Pronunciation of Strip
/stɹˈɪp/, /stɹˈɪp/, /s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_p/

Antonyms for strip

doll up, laminate, lays concrete, invest, slap on, be-sprays, Whites, be smear, Incrusting, puts on band-aid, be spraying, cobblestoning, smooth, slicked, tinsel, ex plains, aurified, catching likeness, besprayed, be smears, Incrusted, sur faces, bespray, ex foliated, de picts, fill, be grime, Tarred, apply, shingling, de-face, in-crusted, paper, daub, Enamelling, puts a band-aid, slathered, be sprays, Glozed, Layering, slathers, glassed, clad, mis-represented, catch likeness, aureating, softpedal, be grimes, lays asphalt, flagstone, in crusts, re fines, fancify, be gilding, catch a likeness, makes uniform, protect, be-griming, mis represented, apologize for, sands, put on a band aid, palliate, bower, apologized for, slicks, super-imposes, put bandaid, Bricked, infuse, refinish, ex-plaining, emboss, over layer, prettify, made vitreous, cobblestone, covered up, Re-present, Sanded, sur facing, be-gild, put on band-aid, be spray, aureated, tar, Sanding, inculcate, dis guise, don, de-picts, Crusting, re-decorate, beautify, de-signs, deaconing, veneer, put on band aid, ex-plained, lay asphalt, be-grime, de-facing, Glozing, in-crusting, engild, pave, made light of, laying asphalt, crusted, be-gilding, begilding, griming, fancy up, sleeks, tiled, put on, flagstoned, made uniform, muffle, dress up, be smeared, sur faced, in crust, de-signing, be-lying, be decked, paint, put a band aid, be-smear, dis guises, engilds, Foliating, whitewash, aureates, glossing over, dis-guised, macadamizes, ironing, over-layered, sur-faced, overlayer, put band aid, made lustrous, Macadamizing, make light of, circumfuse, enrich, Tarring, enameled, CLADS, sets off, apologizes for, Frescoed, Sleeking, smooth over, Lustering, vitrify, rub, apologizing for, begrimed, in-crust, line, pasted up, enclothe, Tars, over-lays, covers up, making lustrous, glaze, makes light of, making vitreous, smooths over, lay concrete, get dressed, re modelling, puts on a band-aid, over-laying, deaconed, put on coats, putting a band-aid, tog, be lying, wallpapered, cover, aurify, remain, be-grimed, over layers, re fine, Begilded, gild, wallpapers, Enswathe, Begriming, be-deck, aurifying, be gilded, spiffs up, begild, drape, spiffing up, re-decorates, laying concrete, cobblestones, re finished, be-lied, be gilds, slapped on, Gravelling, begilds, wrap, co-loring, over laying, whiting, bedeck, makes vitreous, shingles, putting on band aid, Graveling, be-spray, puts band-aid, do up, re fined, put coats, re-presenting, be-decks, Tinselling, puts on band aid, ex-foliating, fresco, over lays, spiff up, dis guised, be-smearing, grimed, whole, spiffed up, catching a likeness, Emblaze, be-decking, putting band aid, re decorated, gloss over, Enameling, accoutre, re modeled, engilding, puts bandaid, over-layering, re models, fix, caught a likeness, face, equip, cladding, ex-foliates, quick fixt, give, catches likeness, be gild, ex plain, de-pict, mis representing, re-fines, de pict, de face, embower, quick fixing, be-gilded, enwrap, setting off, inoculate, puts on bandaid, pasting up, make lustrous, super-imposed, be-decked, Lacquering, foliated, quick fixed, putting bandaid, Glassing, de-signed, re decorate, ex-plain, ex foliating, Japanned, Planed, flagstoning, puts band aid, offer, lustered, prettifies, makes lustrous, gussies up, Gravelled, re-decorated, ex plained, help, embrace, garment, super impose, super-impose, in crusted, wallpapering, varnish, glosses over, catches a likeness, Sided, dis-guise, in crusting, laid concrete, clothe, smoothing over, paste up, re model, re-finish, be smearing, Shingled, putting on coats, foliate, super imposed, Bricking, be-sprayed, aurifies, graveled, re finish, over-layer, put on a bandaid, re-fine, be-spraying, prettified, layered, begrimes, overlay, enshroud, Vitrifying, cobblestoned, putting a band aid, de faced, decorate, putting on a band-aid, slapping on, dis guising, dis-guises, macadamized, ex-foliate, dis-guising, overlayers, prettifying, be-smeared, re present, foliates, make vitreous, covering up, blazon, flagstones, over-lay, putting a bandaid, re-presented, re-fining, over laid, be sprayed, enrobe, co loring, habilitate, sheathe, furnish, de sign, mis represent, puts on coats, put a band-aid, caught likeness, bless, de signing, embellish, re-models, engilded, re modelled, put on bandaid, pastes up, Patted, Enamelled, overlayering, slather, making light of, Patting, re presents, Frescos, tinsels, mis-representing, de signs, re-modelled, begrime, lay on, re-modeling, bespraying, re-finishes, re-decorating, besprays, macadamize, putting on bandaid, putting coats, re presenting, vitrifies, de signed, de facing, incrusts, puts a bandaid, be griming, super imposing, refinishes, ex foliate, re finishing, be lied, set off, laid asphalt, incrust, be decks, Sleeked, vitrified, put a bandaid, in-crusts, be-grimes, Frescoing, de-faced, over layering, Gloze, sur-face, endue, refinishing, Embosom, over-laid, gussying up, overlayered, de-sign, garnish, wallpaper, swathe, putting on band-aid, sur face, sand, stay, glozes, tiling, re presented, bedizen, be grimed, be deck, gussied up, de faces, puts a band aid, be-gilds, over-layers, super imposes, Lacquered, slathering, re-model, coat, Slicking, sur-facing, Japanning, be decking, making uniform, mis-represents, cover up, de-faces, re-modeled, ex-plains, puts coats, involve, re finishes, over layered, glossed over, puts on a bandaid, suffuse, super-imposing, encompass, gussy up, Tinseling, re-presents, be-smears, putting on a bandaid, ex plaining, mis represents, mis-represent, Planing, putting on a band aid.