Pronunciation of Strengthen
/stɹˈɛŋθən/, /stɹˈɛŋθən/, /s_t_ɹ_ˈɛ_ŋ_θ_ə_n/

Antonyms for strengthen

decrease by, suffered defeat, going bottom, reduce, air-cools, be-fallen, de humidified, be fallen, out lines, closing off, being neglected, makes inert, telescoped, took the sting out, go back word, buffalo, brings to screeching halt, go back on ones word, dis-engaged, thins out, de-cays, rebated, popped one balloon, contradict, waste away, throwing monkey wrench in to, goes back one word, Amnestied, de cline, mucked up, de mobilizing, be tide, getting meat, de-moralize, made feel small, back water, de duct, melted away, throws monkey wrench in to, de camped, disco loring, subtract, wast impaired, was in a funk, draw line, drop out of sight, enervated, pulling to pieces, de natures, un braced, putting toilet, deduct, un-tightened, take down a peg, muddied, cut the quick, re-ceded, push down, bringing to grinding halt, fall to pieces, un glued, be-musing, wore a long face, get away, poured down drain, blow out, be a funk, thin down, out strip, dislimbed, drying up, slip back, were convulsed, dis missed, deplete, hollowed out, am at disadvantage, under charges, hollow out, dis-concert, hit rock bottom, reins in, downed, going back on one word, un done, reduce speed, cuts run, giving way, clip one wings, tearing up, retard, Hoeing, remit, re-lease, art funk, de-filed, pouring out, de stabilizing, dig out, delimitated, de-vitalizes, cuts the bone, slow up, destabilized, dis-banded, minimize, re-lapses, be-littles, unnerved, goes waste, keep under, be-tiding, dis enabling, sur-renders, bring low, re lax, pile up, airconditioning, slacking off, be-mused, rooted out, retrench, deaden, in-conveniences, de-scend, dis organized, de-generating, frivoling away, laying waste, relaxes, dropped out sight, re-pulsed, dis-tracts, psyched out, letting out, un-strengthened, un-nerve, de generate, dis-concerted, knocked down, over throwing, overfatiguing, passed on, un nerved, bushing, art gloomy, do violence to, dis-bands, puts toilet, re-trenching, makes brief, smash up, loses power, under-estimating, digging out, dis pleasing, overextend, de activating, pumps out, Vegetated, dehumidifies, un calms, bowing to, drink up, cuts and run, cleans out, dis-burdened, became unconscious, dis-improved, over fatiguing, took edge off, under-cut, pokes full holes, re pealed, went back on one word, underprice, de-hydrates, rendered invalid, pre-scribed, coming pass, being disregarded, took out, melting away, Misemploy, gotten worse, hang up, are overcome, ex-cavate, un hinges, mark down, slipped back, dis continues, bust up, dis counted, putresces, de-materialize, draw close, knocks over, bleed dry, fade out, constipating, unsettle, disconfirm, in-filtrates, Overstraining, use up, emasculate, dis composes, aways, inter mixed, up-lights, de-aden, de-motes, put out commission, pined away, dried up, cut to the bone, throws monkey wrench in, Sank, drawing close, was down mouth, over working, be wilders, in fringed, wast no more, OUTS, rein in, left no trace, dis tresses, de-mean, shoot down, in-capacitating, wracked up, dis-burden, brake down, de-tach, being defeated, wiped map, de-scends, doeth violence to, wearing away, try the patience of, de-sires, marks off, dis-arranged, Swagged, dis tress, Whelming, tuckering, went to pot, dies out, un covering, de sired, knocking the bottom out of, de-feats, closed off, dehumidified, drew to close, Disrate, dis serves, scale down, paralyze, sucking dry, pro duce, go down, giving a sign to, dis grace, re-butted, comes to pass, strikes dumb, fagged, Concaved, boiling away, dis-tract, Pinioning, washing away, runs aground, de laying, draws off, de escalating, are done for, give, being overtaken, clean out, wert at disadvantage, unglued, busted out, trans-fixes, dis-continued, not moves, am overtaken, slidden back, cutting the bone, put nutshell, tenderizes, dis-rate, being impaired, overstrain, brings grinding halt, mowed down, dis mantling, up sets, dis-united, pull to pieces, putting nutshell, dis-barring, bring to standstill, dehumidify, getting the meat, un covers, tailed away, exenterated, went white, am gloomy, un-settled, pop ones balloon, ate one's heart out, art disadvantage, going on a diet, tried patience of, inter-mix, out does, dematerialize, dis-mantles, adulterate, ex posed, goes back on one's word, gat to, overthrow, was worthless, up set, putting to sleep, dis-membered, greased palm, fractured, make break, dis enables, downing, Amnestying, over-whelming, dis concerted, goes to pot, were down in mouth, take the edge off, are down mouth, be-wilder, wiped slate clean, dis-continue, de-grades, is apathetic, being of no avail, ex tract, inter-mixing, de-posing, all owed, dropped out of sight, dis connecting, prevailing over, pour down drain, became smaller, de-sensitizing, inter mixing, de pose, miniaturizing, went downhill, dry rots, gulps down, Beggaring, de formed, renege on, dieing out, de nature, brought to screeching halt, blow sky high, gotten to meat, de crying, dis-pleasing, de-composes, going dogs, de-camps, digging into, be meaning, neglect, conks out, pre-scribe, cutting rate, making less, breaking down, re duces, upset, running dry, going bad, dump on, Hungered, steal, ameliorate, waste, constipate, aircooled, torpedo, be in funk, syncopates, growing weary, mowing down, wast down mouth, wash away, be numbs, coming to pass, Inventoried, dis colors, growing less, be-ached, mis using, over-did, poor mouthed, be-lying, bowed to, fluff off, air condition, up-raising, air-condition, breaks down, shoot holes in, re turn, narrow down, re freshes, gotten the better of, clipping wings, doth violence to, became colorless, dryrotting, de-mote, banted, co wing, lame, tore up, making eat dirt, in-fringes, am a funk, Bemean, Back-water, hits rock bottom, brought to ruin, queering, air conditions, going to pot, coming to naught, halt, bellies up, sub due, reneging on, dis counts, dis qualifying, Unglue, dis-countenances, uplighting, collapse, taking the edge off, being in a funk, moderate, de stabilizes, de-press, am done for, be in a funk, put in toilet, presses together, dis-connect, unarms, went to bottom, setting down, dis-emboweling, mow down, out-flanking, nose dove, Minified, make one feel small, taper, go to pot, under-estimate, get the meat, Bankrupting, flakes out, lost heat, re legate, retro-grades, go stale, dematerializes, puts to sleep, clipped one wings, am no more, are overtaken, anchoring it, de-taches, wert funk, co-oking, break, went bottom, wiping slate clean, quarrying, trifled away, tries patience of, dis embowelling, de stabilize, cuts down size, dis integrates, in conveniences, weeding out, de-creased, de-activated, post pone, lets down flaps, come pass, weaken, flew the coop, recidivates, atrophied, am affected, ducks out, lays waste, easing up, give sign to, in commodes, be-tides, tampered with, goes a diet, making lighter, bring standstill, kept lid on, over strains, de-vitalized, gotten meat, unstringed, are wounded, over-throwing, getting to the meat, de-posed, de vote, eased up, retro-graded, dying away, dis-obey, prorogues, take header, tuckering out, de moralizes, kill, making feel small, abbreviate, triumph over, put shame, take a load off, unburdening, over-taxed, mis-applies, sur rendered, de-solate, came naught, Buffaloes, de-grade, dry-rots, dis-counting, cleaned out, in form, be-means, diffuses, Allying, took out of, slowed down, losing value, misemployed, dis-integrate, hits the brakes, going soft, frees from, re move, falling down, haddest bad time, dug in to, de scending, in-capacitate, de-cry, unfits, poked full of holes, over turns, DAMPS, knock props out, de feats, dis-arms, threw a curve, aircool, gat the better of, under cuts, pro roguing, ko'ing, turned one off, in capacitates, making a long story short, died out, wear thin, mis-treat, hit brakes, dis encumbering, Quarried, eats heart out, dis-composing, wrought havoc on, nutshelling, re spited, am swallowed up, Concaving, dis-arming, dis-organizing, wizening, de-camp, art lost, droop, dis organize, make public, over extends, re fines, trans-fuses, de predating, dis-gusting, wert precipitated, intermits, tuckers, Wanned, dis-compose, all-owing, grew smaller, tucker out, ex-tract, dis limbed, languish, un earthing, un-coupling, re-treat, fade away, deescalated, drew to a close, go downhill, fork out, lost spirit, gave sign to, hollows out, pro-bed, prevail over, de-activates, over fatigues, de-feat, de-fines, de-stroyed, de-camping, Overstrained, in capacitate, dis-encumbers, kos, de classing, turned back, un zip, went waste, art gone, un-settle, jade, force down, re ceding, goes bottom, pops ones balloon, came forth, deny, back watered, Intermitting, greasing palm, becomes contaminated, going to waste, blotting out, dropt out of sight, cuts bone, taking sting out, was gone, de valorizes, dis-improving, dis obeying, Spading, be worse for wear, were precipitated, dis-closed, dis-credit, pinion, de fines, tampering with, grew weary, putrescing, de-merited, nutshell, flows back, cancel, made light of, coming forth, let out, are worthless, un earthed, cave in, ex-pended, de-vitalize, slake, Saddling, come apart, bemeaning, be-falls, corks up, thin, make a mess of, knocked props out, demote, makes nerveless, goes back word, de-nature, over-whelmed, whelm, dis-obeying, be falling, went back on ones word, re-strained, de hydrate, fizzle out, bringing to standstill, being inert, de-sired, became tender, dis bars, dis-commode, brings ruin, de-pressed, tone, dry-rot, dis-arranging, over-turning, de-vitalizing, frivolled away, under estimated, am impaired, put pressure on, goes on a diet, underpriced, dis-qualifying, de materialized, dis-obeyed, ex cavate, de class, re-lapsed, de-parted, losing heat, went south, disconfirmed, gentles, de-predating, de scends, cutting down size, de-stabilized, be swallowed up, are apathetic, petering out, over come, stood still, piled up, be beaten, give turn, air-conditions, dis gust, volatilize, goes to dogs, be-fell, dragged down, become stale, fail, de-natured, gave turn, take load off, be down the mouth, xouted, are down in mouth, dis-appeared, sophisticate, dryrotted, art wounded, suffers defeat, dis grade, dis-integrating, made inert, condense, makes lighter, feels wretched, Idled, dryrots, making a break, root out, taking the bite out, de-activate, ate one heart out, bursted out, hacks up, dis heartening, take flight, putting out of order, goes to bottom, Damping, underplaying, dis-heartening, retro grade, re veals, dis-rating, de-part, dumping on, de-laying, mucks up, over-comes, temper, ex-posing, dis limbs, strike dumb, over-throw, dis-honors, buffaloing, un fitted, up-sets, go soft, sur renders, losing brightness, come together, over-strain, shooting holes in, be done for, went stale, sur-render, hanging up, disintegrate, having had enough, hath a bad time, blue pencils, taking a load off, dis-countenance, Etherizing, bollixes, brought ruin, go back on word, nose-dove, telescopes, making a mess of, dis-honoring, comes forth, be numb, over burdened, made a mess of, cut the bone, wasting away, wert defeated, over running, over strained, is inert, cooled out, finds unfounded, dis-integrates, crossed out, dis-obeys, in-convenience, be aching, PSYCH, dis-emboweled, Catheterized, bellied up, take the sting out, bursts out, reducing to tears, over works, un-zips, decrease the volume, knocks props out, being down in the mouth, wert down in mouth, were swallowed up, tailing off, be-wildering, un burden, spoilating, lessen, took from, sweated over, got worse, were of no avail, disenable, Lamed, Torpedoes, unstrings, reduces speed, de cry, wast beaten, detach, is worthless, was done for, dry up, de-lay, decreasing by, dis-tresses, going south, doctoring up, mis applies, bumming out, dis-figures, went on diet, drain, de forming, trifles away, ending gradually, hitting the dirt, getting the upper hand, un stringing, dis burden, Chloroformed, nose dives, uplight, separate, dis-grade, be-numbs, dis credits, de fining, slipping back, un-strings, burnt up, going the dogs, clips wings, losing color, whelms, be disregarded, tails off, de-votes, un-doing, reneged on, have a bad time, de-valorize, gets better of, in fringe, re-straining, un-arms, wast defeated, lower, slows down, dis pleased, dis-counted, in commode, poor mouthing, going away, dis courage, taking flight, putting out of commission, de-spoiled, draw to close, be-numbing, wasted away, obtunds, makes demands on, steals away, un-coupled, curdled, de materialize, de escalated, being disadvantage, over-turn, was beaten, Summing, forking out, dis-continues, un earths, letting down flaps, densens, re-spites, sandbag, dis engaging, crosses out, is gone, spoilate, de solate, dying out, sabotage, passes on, clip one's wings, sub merges, makes scarce, get upper hand, out-stripping, force in to space, re-trenched, complain of, dis-bars, dis-arrange, disbar, draining away, over exert, bringing to ruin, bedraggle, digging down, drops down, under mining, flying coop, ebb, went seed, cuts the quick, de-escalates, under rated, were impaired, trans-fused, in validating, sag, put in a nutshell, tried the patience of, in-commodes, hogtie, de creasing, de press, dis-improve, dis united, poor mouth, goes pot, dis covered, under gone, infract, unfitting, degrade, ko'd, dis pleases, drop down, drew in, re pressed, go back one's word, de militarize, de-fused, threw monkey wrench in to, thinning down, bring grinding halt, de cays, cuts down to size, de-limiting, depreciate, let down, dis-arranges, unstringing, dis-engage, faint, cuts to the quick, being reduced to, dogs it, blew out, re-treats, de-merits, brought to grinding halt, becoming smaller, letted down flaps, busts out, embogged, de-ducted, un-hinges, coming apart, pipe down, goes white, un-derwent, put out action, deescalate, dis mantle, lose strength, dis serve, took it out of, drawing off, exhaust, relaxeds, fluffed off, ex pend, over-tax, anesthetizing, bled dry, slips back, de predates, contract, am apathetic, de-parting, dis engage, dis-limbed, cease exist, x-outing, greases palm, making discontented, dis obey, re-legates, is impaired, offed, DE Form, grumped, blue pencil, pinioned, are funk, putting one away, throws a curve, de-moralizing, cutting down to size, going white, grow smaller, Caved, cutting to quick, are inert, dis-solve, weighs heavily on, de-facing, un-arming, under-prices, Beggared, back-watering, un-tightening, ex pending, art reduced to, taking apart, de-scending, lose spirit, mitigated, Bedraggling, pump out, out lined, went pot, recede, tailed off, de-classing, nutshells, disrating, dis-confirming, dis-honor, de colorize, dis proves, mope, de-based, am down in mouth, out maneuver, shake, de-humidifying, dis-please, offing, boiling down, soften, cast down, loses brightness, dis rates, Dulling, touches bottom, takes the sting out, dis-maying, reined in, airconditioned, spoilated, losing it, dis-served, hitting skids, dwindle, is down mouth, makes hash of, drinks up, gulping down, over-strains, digged into, re strain, dis-burdening, forcing down, busted up, dis gusted, duck out, knocked the bottom out of, dis-covering, up raising, gets to the meat, dis limbing, take apart, de-formed, dis ordering, mis-employed, under-value, overtires, Bankrupted, decay, de lay, are disadvantage, de classes, not move, misemploying, de-faced, made one feel small, art swallowed up, ate heart out, de composed, puts a nutshell, densen, tips over, beats down, boiled down, getting worse, dis-barred, de moting, unfitted, sur-passes, pining away, overtax, dis-embowel, narrows down, tears up, un-gluing, keeping waiting, de sensitize, constipates, de moralize, over taxing, cork up, under cut, mis applied, beating down, cutting to the bone, cut down to size, rendered incapable, becomes smaller, goes to the dogs, loses strength, decreased the volume, presses hard on, Experiencing, denatured, dis-countenanced, dis armed, de-tract, dis-qualify, up-raise, dis-confirms, un couple, un hinging, ruin, pine away, re-fresh, over worked, died away, co oking, dis-proved, under-rate, turning to dust, put out of action, leaved cold, reduce to tears, Detrude, laxes, in capacitated, queered, being worthless, de humidify, de feat, losing interest, airconditions, eased off, were overtaken, sur-pass, damage, grows less, wipe off map, losing heart, pro duces, dis-pleases, un-calming, dis-figuring, abate, un-stringed, over-whelm, got better of, de composes, poke full of holes, decreases the volume, ex-posed, be sting, de-humidify, Putresce, dost violence to, wert down the mouth, dis-confirmed, de facing, under-charging, slowing down, fall short, air-conditioning, drop, evanishing, un calm, demoralize, pared down, fall, is racked, sap, under play, was funk, get the upper hand, knock over, re trenching, dis comfit, compress, lost luster, cutting to bone, bring to screeching halt, give way, de-moting, reaching depths, taking from, console, de materializing, de-values, de tracts, retro-grading, simmered down, over fatigue, lay fallow, over whelmed, co wed, evanishes, wear, de face, putting lid on, co oked, dis appearing, dislimbing, scraped off, unburdens, over coming, be reduced to, dis-regarded, pro-claims, with drawing, dis rated, ex celling, un loaded, make a long story short, muck up, dis-member, stamping across, under rating, overexert, de-materializing, be defeated, dis-integrated, dis perse, clip wings, de-basing, makes useless, going diet, re-pressing, cuts to quick, over exerting, de valuing, died down, loses spirit, poormouths, turning one off, un strengthening, trans fused, faded out, gives sign to, are gone, over done, grow less, wert disadvantage, became worn, de-limited, striking dumb, dis-rates, dis organizes, wert apathetic, de-colorizing, dis-grades, de-form, de file, etiolate, making lower, densifying, spoilates, dis tract, dis improved, dis please, over-using, un stringed, damage(s), lose interest, pouring down drain, fizzles out, be convulsed, draw blood, dogging it, be numbing, blowing out, fell away, wipes map, wert racked, un tightened, unbracing, eat heart out, over extended, ducked out, over-straining, takes down peg, mucking up, taking edge off, un loads, go dogs, decolorizes, wearing long face, banged up, lost interest, over powering, disable, devalorizing, de spoils, ease off, become smaller, get to the meat, pejorating, bringing to screeching halt, eating ones heart out, taking header, detrudes, poured down the drain, whittle away, be-draggle, dis-tressed, peter out, growing tired, wracks up, being at disadvantage, slacken, goes out like light, being down in mouth, throwing monkey wrench in, makes waves, dumps on, made nerveless, sidelined, over tiring, ends gradually, cooling out, suffering defeat, de-natures, tries the patience of, wast done for, wreaking havoc on, wast neglected, was precipitated, am precipitated, de valuate, is no more, took header, get meat, de generating, goes back on one word, being gloomy, grew less, becomes unconscious, de-creasing, going stale, gotten the meat, cross out, de humidifying, de militarizing, go beyond, dis-embowelling, throwing a curve, dis embowel, simmers down, put a nutshell, turn dust, shrivel, dis-mayed, leave cold, be-lied, kicking downstairs, dilute, post-pones, de predate, underplays, throwing back, re tired, rolling back, de colorizes, de valuates, un-couple, out-lining, reducing tears, put out order, making mess of, loses weight, dies away, de-stroying, dematerialized, de hydrated, pushes down, psyching out, dis-proves, is lost, going AWOL, loses it, scrapes off, shoots down, press hard on, threw a monkey wrench in to, becoming limp, infrigidating, piles up, re-lax, is at disadvantage, pre scribing, make light of, recidivating, actioning, overtire, making inert, de-colorized, rendering invalid, unbrace, un-burden, dis band, finishes off, back waters, gotten the upper hand, makes light of, dis-graced, art racked, dies off, gotten to, make discontented, is no avail, over-exert, rooting out, had a bad time, fatigue, wear a long face, sub sides, dis concert, lose, summates, filtered off, de-spoils, Retrograding, de-valuate, complaining of, Unstrengthened, re tracts, ceases to exist, dis gusting, gives turn, over-works, dis-proving, un strung, de-tain, dis banded, densified, being done for, fag, densify, dis-coloring, slack up, de-stroys, queers, grow weary, re-duces, all owing, going to bottom, slacks up, un did, x-outed, over-tires, putting out action, broke apart, wast inert, dry-rotting, bringing grinding halt, be-sting, out-lines, draw off, re-tiring, go to the bottom, passing on, out maneuvering, over burdening, disrated, lighten, FAGS, disconfirms, de mobilize, un fits, post pones, dis emboweling, gives a turn, de moralizing, fizzled out, wast funk, go back ones word, de-hydrate, am reduced to, got to meat, go bad, dis graded, folds up, am disregarded, wert beaten, bants, bellying up, de-valuating, un-tightens, tele-scoped, be littles, dry rotting, dig, emaciate, bummed out, out strips, over-burdened, defeat, made lower, be funk, went back one word, dis-mantling, drowse, wast reduced to, de mote, went to dogs, un glues, forced in to space, corked up, takes out of, grease palm, anchored it, dis improves, did violence to, de solating, dis-qualifies, be-numb, dis-cover, hits the dirt, threw curve, rolled back, ceased to exist, brought screeching halt, wert gone, blots out, clips ones wings, become worn, re duce, writ down, puts damper on, de activated, boils down, dis-unites, art of no avail, doctors up, pushing down, wizen, pro-roguing, un-manning, digest, gambled away, grows smaller, un mans, delimitates, over doing, sur mounted, hit the skids, with-draw, trans fuses, lose edge, de scend, takes sting out, scaled down, going pot, took off weight, puts pressure on, lied fallow, slows up, destabilize, art overtaken, up-lighting, out-doing, busts up, pours down the drain, back-waters, gotten upper hand, under-rates, dig in to, over-fatiguing, being apathetic, suffer, eating heart out, minifies, in forming, gave a sign to, eats one heart out, make eat dirt, threw back, dis covering, came to pass, hath had enough, stole away, ate ones heart out, de-crying, draws to a close, un-fits, air-cool, out-strips, cleaning out, un doing, making impure, air cooled, scratch out, dis-solves, dis countenanced, stewing over, over-power, de-valuated, de predated, takes steam out, are at disadvantage, decreasing the volume, wast affected, under estimate, dis integrating, dis-regard, under pricing, dis qualifies, put to sleep, puts in a nutshell, go back one word, dis closes, digs out, dis coloring, felt wretched, were handicapped, tampers with, disco-loring, not moved, having bad time, torpedoed, de escalate, scratching out, be-muse, overtaxes, awaying, de-predates, reduced to tears, disciplined, boils away, are precipitated, Wedging, wrote down, out-rages, being beaten, de-stabilizing, un-strengthen, overextending, draws blood, over used, un manned, mudsling, dis integrated, uncalms, de-spoil, becoming contaminated, haddest a bad time, relax, anesthetize, de crease, goes to the bottom, freed from, fly the coop, poormouthing, gobble up, dishearten, pollute, re-leases, incapacitate, bemeans, go pieces, wert handicapped, got upper hand, let go, over tire, going seed, took the edge off, de-cay, harm, make demands on, being in funk, be-draggling, dis appear, scales down, re treats, trans fix, getting to, Fracturing, die down, be-draggled, kick downstairs, wast overtaken, limit, de activates, pours out, ceased exist, over extend, makes a mess of, kept under, dis rate, Waned, loses interest, made discontented, be means, dis solving, be-wilders, pressing hard on, taper off, re views, un cover, are affected, gets last drop, going back on one's word, re trenched, making demands on, keeps waiting, x outs, de aden, re-move, gentling, prorogue, renders invalid, caves in, retro cedes, in-validating, drawing to a close, cut run, wind down, flag, close off, loses speed, gat away, Beaching, Caving, un-nerved, dis encumbered, out rages, dis-confirm, over powers, dis regarding, had bad time, making scarce, sub jugate, be falls, dis cover, devalorizes, mis treat, with-drawn, sweats over, alleviate, mis-apply, re viewed, ex celled, goes south, dis regards, dis continued, yearn, weighted, weed out, re-leased, de-meriting, be-little, up-light, Syncopating, getting to meat, brought low, trying the patience of, dis grades, dis-armed, blew sky high, reining in, dis-commodes, dis-mantled, is done for, boiled away, Whelmed, choking off, wast no avail, out-did, hath bad time, dis torts, de parted, am worthless, mute, deescalating, were down mouth, decolorized, go a diet, banging up, dis confirmed, ran low, clipping one wings, de-grading, pale, flies coop, pass on, wore long face, anesthetizes, subdue, dis-regarding, frosted, dis obeys, digs in to, had had enough, go waste, anesthetized, is overtaken, un hinged, devalorized, fluffs off, gat to the meat, peter, wilt, be tiding, sending up, art at disadvantage, de-valued, muddies, de-moralizes, dragging down, knocks down, slid back, dis-concerts, wast wounded, decolorize, art handicapped, siphoning, mudslings, losing spirit, be-numbed, take a header, makes discontented, Trashed, was worse for wear, un-zipping, wears thin, narrowing down, back watering, debase, keep it down, de cries, draw a close, de siring, scraping off, make a break, doctored up, sur-mounting, under values, sur-rendered, dis-missing, sucks dry, de grades, got the meat, cut down size, un-settling, dis unites, de clines, are impaired, poking full holes, took a load off, over-thrown, passed time, goes back on ones word, undercharging, being handicapped, under rates, dis engaged, dis commodes, lost heart, un-braced, sur passed, draw in, were in a funk, dies on vine, under-charges, takes the bite out, conk out, keeping down, dis orders, dies vine, taking it out of, drew off, lost edge, gat better of, Detruding, de-escalating, slack off, dry rot, washes out, slow down, goes awol, re spite, are in funk, busting up, am convulsed, de cried, were beaten, de part, hem in, pro rogue, over fatigued, become unconscious, injure, render invalid, un-burdening, de classed, lost it, dropping down, gets to meat, lose it, dis-engages, dropping out sight, washed out, de ducts, fell pieces, die out, kiboshed, be draggle, disimproves, re lapsed, over-whelms, Perished, was disregarded, winded down, finish off, un-braces, Prorogued, softpedal, art worthless, out line, Drowsed, make long story short, sneaked away, de filing, frivol away, became contaminated, slacked up, go to waste, re-viewed, took bite out, filter off, over-coming, went a diet, embogging, de limited, became limp, throwing cold water on, folding up, de motes, fag out, tailing away, un nerve, Uncalm, burn up, re-view, un brace, inter-mixes, run aground, dis-courage, put sleep, Catheterizing, re strict, de pressed, dilapidate, leaves cold, dis organizing, dis engages, Disimprove, under-values, were in funk, pro claimed, go back on one's word, makes less, made scarce, overstrains, come to pass, dis confirms, ex asperating, de spoil, draws a close, in forms, re-tire, in-forms, taking off weight, went on a diet, coming naught, was of no avail, immobilize, re strains, be down in the mouth, over extending, pouring down the drain, tuckers out, went to the bottom, running aground, washed up, bring to grinding halt, goes back on word, up light, forked out, dis arranged, go south, forced into space, losing power, slacking up, puts out of action, becomes limp, Dilapidating, blotted out, keeps under, were funk, pares down, in-validates, de cay, gulp down, ex-pends, Laming, grow tired, try patience of, sets down, taking the sting out, wither, dis-order, growing smaller, under value, give out, dis-honored, infracts, go the dogs, become colorless, de stroy, were defeated, laid waste, thinning out, threw a monkey wrench into, blue penciled, re-spiting, losing quality, re lapse, dis-gust, goes back one's word, makes little of, tunnel, re pealing, art beaten, re lapsing, de-escalate, putting out order, slipt back, becomes worn, get under control, de-materializes, de-solating, clips one wings, cut bone, bow to, goes soft, un braces, makes long story short, de-fuses, de-sensitizes, throwing a monkey wrench into, unmanning, tele-scoping, de-humidifies, passing time, popping one balloon, de-hydrated, tails away, wreck, came apart, drags down, dis served, dis qualified, trans fixes, bringing screeching halt, dis figures, died on vine, over-taxes, sandbagged, wert of no avail, eat one's heart out, going the bottom, over-run, Bogged, dis-tort, rendering incapable, is wounded, unburdened, leaves one cold, threw monkey wrench in, up lighted, de faced, whittles away, discourage, puts out of order, going downhill, sub-due, poke holes in, dis-comfit, dis-prove, ease up, stew over, backwatering, de-forming, hang down, fagging out, dis-embowels, mis treating, sur passes, making light of, lie fallow, mis-using, lies fallow, being a funk, poured out, throw curve, over-fatigues, doctor up, un-stringing, scrape off, bring to ruin, on vine, cuts to bone, dis-color, is handicapped, de-cries, ex-pend, takes weight, ex-pending, breached, de-sensitize, ex pends, dis improving, corking up, dis-members, wert inert, de-militarizes, de-materialized, roll back, Disciplining, un strengthen, unbraced, slacks off, de sensitizing, fell down, lose heart, un bracing, achromatizes, dis gracing, weeds out, cutting bone, regress, psych out, lost quality, wanning, dis mantles, unstrengthening, out-maneuvers, fizzling out, ex hume, ex-pose, dis-figure, goes away, got the upper hand, un covered, sub-merged, eats ones heart out, keeps the lid on, dis-uniting, de solated, dis rating, art worse for wear, densening, dehumidifying, burst out, chokes off, is worse for wear, de mobilized, re fine, ungluing, de posing, re butted, takes edge off, skips out, renders incapable, de materializes, uplighted, dying off, makes public, took apart, made a break, tele scoped, gave a turn, taking a header, becomes colorless, wert disregarded, knocks the bottom out of, over strain, make feel small, air cool, keep down, put out of commission, shooting down, dis unite, hit the brakes, out-does, de means, popped one's balloon, falling to pieces, losing edge, bollixing, un-earthed, doest violence to, belly up, be fell, de posed, went to the dogs, putting in a nutshell, de valorize, dis-connects, gobbles up, re straining, Dislimb, dis-heartens, over-wrought, was disadvantage, drawing blood, scooping out, demolish, mis employing, back-watered, out-flank, dis-missed, crossing out, make scarce, cut back, losing weight, reducing speed, densened, sub-merge, dilapidates, dies down, am disadvantage, under cutting, ran ragged, disgrading, Disbarring, is precipitated, poke full holes, writes down, de-generates, fall back, over-strained, de camps, underplay, de values, made long story short, un-does, summate, dis-may, un-bracing, in-fringed, under-went, flowing back, de fuse, over-burden, re-legate, mince, takes apart, dis uniting, up-set, Chloroforming, blot out, wash out, keep lid on, destabilizing, going back ones word, disprove, weary, folded up, make nerveless, go to seed, being precipitated, unarming, are down in the mouth, is overcome, in-forming, un-glued, over-extends, takes load off, pulling pieces, relaxedded, put toilet, stamps across, overtaxing, re-turns, marked off, over powered, dis improve, bangs up, de-mobilize, make little of, ex-tracts, de votes, became threadbare, under prices, dig down, art apathetic, goes downhill, Reefed, drawing in, is neglected, palsy, are racked, de-parts, catted, sneaking away, falls away, went to waste, losing luster, miniaturizes, under playing, de ducting, Winging, disrates, demilitarized, tenderized, is reduced to, leaved no trace, pro claim, hanged down, art overcome, am gone, air cools, over burden, in-filtrate, makes feel small, loses luster, Minifying, de generated, dis burdened, dis honor, took load off, under-priced, winds down, re turns, catheterizes, de-fine, gets meat, be tides, de adens, delimitating, knocking props out, getting the better of, de-faces, lays out, de activate, write down, art impaired, un derwent, take sting out, lose brightness, over did, throws monkey wrench into, out-lined, abstract, flowed back, up-raised, causes ennui, unarm, Palsying, is down the mouth, over tired, ennuied, dis solves, touch bottom, un-hinged, casting down, mis-treats, touching bottom, dematerializing, retro-ceding, sur rendering, trans-fusing, were down in the mouth, be down mouth, pumped out, dis-encumbered, reneges on, in-capacitated, prevails over, is affected, un zipping, ducking out, pours down drain, de ducted, touched bottom, Declass, put lid on, de limit, falls pieces, de-classes, were no avail, flying the coop, wast down the mouth, wast apathetic, took down peg, de-composed, going to the bottom, be-mean, de voted, Catting, caved in, grows tired, dis-mays, dis figured, knock the bottom out of, standing still, un load, lose steam, fly coop, being convulsed, dis-enables, be wildered, wast of no avail, be-draggles, wane, forced down, wert wounded, being overcome, art inert, fades out, take out of, un-nerving, stews over, dogged it, being down mouth, un arming, re-sting, clip ones wings, freeing from, grow dull, over taxes, sub-tracts, de-crease, over-taxing, turn to dust, gets the upper hand, got to, wore thin, wipes off map, over-used, dis close, dis-appearing, de-valuing, air-conditioned, am handicapped, cuts quick, dis-gusted, got last drop, un strengthens, re-pulses, are gloomy, shot down, un nerving, busting out, re-strains, cutting quick, be-wildered, wast down in the mouth, were worthless, reach depths, went awol, xout, making useless, de grade, rebating, re-turned, pull pieces, trans fusing, dis mantled, backwater, slump, is disregarded, de-tracts, make lighter, mis-applying, made brief, ex-asperating, became stale, finishing off, keeping it down, loses heart, delimitate, dying on vine, fagged out, stopped dead, uncalmed, dis-pleased, taking down a peg, drew a close, takes down a peg, torn up, out raged, aircooling, underprices, sidelining, make waves, Retrograded, dis embowels, un-earths, disimproved, were affected, made break, being no avail, were disadvantage, under-valued, de-clines, make less, run off, putting damper on, enervate, go bottom, dis solved, sub side, dis-enabled, re-fining, went beyond, causing ennui, kept waiting, Downs, thinned out, re pulsing, gat last drop, mis-treated, didst violence to, de mobilizes, shorten, growing dim, dropt down, re strained, hollowing out, de meaning, going back word, inter mixes, simmering down, makes a break, over-tired, take steam out, pro-rogued, trans-fixing, dis-solving, dis color, dis-connecting, disgrades, re-trenches, attenuate, forces into space, lost brightness, knocking over, dis-organized, hurt, wash up, goes to seed, dis enable, dis member, throwing curve, takes the edge off, draws close, break down, dieing off, unstrengthens, draws to close, all-owed, dis counting, go in to, embogs, dis appears, re-freshes, hitting the skids, lost value, art in funk, drew close, un-calm, wast down in mouth, destabilizes, nose diving, lost steam, dig into, losing strength, putresced, dis proving, scaling down, were racked, pipes down, going on diet, over throws, dis-limbs, lets out, de meriting, de forms, disenabling, threw cold water on, be overtaken, re-pulsing, air-cooled, goes to waste, saddled, ex pended, go out like light, was inert, curtail, take the bite out, pokes holes in, dry rotted, runs dry, mis-used, de base, over thrown, wert down in the mouth, putting in nutshell, bust out, appropriate, retro grades, dis-solved, under estimates, un-brace, finished off, dis-tress, dis regard, is of no avail, de camp, skipped out, cools out, throw monkey wrench in, making public, drained away, de parts, went soft, dis-graded, dis figure, de basing, becoming stale, retro grading, lay waste, actioned, dis-closing, over-doing, runs off, popped ones balloon, syncopated, dis-composes, phonied up, up setting, fading out, un gluing, retardated, phonying up, be wildering, be no more, came pass, de creased, de-fined, dis honored, pops one balloon, frivols away, over-tire, dieing away, dis-enabling, phony up, dug down, impair, am beaten, over-powering, under-pricing, flew coop, sub-tract, passes time, be draggled, were gone, rotted, de pressing, de valorized, de-files, under-valuing, makes mess of, Fagging, made mincemeat of, de-mobilizing, de-generated, re-lapse, decolorizing, dis limb, wast racked, in filtrating, frivolling away, re lease, out-raged, un tighten, de value, taking bite out, wracking up, re-treated, sent up, re-presses, un-armed, was in funk, overtired, run low, went back word, makes lower, art no more, co-wed, de-predate, thins down, dis-burdens, sweat over, banting, eat ones heart out, dis-improves, dis continuing, dis-banding, dis-covered, WANS, out-flanks, re bate, de-filing, wearing a long face, takes flight, anchors it, dis-heartened, denaturing, weighting, de-predated, be muse, bant, undercharged, be numbed, demeriting, de-vote, tele scoping, puts one away, re-peals, dis confirm, mows down, art precipitated, un-zipped, were down the mouth, blunt, wast worse for wear, hack up, be tided, fags out, am wounded, does violence to, tipping over, bollixed, go to the dogs, were worse for wear, drawing a close, wast convulsed, stunting, re-pealed, rot, de limiting, backwatered, mis used, takes from, going to seed, de-militarize, hitting the brakes, dis-orders, were apathetic, pop one's balloon, wiped off map, throws curve, cool out, wastes away, be draggling, re pulses, de-compose, eases off, losing steam, denatures, are handicapped, dis-appears, over using, was overtaken, stamped across, digs down, de fusing, re press, wears long face, blue pencilling, takes header, uplights, descend, dis-colored, get last drop, reject, using up, de-mobilizes, brought grinding halt, took sting out, became worse, de sires, clipping ones wings, devalorize, hits dirt, make inert, retardate, bollix, under charged, re pulsed, re bates, gat worse, dis qualify, de composing, Shipwrecking, get to, under-played, de escalates, eats away, dis-enable, become tender, re turning, inter mix, dieing vine, abrogate, re sting, dis-graces, re-moves, out-stripped, was down in mouth, re tires, catheterize, puts out commission, has a bad time, am of no avail, send up, decreasing volume, is disadvantage, pressing together, dis regarded, de sensitizes, re moved, wert overtaken, dis-grace, stopt dead, dis mays, Negativing, curdling, ex asperates, under going, under-mining, re peal, re-pining, de merit, Intermitted, out-line, was no avail, drops out sight, dis-organize, de valued, being gone, am overcome, pejorate, set down, re-trench, hit the dirt, Infracting, re fined, zinged, de-pose, render incapable, ease, overfatigued, drinking up, shatter, fold up, dis-grading, take bite out, tipped over, dis serving, uncalming, cutting and run, de-mobilized, sur-passing, cut to bone, shrink, over turning, whittling away, nosediving, de-limit, went out like light, were lost, de natured, came together, Summed, de stroys, turning dust, slow, tapers, getting upper hand, hinder, de-adens, dis tort, takes off weight, paring down, hadst had enough, hacked up, dis mayed, dis-rated, pauperize, throwing monkey wrench into, in-fringe, dis honors, knocked bottom out of, under valued, summated, narrowed down, de-escalated, be impaired, be racked, becoming threadbare, dis countenances, drew blood, were neglected, came to naught, re-cede, de tain, de stroying, re tire, diminish, undermine, re-bating, recidivate, being down the mouth, Hoed, has bad time, pinions, went dogs, sur-rendering, over whelm, skipping out, unmanned, making waves, de-ducts, pejorated, drunk up, co-wing, deteriorate, dug out, getting under control, lying fallow, Lames, de stabilized, bedraggles, dis proved, bleeding dry, drank up, going to dogs, gets upper hand, being racked, dis composed, bows to, bemeaned, wast in a funk, turned to dust, becoming worse, dis-serving, puts out action, dries up, wound down, xouting, un-mans, put the lid on, reached depths, falling short, retro-cedes, were disregarded, ex-asperates, cripple, cease to exist, wast handicapped, torpedoing, popping ones balloon, dis may, wear long face, over burdens, draw to a close, re-fine, de-colorizes, wert impaired, overexerted, retro ceding, dis grading, make brief, put in nutshell, tenderizing, be lied, be-tided, is down in mouth, made demands on, re presses, art convulsed, drains away, marked down, out done, de colorized, de voting, hog tie, go seed, de lays, dis-close, diffused, breaks apart, triumphs over, take edge off, re-tract, pre-scribing, bringing standstill, de-stroy, sucked dry, miniaturize, dis order, gets to, grows dull, tire, setting aside, backwaters, un-did, pulled pieces, leaved one cold, puts out of commission, top pled, knocks bottom out of, turning back, sur mount, were reduced to, dis hearten, am in a funk, overexerts, tail off, dis countenancing, tucker, were a funk, re cedes, re bating, hit skids, un-fitting, pokes full of holes, poop, de-camped, stands still, nosedived, poked holes in, was neglected, dis honoring, wizens, dug into, re-lapsing, brings to standstill, de-stabilizes, un does, rarefy, be precipitated, turns dust, found unfounded, over throw, nose dive, come forth, not moving, be at disadvantage, subside, blue pencilled, filtering off, wert neglected, reduces to tears, de filed, was affected, bleeds dry, pro claims, pressed hard on, die, unnerve, am lost, reaches depths, de-sire, triumphed over, digged down, corking, am neglected, re pressing, wrack up, got the better of, de-graded, is a funk, make hash of, dis-ordered, achromatize, ex-hume, be affected, Bogging, un couples, prostrate, de taches, knock down, drain away, annul, give a turn, coming together, wast gone, lose weight, dis banding, in validates, phonies up, Air cooling, left cold, puts the lid on, de-pressing, gotten away, re-fines, de-activating, dis courages, dis composing, slowed up, over-exerting, reduce tears, Evanish, takes bite out, over-tiring, etherize, art a funk, Benching, winding down, dis-comfits, stealing away, be mean, scoop out, re-butting, out-strip, easing off, de fuses, retro cede, sneak away, de files, ex-asperated, went the bottom, puts in toilet, ennuiing, dis credit, taking load off, un-strengthening, decreases by, re leases, takes it out of, vegetate, summating, un-burdened, un zips, condole with, stop dead, de-solates, casts down, re-treating, with draws, up raise, sub merging, burned up, gassing, dumped on, un-earth, turn back, re-veal, de hydrating, under went, nose-diving, in capacitating, trans fuse, putting a nutshell, turns back, thinned down, dis-colors, un-man, de-scended, bring ruin, un manning, got meat, cut to quick, over-fatigued, throw monkey wrench in to, unglues, dis arrange, drawing to close, go on diet, re-cedes, water down, dis covers, hitting rock bottom, Obtunding, am racked, break apart, eating one's heart out, dis-covers, throws a monkey wrench in to, sur-mount, trans fixed, am down the mouth, takes a header, sur mounting, disarm, Palsies, throw back, re-moving, went bad, devitalize, was lost, dis gusts, are a funk, un burdens, dis-credited, de-sensitized, made lighter, be-falling, pops balloon, over comes, leaving one cold, breaking apart, un-calmed, densifies, used up, out did, dis-gracing, dis enabled, un-tighten, eating away, mis-employ, tenderize, pro bed, get the better of, with drew, made hash of, dulls, gat upper hand, un-burdens, is in funk, out doing, sur-mounted, ex-celling, re-veals, goes bad, sink, un loading, de-class, Etherized, bums out, dis confirming, up raised, becomes tender, de moralized, melt away, sub dues, dis integrate, wreaks havoc on, sur pass, Declassing, slides back, made mess of, sub sided, de limits, brings screeching halt, wast at disadvantage, taking weight, going back on ones word, un-nerves, pro claiming, de-generate, in validate, demerited, snuck away, got away, caving in, running ragged, de-presses, de-fining, with-drew, dis countenance, dis-courages, wast worthless, de stroyed, choked off, de-spoiling, un earth, clipping one's wings, blows sky high, was handicapped, de-value, washed away, gets under control, finding unfounded, gave way, de solates, de mean, concaves, enfeeble, re spites, demilitarizes, misemploys, dis maying, under-rating, brings standstill, kept it down, going back one's word, burning up, diffusing, has had enough, puts sleep, dis burdens, poor mouths, keep waiting, mudslinged, air-cooling, go diet, being wounded, died vine, be gloomy, de grading, un coupled, de-creases, de-tains, over runs, syncopate, obtund, dis-connected, art in a funk, de-limits, un hinge, are defeated, dis-torts, Re-turn, dis connect, de-composing, dis tracts, un-glue, were overcome, become worse, de presses, was convulsed, debilitate, tapers off, be-meaning, wert swallowed up, lose color, grow dim, beat down, hacking up, dis-regards, bring screeching halt, died off, being swallowed up, going a diet, un calmed, took weight, wert done for, un settle, brought to standstill, conking out, bursting out, wert gloomy, disenables, dis-serve, is convulsed, dis solve, over whelms, draws in, drowsing, being worse for wear, pre-scribes, made impure, de-voted, re-turning, de colorizing, corked, un strings, being no more, wert in a funk, eats one's heart out, goes dogs, dis arming, dis-gusts, getting away, gamble away, poking holes in, over-extend, hadst a bad time, re lapses, dis encumber, re-pined, unbraces, dis arranging, dis-countenancing, slacked off, dis comfits, re pined, pro-rogues, gets worse, relapse, running off, de-valorizes, grows dim, trans-pire, cutting the quick, was impaired, dis-engaging, in fringes, dis missing, throwing a monkey wrench in to, take off weight, cut rate, re-views, make useless, dis prove, sneaks away, retro graded, dis-concerting, under-playing, dryrot, de-means, dis burdening, tear up, sliding back, siphoned, making break, was down the mouth, forks out, dis compose, trans fixt, made little of, co-oked, is defeated, knocking bottom out of, triumphing over, de spoiling, kept down, skip out, loses heat, psychs out, air conditioned, dis-organizes, digged out, comes pass, are worse for wear, eating one heart out, dis credited, Telescoping, de tach, over does, over-worked, making long story short, dis continue, becomes threadbare, re peals, go on a diet, am defeated, declasses, decline, de fused, de-file, gobbling up, lost weight, get better of, under rate, struck dumb, disgraded, cut quick, Detruded, dis-limbing, up-raises, under-going, turns one off, took a header, demilitarize, over exerts, de generates, pro-duces, taking down peg, ex-pire, under-gone, ran dry, poking full of holes, ate away, dis-limb, wert lost, de vitalizes, digging in to, poor-mouthed, under-rated, deescalates, quell, dis-perse, underpricing, poohpooh, disimproving, lost color, hits brakes, be overcome, cutting to the quick, throws cold water on, in filtrated, re viewing, under charging, pour down the drain, poked full holes, de-cried, take weight, clipped one's wings, become threadbare, be handicapped, over-exerted, demilitarizing, dis encumbers, dis heartened, un-covers, become contaminated, ceases exist, underplayed, closes off, over-exerts, unstrengthen, dissuade, dis bands, Gassed, dis commode, over-burdening, giving turn, melts away, tax, ex pose, dis heartens, wiping map, un settling, forces in to space, over straining, becoming colorless, de valorizing, un nerves, de vitalized, become limp, made useless, un-load, dis barring, re pine, drowses, etherizes, dis-hearten, dis connected, in-validated, re-tracts, sets aside, be no avail, ran aground, comes to naught, is funk, un strengthened, de-duct, under-charged, grew tired, re tiring, was racked, under-mined, ex pire, nose-dives, putting sleep, un-earthing, was wounded, de-humidified, hanging down, dis arms, destroy, cutting run, wearing thin, eases up, de compose, free from, complains of, be apathetic, Proroguing, leave no trace, popped balloon, sensitize, brake apart, cut to the quick, bringing low, going beyond, un calming, being affected, be down in mouth, wast a funk, wert a funk, come naught, Stranding, under played, make mincemeat of, with-drawing, were inert, are reduced to, dropping out of sight, drag down, knocked over, pro-claiming, brings to ruin, up-setting, pops one's balloon, evaporate, went to seed, thin out, dis graced, was at disadvantage, becoming tender, hits the skids, cuts rate, scratches out, dis-mantle, de-cline, pro rogues, dis-embowelled, blows out, minify, x outing, choke off, dis-qualified, dis-band, de vitalize, goes the dogs, loses quality, out-flanked, x outed, washing up, overextends, drop out sight, took the bite out, dis-closes, de scended, trans pire, dis-figured, suffer defeat, de valuating, going to the dogs, conked out, de-valorized, giving a turn, un coupling, un-fit, recidivated, pushed down, sandbags, re-ceding, dropt out sight, in-filtrating, reduced speed, re-pine, poor-mouthing, dis closed, relaxedding, are in a funk, washing out, Breaching, wears a long face, un-hinging, hitting brakes, de fined, dis-crediting, un-loads, wert worse for wear, pumping out, bringing ruin, be little, roots out, mis-employs, nose-dive, be fall, out-maneuver, go the bottom, de-merit, under-cuts, de spoiled, kicked downstairs, under-charge, keeps down, buffaloed, made public, complained of, keeping lid on, trans-fixt, die off, puts in nutshell, becoming worn, disconfirming, de-valuates, fluffing off, de graded, bum out, dis concerts, Achromatized, shoots holes in, de tains, disbars, tamper with, was defeated, cuts to the bone, de faces, made eat dirt, un-calms, were done for, de-hydrating, un burdened, stand still, went the dogs, with drawn, kicks downstairs, Disbarred, out flanked, are beaten, boil down, lost strength, inter-mixed, lose heat, de-forms, dis-ordering, left one cold, dying down, goes beyond, poormouth, pressed together, inventorying, dis barred, out maneuvered, un tightens, runs ragged, aircools, Mildewed, under-price, get worse, flies the coop, wast gloomy, x-outs, under mined, re-bate, be-tide, brought standstill, prevailed over, under price, was overcome, decreased volume, de humidifies, makes one feel small, gives a sign to, be wilder, un settles, pulls to pieces, up lighting, dog it, dying vine, de valuated, burns up, with draw, wipes slate clean, taking out, KOD, be-fall, die on vine, de vitalizing, taking steam out, am worse for wear, sub tracts, gulped down, marking off, dis crediting, de hydrates, dis ordered, lost power, de merited, dis-counts, hoes, retardates, out-done, de-face, dis emboweled, knock bottom out of, dis bar, dis-unite, dieing on vine, de creases, evanished, wast disregarded, decrease volume, de-militarized, dis obeyed, are convulsed, dis-encumbering, lose luster, stagnate, make lower, over tires, dis concerting, eat one heart out, blowing sky high, dis-bar, Mildewing, becoming unconscious, Hungering, gat under control, am no avail, de-stabilize, whittled away, dis tressed, corrupt, Sapping, weigh heavily on, defuse, come to naught, out flank, wast swallowed up, Illtreat, forces down, take it out of, un-cover, atrophying, overtaxed, dis-continuing, Disgrade, gotten better of, drops out of sight, abridge, un burdening, re-strain, in filtrate, dis colored, under-estimated, wiping off map, hangs down, up lights, bankrupts, de-base, gets away, unmans, over-powered, exenterating, die vine, up-lighted, art neglected, sub-dues, mitigate, dis-serves, de-classed, fade, disenabled, comes together, uses up, piping down, force into space, over turn, be lost, re butting, de-moralized, re bated, dis connects, wert overcome, un settled, being funk, un fitting, becomes worse, nutshelled, over-runs, dis closing, re tract, Emaciating, undercharge, wreak havoc on, mis apply, koing, Benched, pulls pieces, decrease, being lost, de sire, pre scribe, overexerting, ex-asperate, qualify, trans-fuse, dis members, outed, clips one's wings, sweating over, de camping, under-estimates, go to dogs, un-hinge, sends up, re-pines, puts out order, de-voting, wert no avail, de-colorize, dry-rotted, de-valorizing, intermit, re legates, de-fusing, pejorates, got to the meat, lose speed, am down in the mouth, are swallowed up, overuses, make mess of, fell to pieces, over-throws, pass time, de sensitized, brings to grinding halt, decreased by, be inert, under-play, depress, have had enough, be musing, de-fuse, fall pieces, de militarizes, comes apart, dis-encumber, Spaded, keeping under, loses edge, be-aching, bang up, under-plays, xouts, blue penciling, putting in toilet, be worthless, re-bated, dis-appear, slide back, caused ennui, running low, becomes stale, de-ducting, end gradually, dis membered, cool, in-capacitates, art defeated, dis arranges, sur-mounts, sandbagging, are disregarded, going waste, disappear, decreases volume, aircondition, re trenches, over tax, loses steam, de based, sub-sides, over exerted, sur mounts, under priced, re treating, re-duce, be mused, de tract, art affected, scooped out, going out like light, clipped wings, growing dull, re moving, put out of order, brings low, gets the better of, in validated, die away, goes back ones word, weighing heavily on, be lying, hast bad time, de-lays, letted out, hits skids, hanged up, un-fitted, dis embowelled, mis applying, Negatived, am down mouth, knocking down, dis graces, pop balloon, making little of, comes naught, nosedove, hamstring, forcing into space, humble, be ached, be draggles, re view, are down the mouth, smashing up, got under control, gotten under control, in-validate, retrogrades, dis figuring, takes a load off, out-rage, mis treats, boil away, sub-merges, under-cutting, gets the meat, dis-credits, sub-merging, digs into, be wounded, give up, making mincemeat of, pooh pooh, re trench, ceasing to exist, un-strengthens, rolls back, de-meaning, shipwrecks, dropped down, denature, sur-passed, Muddying, mis-applied, gat to meat, be neglected, digged in to, put damper on, strook dumb, dis appeared, over whelming, un arms, de-militarizing, be of no avail, ex asperate, flaked out, be gone, un-covering, hoe, laxing, falls short, Damped, goes seed, clipped ones wings, mis treated, cut and run, keeps it down, be disadvantage, out lining, stewed over, mark off, art no avail, wreaked havoc on, dieing down, de parting, de fine, telescope, doing violence to, undercut, dis-composed, de-siring, cause ennui, pines away, were no more, de merits, ceasing exist, out-raging, grew dim, dislimbs, re-strict, flaking out, broke down, make impure, de-solated, de militarized.