Super Vising

Pronunciation of Super Vising
/sˈuːpə vˈa͡ɪzɪŋ/, /sˈuːpə vˈa‍ɪzɪŋ/, /s_ˈuː_p_ə v_ˈaɪ_z_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for super vising:

administrative (adjective)

authoritative, bureaucratic, central, commanding, controlling, deciding, decisive, departmental, directing, directive, executive, governing, governmental, in charge, jurisdictional, legislative, managerial, official, organizational, regulative, regulatory, ruling, supervising, supervisory, Directorial, Presiding, Superintending, in control, policy-making.

controlling (adjective)

predominant, regulating.

managerial (adjective)


managing (adjective)

admonishing, executing, guiding, handling, leading, operating, piloting, steering, Administering, Advising, Husbanding, Inspecting, Organizing, Overseeing.

operating (adjective)

at work, conducting, determining, driving, finishing, moving, ordering, performing, practicing, revolving, running, serving, spinning, turning, using, Accomplishing, Fulfilling, Maintaining, Manipulating, Transacting, Wielding, Contriving, Sustaining.

conservation (noun)

attention, care, conservancy, conserving, custody, economy, guardianship, keeping, maintenance, management, preserving, protecting, protection, safekeeping, salvation, saving, stewardship, storage, supervision, sustentation, upkeep, Managing, cherishing, safeguarding, guarding, preserval.

administer (verb)

administrate, carry out, execute, govern, head, head up, render, supervise, be in the driver's seat, hold the reins, pull the strings, pull the wires.

boss (verb)

employ, manage, take charge.

chaperon (verb)

attend, carry, convoy, escort, guide, protect, safeguard, shepherd, watch over, consort with.

command (verb)

charge, check, coach, coerce, compel, conquer, constrain, curb, determine, dictate, dominate, domineer, exact, force, hinder, influence, lead, officiate, oppress, overbear, override, predominate, prescribe, prevail, push, regulate, reign, repress, restrain, stop, subdue, sway, take over, tyrannize, wield, hold office, reign over, exercise power, have authority.

conduct (verb)

accompany, call the tune, carry on, chair, convey, engineer, keep, operate, ordain, order, organize, pilot, rule, steer, usher, trailblaze, wield baton.

control (verb)

advise, bully, call, command, discipline, instruct, manipulate, regiment, subject, subjugate, hold sway over, be in saddle, call the signals, hold purse strings, push buttons.

direct (verb)

dispose, control the affairs of, have the say, take the reins.

engineer (verb)

angle, arrange, cause, conceive, concoct, contrive, cook, create, doctor, effect, encompass, finagle, jockey, machinate, maneuver, negotiate, originate, plan, plant, plot, pull strings, pull wires, put one over, put over, put through, rig, scam, scheme, set up, swing, upstage, wangle, work, come up with, play games, con, put one on.

govern (verb)

captain, hold sway, overrule, assume command, be in power, exercise authority, hold dominion, lay down the law, serve the people, wear the crown, occupy throne.

guard (verb)

baby-sit, bulwark, chaperone, cover, defend, fend, lookout, mind, observe, patrol, police, preserve, save, screen, secure, shelter, shield, shotgun, stonewall, tend, cover up, keep in view, keep under surveillance, ride shotgun for, see after.

guide (verb)

beacon, counsel, coxswain, educate, marshal, navigate, route, see, show, spearhead, teach, train, show the way, have a handle on.

handle (verb)

apply, bestow, cope with, discuss, dispense, exercise, exploit, make out, play, ply, serve, take, treat, use, utilize, behave toward, cut the mustard, get a handle on, make the grade, hack it.

head (verb)

address, pioneer, precede, lead the way, be first, go first.

inspect (verb)

audit, canvass, case, catechize, check out, clock, eye, go over, go through, inquire, interrogate, investigate, notice, probe, question, review, scan, scope, scout, scrutinize, search, study, vet, view, watch, give the once-over, kick the tires, look over.

lead (verb)

affect, bring, bring on, conduce, contribute, convert, draw, helm, incline, induce, introduce, motivate, move, persuade, produce, prompt, spur, trail-blaze, result in, get the jump on, go out in front.

manage (verb)

advocate, care for, concert, designate, disburse, maintain, minister, preside, request, engage in, call upon, hold down, take the helm.

mind (verb)

behold, discern, ensure, guard, look, mark, note, perceive, regard, sit, listen up, make certain, be attentive, give heed to, have charge of, mind the store.

monitor (verb)

follow, record, track, keep track of.

preside (verb)

do the honors, be at the head of.

regulate (verb)

adapt, adjust, allocate, balance, classify, coordinate, correct, fit, fix, improve, legislate, measure, moderate, modulate, monitor, readjust, reconcile, rectify, set, settle, square, standardize, straighten up, systematize, temper, time, true, tune, Methodize, shape up, tune up, put in order, pull things together.

supervise (verb)

administer, boss, call the shots, chaperon, conduct, control, direct, handle, inspect, keep an eye on, look after, overlook, oversee, quarterback, ride herd on, run, superintend, survey, deal with, preside over, take care of, crack the whip, run things, be in charge, be in driver's seat, be in the saddle, be on duty, be responsible for, call the play, run the show, sit on top of.

survey (verb)

appraise, assay, assess, check over, contemplate, estimate, evaluate, examine, give the once over, look upon, prospect, rate, read, reconnoiter, research, size, size up, summarize, valuate, value, check up, stake out, set at, test the waters.

tend (verb)

accomplish, cherish, corral, cultivate, feed, foster, keep tabs on, nurse, nurture, perform, wait on, cater to, DO, do for, minister to, see to, watch out for, take under wing.

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