Pronunciation of Stretch
/stɹˈɛt͡ʃ/, /stɹˈɛt‍ʃ/, /s_t_ɹ_ˈɛ_tʃ/

Antonyms for stretch:

hang up, shrinkings, de escalated, be apprehensive, nutshell, Furrowing, holding down, take the edge off, condense, Tamped, cut the bone, restrict, wast servile, delimitate, fear, art frightened, it dealt, break out a sweat, prelimited, it a dealt, delimitates, compress, de cay, de press, re-coiled, hard, de cline, going on diet, put ice, drive in, summate, wasting away, it's a deals, topped off, friable, roll back, de generated, quatting, cool down, sur-render, is bowed, parenthesis, de-fine, feel concern, dis-order, dis counted, decreasings, de-crease, breaking out sweat, heap up, Cockled, Downs, came around, goes on a diet, stop, stoop, de ranges, re-cessions, becoming indebted, blue pencils, brittle, Inclosed, sub side, sardined, being in awe, firmed a deal, under-mined, re trench, in dispose, go diet, de valuates, wast apprehensive, it deals, its a deals, zeroing in, Squashing, eat dirt, dying down, are afraid, in close, de scending, chocks, tensing, breaking out a sweat, becomes indebted, art afraid, fall away, are ill with, come around, Agglomerating, re ceded, accepted offer, Caving, prelimiting, wast in awe, summated, went a diet, dis-counting, taking edge off, re-fuse, with-drawings, were ill with, signs up, lost courage, deescalating, taking off weight, signs papers, de-pressed, pressed together, give, takes ones death, loosen, ink, took bite out, fore-see, cuts to bone, chock, fore-sees, all-owed, de-limiting, Inked, am apprehensive, wrought out details, works out details, drawing togethers, capsulized, re-duce, downplay, deflation, dare not, growing less, takes one's death, blue penciled, de-hydrating, with-drawing, broke out in a sweat, art servile, Bankrupting, crouch, Syncopating, de pressing, grows less, de-cay, hadst butterflies, flinch, breaks out sweat, recedings, Shying, fold up, becoming smaller, under-takes, narrowing down, putting a nutshell, re lax, de-ranging, be bowed, Focalized, in-curred, soft pedal, de-valuated, getting to the meat, narrows down, crumbly, am in awe, sur-renders, putting writing, it's deal, forgathers, blue pencil, bend down, drives in, in-clines, de vote, de-escalated, nutshells, in disposes, slacken, bowed to, rebating, went on a diet, fell short, wert apprehensive, pressing together, go a diet, sur-rounded, forced in to space, boiling down, up-setting, keep within limits, draws together, took ones death, breaking out in a sweat, become smaller, breaks out in a sweat, re coil, forces in to space, de fined, was servile, pre-limiting, go down with, deflations, de clines, sur-rendering, re-bated, demarking, are awe, get the meat, re bating, firming deal, fore-saw, take edge off, de hydrating, tailed off, shake hands it, getting the meat, brake out in sweat, in disposed, de-hydrate, winds down, press together, Inclosing, fell away, dis ordered, Conglomerated, gives one word, hast qualms, with-drawn, cutting bone, abbreviate, de-presses, make terms, reduce, is apprehensive, forces into space, cut to bone, pro-mise, de-based, draw in, Decocted, pucker, were disquieted, puts a nutshell, accept offer, boils down, are frightened, bow to, putting in nutshell, de graded, de-basing, its a dealt, feels concern, gives ones word, in-duce, ramming in, wert afraid, wert afflicted with, de-fined, telescope, sware to, discontinuity, de-graded, tele scoped, repel, were bowed, de-base, re-cede, putting in a nutshell, daring not, broke out sweat, gives word, grow less, made brief, hast butterflies, unyielding, in-duces, demark, took sting out, blue pencilling, de-mark, taking sting out, re treats, conceal, focalizes, re fused, de generating, dies down, wert anxious, de grading, de-scends, had qualms, became smaller, concentrate, drawing together, de creased, pinning down, re treating, be in awe, put in nutshell, being anxious, putting on ice, pre limited, rucked up, deflate, downed, takes one death, dares not, under taking, becomes smaller, deflatings, am awe, in-close, am disquieted, inks, making a long story short, under-taking, boiled down, contraction, de ranging, folds up, succumb to, hammering out deal, wastes away, shrivellings, takes sting out, de-limited, goes a diet, re trenches, were apprehensive, made long story short, fell victim to, keeping within bounds, de-marks, firms deal, held down, nutshelled, re coiled, narrow down, rebated, de generates, Initialing, Summed, initialling, boil down, am ill with, took off weight, eating dirt, re-fused, slowing down, firmed deal, get to the meat, lose weight, re-duces, broke out a sweat, with-drew, is afflicted with, be awe, shook hands on it, dis orders, presses together, falling away, becomes infected with, tele scoping, topping off, takes death, bankrupts, demarks, shutting in, dieing down, are apprehensive, took the edge off, running low, play down, de-voting, in duce, drew together, pre limit, gave word, dis-ordered, de-vote, grow smaller, pro-mises, getting meat, Chocking, gat to the meat, with draws, cut to the bone, bant, was anxious, de generate, de-creases, attenuate, am servile, took death, re-coils, de-press, make long story short, Focalizing, hammer out deal, loses edge, re fusing, wrinkle, re fuse, in-sert, puts in a nutshell, de range, re strict, grew smaller, be frightened, Roosted, nutshelling, art bowed, incloses, it's deals, thrusts in, re-treat, fall short, re-coiling, de-creased, decocts, tops off, accepting offer, de scend, tails away, give ones word, were frightened, re cession, taking bite out, re trenching, forcing in to space, bends down, contract, blue penciling, de marks, put writing, died down, break out sweat, slacks up, draws in, dared not, de-grading, take one's death, tail off, puts on ice, forgather, re bates, take sting out, giving word, de-valuating, art ill with, winded down, tele-scoped, peter, de-generated, sub-siding, QUATS, de crease, densifies, de-voted, cut bone, falls victim to, re-ceding, wast afflicted with, am afraid, de marked, zero in, sent up, falls away, re-trenches, dis-orders, de-hydrates, keeping within limits, re ceding, cuts to the bone, going on a diet, up-sets, rucking up, under-mining, be afflicted with, Nonelastic, de-fines, telescoped, de-hydrated, all owing, de fine, pins down, dry up, furrowed, cooled down, slacked off, de grade, re-tiring, de-valuates, in-closes, re fuses, makes long story short, slacks off, de limited, take ones death, holds down, are bowed, syncopated, re cede, ruckled, take bite out, inflexible, tailed away, has qualms, it's dealing, de-ranged, curtailings, rolling back, accepts offer, de-limits, sur-rounding, squash, Thronging, sends up, giving way, under taken, falling short, bows to, sign papers, gotten to meat, being ill with, re-strict, epitomize, art awe, drawing in, in-disposing, give one's word, sub-sides, interstice, its deal, making terms, am afflicted with, dis-counted, enter in to, takes edge off, have qualms, re duces, grew less, takes the sting out, art in awe, wast disquieted, putting ice, de fines, wasted away, sur rounded, breaking out in sweat, scaling down, Waned, wert ill with, swear to, inventorying, ran low, give one word, deescalates, shorten, cutting the bone, re cessions, under-taken, curtail, taking the sting out, de-marked, block, dis counts, de-scending, grows smaller, having qualms, re-lax, being afflicted with, going a diet, keeps within bounds, become infected with, slacking off, sub sides, Chocked, under took, abbreviatings, signs for, in-curring, it's a dealing, compact, got meat, re bated, going down with, shut in, loses courage, its dealing, all-owing, wert disquieted, diminishings, densifying, in curred, lose edge, re tired, haddest butterflies, with drew, are disquieted, banting, being apprehensive, de escalating, losing weight, went down with, interlude, Quat, Decocting, it a deals, keep within bounds, waste away, densified, de-generate, cutting downs, scaled down, put on ice, is disquieted, brake out sweat, telescopes, delimitating, all owed, bants, drew in, succumbing to, quatted, scrooched down, de based, wast awe, it deal, re-cedes, de-grades, jam pack, de escalate, densened, puts in nutshell, de votes, force in to space, de presses, firm, pro mise, squat, signed up, pares down, summating, was apprehensive, swears to, re coiling, rolled back, sardine, de-cline, densen, in closed, sign for, lose, lessen, taking death, shuts in, capsulize, re-treated, repulse, signed for, condensings, scrooches down, be ill with, forced into space, pre-limits, sub-sided, were afflicted with, de-clines, tamp, halt, take the sting out, de limiting, breaks out a sweat, ruckling, gets to meat, indisposes, become indebted, being awe, tailing off, sub-side, de base, de scends, brake out a sweat, Telescoping, de-creasing, drove in, take off weight, taking the bite out, cutting to the bone, sur rendered, sur-rendered, Summing, in-disposed, giving one's word, it a dealing, pre-limited, fore seeing, pro mises, had butterflies, fore-seen, wedge, with drawings, being bowed, swearing to, puts writing, sending up, re duce, lost edge, break out in sweat, tensings, takes off weight, takes the bite out, de-range, cutting to bone, rams in, Minified, were in awe, de valuating, putting nutshell, in sert, coming around, re-trenched, re-tire, get meat, de cays, tails off, lost weight, de creases, puts ice, solid, re coils, bending down, cooling down, becoming infected with, signing papers, are servile, getting to meat, winding down, dwindlings, minifies, mark down, kept within limits, de limits, succumbs to, in cline, took the sting out, in clines, elision, slacked up, dried up, be servile, capsulizing, de hydrated, draw together, softpedal, putting in writing, being servile, narrow, truncate, dis ordering, de creasing, up set, tailing away, force into space, take one death, keeps within limits, loppings, re-trench, heaped up, taking one's death, Conglomerating, de pressed, rolls back, interval, de-scended, up sets, scrooching down, are afflicted with, were servile, de mark, demarked, scale down, banted, de voting, fall victim to, tele-scoping, indispose, de valuate, be anxious, are anxious, got to meat, slow down, cuts the bone, rammed in, crisp, densens, making long story short, gets to the meat, gap, under takes, signing for, wearing away, wind down, cools down, was ill with, narrowed down, de-valuate, were afraid, de-scend, is afraid, got the meat, thrust in, breaks out in sweat, Inking, Cockling, taking one death, art anxious, is ill with, grovelling, bent down, firm deal, prelimits, gave way, de-limit, sign up, de fining, make a long story short, decrease, push, under mining, was afflicted with, got to the meat, focalize, fore sees, forcing into space, wert bowed, in-cline, de grades, re-treating, fore seen, slowed down, Massing, have butterflies, Tamping, blue pencilled, pack, dis counting, is awe, constrict, art apprehensive, makes brief, sub siding, are in awe, go on a diet, Minifying, giving ones word, wert frightened, shakes hands on it, took one death, took edge off, cringe, up setting, de ranged, its a dealing, re-trenching, Wedging, under take, taking ones death, firming a deal, send up, run low, de-marking, densify, falls short, take death, were awe, evaporatings, de basing, stiff, de-escalates, wast frightened, wound down, growing smaller, ruck up, lose courage, shrinking, de limit, swore to, comes around, Caved, pinned down, shaking hands it, de-cays, gets meat, re-treats, kept within bounds, fore saw, relax, jampack, de-ranges, delimitated, de-escalate, de valuated, gave ones word, flaky, elisions, Roosting, go on diet, brake out in a sweat, cease, hem in, takes weight, interregnum, with draw, firms a deal, up-set, losing edge, is frightened, give word, de hydrates, de escalates, took the bite out, went on diet, go along with, shook hands it, with drawn, pin down, downing, syncopates, re-bating, pared down, re-bate, sur renders, bended down, going diet, gets the meat, with drawing, gat to meat, loses weight, de-pressing, sardines, give way, rucks up, was bowed, in duces, art afflicted with, bowing to, shaking hands on it, became infected with, pacted, re tiring, under mined, slows down, de marking, recede, with-draw, re-coil, broke out in sweat, shake hands on it, decoct, taking the edge off, Bankrupted, deescalate, take weight, were anxious, sur rendering, being afraid, re bate, capsulizes, dis order, de hydrate, rigid, dis-ordering, be afraid, take the bite out, re trenched, hold down, de-votes, dries up, gotten meat, de-grade, withdrawings, in disposing, shies, making brief, put a nutshell, it dealing, exclude, densening, ate dirt, work out details, de-escalating, taking weight, being disquieted, de-generating, am bowed, signing up, zeroed in, put in a nutshell, scrooch down, hide, folded up, being frightened, takes bite out, re-ceded, scales down, heaping up, hammers out deal, dis-counts, takes the edge off, sub sided, pacting, syncopate, was in awe, hanging up, became indebted, put nutshell, hath butterflies, ruckle, marked down, cuts bone, is anxious, in-disposes, gave one's word, initialled, paring down, tightenings, de-emphasize, drying up, made terms, de-fining, break out in a sweat, agglomerated, Inventoried, am anxious, it a deal, re-cession, de-generates, drave in, folding up, hanged up, summates, took weight, Prelimit, Indisposing, end, de scended, forgathering, hadst qualms, re cedes, intermission, gotten the meat, de voted, die down, TAMPS, make brief, took one's death, deescalated, forgathered, be disquieted, re tire, re tires, it's dealt, close, is servile, sur rounding, shrink.

Usage examples for stretch:

Idioms for stretch:

  • stretch your legs;
  • the home stretch
  • stretch one's money;
  • stretch one's legs;
  • stretch money;

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