Pronunciation of Stall
/stˈɔːl/, /stˈɔːl/, /s_t_ˈɔː_l/

Antonyms for stall

turns steam, Hasted, was quick, smoking, making haste, be quick, opponent, speeds up, assist, shook a leg, activate, were quick, further, gets move on, goad, makes tracks, be-stir, Sallied, dis patches, dis-patches, be stirs, progress, make easier, expedite, speed up, making short work of, making tracks, step gas, turn steam, budge, promote, whishing, stepped on gas, be stir, shaking leg, make tracks, steps on gas, whished, get a move on, march, spur, lost no time, propel, getting a move on, start, are quick, turned steam, Barreling, release, gets a move on, carry out, going like lightning, hurries up, face, permit, whish, went like lightning, be-stirs, wast quick, turning on steam, dis-patch, aid, stepping on gas, allow, encourage, is quick, wend, lose no time, beelined, beelining, makes haste, stepping gas, turns on steam, got move on, hurry up, go like lightning, DO, let go, open, goes like lightning, hurrying up, be-stirring, move, got a move on, push, made haste, promptitude, barreled, carry on, gat move on, bestirs, meet, step on gas, shake a leg, Hasting, Sallying, hurry, turn on steam, bulleted, makes time, stepping on it, steps on it, Hurries, be stirring, losing no time, whishes, advance, Bestirring, barrelled, bestir, enemy, drive, speeding up, speeded up, make haste, promptitudes, be-stirred, shakes leg, continue, bulleting, go, persist, shake leg, turning steam, steps it, make time, shakes a leg, step on it, step it, help, be stirred, turned on steam, stepped it, adversary, being quick, stepping it, stepped gas, dis patch, Make short work of, Barrelling, steps gas, makes short work of, forward, hurried up, let up, impel, sped up, wert quick, get move on, made short work of, stepped on it, unblock, made tracks, gat a move on, shaking a leg, Fleeted, gotten a move on, made time, am quick, loses no time, fare, keep, art quick, stir, making time, Bestirred.