Pronunciation of Started
/stˈɑːtɪd/, /stˈɑːtɪd/, /s_t_ˈɑː_t_ɪ_d/

Synonyms for started

Sense 1

headed, present.



Other synonyms and related words:

absorbed, accepted, acquire, acquired, activated, activation, actuated, admission, adopted, adrift, advanced, advancing, advantaged, afloat, alarmed, amazed, approach, arise, arrayed, arrested, arrive, assume, assumed, at work, attempted, baffled, become, beget, begin, beginning, bewildered, birth, blended, bounded, branched, break out, bring, broached, cancelled, come, commence, commencement, conceive, constitution, contracted, conveyed, counterbalanced, cracked, create, creation, dawn, debut, deceased, deducted, dejected, demoralised, demoralized, depart, departed, depressed, derivation, develop, device, dismayed, dismounted, dispirited, disunited, divided, dumbfounded, educate, emergence, enter, enter upon, entrance, entry, establish, established, establishment, excited, experienced, expired, exploded, extended, failed, find, fired, fixed, formation, foundation, fount, fountain, functioning, generate, genesis, get, going, graveled, grow, happening, headed, in progress, inaugurate, inauguration, inception, incur, induced, induction, initiate, initiation, installation, instauration, instigation, institution, introduction, irritated, jolted, kick off, kickoff, loose, lowered, moved, moving, mystified, nonplussed, obtain, on the move, ongoing, opened, opening, operating, organization, organize, origin, originate, origination, outset, parted, perplexed, planted, played, present, present-day, proceed, proceeding, pulled, puzzled, raised, received, rifled, rooted, scared, separated, shocked, sorbed, sounded, starting point, startled, stupefied, subtracted, surprised, sustained, swallowed, turned, under way, underway, unhorsed, untied, varied, way, Aimed, Alternated, Approached, Arrived, Attacked, Belonged, Bobbed, Boggled, Borrowed, Bounced, Canceled, Captured, Caused, Derailed, Detonated, Deviated, Died, Digressed, Diverged, Doffed, Endured, Engendered, Ensued, Entered, Erected, Expounded, Fathered, Fetched, Flinched, Flounced, Frighted, Galvanized, Imbibed, Incited, Incurred, Initialed, Instigated, Issued, Jerked, Jumped, Lasted, Launched, Leaped, Lived, Lowed, Mothered, Obtained, Occasioned, Occurred, Operated, Passed, Perished, Pioneered, Plumped, Plunged, Ranged, Recoiled, Resumed, Roused, Scooped, Shied, Sired, Skipped, Winced, Sidetracked, Proceeded, Progressing, Purchased, Straggled, Strayed, Sucked, Survived, exited, bypassed, functioned, sparked, triggered, ran off, CUED, sourced, debuted, scrammed, flummoxed, fall to, galvanised, setting up, got out, in the works, in work, on track, started off, BROUGHT DOWN, in the pipeline.

begun (adjective)

evoked, initiated, Instituted, Commenced.

existing; at this time (adjective)


headed (adjective)

in motion, on the way to, pointed toward, slated for, on way to.

inaugurated (adjective)

in stalled, in-stalled.

in motion (adjective)


inspired (adjective)

inspired, ex cited, ex-cited, in spired, in spirited, in-spired, in-spirited, more activated, more energized, more galvanized, more inspirited, more motivated, more roused, more stirred, most activated, most energized, most galvanized, most inspirited, most motivated, most roused, most stirred.

in transit (adjective)


introduced (adjective)


moving (adjective)


originated (adjective)

Inaugurated, more created, most created.

present (adjective)

for the time being, just now, nowadays, present-day, today, under consideration, even now, in process, at this moment, in duration.

present-day (adjective)

nower, nowest, present day, presentday.

set in motion (adjective)


undertaken (adjective)

Ventured, embarked upon, pushed forward, embarked up on, under taken, under-taken, more attempted, more tackled, most attempted, most tackled.

underway (adjective)

in progress, under way, more advancing, most advancing, under-way.

Sense 1 (noun)


stimulated (noun)


began (verb)

conceived, developed, formed, hatched, initiated, prepared, sprouted, stemmed, Began, Begun, Budded, Dawned, Embarked, Emerged, Germinated, Inaugurated, Inducted, Introduced, Originated, Undertook, Undertaken, Commenced, Created, Sprang, Sprung, birthed, initialized.

originated (verb)

invented, produced, Generated, Instituted.

Usage examples for started

  1. And so they started on their walk. – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  2. We might just as well have started together. – The Pool in the Desert by Sara Jeanette Duncan
  3. So they started to look for Aldovrand or Aldebert. – The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde and Other Stories by Mary De Morgan
  4. He started at her word. – The Inside of the Cup, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  5. She rose and started to go. – The Whirligig of Time by Wayland Wells Williams

Idioms for started

  1. get started on;

Quotes for started

  1. I started out to be a painter and was born into the theater.
  2. We started out as far to the left as we could.
  3. So I started to learn guitar right away.
  4. I've tried to help a lot of young artists get started.
  5. They started to try and keep us off the air in the beginning.

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