Stays put

Pronunciation of Stays Put
/stˈe͡ɪz pˈʊt/, /stˈe‍ɪz pˈʊt/, /s_t_ˈeɪ_z p_ˈʊ_t/

Synonyms for stays put

adhere (verb)

attach, cement, cleave, cohere, fasten, fix, glue, hold fast, paste, stay put, unite, cling like ivy, freeze to, hold on like bulldog, stick like a barnacle, stick like glue.

cleave (verb)

abide by, adhere, agree, associate, cling, combine, hold, join, link, remain, be devoted to, be tight with, be true.

cling (verb)

cherish, clasp, clutch, continue, embrace, endure, grasp, grip, hang in, hug, last, linger, squeeze, stick, cleave to, hang onto, be true to.

fasten (verb)

affix, anchor, band, bar, batten, belt, bind, bolt, bond, brace, button, catch, chain, close, connect, couple, embed, establish, girth, hitch, hook, hook up, implant, infix, jam, knot, lace, leash, lock, lodge, moor, mortise, nail, rivet, rope, seal, set, settle, solder, strengthen, string, tack on, tag, tie, tighten, truss, wedge, weld, screw, make firm, hitch on.

fix (verb)

congeal, consolidate, entrench, graft, harden, inculcate, ingrain, install, instill, locate, nail down, pin, place, plant, position, rigidify, root, secure, solidify, stabilize, steady, stiffen, thicken.

hold (verb)

arrest, bottle up, carry, check, clench, clinch, confine, contain, cork up, cradle, detain, enclose, enjoy, handle, hang on, have, imprison, keep, keep out, lock up, maintain, nourish, occupy, own, palm, possess, press, restrain, retain, seize, take, trammel, vise, wield, withhold, wring, fondle, keep close, not let go, put a lock on.

pin on (verb)

assign, blame, impute.

remain (verb)

abide, bide, bivouac, bunk, delay, dwell, freeze, go on, halt, hang, hang out, hold over, hover, inhabit, keep on, live, nest, outlast, outlive, pause, perch, persist, prevail, reside, rest, roost, sit out, sit tight, sojourn, squat, stand, stick around, stop, survive, tarry, visit, wait, stay over, sit through, stay behind, stay in, make camp, be left, hold the fort, put on hold, remain standing.

sit tight (verb)

anticipate, cool it, hang around, hold on, lie in wait, lie low, stall, stand by, mark time, bide one's time, fill time, hold the phone, keep your shirt on.

stand pat (verb)

hold out, resist, stand one's ground, stick to one's guns.

stay (verb)

dally, lag, loiter, outstay, procrastinate, reprieve, respite, sweat, hang about, stay out, put down roots, sweat it out, establish oneself.

stick (verb)

braze, clog, fuse, snag, stay, stick together, be bogged down, become embedded, become immobilized, stick like barnacle.