Sub structure

Pronunciation of Sub Structure
/sˈʌb stɹˈʌkt͡ʃə/, /sˈʌb stɹˈʌkt‍ʃə/, /s_ˈʌ_b s_t_ɹ_ˈʌ_k_tʃ_ə/

Synonyms for sub structure

base (noun)

basement, basis, bed, bedrock, bottom, foot, footing, ground, groundwork, infrastructure, pedestal, rest, root, seat, seating, stand, substratum, substructure, support, Underpinning.

basement (noun)

cellar, crypt, excavation, furnace room, storage, understructure, vault, Underbuilding, subterranean room.

basis (noun)

base, resting place.

body (noun)

assembly, box, chassis, core, corpus, crux, essence, frame, fuselage, gist, hull, majority, mass, material, matter, pith, skeleton, staple, substance, sum, tenor, total, trunk, whole, Gravamen, main part.

bottom (noun)

belly, floor, nadir, pediment, sole, terra firma, underbelly, underneath, underside, depths, deepest part, lowest part, nether portion.

footing (noun)

establishment, foothold, installation, settlement, warrant.

foundation (noun)

abcs, authority, basics, bottom line, guts, heart, justification, nitty-gritty, nub, nuts and bolts, prop, reason, stay, brass tacks.

pedestal (noun)

foundation, mounting, platform, plinth, podium.

preparation (noun)

alertness, anticipation, arrangement, background, construction, dry run, education, evolution, expectation, fitting, foresight, formation, gestation, homework, incubation, manufacture, measure, plan, precaution, preparedness, provision, qualification, readying, rehearsal, rundown, safeguard, study, training, tryout, workout, schoolwork, lead time, Preparing, build-up, getting ready, making ready, putting in order.

rudiment (noun)

fundament, fundamental.

support (noun)

abutment, agency, back, backing, bedding, block, brace, buttress, collar, column, cornerstone, device, flotation, fulcrum, guide, hold, lining, means, medium, pillar, pole, post, rampart, reinforcement, rib, rod, shore, stake, stanchion, stave, stiffener, stilt, sustentation, timber.