut it close, scraping up, re new, pro visioned, de fining, lay by, de-livering, scare up, pro longs, repelling danger, covering bases, tightening one belt, un covering, bunching up, getting the meat, Housed, makes the scene, shotgunned, paying one way, keeping reserve, gets to meat, keep safe, gets off the hook, gat one's hands on, pro cure, aggregate, de-posited, forgather, saves neck, agglomerated, re-aping, re-deem, got hold of, re paired, making scene, puts aside for rainy day, Mounded, brings together, plunked down, beat off, gets one's hands on, hided away, cutting it close, rolls up, laid away, dealt in, scrimp, in creases, be prudent, re-united, de corticate, gave trust, with stood, Victualled, Focalizing, pre serving, de fines, keeping in reserve, pulled out of fire, putting in storage, gets out hock, in-stalled, covered all bases, pro visions, re-sting, held at bay, run a tight ship, am parsimonious, made bundle, scraped up, pay ones way, load up, get one hands on, caring for, cared for, ride shotgun for, with-standing, re-pose, re trenched, are economical, makes use of, covers all bases, piled up, cut back, gat out hock, saving ones neck, riding shotgun for, re covered, took care of, Hilling, Sentinelled, de posits, Scanting, kept hand, keep within means, with-hold, re-pairs, pro-longing, de-lay, stored up, wast mean with, covering up, feather nest, gave break, goes easy on, gave a break, de-fining, un chained, are thrifty, Warehoused, paid ones way, saving one's neck, de-laying, wert thrifty, put storage, is mean with, keeping within means, giving break, reserve, stacks up, post pone, gobbling up, stowed away, Provisioned, stretched dollar, re-trenched, pro curing, make a killing, get hook, getting hold of, de-posits, keeping hand, pre-venting, scrape together, putting in the hole, getting off hook, Copped, save one's neck, re strains, pay one's way, paid one's way, make the scene, re-duces, gives sanctuary, re-covered, making use of, re covering, Bulwarking, gotten off hook, go bat for, pro-fit, saving for rainy day, putting storage, re pairs, made scene, fighting for, meets budget, Victualed, rid shotgun for, cover bases, gat the hook, tightening belt, pro vide, pulls out fire, beats off, make killing, lays away, stashing away, plunking down, de-fines, keep reserve, de-creasing, stow away, expand, tightening one's belt, locking up, lay in, re-uniting, wert parsimonious, re straining, pro-cesses, maintain, re-serves, being sparing, give sanctuary, got the meat, cuts it close, de posit, get out hock, went easy on, pro fit, stewarded, economize, got one's hands on, Sentineled, zeroed in, gets meat, de-fending, keeping going, pro vision, met a budget, coming to rescue, pro-cess, takes under wing, ex-tract, guard against, preserve, re-ached, deposit, puts storage, pro-long, re-strain, unify, gets to the meat, mark down, tightened belt, penny-pinches, put in storage, up holds, re duces, cover up, pre-serve, with hold, pay way, getting the hook, lays aside, rolled up, de-liver, de lay, with holding, getting one hands on, pro-fits, conserve, pro-cure, scraping together, pre pare, pro-cures, re unite, saved one neck, covering all bases, re-strains, cleaning up, re trench, pre-pared, were parsimonious, pro cured, take care of, made killing, draws together, stock up, taking care of, pack away, ex tract, makes a killing, feathers nest, gangs up, stand guard, loaded up, collect, keep out, re pose, Hilled, gives trust, dealing in, in crease, puts in the hole, am mean with, pro cessed, be-grudge, re-unite, with-held, in vest, gat hold of, re strained, put aside for rainy day, pulls out of fire, gives a break, rides shotgun for, get hold of, in-crease, drawing together, beg borrow steal, art sparing, wast economical, piles up, hide away, paying ones way, trades in, keep going, forgathers, pre serves, were thrifty, marked off, draw in, pre serve, set free, un chain, save for rainy day, pro visioning, bunched up, re-trenching, give a break, pro long, pennypinches, covered up, hid away, scrapes together, cluster, stint, save neck, makes ends meet, wast frugal, lays in, making killing, Massing, paid one way, meets a budget, setting free, accessing, pinches pennies, rolling up, Conglomerating, tighten belt, was sparing, is sparing, agglutinate, post-pones, giving in trust, gotten out hock, locking away, keep on hand, stowing away, piles, gotten to meat, pinch pennies, assemble, in vests, looks after, heaped up, piling up, looking after, fight for, pro cures, made a killing, making bundle, am thrifty, in-corporate, pre-serves, pays one way, warehousing, go with, get hands on, are sparing, bunch up, fill up, being thrifty, stows away, gang up, covers up, de-tain, went on with, gobble up, re aped, gotten one hands on, covered bases, de livering, stewarding, re-served, stacked up, setting aside, cuts down on, rolls back, hides away, skimp, stretches a dollar, got the hook, hang out, re serve, keeps going, in-creased, get meat, deal in, be-grudging, stretched a dollar, harvest, with stand, re-covering, cleaned up, gotten off the hook, re sting, plunk down, conglomerate, are cheap, making a killing, de-corticate, penny-pinched, skived, gets one hands on, are stingy, got to meat, met budget, used sparingly, gets hold of, coming rescue, sate down, lock up, pulled out fire, re news, draws in, scamped, defend, pre-served, re ached, Garrisoning, cares for, gather, keeps back, unite, gets the meat, put by, re duce, wast prudent, lock away, pre vents, keeping out, holds at bay, up-holds, pro-vision, keeping on hand, store, fights for, pro-cessed, pro-vide, getting to the meat, loading up, de-fend, standing guard, de-creases, payed ones way, gets hook, re posed, re tain, cutting corners, store up, get the meat, unshackles, re strain, pro viding, heap together, locks away, marks off, panoplying, copping, repelled danger, re-aped, cut close, garner, save, holding at bay, de-tains, are frugal, getting out hock, de fined, re-trench, uses sparingly, running tight ship, Hutching, Bulwarked, un-chaining, in corporates, unchains, makes killing, ganged up, tightens one belt, cutting down on, pre pares, tighten one's belt, using sparingly, was prudent, stacking up, in-corporates, de posited, stretches dollar, in-stall, wast cheap, am sparing, be parsimonious, post pones, un shackled, tighten ones belt, feathering nest, un cover, pro cessing, made a bundle, with standing, lay aside, kept within means, re pair, tightening ones belt, packed away, wast sparing, gat off hook, in stalling, closes with, pay one way, keep, begged borrow or steal, was parsimonious, re-cover, saves for rainy day, were mean with, gives refuge, repel danger, de tains, gobbles up, wert cheap, come to rescue, makes scene, be grudges, re cover, scrapes up, roll up, giving sanctuary, packs away, got off hook, art cheap, buys up, de-posit, pre-serving, being parsimonious, embalm, cut down on, un-chain, sits down, rolled back, gat ones hands on, scared up, watching over, putting aside for rainy day, close with, de-fends, tightened one's belt, put the hole, stores up, stashes away, un-covers, un shackle, de corticated, de laying, protect, un-chains, gat to meat, heaping together, guards against, get one's hands on, un chaining, de fending, taking under wing, cut corners, guarding against, providing sanctuary, buying up, pile up, running a tight ship, rolling back, get the hook, getting hands on, re-tain, up holding, keeps out, hiding away, fills up, run tight ship, accessed, stretching dollar, locked up, trade in, re-aching, gat one hands on, trading in, with stands, giving refuge, comes to rescue, tightened ones belt, tightens belt, re-strained, meet a budget, marking off, make a bundle, keep in reserve, begging borrow steal, zeroing in, kept out, am stingy, re-pair, shotgunning, focalizes, drew together, pouring in, art parsimonious, pour in, laid aside, pro-longs, de livered, goes on with, guarded against, keeps safe, feathered nest, laid in, art stingy, is economical, covers bases, give break, putting the hole, holding bay, mothballed, wast thrifty, were economical, re trenches, save ones neck, gave sanctuary, pro longing, pays one's way, use sparingly, set aside, sets aside, un covers, pre-vents, scaring up, art frugal, un-shackling, de liver, tightens ones belt, were stingy, saving one neck, keep hand, pre paring, de fend, un covered, tighten one belt, re-serve, re-straining, make ends meet, pre-paring, gat off the hook, victual, gat to the meat, re-paired, skimp on, making a bundle, cuts close, pile, hoard, obtain, pre vent, provide sanctuary, re-duce, penny pinched, pro-visions, come rescue, Unshackle, forgathering, in-vest, rode shotgun for, pre served, forgathered, be-grudges, laying aside, provided sanctuary, un-cover, looked after, sat down, being prudent, stocking up, heaped together, un shackling, sit down, re-trenches, de tain, gotten hold of, is thrifty, gave in trust, drawing in, keeping safe, Garrisoned, get to the meat, payed way, with held, repels danger, un shackles, de-fine, put in the hole, tightened one belt, re deeming, pro vides, stretch dollar, getting hook, saves one neck, got one hands on, up-holding, panoplied, pays way, Hived, pro-longed, save one neck, up hold, watched over, swelled, pre-vented, begs borrow or steal, unchained, got ones hands on, scrape, ran a tight ship, Agglomerating, gets hands on, de-crease, re-news, meeting a budget, came to rescue, unshackled, traded in, got meat, filled up, got to the meat, was economical, making ends meet, get ones hands on, being frugal, Thronging, was frugal, in corporate, beg borrow or steal, Provisioning, getting out of hock, begging borrow or steal, in-creases, un-covering, be mean with, ganging up, Binning, Bottled, pre pared, stockpile, were sparing, wert prudent, being cheap, pays ones way, re unites, ward off, mothballs, de creases, cuts corners, was cheap, gotten hook, de creased, are parsimonious, re deem, Shepherded, pro vided, comes rescue, heap, pennypinched, de fine, stood guard, skive, was stingy, drew in, Mounding, laying away, Shepherding, skimps on, came rescue, re united, took under wing, cutting close, art thrifty, accumulate, concentrate, brought together, focalize, wert frugal, keeps hand, Scanted, mothballing, wert stingy, payed one way, runs tight ship, takes care of, cleans up, gat hands on, in stalled, re pairing, give refuge, are prudent, hold bay, make use of, re-covers, pro cess, being stingy, locked away, penny pinches, heaping up, was thrifty, were prudent, be frugal, re served, Sentinelling, go easy on, de-creased, swell, re deemed, poured in, in-vests, with-stand, in-vested, up-held, Sentineling, gets ones hands on.