Pronunciation of Subtraction
/sʌbtɹˈakʃən/, /sʌbtɹˈakʃən/, /s_ʌ_b_t_ɹ_ˈa_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for subtraction

Subsidiaries, significant additions, multiplication, in puts, responsiblenesses, re-enactment, pro-creations, augmentings, appendix, re enactment, pro fit, addition, re-vision, do one's part, intensifyings, Summing, adding tos, mimeo, de pendency, rider, re-visions, up-surges, pre sent, re plica, protraction, wing, de tail, post-scripts, manifoldings, adjoinings, contribution, dis-tension, reproduction, subsumption, writeoffs, STATS, pro creations, re duplications, enlargement, photo-copies, ex-tension, reduplifications, ripenings, post-script, dis-tensions, reinforcings, up swing, heightenings, intensification, in-put, re creations, be-lief, chip old block, do one parts, do one part, pix, accruings, re-creation, re petition, re printings, Dilatations, reduplification, writeoff, subjections, pro motions, totings, comprisals, subserviences, accoutrement, de lays, enlargings, re-plication, stepup, up turns, up turn, drawing outs, in-corporations, addings, do one's parts, re-plications, doublings, re creation, pro-tractions, repeatings, look alike, subservience, input, build-up, trustworthinesses, be lief, hoardings, transcriptions, pre-sents, making progress, de tails, optimizations, encompassment, rise, mimeograph, perfectings, chip off old block, in creases, re producing, adulthood, Accoutrements, up-surge, up-swings, step-ups, re enactments, extension, developings, chip old blocks, un-ravelings, re-printings, de-pendencies, re-petitions, de-pendency, stacking up, expandings, Photostats, inter-dependence, multi-plication, pro-traction, flowerings, maximization, responsibleness, piling ups, accumulation, re-production, significant addition, re-creations, intensifications, sub-ordinates, takeover, pre-sent, Accrument, multi plications, unfolding, sub ordinates, in-puts, takeovers, photo copy, Manifolding, maximizations, re vision, tabulatings, ongoings, adulthoods, up grade, up-turns, computings, dilatation, encompassments, de lay, stepups, expanding, up growths, re productions, subsumptions, distensions, beefing ups, step ups, lengthenings, affixings, re-duplications, ex tension, reproducings, ex-tensions, trustiness, re-petition, trustworthiness, un raveling, reprinting, re-producing, transcription, chip off old blocks, de-lays, build ups, supplementation, do part, a hands, pro fits, sub-ordinate, boost, adjunct, waxings, up-growth, build-ups, in creasing, REPRO, ex-tent, re plications, upgrowths, super numerary, a hand, dis tension, Upgrowth, inter dependences, up-turn, advancings, flimsies, up growth, totalings, augmentation, re visions, step-up, multi-plications, re printing, do parts, PICS, re petitions, ex tent, de-tail, un folding, sub ordination, write offs, sub ordinations, pro traction, in-creases, de pendencies, up swings, up-swing, offprint, inclusion, trove, pic, sub ordinate, strengthenings, Supernumeraries, troves, in corporations, mimeos, Comprisal, making progresses, spreadings, stacking ups, increase, attachment, increasings, reenactments, ex-tents, Gifting, mimeographs, extra, ell, sub-ordinations, in corporation, stretchings, prolongation, subjection, Xray, multi plication, un-raveling, post scripts, pro tractions, uppings, spreading outs, up-grades, lookalike, re-productions, de-lay, post script, summings, photo copies, in-crease, ex tents, pro-fits, pro-creation, in crease, un-folding, pro-motion, collectings, continuings, dis tensions, up surges, in-corporation, re-duplication, up surge, de-tails, increment, un ravelings, do ones part, inter dependence, fleshing outs, accruments, STAT, optimization, re-plica, burgeonings, distension, up grades, maturations, evolvings, ex tensions, giftings, partners, compoundings, photo-copy, Reenactment, inter-dependences, accession, super-numerary, countings, re-printing, offprints.