Pronunciation of Stagnate
/staɡnˈe͡ɪt/, /staɡnˈe‍ɪt/, /s_t_a_ɡ_n_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for stagnate

refashion, developing in to, un wrapping, repositioning, yo yo, dis patch, reeled out, recast, mis-matching, un-curl, ex pounding, de crease, re-trace, re worded, dis patched, changed into, re generated, phonied up, dialling back, mis-matches, did into, eventuallying be, inter change, trans-forming, being converted to, turn into, un-furling, un-twist, un coils, trans-figured, de-creasing, putting in plain english, restyling, denatured, figure out, rechannel, changing in to, re strain, Sheered, ex pound, ex-press, goes into detail, dis entangle, un rolled, in-spired, re form, re-tracing, re-makes, wert reformed, about faced, un-rolled, ex plicate, refashioning, trans-planted, mis matching, re positioning, grow into, re arranging, re located, dis-entangling, un covers, restyled, are converted to, develop in to, Shunted, in spiring, de-cipher, re-shaping, un-does, re coiling, pre vail, ex pressing, re made, pro-vides, changed position, re shaped, re lapsing, ex-posing, re-organizes, re-casting, re shapes, de fines, inversing, reorder, de parts, dis placing, corrected midcourse, re-moving, uncoil, deeded, re strains, de scribing, re-lapses, re pair, am transformed in to, be come, un folded, puts in plain english, recasts, about face, doth in to, sings different tune, shaking out, improve, dis-locates, corrects midcourse, un tangled, turns around, re organizes, pre-vailed, diagramed, doest in to, ex plicated, de-nature, untwisting, in-spire, un-wrapping, transliterates, trans plants, re-leased, re-calibrating, co oking, pass on, re moved, unbent, ex-plaining, re-models, de fine, correct mid-course, re-strained, mis-mate, re duces, un ravel, re coil, ex-pose, moving around, trans-posing, breaks down, re positions, re-styled, re-arrange, is converted to, un-tangle, un ravelling, shifting gears, re-ordered, re legates, mismatching, changes gears, meta-phrased, am remodeled, are transformed into, in-spires, un bent, re lapsed, flip flopping, pro vide, un bends, meta phrase, reels out, re casts, doest into, re styled, dis-locate, re locate, being remodeled, came be, turn the corner, dis close, up-sets, make plain, changed in to, passing in to, re does, re-coiled, transmogrify, para phrased, de code, ex-plicate, ex press, out stretching, art reduced to, re-positioning, re make, un covering, dis-entangle, taxi, unfold, de-fines, co-oked, come be, be-comes, mismates, customizing, turned the corner, un wound, out spreads, re fashioned, re-lapsing, uncoiled, de-toured, correcting midcourse, turning into, para-phrased, de-fine, re channel, re trace, re calibrates, de-tours, re vamps, re late, trans-plants, un did, was reborn, re forms, was transformed in to, was converted to, dis-closing, re turn, re organize, rechannels, in-versing, grew into, remake, un-creases, correcting mid course, out spreading, de-ciphered, mis-match, is reduced to, ex pressed, reposition, dis closing, move over, re wording, eventually be, re strict, unbend, re generating, doth into, fans out, re fined, art transformed into, change gears, re vising, detoured, reshaped, transformed, re-style, un bended, re new, de codes, re moving, art remodeled, dis played, deeding, repositions, fanning out, made over, re-solving, transliterate, re-organize, re-ordering, re constructed, de fining, in-verse, re gards, de livered, moved over, face about, dis place, turned tables, re directs, transliterated, inter changes, assume form of, turned in to, is transformed in to, mis matched, transpose, meta-phrase, tampering with, un-raveling, re-words, un-twisted, re-organized, trans planted, in versed, making innovations, trans mute, pre vailing, shakes out, un wrapped, going in to detail, setting right, re formed, affect, un-bends, downlinked, re arranges, re-fashioning, re-channels, refashioned, shake out, phonies up, metamorphose, develop into, re-styles, uncoils, de creased, denaturing, make different, did in to, re-placed, re-strict, dis-played, in cline, throws light upon, dis closed, uncurled, para-phrasing, re conditioning, re fashions, ex-pounded, wast transformed into, co oked, turning over new leaf, make over, ex-posed, un-bended, dis-entangled, dis-patched, un crease, re-turned, meta phrasing, turning in to, dis-placed, reordering, trans form, re-casts, dis-placing, grow in to, ex-changing, re lapse, re-vamping, re-position, ex tended, puts across, para phrases, de legate, un-creased, reshape, un furled, singing different tune, un rolls, morph, taxiing, metaphrases, be comes, being reformed, make clear, ex-plained, out-spreads, re directing, mis match, de-livers, up setting, re-organizing, up sets, re-coiling, doped out, Metaphrased, bore fruit, de creases, trans-figuring, re-direct, trans figured, wast converted to, modify, bare fruit, makes clear, pre-sents, ex tends, re-paired, re channeling, being transformed in to, yoyoed, turning around, un folds, re-legates, re-solve, go into detail, re works, dost into, come to be, re-word, turned one around, re versing, de-legates, inter-change, de scribed, doing in to, tampered with, redirects, re news, trans figuring, swapping places, flipflopped, para-phrases, does into, ex posed, un-ravel, re turning, turn tables, out-stretch, ripening into, in-clines, un wrap, help, be reduced to, de-scribed, bottomed out, hem haw, re condition, am transformed into, being reduced to, de fined, re channels, re calibrate, de-codes, dis-close, de livering, dis-playing, re turns, re-pairs, turns the corner, changes in to, uncreasing, ex-pound, change, re-constructs, re shape, over come, dis covered, re-legate, remakes, ex-plicated, redirected, de natures, in spire, ex plicates, trans figure, phony up, re-conditioned, Zigzagging, pre-sent, be reborn, re vamped, re-coil, yoyoing, re vise, re-worked, re-works, recasting, transubstantiate, throw light up on, re-generate, over coming, dis-closed, re-directing, made plain, re-lease, dis patches, trans-literate, Metaphrase, art reborn, broke down, re-forms, uncurls, altering to, re-generates, developing into, out-stretches, is reformed, re-moves, dis located, changing position, trans-planting, re lax, re move, uncrease, ex changes, in-duce, para phrase, in clines, shook out, move around, de parted, de scribes, swapped places, re-did, reshapes, turned around, flip-flopped, be came, pre-vail, ex change, dis playing, un-curls, in-duces, re-channeled, outspreading, out spread, emerge as, un-cover, re casting, swaps places, sang different tune, commute, fan out, came to be, tamper with, emerging as, uncurl, un cover, coming be, are reduced to, pre-vails, turns one around, ex pose, re channeled, de nature, dialing back, re styling, re shaping, re-working, Faulting, mis-mating, re-solves, re done, re coils, re-traces, re pairs, rechannelling, de creasing, un done, uncurling, turning tables, un curling, flourish, de ciphering, de-part, growing into, bear fruit, un-coiling, stretching out, pro vided, re-worded, grew in to, de-parts, Sheering, re-veal, re model, un covered, meta morphoses, re-calibrated, un-bending, re-model, shifts gears, re-shaped, pro-viding, re veals, un-ravels, wast reduced to, turns over new leaf, was reformed, yo-yo, rechanneled, re channelled, un twists, un-winds, re-modeling, tampers with, trans forming, un-covering, re-condition, bottoming out, being transformed into, re lease, passed on, differentiate, dis patching, un coiled, denature, trans-plant, over-comes, re fashion, turn one around, wast remodeled, throw light upon, re-veals, taxis, dis-entangles, un winds, correcting mid-course, in duce, trans-muted, re ordering, making different, de coded, turn over new leaf, un-curled, didst in to, un coiling, re did, redirect, un-tangling, ex-plain, un-coils, re-shapes, diagramming, re-conditions, eventuallies be, voltefacing, re-vamped, out-stretching, re-positions, over comes, figured out, re-gard, inter changed, untwists, dis-covered, re construct, de-scribes, ex plaining, re directed, re-does, am converted to, trans ported, denatures, un ravels, re calibrating, bottom out, stretch out, re makes, brake down, faced about, re-directed, makes plain, pro viding, sheers, re-channel, bearing fruit, shifted gears, ripen in to, change in to, re modelling, shunt, out-spreading, turn in to, de-tour, re coiled, yoyos, pre vails, assumed form of, pre vailed, makes different, beared fruit, recalibrating, goes in to detail, assuming form of, ex plains, be-come, dis locates, ex pounded, changed gears, art converted to, un fold, corrects mid-course, reel out, are remodeled, re arranged, trans literate, ex-changed, figures out, un-wound, be converted to, turned the tables, dialed back, turning corner, un-covers, re-calibrate, making over, uncoiling, de tract, throwing light upon, re cast, be transformed in to, re leases, change into, un furling, re-leases, volte-faces, un-rolling, trans literates, trans mutes, re-doing, ex changing, re-arranged, de-tract, un creased, un roll, un-wrap, alter to, re-fines, growing in to, flip-flopping, re-duce, re strained, dope out, YOYO, shift, voltefaces, re models, moves around, shied away, un-furled, dis-patching, comes be, para phrasing, re locates, up-setting, dis places, un-ravelling, handed, re-pairing, ex-plains, turning the tables, re-lapse, Zigzagged, de-tracts, build, ex-pounding, trans-muting, untwisted, re-make, re-fashions, ex-tending, un-coil, un twisting, are reformed, making plain, un bending, fanned out, re forming, de-livering, yo yos, diagraming, un raveled, Faulted, sing different tune, turn, re-modeled, de cipher, out stretches, de natured, threw light upon, breaking down, re-lapsed, changing into, Re-turn, re generate, be remodeled, co-oking, over-coming, unbended, sung different tune, re direct, am reborn, re-strain, re-lax, dis-plays, ex-tended, art reformed, de coding, translate, trans muted, re-modelled, un rolling, trans formed, dis-covering, un curl, trans-figure, were reborn, ex plained, de-creases, dis-located, break down, re-work, shift gears, passed into, re fines, dis-patch, Re-forming, de tracts, comes to be, downlinking, de-touring, threw light up on, recalibrate, in spires, re positioned, zigzags, un wind, re solve, changes position, trans muting, de tours, pre sent, de-coded, throws light up on, re-fashion, re-places, outspread, moves over, coming to be, un curls, ex-pressing, re-news, re places, transliterating, become, customizes, re modelled, detouring, re-arranges, re-located, de-livered, de ciphered, re-lated, dials back, made innovations, shifting, re-wrought, are transformed in to, re-calibrates, re-vising, trans pose, in-versed, ex pounds, ex plicating, re-formed, dis-cover, wert converted to, going into detail, ex-plicating, trans-mutes, does in to, meta phrases, turning one around, re place, put across, re making, re styles, passed in to, un-twists, un does, put plain english, re generates, transform, passes into, un-did, re-versed, Metamorphosed, re verse, be-came, transmute, reorders, up set, dis entangling, re paired, work, rechannelled, un-bend, un-winding, un tangle, re-made, emerged as, re-order, set right, de ciphers, recalibrates, re duce, ex-plicates, in verse, re channelling, inverses, outspreads, un doing, de parting, mis mated, developed in to, uncreased, be transformed into, re straining, flip flopped, re-arranging, de scribe, change position, pro-vided, mismatched, inversed, shies away, de livers, in duces, ex-tend, moved around, re legate, metaphrasing, re fine, ripening in to, un-folding, de-scribing, dis covers, re-shape, dis covering, un-curling, un-fold, un-ravelled, be reformed, corrects mid course, mis mating, voltefaced, yo yoed, untwist, trans-literates, dialled back, dis-closes, un curled, facing about, un raveling, ripened into, develops into, re orders, passes in to, doeth into, re modeled, de-crease, didst into, de-parted, un-bent, re-new, re-positioned, re-locating, shy away, re-vamps, inter-changing, dopes out, passes on, un folding, make innovations, re-fine, in-cline, transfer, re-traced, re organized, correct midcourse, re-locate, re-coils, re solves, do into, re-verse, re calibrated, dis closes, dis plays, inter-changes, is reborn, dis entangled, being reborn, turned corner, re organizing, went in to detail, re-move, para-phrase, re-vised, diagrammed, putting across, un-folds, re-cast, turn corner, de-ciphers, developed into, Shunting, go in to detail, de-ciphering, re-orders, mis matches, yo-yos, inter changing, re conditions, re-locates, turn around, de-code, trans-pose, convert, trans-figures, do in to, un-raveled, de-fining, ripens into, doeth in to, un-rolls, ripens in to, re-making, meta-phrasing, re placed, de-natured, un-roll, makes innovations, re-pair, dis locating, dis placed, pass in to, trans-form, grow, re order, re constructs, re-generating, re worked, mis-mates, mismated, dis-patches, re-styling, meta-phrases, de touring, about facing, phonying up, un-doing, re fashioning, un ravelled, dis-place, am reduced to, up-set, un-coiled, switching over, doping out, turns tables, made different, dis-play, ripen into, dost in to, re-duces, re-turns, un-folded, de-natures, ex-tends, re-constructing, doing into, was remodeled, be-coming, re pairing, dis locate, correct mid course, re position, out stretch, volte-facing, bears fruit, meta-morphoses, throwing light up on, flipflopping, un winding, wert transformed in to, re-vamp, de tour, de-coding, trans forms, turn the tables, is transformed into, pro vides, stretched out, trans-lated, trans-mute, dis entangles, re-channelled, un-crease, un-wraps, uncreases, were transformed in to, un-creasing, re-solved, un twist, un-tangled, corrected mid-course, made clear, re-vise, re vised, yo yoing, wast transformed in to, putting plain english, re-strains, re locating, re-straining, were reduced to, de legates, de-parting, in spired, turning the corner, trans-formed, assumes form of, altered to, de part, meta phrased, re lapses, makes over, ex-pounds, re-directs, un-twisting, dis-covers, re-turning, re-channelling, passing on, wert reborn, moving over, yo-yoing, turns corner, trans late, in-spiring, bottoms out, Handing, de-scribe, recalibrated, dis play, repositioned, mis mate, alters to, un creasing, dis cover, de toured, volte facing, ex tending, re words, changing gears, re-generated, dis-places, corrected mid course, re-channeling, strengthen, wast reborn, volte-face, trans-forms, turns the tables, alter, dial back, re working, un wraps, signs over, am reformed, pro-vide, de-creased, un bend, develops in to, are reborn, art transformed in to, is remodeled, re-fining, switched over, re-conditioning, re-done, restyle, de liver, dis-locating, trans posed, yo-yoed, wast reformed, re placing, de-legate, de-fined, blow hot cold, explain, ex plain, out-stretched, switches over, be coming, un coil, changes into, switch over, ex tend, refashions, re conditioned, rechanneling, de-liver.