Pronunciation of Steady
/stˈɛdi/, /stˈɛdi/, /s_t_ˈɛ_d_i/

Antonyms for steady

teeter-tottered, in-firmer, ashake, more double crossing, fragmentalize, flighty, brake out in a sweat, selfindulgent, deceitful, hate, un-balances, un-convincing, weak knees, hanged left, fore sees, wert in sequence, bubbleheaded, dispassionate, was in action, wayward, gotten stuck, set motion, most transitional, Pirouetted, breaking out a sweat, un-guarded, most agitating, hanging by thread, un stabler, got stuck, being in awe, re bounding, moves to and fro, gotten results, un peaceful, Pendulate, turn away, not fixed, am disquieted, be cold, more arthritic, tumble down, in valid, more altering, with-drew, shrinks back, Joggled, having shakes, swishes, being unable to decide, be anxious, win over, most dingdong, cross grained, dilly dally, Vellicating, wert apprehensive, mis taken, leading by the nose, be-have, rolling about, untruthful, more transitional, be disquieted, passing around, tippy, dis tempered, were awe, quake, more zero, in-flames, up for grabs, running hot cold, twisting one arm, un easiest, running hot and cold, inconsistent, dis-tempering, gat stuck, groggy, iffy, dis-compose, un-sounder, un clearest, Infatuating, not set, Whirred, pashing, in spired, art sequence, peripatetic, in bad mood, over ruling, YOYO, off balance, more dingbat, most swaying, pushes pull, dis tract, airheaded, have butterflies, ex citable, in corrigible, unsafe, art unable to decide, is apprehensive, bobble, in firmer, drops the ball, pull back, making a left, un settled, Zigzagged, turns ones head, be-wildered, dishonest, hadst the shakes, sucking in, be wilder, moved side, un-easier, under hand, re bounded, shifting, in-compatible, turned to liquid, turns liquid, quavering, un-symmetrical, re-bounds, capricious, diffuses, bathe in, art in sequence, more ashake, un-stable, woozy, spin, overbalance, most cross grained, dis-tracts, most bubbleheaded, work on, out of step, being irresolute, ex-posed, ex-plosive, pre-carious, being action, splinterize, breaks out a sweat, dares not, trembled precariously, coming around, quiver, un-systematic, un faithful, being anxious, more rheumatic, being cold, Purled, slap happy, dis tracts, mercurial, move and fro, making right, unsound, go round, quail, in accurate, in subordinate, most transformable, is awe, are in awe, hath quivers, go soft, fishtailed, cannonaded, art awe, fragmentalizes, wert action, swang around, problematic, twisted one arm, shake, haddest butterflies, moves to side, over-ruling, dropt the ball, apathetic, be-wilders, more crossgrained, un-scientific, un-natural, un hinge, wavering, spiralled, dithering, un sound, most double crossing, waver, made a left, hadst shakes, momentary, turn ones head, teeter-totters, gets stuck, most blinded, wert immersed, quicksilver, most twotiming, teetertotters, hast shakes, have the quivers, going round, pussyfoot around, dithered, mis-doubting, unglued, un-quiet, un-soundest, move fro, shrank from, is unsteady, most ashake, is anxious, moving fro, be unsteady, titubates, more dismayed, most arthritic, directionless, shivering, bobbling, has the quivers, fore-seen, co oked, most vexed, most weak-kneed, get results, in effectual, art unable decide, in-corrigible, be afraid, splashes around, nobody home, punchdrunk, pre carious, un-truest, make left, shy away, undependable, Designless, neurasthenic, most vibrating, goes around, Arcked, Weltering, Waltzed, un symmetrical, in judicious, passes around, commutative, most nonuniform, am apprehensive, infatuates, turning one head, laid back, most tumble down, most hypersensitive, mis doubt, atonic, more faint-hearted, are afraid, fore seen, unexpected, hath shakes, worked on, twisted ones arm, not reliable, dis pose, comes around, dis charges, un healthy, make a left, dropping the ball, more impugnable, jouncy, hath the shakes, be wildered, out control, fly by night, un-screwed, debatable, more slap happy, feel concern, wert cold, tremorous, move circle, more dingdong, brake out in sweat, drops ball, bombinating, moves circle, move the side, dubious, weak, stickle, concuss, playing with fire, am cold, in-duces, un-firm, hast qualms, be having, most designless, shrink back, un controlled, perambulatory, not dependable, most seldom, open attack, out gas, be mused, more fluctuant, un-steady, most zero, wobble, steps back, twist one arm, more commutative, rock, breaks out in a sweat, pitterpatters, punch drunk, turns one head, am afraid, re-bounding, being apprehensive, in poor health, were in action, works on, Whiffle, untried, more forceless, most tormented, un steady, being unable decide, art action, more anguished, hangs a right, dis mayed, yo-yos, fishtailing, faint hearted, in sane, re coils, sucks in, going soft, in-firmest, am unsteady, in-sane, spiralling, hadst butterflies, un-protected, are in action, in securest, most humorsome, be in action, dis concerting, am unable decide, put across, most fluctuating, infatuate, yoyoed, turned head, questionable, art unsteady, move to side, pitterpatter, hang right, more unpeaceful, Librated, few, more reversible, moving to side, dropt ball, un-stabler, yo-yo, in spires, pro-moting, Weltered, has the shakes, re-echoed, in spire, over-rules, un commoner, undirected, had butterflies, in calculable, sucked in, in-frequent, be in sequence, most forceless, ran hot and cold, have qualms, be haves, most modifying, unfirmer, whiffles, be immersed, dis-quiet, transformable, more oddball, disputable, twist one's arm, goes round, un-dependable, teeter totters, be wilders, un-equal, librate, wallow, more airheaded, un-shielded, Distempering, bombinate, most rootless, pashed, palpitate, out of it, un backed, falteringly, breaks out in sweat, un accountable, wert unsteady, in-judicious, dis-continuous, blinded, in-flame, most slap happy, most rattled, touch go, more neurasthenic, wast awe, more nonuniform, pro moting, drave mad, held sway over, stubbed toe, in flames, most quaking, up-sets, rules over, more aspen, dis-solving, being in action, joggle, un screwed, moves restlessly, twisted one's arm, pitter-patters, dis proportionate, wast immersed, in firmest, de signless, am action, is afraid, doubtful, gat results, are unsteady, more tumble down, dis-reputable, seeing stars, rising and fall, yo yos, most aquake, pre disposing, wabblier, more smashing, dingdong, more dynamite, dis quieted, discontinuous, most oscillating, rise fall, speaking haltingly, Distempered, un-predictable, shrank back, dropped ball, bombinated, de ranged, is unable decide, were frightened, flickering, is in sequence, in-spiring, fragmentalizing, rolled around in, de-liberating, makes a left, re-coiling, changes position, vibrate, out it, more perambulant, topheavy, dis solves, most unnerved, toss, most unbacked, lead by the nose, jerry built, in tractable, lost courage, dis temper, tremble precariously, softens up, more directionless, more shifting, most weakkneed, hath cold feet, commove, Teetering, pashes, re-coils, resile, kaleidoscopic, yoyos, dis-tempers, Wabbly, more weak kneed, dis-posing, were disquieted, more vagrant, being afraid, more unbacked, teeter-totter, un commonest, most crushing, Humorsome, de liberate, in conflict, most short-fuse, be fuddled, un safest, un truest, having the shakes, un-firmer, un-compliant, haddest the shakes, runs hot and cold, most perambulant, de-signless, drives mad, uncertainly, dis-temper, in-calculable, dis composing, Trundled, more unshielded, most rachitic, most cheating, over rules, more revocable, wert unable decide, most unpunctual, was irresolute, be-wildering, break out sweat, more self willed, tremulous, is sequence, un common, dis-charged, pitter-pattering, have shakes, wast in action, hanging a left, most harassed, re bounds, weak in knees, most spastic, fishy, unscrewed, dis charge, wast undecided, turned liquid, in-flamed, self willed, Whiffled, dodgy, dropping ball, splinterizing, un steadiest, dis-quieting, un firmer, re-move, un truer, more aquake, dis-quiets, Resiled, re coiled, quirky, non-uniform, are sequence, hanged right, hem haw, bathed in, giving way, were apprehensive, in-cline, most self-willed, co oking, transitory, in consistent, breaking out in a sweat, Shying, teeter, shrinks from, un firmest, more alternating, more two timing, twists arm, nonuniform, art in action, broke out in a sweat, more designless, in duce, smashes to smithereens, dis composes, dis-charging, dis solve, un-hinges, rolled about, over-ruled, lazy, wabbliest, were unsteady, not balanced, dis obedient, self-willed, in secure, is frightened, dis composed, puts across, un stable, out of gas, rolling around in, setting in motion, hadst cold feet, Stickling, leads by nose, are disquieted, more short-fuse, on thin ice, un-commoner, in duces, had the shakes, gyring, most airheaded, more fluctuating, went round, smashing smithereens, more changeful, totter, stub toe, art afraid, un-substantial, stirs up, Permutable, pushed and pull, swinging around, vellicates, came around, pushing and pull, shaky, unfasten, more vexed, most changeful, Fluxed, in-spired, leads by the nose, on qui vive, dis charged, Titubate, smashed to smithereens, in-saner, most tumble-down, un-common, wigwag, turning ones head, reel, more ambulant, pendulating, suck in, move restlessly, wast in awe, driving mad, pitpatted, dis-solves, most yo-yo, palsied, fluffed, were afraid, dementing, hadst qualms, un-healthy, am in awe, has cold feet, un convincing, roll around in, un-supported, most disquieted, in-tractable, over-rule, twists ones arm, Dement, most tremorous, un-settling, teeter-tottering, wishy washy, yo-yoed, empty headed, cross-grained, unmethodical, unreliable, more transformable, hast butterflies, smash smithereens, turned one head, rule over, is unable to decide, re-acted, wert undecided, turning around, wast unable decide, rises fall, more developing, most aspen, produce a result, most sclerotic, are in sequence, swished, am unable to decide, mendacious, most shifting, arthritic, not habitual, craze, being in sequence, ruled over, budge, in-clines, re echoing, makes right, smash to smithereens, hypersensitive, dis-charges, weakkneed, in-spire, more weak-kneed, un hinging, in-constant, most ambulant, un-hinged, most two timing, titubated, more clashing, re-echoing, unbalance, out hand, un-quietest, had qualms, is disquieted, wigglier, hangs right, moves around in, more tremorous, are immersed, un-hinging, more jellylike, from left field, concussing, unsteadiest, Circumduct, hanging right, be irresolute, broke out sweat, irresponsible, locomotes, re echo, broke out a sweat, hang left, more faint hearted, temperamental, Wigwagged, Crossgrained, pre-disposed, hung a right, pitpatting, brake out a sweat, with-draw, art undecided, un safe, hath butterflies, trundle, most directionless, more quicksilver, un hinges, fore seeing, pitpats, turning to liquid, more staggered, dared not, dis-sonant, re moved, in firm, teeter totter, more slaphappy, tricky, took a bend, changed position, palpitating, shrunk from, push and pull, mis doubting, un guarded, be in awe, neglectful, most commutative, makes left, dis tempers, un directed, were in sequence, soften up, more rattled, un-backed, jiggliest, flipper, most dismayed, in-securest, pitter pattering, whirligig, un even, stubs toe, loosen, unshielded, moved restlessly, tippier, are unable decide, turns around, helterskelter, sets in motion, un balancing, un equal, trundles, teeter tottered, pulled back, be have, more unnerved, made right, dis-posed, in correct, went past, moved to side, bombinates, un usual, turning one's head, un foreseeable, be sequence, more oscillating, re-moving, pro duce, being disquieted, is immersed, breaks out sweat, most double-crossing, mis doubted, most cussed, stirring up, in-consistent, daring not, wave, dis-quieted, getting results, un stablest, haddest shakes, be-mused, breaking out sweat, in-congruous, smattered, fore-see, librates, most atonic, un-firmest, fickle, moving the side, out lunch, feels concern, am undecided, more palpitating, twisting one's arm, twisted arm, haddest the quivers, turn to liquid, was action, in-effectual, most faltering, wert anxious, whirligigs, set in motion, rootless, yo yo, most altering, more tormented, most anguished, had quivers, transient, dis solving, most quavering, re-sounded, speak haltingly, most unsymmetrical, pushing pull, in decisive, resiles, unfaithful, more slap-happy, purl, was immersed, un supported, un-safer, un hinged, de-ranges, zigzags, re move, transitional, Unfrequent, run hot cold, dis quiet, occasional, more disconcerting, hath the quivers, were anxious, more unsymmetrical, faint-hearted, has shakes, more self-willed, bobbled, dis-concerting, was cold, lying, Vellicated, move in circle, hast quivers, un compliant, off on, in spiring, tremble, impacted on, unbacked, re-current, un-methodical, succussing, turn around, smashed smithereens, unfixed, moves to fro, moving restlessly, un dependable, putting across, wast unable to decide, un decided, changeful, art immersed, took bend, pro-mote, dread, un firm, fleeting, un-healthiest, more twit, go past, Vagarious, pitter patter, are apprehensive, un-stablest, un-trustworthy, moves fro, move to and fro, moved to and fro, Doubtable, un clear, more unsupported, in saner, purls, easily upset, un-balancing, arbitrary, jouncing, were sequence, dis-composing, emptyheaded, un-considered, un-faithful, hang a left, pirouettes, broke out in sweat, in-congruent, out step, trans-formable, re-vocable, re-echoes, hanging left, goes past, move around in, stubbing toe, hangs a left, more rootless, ex cited, sets motion, walking unsteadily, arcing, most weaving, most undirected, most trembling, more tumble-down, with-drawn, broken, re sounding, commoves, top heavy, trembles precariously, quaver, were action, dis reputable, was unsteady, more permutable, am immersed, impact on, flawed, brake out sweat, pendulates, softening up, under handed, pre-disposes, gyred, having the quivers, move side, fluffing, re-coiled, more agitating, un-sure, shortlived, produces a result, oddest, turned around, having quivers, have quivers, most vagarious, more rachitic, pitterpattering, am in action, smashing to smithereens, more atonic, re bound, with-drawing, dis-composes, wimpiest, un substantial, changing position, hold sway over, spiraling, changeable, most crossgrained, bobbles, un-true, have the shakes, teeter tottering, co-oked, goes soft, be frightened, am irresolute, most unscrewed, moving a circle, be-fuddled, having qualms, re-bounded, splashed around, tremoring, roll, helter skelter, pussyfooting around, takes a bend, got results, was in sequence, jerrybuilt, unbalanced, thinskinned, dis orderly, circumducting, be-haves, in-discriminate, lead by nose, shies away, aflicker, being immersed, all aquiver, more unmethodical, non uniform, Inched, swing around, under-handed, most yo yo, suspect, dis tempering, re coiling, dis-mayed, yo yoing, walk unsteadily, de relict, not all there, more vibrating, making left, joggles, phantasmagoric, pendulated, out limb, most unglued, dements, be apprehensive, is cold, dis connected, more unglued, dare not, locomoted, un-glued, rose fall, wast cold, unsteady, whirr, runaway, unrestful, over ruled, most unfrequent, Whiffling, were unable to decide, trip up, went soft, un-easiest, be undecided, twist ones arm, wiggly, tremored, Danced, un systematic, hast the shakes, turning away, up set, tippiest, change position, Zigzagging, un harmonious, bathing in, out on limb, be awe, re-sounding, dis-proportionate, most neurasthenic, more disquieted, most vagrant, most palpitating, were undecided, give way, Commoved, most impuissant, Stickled, erratic, pre disposes, are action, perilous, dis compose, un balances, in-valid, jittering, was anxious, un-steadier, turns away, smashes smithereens, self indulgent, fore saw, rising fall, more yo yo, be-having, re-echo, dis-orderly, top pled, more perambulatory, being frightened, pass around, most wiggling, shady, up setting, holds sway over, de liberated, un-clear, un-foreseeable, rises and fall, de-liberate, thin skinned, hadst quivers, wast irresolute, jouncier, frenzying, more faltering, pushed pull, un-directed, un sure, Stammered, swung around, dis-connected, under-hand, passed around, unstable, Inching, flippest, de-ranged, had shakes, un-controlled, turns to liquid, drive mad, unconfirmed, being awe, vacillating, concussed, hesitant, softened up, unusual, most jellylike, re-moves, any way wind blows, Fluctuant, shortfuse, re moving, most revocable, re acting, moving circle, moving in circle, has qualms, weak the knees, in congruous, wigwags, were unable decide, more unscrewed, de-relict, are irresolute, was sequence, unfirmest, pro-duces, wiggliest, most perambulatory, un considered, take bend, un-safe, were cold, in clines, was apprehensive, faltering, moves in a circle, Re-sound, most smashing, disproportion, un-truer, moved the side, re-bound, more weaving, re sound, breaking out in sweat, with drawn, re coil, succusses, shrink from, short lived, whirligigged, up sets, more doublecrossing, dis quieting, in-flaming, changing, Pitpat, fleeinger, re acted, touch and go, un-settled, out a limb, wast disquieted, un-safest, de-ranging, falter, get stuck, most reversible, re echoes, turn one's head, be action, most teetering, art irresolute, jellylike, trans ported, weak kneed, moving in a circle, rocky, more spastic, dis eased, more hyper, mis-doubt, ephemeral, more swaying, turn, producing result, trans formable, circumducts, bipolar, de liberates, twist arm, un healthier, Pash, more unfrequent, most short fuse, in turmoil, pitterpattered, am sequence, at odds, wert afraid, yo-yoing, with draws, unbalancing, jounciest, moving side, tripped up, being undecided, dis-obedient, in-coherent, re-coil, moving to the side, more seldom, are anxious, not there, stepped back, dropped the ball, dizzy, pussyfooted around, negligent, art anxious, un nerved, unfirm, stirred up, twitch, Fluxing, any way the wind blows, splinterized, being sequence, succussed, producing a result, hanging a right, most self willed, wert disquieted, slap-happy, perambulant, had cold feet, are awe, un reasonable, ruling over, feel giddy, in-decisive, more bubbleheaded, shudder, stir up, hangs left, art cold, pulling back, turned away, more teetering, moves to the side, most permutable, dis-solved, run hot and cold, stepping back, blow hot cold, re vocable, splash around, un steadier, concusses, lurch, wimpy, un reliable, splashing around, in congruent, make a right, flutter, yoyoing, open to attack, turn one head, wert irresolute, feeling giddy, most doublecrossing, ran hot cold, de-range, swings around, up down, drop ball, Waltzing, more sclerotic, teetertottering, impacts on, in-secure, volatile, moved fro, un settling, blench, making a right, dis-charge, out order, pitter-pattered, un scientific, revocable, more short fuse, am awe, un restful, jerking, untrustworthy, unpeaceful, hung a left, re echoed, were irresolute, fragmentalized, turn liquid, dis posing, push pull, more modifying, most slap-happy, let go, in securer, wobbly, twisting ones arm, un-balanced, dodder, de-liberates, teetertotter, fleeingest, de-liberated, more undirected, twists one's arm, de ranges, spastic, pre-dispose, hung left, pitter pattered, unpunctual, un-reasonable, are frightened, in substantial, head-strong, shrinking from, makes a right, produced result, un-peaceful, are unable to decide, spake haltingly, pre-tended, were immersed, un-hinge, un frequent, wert sequence, more dazzled, dis-solve, all nerves, in-securer, un true, un-even, un sounder, dis-eased, most quicksilver, most fluctuant, moves the side, most yoyo, un-sound, un-governable, were in awe, ex posed, rachitic, short-fuse, swishing, most cross-grained, unsettled, in flame, most shivering, circumducted, most clashing, Purling, most unrestful, un-decided, de ranging, come around, de liberating, be wildering, pre dispose, in-subordinate, hast the quivers, more yo-yo, make right, imbalanced, dis solved, up-set, evanescent, Eddying, tripping up, Commoving, rise and fall, moving to fro, turning head, roll about, shiver, intermittent, palpitant, more vagarious, most unshielded, un easy, jittered, on the qui vive, most unsupported, un-frequent, dis quiets, more discomposed, in flamed, ex-citable, mis-doubted, de range, more impuissant, working on, in sanest, was unable to decide, more humorsome, Eddied, un-harmonious, going around, re sounds, Arcking, uninterested, sway, laidback, splinterizes, more harassed, un-usual, insecure, rheumatic, more quaking, jigglier, most faint hearted, most shortfuse, more twotiming, Joggling, had the quivers, un-restful, forceless, fear, wast frightened, vellicate, break out a sweat, most dingbat, wishywashy, wast action, moved a circle, in flaming, wast sequence, un-clearest, Cannonading, with draw, trembling precariously, bathes in, more cussed, lose courage, trips up, beat, most selfwilled, haddest quivers, co-oking, run, ex plosive, wert in action, moving around in, sclerotic, pro-motes, feels giddy, more trembling, break out in sweat, art apprehensive, jitter, un methodical, turns head, ripped, teetertottered, wert unable to decide, re-sounds, in cline, move to the side, locomoting, dis-tract, anguished, be-wilder, moves and fro, up-setting, leading by nose, more yoyo, aquake, drop the ball, in-duce, more quavering, more shivering, be unable to decide, light headed, be unable decide, re current, has quivers, moves a circle, wast apprehensive, un shielded, jiggly, hyper-sensitive, diffused, most dazzled, gave way, fore-sees, loses courage, more cheating, un-reliable, twists one arm, most rheumatic, reversible, dis-composed, mistress, un quiet, un easier, weak in the knees, at variance, in discriminate, take a bend, are undecided, with drawing, with drew, aspen, was in awe, pro duces, being unsteady, led by the nose, dis charging, dancing, step back, wrought on, Wigwagging, more weakkneed, is action, going past, moved to fro, more two-timing, more hypersensitive, wast in sequence, operate, am anxious, unsteadily, hang a right, in compatible, art in awe, felt giddy, shies, gyrate, precarious, dis-pose, are cold, girlfriend, drove mad, most staggered, made left, shied away, in frequent, dis-tempered, un predictable, fore-saw, un healthiest, getting stuck, mutable, more double-crossing, art frightened, birdbrained, oscillate, dis posed, most disconcerting, dis sonant, whirrs, moving to and fro, more wiggling, yo yoed, in-spires, moved around in, un glued, spiraled, impacting on, recoil, hadst the quivers, break out in a sweat, most two-timing, most unpeaceful, diffusing, un-steadiest, most impugnable, dis continuous, unpredictable, made a right, whirligigging, Trundling, wert frightened, un safer, in-substantial, ex-cited.