Pronunciation of Subside
/s_ə_b_s_ˈaɪ_d/, /səbsˈa͡ɪd/, /səbsˈa‍ɪd/

Antonyms for subside:

soar, accumulate, bestrides, gotten up on, escalate, balloon, multi-plied, mounting, magnify, piled up, re-doubles, re-double, jumping on, climbing up on, Bestridden, escalade, going up, putting in place, re doubled, prolong, enhance, lengthen, get up on, be-strode, climbing on, climb onto, re doubles, blow up, clambers up, jumps on, Intensated, piles up, rage, revive, be stridden, pre pares, gets upon, in stalling, develop, up surged, re-doubled, wax, in-stalling, piling up, re double, increase, get upon, Intensating, up-surge, got astride, clambered up, gets up on, be-stride, raise, grow, be striding, pro duces, gat up on, be stride, be strode, clamber up, Escaladed, Bestriding, appear, intensates, pre paring, climb upon, getting astride, bestrid, up surging, bestride, up surges, pre-pare, mount, be-striding, in stalled, putting place, climb up on, burgeon, pile up, extend, put place, escalades, climbs onto, foment, gat astride, in-stalled, climbs on, go up, multi-plying, rise, gets astride, continue, got upon, puts place, re doubling, climbs upon, up-surged, climbed upon, Escalading, got up on, aggravate, gotten astride, getting up on, re-doubling, swell, enlarge, goes up, up-surges, expand, pre-pared, pro duce, climbing onto, be strid, climbed up on, be strides, emerge, amplify, upsurged, climbs up on, be-strid, pro-duces, Bestrode, in-stall, pre-paring, climbed on, climbing upon, climb on, build, multi plying, up surge, show up, gat upon, climbed onto, be-strides, ascend, pre pared, jump on, up-surging, be-stridden, gotten upon, puts in place, mushroom, pre pare, clambering up, distend, upsurging, snowball, elongate, Intensate.

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