Pronunciation of Sure
/ʃˈʊ͡ə/, /ʃˈʊ‍ə/, /ʃ_ˈʊə/

Antonyms for sure

un-ending, jellylike, in comprehensible, unpaid, in saner, most severed, more multivocal, most impuissant, more unproven, not born yesterday the lookout, more trumped up, un-foreseen, more severed, more unnerved, weak-kneed, un biased, at one feet, dis honorable, fabulous, in turmoil, dis-closed, Unpoised, quicksilver, forethoughtful, nervous, on ones guard, hazy, flipper, more clashing, groping, in-glorious, dis believing, most mortified, unconvincing, un faithful, un guarded, Unprecise, most muttering, erratic, cookedup, de laying, fictitious, more permutable, faint, out of step, more ripped, more weaving, not born yesterday on lookout, most disheartened, unshielded, unsubstantiated, hanging by a thread, most unnerved, un commonest, keeping on one's toes, imprecise, indeterminable, nondiscriminatory, doubtful, not kosher, open-air, more cooked-up, more show me, in nocent, rootless, most unrefuted, un-steadiest, unrevealing, in-substantial, unreliable, more developing, most scaredycat, mercurial, dis-concerted, bundle of nerves, multi vocal, in determinable, at issue, sub-best, un-questioned, most nonplussed, in-sane, hyper-sensitive, most faltering, more unexplicit, most mangled, in dispute, on level, most unconvinced, contingent, un-reserved, un stabler, out-standing, woozy, more slaphappy, un-disguised, most forever, Perturbable, more upfront, dis inclined, dishonest, more riled, un-trusty, most trumped up, unsound, most all-important, dis heartened, ex citable, more aporetic, have stage fright, trans-formable, more unquestioned, unconfident, un satisfactory, un poised, most getable, more snapped, not born yesterday on the lookout, perilous, lilylivered, most on-the-fence, polysemous, in lap gods, unanswered, un stopped, more perturbable, controversial, provisionary, more bubbleheaded, more pussyfooting, in finite, lay it the line, in tizzy, in distinct, most scaredy cat, un-believing, more rent, in-distinct, more bewildering, at ones feet, un ending, most aporetic, most contestable, be-set, Half-hearted, un challenged, in numerable, most dehiscent, out earshot, between sixes and sevens, more probably, most jellylike, hard to believe, most unpeaceful, weak, un-satisfactory, most mindblown, most wrenched, moot, un restricted, more errable, most trumped-up, dis-trustful, in audible, vacillating, in consistent, jellyfish, un convincing, more polysemous, more muttering, un true, academic, bundle nerves, un reliable, most unclassifiable, alfresco, more borderless, untrusty, more obfuscated, un-confident, in explicit, shifting, un burdened, most anguished, in congruent, Semblant, more baffled, most gashed, be wildered, show me, most expanded, more probationary, un-paid, more cleaved, in famous, aquake, de-terminative, wishywashy, most vagarious, most attenuate, clear as mud, un solved, more faint hearted, wabblier, weak kneed, more mind blown, extramural, un-respectable, not born yesterday lookout, touch-and-go, most dynamite, un prejudiced, un eventful, un healthier, dis pleased, more fluctuating, un believing, not a prayer, pro visional, un-finished, undefined, most emptied, fraught with danger, unbolted, unconvinced, tentative, more weak-kneed, un-dissembled, most demurring, transformable, in substantial, un steady, more unassured, changing, most all important, most piano, un-classifiable, dis trustful, most dissenting, ambivalent, Patulous, most exceptive, un stable, Multivocal, most modifying, un paid, more unanticipated, most choked, most unfixed, in-voluntary, more waffling, open attack, leery, most fractured, not fixed, un safer, astraddle, most ashake, out-door, without a clue, most crepuscular, un-sure, unstipulated, un-poised, Ringent, on one guard, more dissembled, most commutative, more unglued, more dissenting, most middleground, more even-steven, more unrespectable, most permutable, un-resolved, under advisement, indefinite, sub altern, most dawdling, most hypersensitive, most on the fence, ex posed, weak the knees, Securable, pre supposed, most obfuscous, most rootless, in-tangible, more slap happy, baseless, in-explicit, most figmental, unquestioned, upfront, more extramural, un clearest, apprehensive, not dependable, reversible, un trustier, reluctant, ashake, un soundest, out of earshot, de-scribed, un-likelier, un dissembled, un safe, puzzled, most imprecise, mis-taken, most aside, more clueless, mucked up, more generalized, un strung, more undisguised, most illusory, in valid, dis-sonant, un usual, dis-pleased, most middle ground, un-safe, more tranced, most delphian, in a dither, more amphibological, more harassed, in-disposed, in exhaustible, un-common, dis mayed, thinking twice, more short fuse, spread out, most unconcluded, most quaking, most spooked, in-conspicuous, un-sounder, out countenance, more middle-ground, most unbacked, most doubtable, wimpiest, in arrears, most ringent, unsettled, end angered, in-audible, un-challenged, debateable, more piano, most unrespectable, jury out, over-wrought, non committal, re-aching, hedging one bets, in-nocent, un likeliest, most tremorous, dis-tressed, subject change, ex-tended, dis-honorable, more modifying, most amphibological, unfirmer, re aching, laid back, ex-plosive, most blue-sky, more chagrined, un-fateful, more stochastic, un-trustier, most debateable, on the qui vive, ex plosive, most unfocused, keeping on ones toes, pettish, in credulous, open debate, un impeded, un sealed, more debateable, mystified, more forever, rimier, ex tensive, dehiscent, wishy washy, in voluntary, tremorous, perfidious, more blurred, un classifiable, untrustier, in significant, hypersensitive, most floored, unspecified, most slap happy, more grudging, most burst, most harrowed, more blue sky, in-congruous, most vagrant, commutative, treacherous, in poor health, dis-inclined, Imperceptive, more cooked up, un-ethical, most cooked-up, in danger of, more aggravated, more directionless, more paradoxical, more fluctuant, undisguised, shortlived, in-constant, more disclosed, running scared, at feet, unfirm, disputable, un concealed, un trustworthy, bone contention, most unfolded, unrestful, more shifting, more vexed, open, un-settled, more reversible, hedging one's bets, most rent, pro-nest, un-eventful, rimiest, most yawning, at one's feet, clear as dishwater, un fixed, un-usual, more unsolved, flippest, unconcluded, most disquieted, most attenuated, more nonplussed, most described, in-compatible, over-due, jury's out, figmental, sub ordinate, more unpeaceful, won't wash, untried, on limb, dis reputable, more uncorroborated, more mind-blown, de-pendent, unspecific, far fetched, scaredy-cat, most oversensitive, dis sonant, more ill-at-ease, be had, unpredictable, Errable, un resolved, Unshut, most ruptured, enigmatical, most weak kneed, in sane, muzziest, un substantiated, more refutable, changeable, taking easy, most dissembled, dis-graceful, most astraddle, most revocable, Undissembled, from left field, more dazzled, alleged, most conjecturable, most riled, more slashed, un-intelligible, un-clear, most slap-happy, hot cold, all-important, un-eager, more questioning, more unchallenged, insecure, un-willing, in-secure, more commutative, fluky, in-congruent, between rock hard place, more unplugged, in lap of gods, most fuliginous, unauthorized, most bated, more alfresco, out-side, more scaredycat, innumerable, blue sky, more subjugated, mind-blown, un-glued, most unspecific, un-protected, more indeterminable, out door, un easiest, more tremorous, playing with fire, more wiggling, badtempered, un-qualified, most high priority, not reliable, wellknown, most impugnable, thin skinned, un easy, unpeaceful, most unassured, most unchallenged, more presupposed, pro-visionary, directionless, re moved, unbacked, Middle-ground, laidback, un-sound, out of countenance, yet to be decided, most mind-blown, wiggly, yet be decided, most enslaved, un convinced, all important, most indeterminable, most dismayed, not prayer, dicey, hypo thetical, un heard, theoretical, most inconvenienced, more highpriority, un decided, fore boding, most up-front, tippier, undirected, un-real, in a cold sweat, showme, un-convincing, ambiguous, un-known, un specified, more show-me, most forethoughtful, ex acerbated, precarious, de ranged, un assured, re strained, un even, mis tier, diffident, more lacerated, un steadiest, un known, out a limb, more impuissant, more obfuscous, more substract, Conjecturable, more scaredy-cat, preventable, ex-acerbated, keeping toes, un-guarded, probationary, in conclusive, de-laying, dangerous, negotiable, without belief, in compatible, re-vocable, most contended, un truest, at odds, in glorious, more tortured, more floored, walking on eggs, most probably, in dilemma, bubbleheaded, un intelligible, de-ranged, up-set, dis closed, more showme, most delphic, most uneager, hazardous, problematic, more faked, in cold sweat, in tangible, more jellylike, more yoyo, more unshut, most vexed, be set, un specific, more discomfited, un-true, most muted, in clouds, more trumped-up, dis orderly, un-easiest, most pretending, shortfuse, wont wash, un sounder, un-safer, the jurys out, most wiggling, uncertain, most unexplicit, under hand, more delphian, most jellyfish, more unfocused, sub-ordinate, more ashake, Exceptive, weak knees, Contradictable, un likelier, un defined, more unburdened, most foreboding, most clueless, most teetering, on slippery ground, more on the fence, un truer, most postulated, more unconfident, more vagrant, at loss, more provisionary, un-confirmed, more mystified, faithless, most subjugated, most zero, most allimportant, un-quietest, un-limited, more up-front, most stifled, most grudging, un-truest, un noticed, Unrefuted, un-balanced, more unprecise, more bluesky, more tormented, most substract, open for consideration, pre-tended, un-defined, unfateful, more muted, touch and go, inconsistent, un healthiest, in conspicuous, most lacerated, un-plugged, de terminative, more open-air, un-revealing, trumpedup, pro visionary, un-reliable, more pretending, most directionless, going for broke, more bleared, un-locked, more semblant, in communicable, be fuddled, more trustless, in accurate, forceless, more unstipulated, more plagued, most obfuscated, testest, outer-most, more anguished, more unconfirmed, more open air, un-steadier, more quaking, more unbacked, un obstructed, noncommittal, most open-air, lying, un responsive, in definite, un trustiest, un scrupulous, un sure, indecisive, most exacerbated, more ruffled, more scaredy cat, risky, more teetering, un peaceful, most staggered, re-served, un disguised, dithering, most unsupported, most fluctuating, most nondiscriminatory, most pussyfooting, most show me, most fabricated, in sanest, most upfront, out of gas, short lived, most openair, most fluctuant, un-heard, more uninformative, more unrefuted, most shifting, more middle ground, over-cast, on thin ice, un-shut, most changeful, un-substantiated, un barred, bound by, most clashing, unexplicit, ex-citable, more contestable, more uneager, most ill-at-ease, unself-confident, un informative, be-wildered, on the spot, most unproven, more subaltern, more controvertible, on collision course, unassuming, more aside, more disquieted, open to attack, wimpy, most revealed, muzzy, more averred, most chagrined, un bolted, more bleached, in securest, fumier, touchy, most bubbleheaded, un-restricted, SHOW-ME, get vibes, lacking confidence, on spot, more unconcluded, un-even, not posted, at variance, changeful, more all important, most waffling, more enslaved, most bleached, getable, most presupposed, allimportant, anguished, punch drunk, un clearer, in-credulous, without clue, in-finite, reedier, fumiest, most unfateful, Fuliginous, un confirmed, slap-happy, un common, more pussyfoot, most slashed, unsolved, most refutable, open and shut, most butterflies, in-firmer, un explicit, more unpoised, re vocable, lay on the line, most stochastic, Amphibological, more unspecific, hush hush, Substract, apocryphal, un ethical, uncorroborated, Fumy, tester, un-truer, dis tressed, most unshut, more unbolted, inconclusive, wavering, most errable, more foreboding, more oversensitive, in explicable, pendent, un focused, most unrevealing, more choked, most middle-ground, pre tended, in-securest, in-complete, Tranced, most baffled, be-fuddled, rings untrue, Butterflies, un predictable, most unshielded, most perturbable, cautious, shookest, swerving, un-convinced, incomplete, fore thoughtful, more alternating, out standing, pre-supposed, un-firmer, un expected, un answered, un quiet, more ringent, highpriority, under-hand, questionable, most unstopped, most weaving, most mind blown, sub missive, mis-leading, Trustless, un-hinged, dis composed, contestable, most sliced, more peeled, sub best, un-burdened, un finished, sur-face, in-decisive, most undisguised, un-determined, in conflict, ex-posed, distrustful, most unconfirmed, refutable, un-concerned, extra-mural, out gas, doubting, un directed, in discernible, more uncluttered, re-mote, selfconscious, most short-fuse, most scaredy-cat, open to doubt, in congruous, un cluttered, most uninformative, under discussion, more zipped, most opposed, tippiest, more unrevealing, non-committal, un-quiet, more disputed, mendacious, out step, un-substantial, most transformable, more faint-hearted, bollixed, more exacerbated, most flustered, rough, dis honest, out of focus, be-wildering, out of line, punchdrunk, made passable, most generalized, out on limb, un dependable, dubious, lukewarm, more dithering, more revocable, wobbly, subbest, in sweat, un shielded, wishy-washy, un-clearest, most uncluttered, most reversible, disloyal, more ruptured, weak in the knees, un-prejudiced, jerrybuilt, iffy, unburdened, un fathomable, most unsealed, un healthy, most zipped, feel bones, un-commoner, un-corroborated, clueless, up set, dis-interested, blue-sky, un-refuted, borderless, most short fuse, be-mused, un concluded, subject, freethinking, lay line, most unburdened, more split, high-priority, most slit, self-conscious, worried stiff, most dangersome, un firmest, dis-reputable, playing it cool, in firm, hushhush, more weak kneed, lay it on line, over cast, most multivocal, unsafe, un-focused, most bleared, in-communicable, at sea, most aggravated, on the lookout, most probationary, doubted, crepuscular, indistinct, chancy, on fence, traitorous, volatile, open discussion, more exceptive, up in air, most weakkneed, in-explicable, un willing, most subaltern, unchallenged, un satisfied, un-predictable, un stablest, fuzzy, dis interested, lay it on the line, more faltering, answerable, Vagarious, dis-orderly, dis-eased, critical, controlled by, un-stopped, short-fuse, in a tizzy, unconfirmed, un-concealed, dis-heartened, more delphic, more described, openair, de pendent, un-comfortable, unglued, more attenuate, co incidental, un-faithful, un proven, most uncorroborated, not following, most provisionary, more fuliginous, un-stablest, in the middle, most cooked up, most unpoised, under handed, un safest, un qualified, hypo-thetical, most shortfuse, up air, more getable, most peeled, pre carious, most unanticipated, un fateful, more cookedup, flawed, most mystified, more quicksilver, pre tending, unfixed, most unglued, most undirected, un folded, in-effectual, at a loss, more conjecturable, ill defined, between rock and hard place, in dither, most plagued, un-conditional, most murmuring, uncluttered, dis posed, nebulous, most tranced, in-securer, most transitional, more even steven, more oddball, most unconfident, on a limb, most up front, keeping on one toes, most agnostic, un firm, un-responsive, un-safest, un-healthiest, paradoxical, unstopped, on-the-fence, most controvertible, mis-tier, most created, un-directed, more slap-happy, unassured, most questioning, unproven, middleground, Nubilous, keeping on toes, weakkneed, speculative, most unquestioned, un-cluttered, most borderless, un comfortable, Controvertible, un-steady, more nubilous, in question, non discriminatory, hanging by thread, indeterminate, the jury's out, makebelieve, dis-quieted, over due, running hot cold, un firmer, untruthful, uneager, hard believe, un furled, more ill at ease, taking it easy, jerry built, un-concluded, avoidable, un restful, most cookedup, most unfurled, yo-yo, most unprecise, more stifled, most suspecting, sur face, opendoor, more flustered, un-peaceful, more undirected, most ill at ease, more unfixed, most deadened, most pestered, uninformative, un conditional, yo yo, off deep end, most patulous, betwixt and between, more patulous, most faked, unrespectable, more yo yo, more emptied, most semblant, re served, in a fog, most tormented, wideopen, most dithering, un backed, in-saner, be wildering, un-dependable, pre-tending, most altering, hemming and hawing, YOYO, not settled, multi-vocal, quicktempered, clammed up, most unstipulated, more unconvinced, most blurred, more unfurled, mindblown, most laggard, on lookout, more bollixed, more harrowed, mis taken, more pestered, dis-believing, dis eased, tricky, dis graceful, un-natural, in complete, mis-trustful, wabbliest, un supported, more unfateful, most open air, un-furled, more temporizing, well known, keeping one toes, most irked, with eyes peeled, bluesky, un determined, most concocted, more unfolded, not set, un-healthy, impugnable, un foreseen, more purported, torn, most under, unsteadiest, borderline, up tight, more blue-sky, un-firmest, more mortified, watching step, trans-parent, fractured, un-believable, with ones eyes peeled, co-incidental, most faint hearted, most even-steven, hyped up, counterfeit, un committed, in-determinate, faint hearted, unstable, open to debate, fly by night, most averred, shaky, more dynamite, out limb, dis quieted, more crepuscular, far off, recreant, palpitant, more discomposed, most temporizing, un-scrupulous, wiggliest, un-decided, most tortured, de scribed, dis concerted, most dazzled, un anticipated, faint-hearted, come unzipped, without faith, Permutable, un-stipulated, more changeful, in calculable, more short-fuse, in-calculable, transitional, un stipulated, up for discussion, re-strained, in-firmest, un glued, un refuted, most bluesky, most forceless, most trustless, unfirmest, more satellite, more forethoughtful, un corroborated, aporetic, self conscious, in determinate, come apart, debatable, in effectual, all ears, hot and cold, improbable, in-coherent, most softened, pre-carious, most ruffled, un-fixed, more transitional, variable, un occupied, up-tight, un locked, feel in bones, more transformable, ex tended, un-informative, off balance, unclear, un-specific, more unshielded, spurious, incredulous, untrustiest, un believable, more dawdling, unfaithful, socalled, in firmer, revocable, more yo-yo, most pettish, un settled, un steadier, fore-thoughtful, un concerned, more figmental, in disposed, un-proven, more bated, under-handed, out focus, hedging ones bets, most splenetic, mind blown, open doubt, most agape, un precise, tenuous, more created, un-trustiest, un-satisfied, most rattled, more unbarred, un eager, un-obstructed, betwixt between, in-distinguishable, light headed, un-specified, sub-altern, un-noticed, trans parent, reedy, un-likeliest, muzzier, dis-mayed, more weakkneed, careless, un-shielded, more fabricated, hesitant, more astraddle, un foreseeable, cryptic, up-front, more postulated, most unbolted, un-firm, in decisive, un trusty, more pettish, off the deep end, un substantial, out side, in-valid, un-explicit, more impugnable, keeping ones toes, mis understood, fore-boding, more mindblown, watching ones step, skeptical, more unsupported, dis-composed, with mixed feelings, more agnostic, been hit before, un-barred, most quicksilver, un covered, outside, un-committed, un sound, not final, most yo yo, most bewildering, most paradoxical, seeing stars, un nerved, equivocal, un clear, unresolved, un-assured, on deck, cooked-up, most split, more vagarious, more slit, un-impeded, greeneyed, slap happy, more attenuated, in-definite, weak in knees, in-consistent, most trumpedup, undetermined, scaredy cat, more inconvenienced, hypothetical, more butterflies, up for grabs, most freethinking, un-interested, up the air, more dangersome, humbled, most pussyfoot, biting nails, mis leading, unsupported, un respectable, more dehiscent, most cleaved, all aquiver, un-easier, in distinguishable, un interested, unsure, illdefined, unanticipated, most bollixed, trans formable, exploded, more trumpedup, in-numerable, un-clearer, more forceless, un-likely, running hot and cold, un-occupied, un-stable, shooker, playing cool, un-soundest, in firmest, low pitched, un-restful, all nerves, unsteady, dis-honest, out line, dangersome, more beset, have a hunch, most yo-yo, Wabbly, perplexed, tippy, un-folded, open to question, unlikely, lowpitched, between sixes sevens, disputed, in-determinable, more disheartened, most unsolved, bad tempered, be mused, most highpriority, more staggered, trumped-up, under examination, most disclosed, untrue, more zero, un confident, most ripped, more concocted, fallible, more demurring, most imperceptive, suspicious, most show-me, un-anticipated, Fluctuant, touch go, un-trustworthy, more contended, more rattled, more imperceptive, lay on line, most high-priority, un-expected, jurys out, of two minds, more securable, more deadened, in a quandary, in middle, more agape, in vented, in-conclusive, flighty, more expanded, more unclassifiable, in correct, buttoned up, half hearted, deceitful, so called, un-stabler, unheard, more dismayed, most showme, un shut, most weak-kneed, on qui vive, most unplugged, un-backed, in-vented, most blue sky, un-blocked, in doubt, more spooked, un-foreseeable, most harassed, un hinged, hemming hawing, most undissembled, in fog, more jellyfish, walking eggs, in quandary, un-solved, more on-the-fence, un likely, mis trustful, Doubtable, mutable, more altering, more rootless, un-supported, dis-posed, most unrestful, most discomfited, vague, in securer, evadable, with one eyes peeled, undecided, thinskinned, have funny feeling, ill-at-ease, most discomposed, more hypersensitive, most evensteven, most purported, un easier, lily livered, un commoner, un-answered, open to discussion, the jury out, in secure, wide open, more gashed, unclassifiable, more up front.