Pronunciation of Subordinate
/sʌbˈɔːdɪnət/, /sʌbˈɔːdɪnət/, /s_ʌ_b_ˈɔː_d_ɪ_n_ə_t/

Antonyms for subordinate

magnate, grandest, suzerains, most organizing, most decision-making, self supporting, superordinate, most unregimented, more decision-making, most unparagoned, largescale, out-standing, dominant, top brasses, top, large scale, Mega, up lifting, all time, most worldclass, more substratal, highranking, fore-people, principium, selfdetermining, most undisguised, high, axiological, most fundamental, dis-affected, more unexampled, more self governed, primo, opposer, more highest-ranking, overbalancing, be-ginning, super intending, most idiopathic, more superintending, Nawab, more decisionmaking, dis affected, more germinal, fat cat, more piloting, un-surpassable, more predominate, first class, higher, all-powerful, most mega, staple, re-straining, over-ruling, super-eminent, unmatchable, more undisguised, most unaided, mainline, commanding, one for book, more overweighing, more unallied, more hot-dog, master, jefe, in comparable, ruler, fab, most firststring, more midmost, re-quired, more selfdetermining, over powering, fundamental, more inaugural, Overseeing, most gilt edge, more self determining, grand, fore-most, most big-wheel, more unequalled, more crackerjack, more unparagoned, more overruling, monarch, more estranged, apical, middlemost, forepeople, presidential, foreperson, Gilt-edge, more hot dog, on own, holding reins, coal and ices, second to none, in charge, more executing, over weighing, more insurrectionary, over-weighing, source, most bottom line, pre-requisite, most crackerjack, first-class, leading, five-star, grassroots, tycoon, monarchial, big shot, in tractable, taskmaster, most gubernatorial, executive, most above, in-augural, top brass, first-rate, most primo, mindblowing, Unallied, most anarchical, bigtime, ex citing, solid gold, insurgent, most apical, un-equalled, more guiding, Husbanding, more top of the line, more mainline, more centric, more heavy-duty, substrative, second none, alltime, over seer, Hinderer, right front, Primogenial, un-disguised, world-class, most self-governed, super-intending, inter mediate, big-gun, Managing, pre-vailing, more gilt edge, honcho, selfruling, in dispensable, piloting, bottomline, helmsman, more middlemost, heavy-duty, more world class, mid most, more ahead, more second to none, senior, more axiological, elementary, more giltedge, more self ruling, prince, head of the line, top-ranking, most handling, in flexible, capital, more initiative, predominate, dis obedient, coal ice, un-approachable, unregimented, top flight, most big gun, un controlled, big-timer, head-most, Over-bearing, more administering, nabob, most meat-and-potatoes, most five star, un regimented, predominant, unaided, self determining, baron, over blown, in dependent, more heavyduty, most all powerful, more unrivalled, more, supervisor, more big gun, in choate, over seeing, more world-class, head people, selfgoverning, more unaided, in augural, most estranged, most grass-roots, manager, high ranking, un surpassable, more top-ranking, more outweighing, more meat and potatoes, more mega, in-tractable, fore-person, most grass roots, un-regimented, most big-gun, influential, most selfruling, pooh-bah, firststring, more bottom-line, more top ranking, most self governed, in-dependent, highly regarded, in subordinate, most telling, most underived, highminded, most commencing, selfreliant, self-ruling, something else, self governing, un derived, captain, more grass-roots, mid-way, most top-of-the-line, most underivative, vital, sub lime, more meat-and-potatoes, un constrained, more gubernatorial, more overseeing, un connected, primary, fabbest, hotdog, essential, in demand, in-spiring, underivative, non aligned, biggie, more bottomline, un disguised, potent, most solid gold, over-seeing, numero uno, mid way, more righthand, most nonpareil, most guiding, most decisionmaking, most primogenial, most selfdetermining, more presidential, more highest ranking, high minded, most heavyduty, governing, king, big gun, most right hand, head the line, more anarchical, over-blown, most topranking, more selfgoverned, most selfgoverned, top the list, more self-determining, key player, righthand, nonpartisan, upper-most, unrivalled, stubborn, solid-gold, top cats, nitty gritty, more telling, dis-obedient, most second to none, highest ranking, most nascent, middle-most, out weighing, contumacious, most directing, most world class, decision-making, highest-ranking, big cheese, more surpassing, more self-ruling, most self determining, most intransigent, top drawer, preeminent, centroidal, self sufficient, un exampled, most five-star, un-surpassed, pig headed, un-aided, most monarchial, more ordering, big guns, re straining, more first-string, upper most, more nonpareil, more top-of-the-line, most executing, under-lying, suzerain, most second-to-none, most umbilical, fore persons, more advising, more commencing, more omphalic, super visor, super visors, un derivative, top notch, most insurrectionary, pre-dominate, undisguised, more organizing, more obtaining, most advising, most right-hand, un-paralleled, most first string, most heavy-duty, pre-siding, three r, most axiological, over-sized, more five star, Self-determining, most obtaining, in most, strong, selfsufficient, namer, un paragoned, freewheeling, centric, most outweighing, most bigwheel, most overruling, biggun, elder, more self-governed, most meat and potatoes, most solid-gold, more supervising, most solidgold, independent, most germinal, more all powerful, elder statesman, bigwig, doyen, topdrawer, more fivestar, most piloting, fore person, over-whelming, right hand, most regulating, pre siding, most mastering, key players, in-dispensable, in beginning, sub-stratal, umbilical, most opening, top-of-the-line, premier, most mainline, most beginning, prevailing, more firststring, more all-powerful, giltedge, big boy, head person, nascent, bigfoot, boss man, Supereminent, most steering, topser, monarchal, mind blowing, more selfruling, on ones own, topranking, general, most ordering, choice, more opening, un-equaled, super-visors, more unmatchable, decisionmaking, most midmost, most conducting, three rs, bottom-line, over bearing, peerless, allpowerful, gubernatorial, self reliant, most overbalancing, overriding, out standing, most freewheeling, most top of the line, overweighing, more worldclass, head honcho, topsest, most hotdog, most hot dog, kahuna, most unallied, big-wheel, more solid-gold, selfcontained, on one own, most surpassing, un-controlled, most inaugural, lead off, leadest, most ahead, head, over ruling, most highest-ranking, opponent, NIBS, most unrivalled, more primo, un-exampled, midmost, highestranking, heavy hitter, more nuclear, top cat, ruling, more allpowerful, reigning, mogul, more second-to-none, foundational, most top ranking, in spiring, selfgoverned, Unparagoned, pre dominant, more primogenial, pre-dominant, most grassroots, in-subordinate, incomparable, more bottom line, most overseeing, most righthand, self contained, top list, self governed, pre-eminent, exceptional, leader, more regulating, un-rivaled, most primary, most administering, most ranking, most unmatchable, majorleague, bigwheel, most unexampled, un-matched, more foundational, top of the line, un-yielding, in-comparable, sub stratal, super-visor, more big-wheel, top of the list, more five-star, un-matchable, more solid gold, more right-hand, Omphalic, firstclass, over riding, more highestranking, head persons, most headmost, more big-gun, Principia, cardinal, more husbanding, super colossal, key, out-weighing, heavyweight, most substrative, most hot-dog, self ruling, first-string, muckety-muck, unexampled, un matchable, most giltedge, solidgold, out side, fore-persons, something write home about, greater, kingfish, over-powering, more grass roots, most exceeding, nittygritty, more solidgold, un-paragoned, most predominate, headman, be ginning, more apical, un-limited, more conducting, under lying, ascendant, on one's own, para-mount, more inspecting, most middlemost, more grassroots, sur-passing, more centroidal, underived, head honchos, hot-dog, pre dominate, un-connected, more mastering, most biggun, most fivestar, most superintending, gilt edge, super eminent, major leaguer, worldclass, most nuclear, un-allied, non partisan, big wheel, pre eminent, un yielding, more unregimented, fore people, coal and ice, firstrate, more sustaining, wellknown, un-derivative, necessary, para mount, un equalled, more bigwheel, chief, over whelming, something to write home about, axial, more hotdog, un paralleled, more topranking, more prevalent, fore most, unequalled, more headmost, world class, most self ruling, ex tensive, exalted, most self-ruling, most decision making, fabber, most highest ranking, top of list, most inspecting, most bottomline, germinal, middle most, principal, first, most bottom-line, more monarchal, foreman, star, more substrative, insubordinate, decision making, more first string, un surpassed, more steering, over balancing, generals, more axial, un approachable, un rivaled, idiopathic, un aided, boss, central, one for the book, top most, Headmost, big leaguer, most foundational, most supereminent, most self-determining, substratal, more beginning, more exceeding, more supereminent, sovereign, non-partisan, un rivalled, anarchical, coal ices, over-riding, head most, meat-and-potatoes, main, un-derived, selfsupporting, antagonist, important, major, most axial, in the beginning, fivestar, un allied, well known, more monarchial, top-pest, czar, big, in-flexible, nuclear, superior, super vising, most centroidal, self important, most substratal, lion, forepersons, most presidential, most first-string, right up front, imposing, up-lifting, great, re quired, more handling, pre vailing, kingpin, sub-lime, over seers, most supervising, arch, more ranking, more heavy duty, first rate, beyond compare, more underived, over-balancing, most world-class, more freewheeling, un equaled, most husbanding.