Pronunciation of Standard
/stˈandəd/, /stˈandəd/, /s_t_ˈa_n_d_ə_d/

Antonyms for standard

in describability, magic word, odd persons, more new fashioned, foreignnesses, more supermundane, un-representative, commonplace terms, un-processed, un common, re-current, most screaming, non-conformity, more unparagoned, oral communication, most unalike, un conformities, out standing, most teratoid, sleight hand, dis honesty, stale language, noteworthy, semi occasional, in-congruous, weird, most spastic, more mismatched, in-human, doublespeak, speech, more weirdo, semi-occasional, in-novations, unwonted, new-fashioned, most imitation, breaking new ground, out righter, street talks, most novel, most mismatched, regionalism, more esteemed, goodhumored, weirdness, in dependence, most wonderworking, most varietal, streetest, clean cut, recherche, most newborn, more nonuniform, wordage, unorthodoxy, exoticism, uncustomary, out-righter, whimsicalnesses, un-skilled, knee slapper, more staged, poles apart, dis-orderly, most shifting, just out, flaw, most unrepresentative, chics, slanguages, dis-honesty, un conventionality, nowest, most unfrequent, most highprofile, un similar, more devising, capriciousness, hypo-criticalness, bugged out, more heteroclite, most comer, uninvestigated, waywardness, most unexampled, cleancut, in consistent, un usualnesses, expressings, odd person, in bred, ex pressings, most degenerated, un usualness, offbeat, un-ordinary, out left field, more causal, de-formed, un-orthodoxness, nonsense, freakishness, more giltedged, more offbase, more faltering, un-used, originative, dis orderly, unalike, singularity, non uniform, more side splitting, dis-similar, outre, linguae francae, supra natural, anarchistic, un-believable, Heteroclite, ex-cess, dis graceful, un-orthodox, unsimilar, un-stable, exoticisms, at cutting edge, most variform, dis-similarities, localism, catch 22, dis-continuous, slanguage street talks, unheard of, most incommensurable, un earthly, a far cry from, more individualizing, spastic, freaker, campier, more bewildering, by-gone, un-known, inter-course, off wall, re sourceful, fabber, pious platitude, INS, un-paralleled, monstrosity, un likeness, fool notions, more fluctuant, Unconformity, brand new, catch 22's, un-equaled, little known, unpredictable, more horrifying, indescribabilities, exceptional, most side splitting, non conformity, at odds, demotic, in-discriminate, esoterism, wayout, most unaligned, out of line, most diverging, most stand-out, paradox, out in left field, bygones, anthologized, subtilest, character, more uncontaminated, anomaly, in things, un canny, most fabricated, mis mated, choice words, rum, dis-united, most untrodden, protuberant, for grins, be-ginning, self hood, variform, memorable, ex-cesses, scarce, abnormality, Arrestive, non conformist, hypocriticalnesses, more unalike, most diacritic, ipseity, specific, most undirected, unrepresentative, more omnifarious, out-right, un-commonness, more differentiating, multi-form, more apart, turn phrase, off balance, selfdom, more conceiving, trite language, un-solvable, most gilt edged, more underlined, un accountable, mismatched, more fluctuating, in-sipidities, most murder, Gelastic, un equivocal, un-attached, most pitted, infrequent, more off-base, zombie, jargon, phenomenal, mediaspeaks, out side, most crackup, un-investigated, nonconformist, more anthologized, Selfness, most stand out, most bohemian, unorthodoxies, grodier, more recherche, out proportion, in-dependences, madeup, un accustomed, most giltedged, regionalisms, far cry, lingua franca, perquisitor, mis-created, be ginning, brandnew, un-aligned, more diverging, un fathomable, mis-takes, out of proportion, in consistencies, in-sincerest, un-spoiled, overused terms, kooky, out line, more stand-out, tongue, more varietal, cant, un even, hit nail on head, newest wrinkles, perquisitors, affected piety, puton, most unparagoned, distinct, most killing, un naturalnesses, re cent, gasser, most antithetic, surrealistic, Unfrequent, most defined, un conforming, un-symmetrical, dis-agreeing, more confounding, unconventionality, singular, un trodden, more untrodden, bull eye, conjurings, in thing, most elliptic, hit nail head, inter courses, more newborn, un-alike, most nonuniform, unconventionalities, un settled, dis criminating, anti-thetic, the latest, this seasons, curious, oddball, de terminate, abnormal, freakest, un-thinkable, anti thetic, in-consistencies, unnaturalness, irregularity, more undefinable, un spoiled, singular object, idiosyncratic, un exampled, shoptalks, un-conventionality, un commonness, sub tile, localisms, cuttingedge, threedollar bill, most outre, unmethodical, in frequent, kneeslapper, language, fool notion, salient, un stable, freakishnesses, provincialisms, dis-similarity, patter, several, sub-tile, droll, irregular, un familiar, most knee-slapper, choice word, most deviate, weirdnesses, in-constant, esotericisms, makebelieve, most crack up, off beaten path, more earmarked, campy, un-likely, diacritic, hot press, many, more defined, clear cut, hypo-criticalnesses, queer, Miscreated, terminology, seities, un-natural, un-likelier, latest word, dis-quieting, un equal, un-common, most omnifarious, un expected, Seity, more surrealistic, oddnesses, un-earthliest, sham holiness, un touched, Fluctuant, more zigzagged, gassest, un-likeness, gagged up, unusualnesses, more mismated, remarkable, Hocuspocus, most omniform, un aligned, extraordinary, most romanesque, de formed, most vagarious, more new-fashioned, difficult believe, indescribability, ex cess, more high-profile, most antic, in-tolerable, most off-the-wall, un-conventionalities, hocus pocus, in-sincerer, buzz, most heteromorphic, hypo criticalness, romanesque, pecksniffery, more diacritic, most devising, strange, in congruities, more crack-up, more unconforming, most diversiform, extra ordinarinesses, Supermundane, whimsical, strangeness, more unexampled, gobbledegooks, more laffer, de finite, catch22, splasher, more degenerated, nower, miraculous, trend, Contradistinct, causal, turn of phrase, in dependent, more demiurgic, gobbledegook, flavor, in human, dis-position, most concocted, more curious, un orthodoxness, dis position, un solvable, overused term, in-dependence, in-experienced, un alike, uncommonness, more contrastive, highprofile, wacks, buzzword, privileged persons, mis take, heretical, most special, out way, inter-changes, hetero-clite, clownish, un-real, laffer, in sincerest, most generative, extraordinarinesses, topdrawer, more wonderworking, selfdoms, in-comparable, majorleague, wayward, Demiurgic, hereticism, in dividual, in-dependent, un steadiest, mindblowing, more murder, nonuniform, most innovational, most recherche, more cuttingedge, in-bred, whimsicality, in-congruity, un frequent, in soluble, provincialism, most unassociated, looseness, un believable, set phrases, waywardnesses, un-rivaled, more otherwise, grodiest, queer ducks, more put on, ex-pressing, more gelastic, particular, most heteroclite, undirected, pre-eminent, in tolerable, more unassociated, most clownish, more put-on, super-natural, original, most cracking, un orthodox, more nonpareil, most conceiving, in describable, giltedged, grotesque, most beatnik, farout, most neoteric, more innovational, more cutting edge, dewiest, redletter, out rightest, most offbase, re gular, dernier cri, more factional, up down, more schismatic, ultra modern, un couth, most newfashioned, most off base, three dollar bill, bulls eye, quirky, un-touched, funny, extraordinariness, more teratoid, zero cool, more oddball, most anarchistic, knee-slapper, splashest, bizarrenesses, de-finite, un thinkable, un triedest, fantasticalities, super-human, more antic, Omniform, atypical, mediaspeak, dialect, dis-crete, un stablest, freakish, more kneeslapper, un stabler, unusual, in explicable, unorthodoxness, un customary, de-fined, more primo, more diverse, dis-proportionate, un likest, mis matched, dis similar, more off-the-wall, fustians, particularity, re served, malformed, dis-courses, jivest, rare, in-conceivable, inter-change, curiosity, most originative, privileged people, most faltering, hereticisms, fabbest, un explored, more knee slapper, Mummeries, more antithetic, distingue, extra-ordinarinesses, out right, more stupefying, un-steadiest, prominent, hackneyed terms, incommensurable, more demotic, hot off press, more vagarious, most crack-up, in-formal, rioter, more spastic, most cutting edge, mis-take, more character, trite languages, affected pieties, queernesses, more designated, most warped, funnier, way out, straightout, extra ordinary, Inexplainable, most off-base, more directionless, oddest, most attenuate, street talk, unconformities, bodacious, most inexplainable, highly regarded, more disunited, in-describability, few far between, un definable, in imitable, de-terminate, Whimsicalness, in-grained, supranatural, passing fancy, more celebrious, dis-positions, three-dollar bill, un wonted, most celebrious, non senses, Vernacularism, lingua francas, more concocted, colorful, new, un rivaled, most anthologized, more outre, Celebrious, in-consistency, most onliest, slang, most cutting-edge, un contaminated, under-lined, off-base, signal, in-describabilities, most envisioning, most designless, in conceivable, extra ordinariness, re presentative, more attenuate, Newfashioned, in born, most unpunctual, more cutting-edge, off key, mismated, most mismated, informal speech, mummery, jive, un-commoner, un-related, un-orthodoxnesses, un associated, dis-course, dewy, non-senses, un-earthlier, esoterisms, most off the wall, un-commonest, in congruity, most laffer, eccentricity, off the beaten track, crackup, dis connected, ex press, un directed, in sincerer, multi form, Contradistinctive, most high-profile, non-uniform, offcolor, doublespeaks, in-spiring, dis agreeing, un-commonnesses, jive talks, un-forgettable, most uninvestigated, more cracking, most supermundane, in spiring, fad, in-soluble, unconforming, in consistency, oddity, most semioccasional, un-associated, unorthodox, off center, sur-realistic, vernacularisms, un forgettable, hypocriticalness, conversation pieces, unpunctual, in decipherable, sur realistic, in comprehensible, un likelier, more envisioning, pharisaicalnesses, newest wrinkle, most primo, un-considered, un-balanced, characterful, most designated, difficult to believe, smoke mirrors, more stand out, in-describable, most another, selfnesses, more pitted, most arrestive, un-canniest, un canniest, vocal expressions, on target, un known, more heteromorphic, sub tiler, unique, clearcut, by gone, in-frequent, more side-splitting, un hinged, oddness, Idiocrasies, striking, onomasticses, mis created, most contrastive, rage, un-exampled, dis similarity, native tongues, super natural, more highprofile, inter changes, more unsimilar, most differentiating, more crack up, unprecedented, un-settled, novel, most surrealistic, unpopular, dis-sonant, last word, un earthlier, choice of words, wonderworking, whats happening, most clashing, more high profile, hetero clite, more peregrine, dis-connected, Fantasticality, more weaving, policyspeak, un skilled, most earmarked, un likely, Hocus, out place, more miscreated, fresh, in-sipidity, more off base, unknown, most miscreated, more anarchistic, un-conformities, Vagarious, marvelous, new looks, most staged, de fined, anomalous, enthusiasm, most nonpareil, in-ordinate, distinguished, in scrutable, un-familiar, primo, outlandish, offbase, more off the wall, most schismatic, un cannier, mis takes, un-stablest, unfamiliar, more warped, straight out, more unrepresentative, offkey, Esotericism, un-official, un-explainable, most weaving, Zigzagged, un imaginable, offcenter, un conformity, un steadier, Varietal, vocalizings, unparalleled, monstrous, in-imitable, catch-22's, catch22's, erratic, unconventional, non-sense, dis honesties, endest, conversation piece, in-novation, Oddities, more newfashioned, un-systematic, contrastive, parlance, up to date, cut fine, un related, un-methodical, hackneyed term, uncommon, non sense, more knee-slapper, quirkiness, peculiar object, un-definable, outlandishnesses, privileged person, newspeak, most weirdo, fantastic, this season, slanguage, in-explainable, un paralleled, more unsymmetrical, re-served, ex pressing, dis crete, unnatural, avantgarde, un equaled, three-dollar bills, more omniform, commonplace term, patois, un ordinary, campiest, Unparagoned, re-mote, out ordinary, few and far between, exception, re-presentative, non conformists, un-predictable, directionless, more diversiform, unusual objects, self-hood, singularnesses, peculiar objects, un usual, untrodden, zombies, gilt-edged, in sipidity, un-equivocal, outrageous, singularness, more clownish, more semioccasional, un-accustomed, queer duck, ultra-modern, onomastics, re current, whimsicalities, dis united, Teratoid, pre tenses, dis course, wellknown, unorthodoxnesses, non-conformists, different, in commensurable, un-canny, Diversiform, un likenesses, reputable, un-trieder, de-generated, un-orthodoxies, un-conforming, most characterful, in explainable, in famous, more onliest, mind blowing, unexpected, out-rest, un-equal, de signless, new fashioned, gross, most causal, un typical, more beginning, Brogues, idiom, spick and span, un ambiguous, unassociated, more contradistinct, un-likest, un-usualnesses, un-intelligible, hypo criticalnesses, outlandishness, divergent, this season's, un-conformity, un conventional, more deviate, most side-splitting, outlier, in discriminate, un predictable, un-expected, in-congruities, eccentric, out-standing, more seldom, unheardof, non-conformist, out of way, in sincerities, ex-press, most differential, most otherwise, un conventionalities, un earthliest, inter course, Heteromorphic, most cuttingedge, de vising, odd people, more rubric, bizarre, out rest, the end, conspicuous, red letter, most seldom, more imitation, un likeliest, inexplicable, more another, like night and day, un-even, un representative, in comparable, jives, inter-courses, un-steadier, anti thetical, un-tried, self hoods, dis continuous, bull's eye, un seasoned, un tried, most directionless, in-dividual, semioccasional, un real, dis proportionate, most distingue, another story, un-cannier, separateness, unexampled, un commoner, sui generis, in-explicable, queers, threedollar bills, more undirected, shoptalk, talk, stale languages, un explainable, vernacular, un processed, un reliable, Occultism, world class, Designless, un commonest, bizarreness, kinky, un-naturalnesses, separate, pre-tense, pidgins, un-conventional, re verse, un-contaminated, nonrepresentative, most apart, pious platitudes, notable, drawn fine, antithetic, generative, oral communications, most factional, dis sonant, off-the-wall, dis-criminative, fore-most, uncontaminated, grody, more supranatural, fore most, high-profile, most undefinable, dis positions, cutting-edge, most underlined, idiocrasy, three dollar bills, inter change, un commonnesses, aweinspiring, most knee slapper, WACK, dead on, colloquial, un symmetrical, more smashing, un-suitable, outstanding, set phrase, pecksnifferies, in-born, objet dart, most rubric, vocal expression, stand-out, more unfrequent, most contradistinctive, most esteemed, most unsymmetrical, fab, what's happening, un trained, guess, dis similarities, dis courses, re-gular, ex-act, un-similar, more inexplainable, omnifarious, un-likenesses, most demiurgic, most nameable, non-conformities, dis-graceful, more designless, most uncontaminated, rummy, un-ceremonious, distinctive, out of place, more variform, capriciousnesses, in left field, talked of, free easy, un paragoned, in congruous, fuzzword, out order, argot, loosenesses, in novation, most bodacious, more screaming, like night day, slanguage street talk, jiver, most fluctuant, most supranatural, Neoteric, re-verse, extra-ordinary, de-vising, most uncustomary, un-matched, uncommonnesses, off color, more beatnik, more bohemian, sur prising, in-scrutable, lingo, in sincere, streeter, especial, in novations, de-signless, un-hinged, pidgin, un naturalness, hocus-pocus, in-consistent, un-trained, un orthodoxy, in-commensurable, be wildering, super-mundane, more incommensurable, most demotic, most zigzagged, most kneeslapper, un-wonted, bigleague, namest, characteristic, most horrifying, more humdinger, namer, dis-honesties, brogue, un-triedest, elliptic, un-naturalness, un orthodoxnesses, most unsimilar, choice of word, un-frequent, un-stabler, more crackup, pre tense, awe inspiring, well known, un-usual, deviant, de generated, non conformities, dis criminative, un-customary, under lined, most scarred, un-orthodoxy, in-sincere, be-wildering, anti-thetical, off beaten track, more unmethodical, un considered, at variance, unusual object, dis quieting, un-imaginable, dis-criminating, supra-natural, quaint, not uniform, un systematic, flashest, everyday, un-reliable, in appropriate, more attenuated, more uncustomary, un orthodoxies, dewier, causative, un liker, crack-up, Subtile, queerness, passing fancies, un official, sham holinesses, special, sur-prising, nonstandard, atypicalness, most joshing, un-directed, occultisms, un methodical, in formal, top drawer, rarest, native tongue, un suitable, out of ordinary, un-usualness, riotest, un-couth, newspeaks, un-trodden, more clashing, magic words, jive talk, most puton, something else, ex act, un-seasoned, extreme, avant garde, informal speeches, most attenuated, most beginning, fashion, rarity, most confounding, pre eminent, side splitting, idioms, latest words, New Look, more bodacious, subtiler, most put on, un-paragoned, ipseities, unusualness, differential, in experienced, freak, peculiar, wordages, exotic, in-decipherable, more romanesque, more distingue, un natural, HOCU, in credible, most disunited, atypicalnesses, un-earthly, un-typical, more scarred, most smashing, most high profile, un trieder, un steady, extra-ordinariness, hot the press, most character, in-appropriate, in-credible.