Pronunciation of Stagnation
/staɡnˈe͡ɪʃən/, /staɡnˈe‍ɪʃən/, /s_t_a_ɡ_n_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for stagnation

dis-articulations, sidlings, parallel of latitude, dis engagements, high on hog, adulthoods, buildup, retroversion, out cries, revolvings, in novations, upheaval, dis array, interrelation, high the hog, unconformities, roamings, armbands, pro traction, shakeouts, dis-sent, wanderings, re arrangements, trans actions, in congruities, multi plications, Contradictories, expansion, re alignments, inter ludes, in creasing, re-cords, variation, dis-organization, anti-pole, natural processes, roll, trans fusions, mutability, getting aheads, dis tension, co incidences, Dilatations, flections, luxations, transfer, dis-position, strengthenings, transformations, trans-feral, flexure, co lures, reversement, Unconformity, golpes, switch-over, dis similitudes, dis similarities, de posit, pirouettes, up turns, re generations, distensions, life luxury, in-subordinations, Trundling, natural process, innovation, stretching, castlings, Translatings, switch over, preferment, re-arrangements, augmentings, re volution, Curvation, circulation, in-consistency, change heart, trans-fusions, un ravelings, pro duce, switchovers, over-turning, tour, mis placements, up-grading, head-way, cordon, born agains, turn, unharmoniousnesses, coup detat, re volt, ex tension, pro-cessions, making progresses, de tour, circle tours, golpe, dis cords, re organizations, go arounds, unfurlings, up-set, widenings, sub-versions, transit, up grade, dis-cords, journeyings, deflections, de-posits, over turnings, up-swing, counter poles, protraction, in-equalities, Contra, dis-orders, space, ongoings, Right-about, out growths, de tours, re-courses, motility, re tractions, re source, difference opinion, move, ontogenies, re-formations, dis connection, tack, cancroid, well being, re-construction, pro-positions, lengthenings, Counterpole, fibrousness, switch, over night, forward march, switch-overs, Metastases, gamesmanships, in-verse, convections, in subordinations, transposings, in-come, beefing ups, bend, re-location, dis-sents, in creases, transmittal, trans location, turnovers, dis-array, spaciousness, dynamism, dis articulation, circle tour, trans formation, roundabouts, dis connections, in equality, dis-organizations, dis continuities, Traject, ex change, full swing, underground activity, counter-poles, trans-figuration, dis-positions, up-roars, maturation, re-sort, re traction, dis-placements, multi plication, going forward, cordons, ex-tensions, trans action, dis locations, advancings, policy change, in-consistencies, Germinations, trans-posing, dynamisms, up surge, supplantments, versos, inter dependences, in stability, twistings, trans-formations, trans mission, inning, head way, un rest, un-ravelings, deviants, life of luxury, over turn, developings, full swings, inter change, verso, whistlestops, re volutions, ex-tents, re birth, re versal, pro-fusions, right abouts, working times, pro motion, in consistencies, over-throw, meliorism, dis seminations, dis-tensions, re modellings, the good lives, dis engagement, cancroids, meta-stases, transubstantiation, re lay, re solutions, dis sents, mid-course correction, new ball game, trans-portings, midcourse correction, conjuncture, sub-version, whistlestop, re-commendation, co incidence, Translocations, growth, in subordination, drawing outs, up-sets, shakeout, inter-changes, shift, Chrysalides, transfigurements, meta morphoses, luxation, departure from norm, headroom, zodiacs, re cords, re-lays, counterpoles, modernity, turn around, re cord, realignment, in-filtration, up-risings, over-turn, mis-takes, under-takings, CLOVERS, in-novation, Antipole, in-congruity, up growth, co-incidences, pre dispositions, ontogeny, revolution, inter-relations, dis-similarities, in come, thickenings, re-sorts, mis take, re-legation, dis-similitude, modernisms, re-generation, forward marches, re-birth, up-beats, pro cess, disc, dis accord, un-certainty, modernizations, ex-plosion, mutation, dis parities, traversings, ontogenesises, pre-text, translocation, turnings, up growths, trundlings, under taking, re-verse, inverses, head-room, metamorphosis, mis takes, new deal, un-conformities, re-peals, waverings, meta stasis, re turn, transmittances, re-volt, re-generations, one upmanship, step forward, dis semination, dis-accords, dis similarity, preferments, adding tos, radical change, retro-versions, stacking up, change in direction, dis-connection, shake ups, mid course corrections, dis articulations, trans-planting, ex-tension, pro motions, un-raveling, overnight, de flection, buying sellings, deracinations, re construction, dis cord, stratagem, stepups, dynamics, giant stride, mid course correction, re-shaping, Funguses, Prelation, change, ex-tent, pre ferments, in-equality, dis-location, pro-fits, mis fortune, dis order, sub version, pre-texts, pre-payment, para site, meta morphosis, germination, pro tractions, pro-traction, modernization, pre disposition, wellbeing, Upgrowth, bout, under side, movablenesses, Elbowroom, re version, pro-duces, Disarticulations, evolvings, suffusion, fleshing out, transmogrification, trans-mission, windings, permutation, Colure, counter pole, trans-mutations, ex changes, co-lures, re sources, policy changes, dis organization, over-night, in-filtrations, crazies, making progress, de-tour, counter-pole, development, change of direction, dis similitude, trajects, out bursts, re formations, rise, change direction, pre ferment, shake-up, un certainties, new ball games, contras, inter changes, guerrilla activities, re-solution, re-tractions, transformation, change mind, mis-placements, trans figurations, transmutation, flowerings, over-throws, in crease, good times, sub mission, changeover, in-novations, dis unity, upgradings, mis-fortunes, dis organizations, radical changes, pro-cess, other sides, over nights, re legation, trans-locations, de lay, un-certainties, in-stability, variance, in filtration, retroversions, whistle stop, re location, pre-ferments, portage, pro fits, carryings, boom, dis-unity, dis-similitudes, re-novation, de-flection, right-abouts, changeabout, see the light, realignments, movement, unharmoniousness, re volts, opening out, co lure, fungi, prepayment, re modelling, fleshing outs, co-lure, dis-similarity, ontogenesis, inter-relation, point sail, re-course, up-roar, inter lude, temperings, infiltration, oblique course, dis placement, wen, un-familiarities, un harmoniousness, waxings, dis agreement, whistle-stops, re-alignments, ex plosions, castling, pro-motion, re-volution, head rooms, trans-action, risings, in consistency, sub-mission, successfulness, up-rising, inter-dependences, transferences, up-growth, point of sail, re legations, out-break, re turns, evolution, trick, mutabilities, curvations, shake-ups, transfiguration, inter relations, de-lay, out-cries, pro-cession, dis-agreements, working outs, changeabouts, maturations, other side, relegations, de-lays, pro duces, switch overs, co-incidence, buying and sellings, up-turns, re visions, pro position, re courses, re gale, reshapings, pro-fusion, re vision, re commendation, vicissitude, re-vision, dis tensions, re placements, out-burst, pro-tractions, rearrangement, spread, permeations, suffusions, re-gales, de posits, re lays, re-locations, bendings, un hinging, up risings, transfigurement, anabases, inter dependence, full turn, new ballgame, whistle stops, conjunctures, kineticses, inter-ludes, dis placements, dis continuity, para-site, un-furling, trans locations, relegation, uturn, changings, up-beat, trans positions, un-harmoniousnesses, advance, flection, re-turns, armband, in equalities, sub versions, dis-connections, sur prises, trans position, dis-parity, departure from the norm, elbowrooms, Disarticulation, pre payment, trans formations, pro fit, sub-missions, up set, clover, little game, different stroke, de lays, anti thesis, headrooms, see light, torque, transplantings, mis-take, out break, buying and selling, in verse, dis-seminations, re-gale, meta-morphosis, re-traction, infiltrations, turn arounds, fungus, supplantment, event, ex tents, re-versions, newfangled contraptions, improvement, in-subordination, up turn, ex tent, flux, dilatation, equator, re novations, over-turnings, overnights, doublebacks, flowings, over throws, re-volts, transposition, pre payments, dis-tension, re-placement, buying selling, sunderings, dis agreements, rectifications, intensification, up beats, pre text, sur-prise, flexures, trans-position, de-flections, proselytizations, dis orders, re course, trans figuration, round, progress, inter-lude, over turns, un-conformity, curveballs, multi-plications, cirques, curveball, re-modelings, doublings, retro-version, rectification, out-bursts, un-hinging, metasi, ripenings, trans-positions, overturnings, reinforcings, re alignment, tangents, transpositions, anti-poles, dis-cord, spreading outs, gain, re peals, dis-agreement, dis-order, trans-location, re-formation, upbeats, re-alignment, re-organization, meta-morphoses, prepayments, sur-prises, stretchings, stirrings, new ball-games, de-posit, dis sent, re-modeling, re peal, step-up, anti pole, out-cry, pro fusions, dis-placement, un folding, motilities, spreadings, zodiac, fibrous tissue, dis-engagement, modernities, intensifyings, dis positions, conductions, underground activities, unfolding, para-sites, exchange, re-sources, un certainty, trans missions, prosperity, dis-continuity, dis-engagements, turnover, convection, un familiarities, conversion, advancement, parallel latitude, turning around, pre-disposition, kinetics, un-rest, out burst, trans-figurations, meta-stasis, re commendations, inter missions, turning arounds, head-rooms, dis accords, weekends, inter-change, adulthood, re births, spin, re modelings, pro cessions, equators, un harmoniousnesses, trans fusion, passage, transition, circle, giant strides, zigzags, in-creases, pro-cesses, midcourse corrections, body englishes, dis-arrays, trans-fusion, stint, spaciousnesses, ruse, DISCS, in novation, dis location, up swing, in comes, change of mind, dis-locations, Contraries, re-legations, shufflings, high hog, modernism, piling ups, trans-formation, little games, re-volutions, re-versal, new ballgames, uprising, Re-turn, floaters, re-novations, in congruity, out-growths, pre texts, re gales, prelations, re-cord, the good life, transmittance, mis fortunes, ups downs, opening outs, chrysalises, fibrousnesses, proselytization, prolongation, whistle-stop, stacking ups, distension, in-crease, un familiarity, over throw, over turning, up sets, un furling, dis arrays, up-grades, inter relation, inter-dependence, re-placements, stepup, trans feral, dis-continuities, re-constructions, retro version, re-solving, ex plosion, displacement, Colures, augmentation, antipoles, up-swings, re shaping, up-turn, anti-thesis, dis-parities, in filtrations, motion, multi-plication, in-stabilities, circlings, un-folding, Anabasis, deflection, under-sides, up-surge, re novation, metastasis, up surges, pre-ferment, transference, un-rests, conduction, innovativeness, in-congruities, oblique courses, dis-semination, out breaks, de flections, different strokes, re-modellings, trans mutation, boost, re-version, supplantings, gamesmanship, dis parity, doubleback, advance(s), floater, dos, dis-articulation, up grading, un-harmoniousness, transmittals, heightenings, cirque, perfectings, re-source, under-side, up-surges, about face, re-solutions, new ball-game, wrong sides, up grades, right about, wens, meta stases, recentnesses, up rising, re-commendations, volte-face, regeneration, chrysalis, up beat, para sites, permeation, retro versions, continuings, shiftings, sub missions, mis placement, high on the hog, reverse, sur prise, under-taking, newfangled contraption, alteration, going forwards, upgrowths, new deals, bed roses, trans-mutation, meliorisms, ecliptic, remodellings, dis-accord, de-tours, pro positions, working time, re-visions, proliferation, un raveling, guerrilla activity, re verse, pro-motions, oneupmanship, anti poles, airings, pro cession, sproutings, goahead, thickening, do's, re-births, out-breaks, re-lay, trans-actions, re versions, deracination, re-organizations, melioration, moves, dis position, ecliptics, up swings, uppings.