Pronunciation of Substract
/sˈʌbstɹakt/, /sˈʌbstɹakt/, /s_ˈʌ_b_s_t_ɹ_a_k_t/

Synonyms for Substract:

secondary (adjective)

accessory, alternate, auxiliary, backup, collateral, consequential, contingent, dependent, dinky, extra, inconsiderable, inferior, insignificant, lesser, lower, minor, petty, relief, reserve, second, second-rate, small, small-time, subject, subservient, subsidiary, supporting, tributary, trivial, under, unimportant, bush-league, small-fry, minor-league.

subject (adjective)

accountable, apt, captive, conditional, controlled, directed, disposed, enslaved, exposed, governed, liable, likely, obedient, open, prone, provisional, ruled, satellite, secondary, sensitive, servile, slavish, sub, subaltern, subjugated, submissive, subordinate, susceptible, tentative, vulnerable, at one's feet, bound by, in danger of.

subordinate (adjective)

adjuvant, ancillary, contributory, junior, low, paltry, second-string, smaller, subnormal, unequal, Subalternate, below par, second-fiddle, underaverage, baser.

under (adverb)

amenable, belonging, consequent, corollary, following, included, reporting, subsequent, Obeying, subsumed, in the power of.

fill in (verb)

deputize, insinuate, interject, interpose, replace, represent, understudy, stand in, take the place of.

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